"The Number One Now"

Escape Death by Suffocation & Police State Tactics





Need to know how the police and Judiciary all work hand in hand with the Jewish Organizations?


The Jews and the Mass. Judiciary had a problem in 2002. Michael Elbery lived to complete his 10-year State Prison Sentence. Judge Dan Toomey would die that year from a heart infection caused by a heart attack in 1999 resulting from the adverse publicity Michael Elbery and the Governor of Mass. gave him when Toomey was attempting to be appointed the Mass. S.J.C.

The Massachusetts Department of Corrections tried to do their part to falsify phony charges against Elbery. In December of 2001 a Prison Guard at S.E.C.C. Prison fabricated that Elbery assaulted him. The Prison authorities had a job to do - Elbery was a danger to their bosses. Elbery caught powerful men (Mass. Judges & Worcester D.A. John Conte, Mass. Bar Attorneys) doing something wrong and was talking, including sending his Motion for New Trial to the Governor of Mass.

The Mass. D.O.C. placed Elbery into solitary confinement for a month and tried to make him talk. They tried to get Elbery to confess to a crime, assaulting a lousy two bit prison guard, that Elbery never committed. They guaranteed the door would open and Elbery would be allowed back into prison population, if he simply signed the paper that would cause an admission of guilt to another crime Elbery never committed.

The answer they got was "no". Elbery knew that an admission to assaulting this crummy Prison guard would result in the case being turned over to the local District Attorney's Office, who would gladly convict Elbery of another 5 years in prison for fabricated charges of assaulting a prison cop.

They even went so far as to try and kill Elbery by suffocation. They turned the heat up so high in his isolation cell that it was impossible to breath. Elbery used the air caused by the space between the cell door and the floor to get air. A civilian nurse, (looking in the cell through small window in the door), who worked for an outside subcontractor with the D.O.C., saw Elbery on the floor trying to breath under the door; she wanted to know why. She is paid to make sure that inmates in solitary confinement are not mentally injured by the conditions of isolation. Shortly after that witness observed the incident the heat was reduced to a breathable level. White men who don't agree and ovens - is that the future in this here U.S.A.? Only if you let it happen.


Elbery was released after 30 days from solitary confinement because there is a federally mandated limit as to how long they can keep an inmate in such conditions. They got no confession from Michael Elbery, but he was still a problem and they still had the right to try him, via prison proceedings, for the fabricated assault charge against the lying cop. And that they did, after they had Elbery in solitary for 30 days.


The lying prison guard showed for a prison hearing in January of 2002. The prison hearing officer, Freddy, was the trier of fact and only other person at the hearing. The alleged victim-cop rambled on but never said the magic words - even this piece of garbage had a conscience. Elbery was allowed cross-examination of his new lying victim, but Elbery knew he was not going to be allowed much time to cross-examine. Elbery immediately asked this lying cop-victim, "Did I ever assault you?". The cop twisted and squirmed but amazingly exclaimed, "NO". Amazing because after all that he finally told the truth.


No? You are a lousy lying prison guard. In writing, this same cop said just the opposite, with impunity of course. No penalty to the prison guard for lying in the first place and having a man put in solitary confinement for month.

That was the D.O.C.'s last chance to get Elbery on phony charges because within 90 days he walked away from his false  10 year prison sentence - it was over.


More Cops on the Outside - Auburn Cop Messina

Elbery had nowhere to go, so he went home via the South Station, Boston, Mass. The cops knew exactly where he went. The people the "police state" answers to (Jewish Judiciary) were in trouble - Michael Elbery was not dead, but free and he would not shut up and wasn't broken. They knew Elbery would destroy them, so they used their police again.

Their next attempt to re-jail Elbery was shortly after he walked out of S.E.C.C. Prison in Bridgewater, Mass. The phone rang at his home, it was a Puerto Rican cop from Auburn, Mass. (Worcester County). Messina was playing Mr. Nice Guy and was claiming that he was doing Elbery a favor by calling him, so that Elbery could claim his gun, a Glock 9mm.

Elbery hung the phone up on this cop from the Town of Auburn which is next door to Worcester, Mass.

But Auburn cop - Messina was not so easily defeated, after all he was being paid by the Town of Auburn to try and frame Michael Elbery with his trick. Yes, Messina would keep calling, even though Elbery would tell him that he did not want to talk to him. Elbery new nothing good comes from a cop. A cop has never done anything for Michael Elbery, like many Americans, but falsely arrest him.

Finally, Messina was able to get his message to his hostile recipient. Messina told Elbery to come and pick up his Glock Pistol; that the pistol had been turned into the Auburn police, recently, by a local woman whose young son found the gun in a marsh. 


Elbery told the Cop-Messina that he had not seen that gun since the early 1990's - that it had been stolen during a robbery attempt/attempted murder against him when he owned Mulcahy's Bar in Worcester. The story by Messina was less than convincing, but even a plastic gun ain't worth much after it has been submerged in a swamp. The steel barrel would be worthless in short time. But Elbery knew the purpose of the call, although typically amateurish, was not to return his rightful property but to arrest him. Elbery would be deemed a "felon in possession of firearms" which would be worth 5 years in Prison. Did they really think that a man who had defeated all the resources of the government so many times would just walk into a police station and think he was going to walk out with his long lost Glock 9mm complete with 20 round clip.

Messina called again and Elbery had the magic cure for him. He told Messina the cop that he was calling a white household. Elbery demanded to know who the hell Messina was breaking such social barriers. He told Messina that he was a spic and would not be tolerated calling Elbery. Messina replied, "Come on ..." his voice breaking almost in tears. Elbery told him not to call him again and Elbery never heard from Puerto Rican Officer Messina, again.

Auburn Police Chief - Ronald Miller was notified by U.S. certified mail to keep his cops' activity within the Constitutional limits of the law. Miller tried to deny his wrongful conduct, so he refused to except that letter that was sent to him by Michael Elbery, via certified mail. Michael Elbery followed up another letter to the Auburn Police Chief - Miller, attached was the first letter,  as well, the same letters were sent U.S. first class mail. 


Strange, everyone knows Elbery exercises regularly, especially his Right Under the 5th Amendment not to speak to the police or any agent of the government. How slowly they learn, but they are well paid to waste the taxpayers money trying to cover-up the kangaroo court that framed Michael Elbery in Worcester Superior Court.



More Cops  Conspiracy - The Phony Drug Drop  @ "The Number One Now"

What does a crusader for justice and enemy of the state do when he knows he's being framed for another crime? He continues on his crusade.

The police had failed again and they were being paid to get Michael Elbery behind bars and off the street in order to further discredit him. Elbery, by 2003, had threatened the S.J.C. and Mass. Appeals Court with an Internet Web Site that would broadcast to the World the documented injustice he had received at the hands of the Massachusetts authorities. Elbery was a danger that had to be stopped.

Elbery bought a cellular phone in 2002 and the authorities had all the resources to know his phone number.

Elbery kept getting a message on his voice mail and only on his voice mail. "The Number One Now". It was the voice of an unemotional woman whose voice never varied call after call, via voice mail. How was it that the police knew when Elbery would not answer his cell phone? The message was only left on the voice mail when Elbery did not have access to his phone. The calls were made during working hours, never on the weekend.

Elbery knew exactly what they were up to. The Big Lie - a favorite of the "Police State" and Prosecutors everywhere. They would bring in a woman and she would testify in a criminal court that "The Number One" was a place to drop drugs and that "Now" was simply the time to drop the drugs. The woman would be given a name and identify herself as an informant. She would testify to a drug trade with Elbery and then never be heard of again, just vaporize into the World. She would probably go back to her police work that included training to be a phony witness in order to get enemies of the state that they could not deal with otherwise.

Such a tale is easily believed before a Mass. jury. When drugs are involved even the simplest evidence is believed; any evidence is sufficient evidence for the "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Standard" when the police are making an accusation about drugs.


After first recording complaint with AT&T Wireless and Norfolk D.A., William Keating, Elbery had a solution -  he was filing his last Federal Lawsuit  (See Count XII of Complaint) in the Boston - Federal Courthouse against the Police. On the last page of that lawsuit Elbery exposed the government's conspiracy and demanded that they stop their conspiracy to Frame him again.

It worked; the Courts hate to be scandalized and implicated - Michael Elbery never got another call. The police state lost again.