Today's Health Tip - A Triple Bonus Free of Charge

Gum Disease will Kill you - but there is a Cure





Gum Disease. You laugh, it is something somebody else would have, not you. Millions just in the U.S.A. have this chronic illness - Gum Disease. Today's physicians and dentists are helpless with this health problem caused by bacteria.


Today, according to the U.S. Dept. of  H.E.W., millions are plagued by bacteria that slowly destroys their gums, causes most ulcers, infects the blood causing heart attacks, and some suspect that such infections try to get into each cell of the human host causing diabetes II. But I will tell you how to stop the bacteria and gum disease, then you see if it has any other effects/cures on your health/body. Generally, people over 30 get gum disease due to a weakening of the immune system. The immune system is no longer able to break down the bacteria in the human's mouth resulting in tartar, plaque, halitosis, and all the teeth slowly start to fall out. Additionally, the bacteria that is uncontrolled in your mouth travels through the rest of the human body; bacteria causes ulcers (especially in the esophagus), heart attacks and "cardiac events", and some will say that bacteria is one of the causes of Diabetes II. Gum Disease is bacteria and bacteria kills. Once the bacteria is destroyed in your mouth your immune system can go on to do other jobs and naturally cure other problems you may have like arthritis. 

Keep in mind that as the human ages the immune system weakens, hence, the battle against bacteria is frequently lost. The human immune system can also be weakened by excessive alcohol, drugs, etc.. The more you flood your blood stream with toxins like sugar, alcohol and drugs (street or pharmaceutical) the more you defeat your body's immune system. So you also have to stop consuming those toxins. The more toxins in your blood the lower will be your HDL reading; the HDL blood reading is a measure of your immune system.

So what's the cure?

The answer is Hydrogen Peroxide. A form of water - it has an extra oxygen atom to the water molecule. You can buy Hydrogen Peroxide in the supermarket or any pharmacy for about $1 a plastic bottle which will last you a about a month. Quite a bargain! Sure you can rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, it is harmless. Don't swallow just spit it out. No its not 100% Hydrogen Peroxide but merely 3% solution. That's right you only need the 3% solution Hydrogen Peroxide that they sell in supermarkets to kill that bacteria that infests the human mouth.


There are also several other inexpensive products that will also destroy the bacteria that causes these maladies in our society - particularly gum disease. Oh, the dentist and in particular the oral surgeon will be happy to cut away your infected gums for $10k only to have the remaining gums be destroyed by bacteria and then you lose your teeth. But if you use a product called Listerine Whitening your problems with bacteria and all germs in your mouth should end. Ya, that simple - Listerine Whitening. Don't go away mad - it's true, this product will whiten your teeth and melt any hardened plaque at the same time. Tatar is a thing of the past with this product. Yes, the tartar and plaque are caused by the bacteria.

And all those pockets in gum line that were caused by the tartar hardening and penetrating below the gum line, they will heal contrary to what the dentist will tell you. The Hydrogen Peroxide will melt the hardened tartar and the pockets will heal up.

Use Listerine Whitening as directed or use it more it won't hurt you. Some may discover that they hear what sounds like a "fizzy party" going on in their mouth (when using Listerine Whitening). It is the hardened plaque being dissolved - it will even take out the plaque that has formed under the gum line. Not bad for $6.99 and a 32oz. plastic bottle will last about a month. What a deal! If you are really brave, you will admit there is no need to get your teeth cleaned twice a year at a $180.00 a pop. But do what is comfortable. The important thing is that this stuff works and there are millions of people walking around that are miserable with gum disease and the other related maladies caused by bacteria that goes in you mouth and spreads through your body. Guess what - if they knew about this they wouldn't be as miserable.

You can also use a competitors whitening rinse such as Crest or a generic like Rite Aid. The common denominator is hydrogen peroxide that is in all these products along with some other common ingredients. They all work because they all have Hydrogen Peroxide which kills the germs. There are other mouth rinses like the old fashioned Listerine (not in a glass bottle any more) and they will kill the germs including the bacteria that causes gum disease and ulcers etc., but they obviously don't whiten and they probably won't melt that plaque like Listerine Whitening and the other whitening competitors that have hydrogen peroxide.

You still have to brush your teeth and floss or use a gum brush where necessary!

Remember just as recently in the 1990's the esteemed physicians (they pretend to know everything) were treating ulcers with all kinds of stupid substances/drugs that had aluminum in them? Ya, they were telling people the ulcers were caused by stress and greasy food; they were telling patients that for decades. No wonder they didn't cure any ulcers - the doctors was wrong. The ulcers are caused by bacteria. While the doctor was helping to kill you with bad advice and aluminum, the dentist-orthodontist was cutting your gums out of your head for $10K until your teeth fell out. Nice!! 

One case study resulted in the Listerine Whitening not only immediately eliminating the yellow on the teeth but dissolving all the plaque and tartar causing the white sink to turn yellow (not pretty but shows it's working- and the sink rinses with water). The case study was so impressed that he continued using the Listerine Whitening. Why not still had a full bottle. What happened was that the bacteria and other germs were killed and the immune system was no longer overwhelmed, although it was weaker than at 25 years old. The 20 year old ulcers this case study had went away in short time (few days there was no longer any ulcer pains). What a relief after years of ulcer torture. Here's something unbelievable - that bacteria gets into the blood and causes what they now call "cardiac events". A "cardiac event" is when your heart goes wacky (fast painful irregular heart beats) but doesn't actually cause a full blown heart attack. Unfortunately some people are not so lucky and had the heart attack which results in permanent damage to the heart that we all value. The cardiac event just knocks the shit out of you with no damage/scarring to the heart. This particular case study had dozens of these near death "cardiac events" but no more thanks to Listerine Whitening and similar products that kill germs/bacteria.


Bonus Cure - no germs to give cold, flu, virus

And you won't get the flu or other sundry ailments like the common cold, if this case study is of any example. Makes sense right? If you kill the germs, whatever variety is in your mouth (virus, bacteria etc.), then you are much less likely to suffer the consequences of those culprit germs. You should not get sick from the external germs of the World if you kill all the germs with hydrogen peroxide or a product like Listerine that contains hydrogen peroxide. One case study has not had a cold or flu or any germ caused illness for 8 years by using Hydrogen Peroxide twice a day, once in the morning and then before sleeping.  Brush and floss first.


Double Bonus - No bacteria = No cavities

Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide or a Listerine product should result in eliminating cavities in your teeth! It is the bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities in your teeth; the sugar in food products accelerates the growth of the bacteria causing more and bigger cavities.



Sick of listening to this. Well here's more - this case study's 10 year old knee injury (severe knee injury) started healing noticeably within 2 weeks of using Listerine Whitening and was cured within a year. This individual could not run for 10 years due to the arthritis/knee injury but is now as fast as most 20 year-olders. The immune system being relieved of the bacteria battle going on in his mouth had the strength to do other work and healed the space in the knee (the arthritis).

Don't tell your dentist because he has known about this miracle cure for years. Dentists can't make any money if you use hydrogen peroxide or products containing hydrogen peroxide like Listerine Whitening. And the physicians will get mad because there was no double blind study and only they can make such statements, as above. But the doctors are as bad as the dentists - they don't want cures they want expensive drug treatments that never cure anything but make them a lot of money from the revolving door treatments. After all, they were academic high achievers who feel they are entitled to be millionaires by charging the sick and dying (the greatest exploitation on Earth).

Remember those germs (bacteria, viral, fungus, etc.) are slow death. And almost all of those germs enter your body through your mouth.


And what will this information cost you? Nothing, it is free. Now go tell others.