Jewish Doctor's Murder Michael Elbery

After years of defeating his enemies Michael Elbery boxed in to surgery and certain death




Webmaster and Author of MassInjustice.Org, Michael Elbery, escaped being crippled by the Jewish Doctors and their allied physicians, who the Jew Doctors control. The Jew Doctors plotted to remove a nerve from Michael Elbery's right leg, while pretending such procedure was necessary to determine why he was crippled and even unable to stand on either foot. Michael Elbery declined the alleged help offered by Dr. Kevin Mitts and years later was able to walk. Michael Elbery's primary care physician, Robert Davenport, declared during an office visit at Dr. Davenport's Office that "I have not helped you." True, Davenport never helped Michael Elbery regarding the leg injuries he suffered in August of 2012 due to a Cyanide Gas attack by the police. Had Dr. Robert Davenport helped his patient, Michael Elbery, Davenport would have been put out of business and ostracized by the medical profession.

Removing a nerve from Michael Elbery's leg would have crippled him for life. That's right, and the doctor an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Mitts, insisted Michael Elbery see a Jewish neurologist doctor to have the nerve removed from his leg. 

However, Michael Elbery finally recovered and started walking with pain in his right foot in June of 2016 and progressed to almost normal mobility on about October of 2016. At January 2017, Michael Elbery still experiences some swelling at his right fibula; the same right fibula bone that incurred bone marrow edema due to his right calf and Achilles Tendon being torn.

What was the next plan by the Jewish Doctors who control Berkshire Health System? They cancelled Michael Elbery health insurance, "Boston Medical Center - Health Net Plan",   throughout Berkshire County. Berkshire Health System owns all 3 hospitals in Berkshire County and all medical doctors are affiliated with a hospital, so the physicians in Berkshire County no longer accept the "Boston Medical Center - Health Net Plan."

Now at 1-22-17, Michael Elbery needs surgery for inguinal hernia that was caused by an abdomen injury in December of 2016. In today's modern world, a hernia surgery is common. But Michael Elbery has a problem, he can't drive out of Berkshire County due to his hernia injury. Michael Elbery is forced to have surgery by the Jew Doctors who will murder him. Whether is is the anesthesiologist, the surgeon, or a student surgeon murder is easy and will be easily excused by the medical people claiming all standard of care was observed an it's not their fault.

Don't believe such a thing could happen in a hospital in the U.S.A. at the hands of Surgeons and anestesiogists then read the links on the home page of this Web Site under Dentist Physicians Scribes and Pharisees and read the documented evidence of Michael Elbery's experience with the medical authorities.


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