Michael Elbery Re-files, June 2013, his Motion for New Trial for the 1993 Conviction of "Attempted Mayhem"




Michael Elbery wrote a 115 page Motion for New Trial in the late 1990's that contained over 2 dozen Flagrant Violations of the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights at a trial in Worcester Superior Court that convicted him of "Attempted Mayhem" and 10 years in Prison. He filed that Motion for New Trial in July of 1999. Yet, after that Motion for New Trial was Denied and Elbery Appealed that Denial to the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Exhausted all Massachusetts State Remedies and even filed a Petition for Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court, the conviction for "Attempted Mayhem" on an Off - Duty, Out of Jurisdiction Cop drinking in a Bar Room remained.

Michael Elbery finished the 10 years State Prison Sentence in 2002, and after some delay, published the rudimentary stages this Web Site called MassInjustice.Org to embarrass the Mass. Judiciary with its Scandal of Illegalities that it upheld. So as to show, via the documented truth, that what goes on in Worcester Superior Court, and with the Massachusetts Judiciary, is not supposed to happen in this here U.S.A.. 

The defendant - Elbery Re-filed the exact same Motion for New Trial 14 years later in June of 2013. That's right, in June of 2013 Michael Elbery Re-filed the exact same Motion for New Trial that he had filed in 1999. After all, Worcester Superior Court and the Mass. Judiciary are known World Wide via the Internet for Injustice due to the Mass. Judiciary approving that documented malicious prosecution against Michael Elbery for "Attempted Mayhem.". Over a 100 readers a day view this Web Site MassInjustice.Org in order to be informed, via the World Free Internet, of the Scandal and Judicial Illegalities that is the Massachusetts Judiciary.


Re-file of Motion for New Trial and Supporting Documentation @ June 2013

Cover Letter Clerk

Cover D.A.'s Office


Motion for New Trial with Supporting Memorandum and Exhibits 

Trial Transcripts

Grand Jury Minutes

Probable Cause Hearing Transcript


Procedural Memorandum


Proof of U.S. Mail Service to Worcester D.A.'s office

Proof of U.S. Mail Service to Worcester Superior Court Clerk's Office


Certificate of Service



After the Re-file by Defendant - Michael Elbery of his Motion for New Trial in June of 2013 the defendant attempted to acquire the latest Docket Entries of his case and was denied by the Worcester Superior Clerk's Office.  In April of 2104 the defendant tried, again, to acquire the docket entries in order to confirm the Worcester Superior Court had his Re-filed Motion for New Trial with all supporting Exhibits and transcripts that he sent. This second attempt at acquiring his case Docket Entries was successful. The defendant, upon review of the docket entries of his case, Worcester Superior Court 93-0135, found that docket items #49 and #50 did not reflect that he sent the Worcester Superior Court a complete set of Trial Transcripts, Grand Jury Minutes, and Probable Cause Hearing Transcript. Further, docket entry #50 indicates an Amendment to the Re-file Motion for New Trial that had not been sent according to Defendant - Elbery's records. At that date in April 2014 Michael Elbery had not sent in his two Amended Claims, they would be filed in June of 2014.


So what does the Defendant Do? On 4-8-14, Michael Elbery motions the Court/Judge who has review of the case to confirm that the Court has all Supporting Documentation that the Defendant - Michael Elbery sent in June of 2013 to the Court, including all supporting Exhibits, and Transcripts.


Docket Entries @ 3-31-14 including items #49 & #50

Latest Docket entries - items 49 & 50



Motion for Confirmation of Transcripts

3 attachments - Latest 7 months Web Stats at April 10, 2014 , 2pages of docket entries #93-0135 including docket #49 & #50.


Certificate of Service