Federal Search Warrant Remains Sealed - Lee, Mass. Police Chief Federally Indicted

Citizens' Duped Again





Locals tricked -  Mystery of Lee P.D., 11-19-12 F.B.I Search not Solved

The locals are satisfied that the mystery of the 11-19-12 F.B.I. search of the Lee, P.D. and Chief Buffis' house has been solved because their Chief of Police was Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on August 8, 2013 on a variety of Federal crimes including Extortion. The locals quickly concluded with the help of some misleading by the local newspaper that the mystery surrounding the Federal F.B.I. Search of the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. on November 19, 2012 for 6 hours and Chief of Police - Buffis' house was caused by the Federal Extortion charges. They had been misled by the Berkshire Eagle for months that F.B.I. search was caused by Chief Buffis embezzling a police Christmas Toy Charity, now they are sure the 8-8-13 Federal indictment of Chief Buffis for Extortion had to be the reason and solved the case of the Sealed Federally issued Search Warrant of 11-19-12.

That's right, the F.B.I. searched the Lee Police Dept. for 6 hours on 11-19-12 and then Chief Buffis' house as a result of a Federal Search Warrant. The Search Warrant and return service were immediately sealed by the issuing Federal Judge - Michael Ponsor, so the guilty would be protected and the citizenry  and press would not know what the F.B.I. was searching for.

What crime is concealed from the citizenry in that sealed Federal Search Warrant?

The federal Search Warrant is still Sealed

Here's what the Locals in Berkshire County and Lee, Mass. don't know. The Federal Search Warrant that was executed on 11-19-12 is still sealed. The newspapers and local authorities don't want the citizenry to know that. They want the taxpayers to assume, as the Berkshire Eagle would have them do, that because the Chief of Lee Police Buffis was Indicted on Federal Extortion charges that must be the reason for all Federal activity, including the F.B.I. Search of Buffis' house and the Lee Police Dept. on 11-19-12.

That's right the Federally issued Search Warrant of 11-19-12 for the Lee Police Dept. and Chief Buffis' house was sealed by issuing Federal Judge - Michael Ponsor to protect the guilty and keep the American Citizenry confused and it will remain sealed.

The American public, as Judge Michael Ponsor knows, does not understand law and is susceptible to any suggestion by the media as to reason for the F.B.I. search of the Lee, Mass. Police Dept and Chief Buffis' house. In an article about the "Police Chief Buffis Indictment" by a local Berkshire County newspaper, they misled the citizenry by headlining "Joseph Buffis has been under investigation since November 2012".  However, that same local Berkshire newspaper the Berkshire Record contradicts itself on the next page; the Berkshire Record produces a time table on the next page which discloses quite the opposite. That time table documents, as does the Federal Indictment of Chief of Police Buffis, that the investigation of the Buffis' Extortion was between March - June 2012. That same time table also documents, as did numerous other newspaper articles, that the Federal Search Warrant causing the F.B.I. search of the Lee P.D. and Buffis' house was on November of 2012,  and is still sealed.

 According to the Federal Indictment the Extortion and Money Laundering charges were completed by June of 2012. The search of the Lee P.D. and Buffis' house, which took place almost 6 months later on 11-19-12, were for different reasons and different crime than the Extortion Indictment of Lee, Mass. Chief Buffis.

This Web Site made a phone inquiry to the Federal Clerk's Office at the Federal Court in Springfield, Mass., and asked if the 11-19-12 Search Warrant had been unsealed and what was the issue of search. The Clerk denied a Search Warrant for the Lee Police Dept. and Buffis' house ever happened and claimed they have no record on their computer of any such searches. Not even the Federal Court can deny what the media witnessed as documented in their various publications.



Federal Indictment Void of any Search

There is not a word in the Federal indictment of the Buffis' Extortion charge about a search warrant or a Federally Issued Search Warrant or any evidence resulting from any F.B.I. search whether it is the Lee, Police Dept. or Chief of Lee Police - Buffis' house. How is this possible, if the 11-19-12 F.B.I. Searches were caused by the Buffis Extortion conduct?

The Federal Indictment is void of any mention of a Search Warrant or F.B.I. search, let alone evidence produced by a search. At the same time there was not  one news article on the Buffis Extortion charges indicating that the FBI Search of 11-19-12 had any rhyme, reason, cause or relationship to the Federal charges of extortion against Buffis. The same press/media that covered the 11-19-12 F.B.I. Search of the Lee, Mass. P.D. and Chief Buffis' house has been silent on that Federally authorized search. Oh, three news organizations tried to mislead its readers that the Buffis Extortion investigation by the F.B.I. began on 11-19-12 in order to confuse the public that there was a tie between the F.B.I. search on 11-19-12 of the Lee Police Dept. and Federal Extortion charges.


Cyanide Gas Assassins Stopped by F.B.I. Search of 11-19-12

According to the Federal Indictment of Lee Chief of Police Buffis, the F.B.I. Investigation of the extortion case against him was over in June 2012. The F.B.I. Search of the Lee Police Dept and Buffis' house didn't happen until almost 6 months later on November 19, 2012. It was at that date of 11-19-12 that the police cyanide attacks in Lee, Mass. stopped. Only the police had means, motive, and opportunity to attempt murder with Cyanide Gas. The Sacred Cows Michael Elbery destroyed with the Scandal they produced in the Massachusetts Judicial System relied on the police to stop Michael Elbery and his Web Site, MassInjustice.org.


No Grounds for a Search Warrant on the Chief Buffis Extortion case

Why would there have been any grounds for a search warrant issued regarding the Extortion charges against Chief Buffis? 

The citizens don't understand law - the federal judge just can't order a search warrant in hope that the F.B.I. might find some evidence. No, the law requires that the judge has to be presented with evidence that constitutes Probable Cause the contraband, or in the case of the Buffis Extortion case, evidence of that crime of extortion is in the Lee Police Dept. or Buffis' house. Most evidence in criminal cases does not result from search warrants, instead most evidence comes from the testimony of witnesses. In the Buffis Extortion case the two victims will be, and have been thus far, the prime source of evidence, along with several documents signed by Chief Buffis.

In other words, a Search Warrant cannot be a guess or random hopeful fishing expedition or "the police think". There must be Probable Cause as a result of someone/a witness swearing under the pains and penalties of perjury that they have knowledge of evidence of a crime and that they know where the object of the  search is. On 11-19-12 someone swore under oath and the F.B.I. presented the information/evidence to the Federal Court of Judge Michael Ponsor that they knew what was in the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. that caused that 6 hour search and then a continued search of Buffis' house.



Whatever evidence could a search warrant yield in the Buffis Extortion Case?

Would the Extortion and Money Laundering charges against Buffis require a search for evidence to support the Federal Prosecutor's case against Buffis? Not likely.

What would a search yield for the charges of Extortion and Money Laundering against Lee, Mass. Chief of Police - Buffis? Buffis is accused of taking a Pay-off of $4,000.00 from the owners of Laurel Inn who were accused of running a prostitution ring. In the South Berkshire County Court House, prior to the Clerk of the Court starting the Probable Cause Hearing on the prostitution case, Buffis offered to snuff the criminal prostitution charges against the Inn owners for a Pay Off of $4,000.00. At this point only the Clerk of the Court, Tom Bartini, knew something was wrong.

Here is the part that the World Free Internet should find hard to believe - Buffis took a check (see paragraph 8 on pg. 3 of the Indictment) and then reconfirmed the crime by documenting the whole criminal episode of "Pay Off" with a document called an "Accord and Satisfaction" (see paragraph 9 on pg. 3 of the Indictment) which has no function in criminal cases but served as a second written admission by Chief Buffis that confirmed he took a "Pay Off" which the Feds converted into an Extortion case. The $4,000.oo Pay Off check was made out to the "Laliberte Toy Fund" that Buffis controlled at the Lee Police Dept.. And there you have all the evidence needed for the Federal Extortion and Money Laundering Case against Buffis - none of which would require a Search Warrant, and according to the Federal Indictment, the F.B.I. and Federal Prosecutor had these documents by June of 2012. Equally hard to believe, Buffis documented his crime after first alerting the Berkshire County D.A.'s Office and Massachusetts District Court of the prostitution charges and the Berkshire Eagle published a news story on the prostitution ring in Lee, Mass. a month prior to the date of the Probable Cause Hearing date of 2-21-12. Ya that's right, everyone was looking but he went ahead and took the $4K "Pay Off" and put it all in writing. This amounts to a documented Admission of Guilt that was advertised in the local yokel newspaper. Why a need for a Search Warrant?


All the documentation, cancelled $4K Pay Off check and "Accord and Satisfaction," were in the possession of the two victims and their Banks' records. The cancelled $4K Pay Off check would yield the name of the Bank that held the checking account of the "Laliberte Toy Fund" Charity; that bank's records of the "Laliberte Toy Fund" transactions/withdrawal by Buffis are the property of that bank and would not require any search warrant of the Lee P.D. or Buffis' house because the records are with the bank. That's right, your bank records and all your records of financial transactions that go through your account belong to your bank and if they want to let the government have access to your bank account records with them there is nothing you can do about it. The government could also get a court order for bank records should the bank be less than receptive.



Something else is wrong - case delayed for prosecution's investigation

According to news articles, the next hearing date on the Federal Extortion case against Buffis is in December 2013. Buffis signed off on his "right to speedy trial", so the Federal Prosecutor could "reconstruct" the "Laliberte Toy Fund" Charity financial activity. In numerous newspaper publications the Federal Prosecutor gives a phone number asking the citizenry with help in determining how much was contributed to the fund over the years. The Federal Prosecutor, per these same newspaper articles, is going back 6 years in their alleged quest to determine how much was contributed over those years in order to calculate if Buffis is guilty of more crime. But the Feds already have all the bank records! Is the Federal Prosecutor looking for unrecorded cash contributions? Is the Federal Prosecutor going to charge Buffis with larceny or embezzlement? They have not yet. Wouldn't larceny or embezzlement from the "Laliberte Toy Fund" which is a police charity be state jurisdiction, not federal? Why wasn't Buffis charged with embezzlement or larceny regarding the same $4,000.00 withdrawal he made from the "Laliberte Toy Fund"?

It is highly unlikely that the federal government can reconstruct cash transactions donated to the "Laliberte Toy Fund" over the last 6 years and they would run into impossible evidentiary admission problems for such evidence in a court of law; it would require each cash contributor to testify in court.  However, if the Federal Prosecutor wants to further investigate the "Laliberte Toy Fund" they don't need defendant - Chief Buffis to sign a waiver of his "speedy trial rights". If the feds find more stealing/embezzling of funds that were intended for Christmas toys for children they can always issue more charges against Buffis. But would stealing from the "Laliberte Toy Fund" be a Federal offense? Not even the "Commerce Clause" can be stretched enough to help them get Federal Jurisdiction.

Buffis should hope that the pimp and prostitute "victims" of Buffis' and his extortion claim that they really weren't "put in fear" by making the $4,000.00 "Pay Off", but instead were happy to get off the hook and walk away free after getting caught by the cops on 1-19-12. Without this "fear", as per the Federal Indictment, the Feds don't have the required evidence for the elements of the crime of Extortion according to the Federal Indictment and related Federal Statute. Once the Extortion charge falls, so do the Money Laundering Charges because there would be no precedent crime required for Money Laundering. No charge for this legal advice.

In the meantime, Berkshire County District Attorney is resurrecting the prosecution of the prostitution charges against the Inn owners who are also the victims in the Extortion Case. They will be in jail by the time Buffis goes on trial and may have time to change their minds about their "fear" caused by Buffis' $4000.00 "Pay Off".


Why No Federal "Obstruction of Justice" Charges Against Chief Buffis - more is wrong

The federal indictment (see paragraph 16 on pg. 5) is complete with facts that Chief Buffis lied to the federal investigators during their investigation of Buffis and his Extortion of the Inn Owners and the prostitution charges. And per that same paragraph 16 of the Federal Indictment, Buffis signed his name to it. Why, if the Federal Prosecutor wants to do such a "crack up job" of investigation that they got Buffis to sign-off on his "speedy trial rights" so that they could extend their investigation and reconstruct the "Laliberte Toy Fund", didn't the Federal Prosecutor charge Chief Buffis with "Obstruction of Justice"? The Feds put Martha Stewart in federal prison for 18 months because they alleged she didn't tell the truth when responding to federal cops about information her stock broker gave her.

Here's more free legal advice. Never talk to cops. Not only do the Feds have "Obstruction of Justice" law, but most states have adopted similar laws. But the Law is you never have to talk to cops in this here U.S.A.. But Buffis probably didn't know this.



Lee, Mass. Home Rule Gangsters - Dodge the Truth - Fire Chief for unauthorized cell phones

Oh they knew they had to fire their beloved Chief of Police,  they ran out of time. The F.B.I., the press and the citizenry were watching, they had no choice. On August 20, 2013 the Lee, Mass. "Home Rule Gangsters" (Board of Selectman) did what is epidemic in today's U.S.A., they avoided the truth and created a fabrication to fire their colleague. While Buffis' Extortion Indictment was front page news, the Town of Lee Selectmen dug up allegations of illegal cell phone usage by Buffis. According to news articles, the Selectmen and Town Manager claimed that this illicit cell phone usage paid by the Town of Lee had been going on for 5 years, and just coincidentally, they decided to fire Buffis for the cell phone use after  the Feds Indicted him for Extortion and Money Laundering. Even though they knew that the F.B.I. was "after" their Chief of Police - Buffis because he was committing crime, they weren't going to fire Buffis for high crime like Extortion and Money Laundering.


Update on Lee, Mass. "Home Rule Gangster" - Selectman Gordon Bailey chooses Disassociation from Italians and Cyanide Murder 

A Lee, Mass. Selectman for 12 years, Gordon Bailey chose to  Disassociate himself from the Board of Selectmen that run Lee, Mass.. Bailey was due for re-election in May of 2014 which would have been the first election that he would have faced since Lee Police Chief Buffis was indicted for Extorting a Lee Whore House on Laurel Lake in August of 2013. Bailey had run unopposed in past election years.

Bailey was one of three Selectmen who decided to look the other way on Chief Buffis' Federal Indictment for Extorting whores and pimps on Lee, Mass.' Lake Laurel, and instead went along with the fraudulent "white wash" that the reason the Lee Selectmen fired Police Chief Buffis was illicit use of cell phones. The Lee Selectmen claimed that Buffis had been using the cell phone provided him at the expense of the Lee, Mass. taxpayers for private phone calls.

The Town of Lee had no choice but to fire the beloved Italian Chief of Police in August of 2013 because he was Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. The Chief of Police enjoys special status in today's Politically Correct America, as a "sacred cow", so the elected Lee, Mass. Selectmen could not admit that their Chief of Police was a crook, liar, thief, and violent extortionist while acting in the name of the law. No, the Lee Selectmen lied that the reason for Buffis being fired was his private use of cell phones provided Buffis for his police business. Did this embarrass Selectman Gordon Bailey? Everybody in Berkshire County and beyond knew the Lee Selectmen were lying about their reason for firing Bailey. Was Bailey forced to go along with the 2 Italian Selectmen also elected in Lee, Mass.?

Was there more that troubled former Lee, Selectman, Gordon Bailey? Yes sir, it's a small World. Guess who lived next door to Michael Elbery from May of 2012 through February of 2013? 

        Enter Emma Bailey - Mystery Girl & Spy

The mysterious 25 year old no-name woman called Emma. Emma introduced herself to Elbery about a month after she moved in next door in the apartment #8 that shares a common wall with Elbery's Apartment #7 at 120 Old Pleasant St., Lee, Mass.. Emma refused to donate her last name, never put her name on her mailbox that is located at the end of the parking lot with the other tenant's mail boxes; Emma used a cell phone and had no TV service or land based phone or Internet Service into her apartment. But what made Emma the most mysterious was that she was paying $800.00 a month for an apartment that she did not live in. That's right, Emma would show up on the last day of the month to pay her rent, sleep over night with a short curly haired boy in his twenties who drove an old white BMW, and then not be seen again until the new month expired.

It was not until February 27, of 2013 when Michael Elbery was talking to his sister, a tax attorney located in Boston, that Emma started to confirm, by her actions, the solution to her mystery. Michael Elbery knew the F.B.I. was watching him once he started exposing the illegalities of Dual Citizen Israeli Jew Judge Mark Wolf of the Federal District Court Boston. Elbery, via phone conversation of 2-27-13, described the activities of this next door young woman neighbor, who never lived in the apartment she paid for and Elbery's sister exclaimed that she's F.B.I..

The next day Emma moved out of her apartment, never to seen again. Michael Elbery found it too coincidental that Emma moved out of her apartment, immediately, once it was broadcast over Michael Elbery's phone that she was suspected of working for the F.B.I.. Emma was a graduate from Evergreen College in Washington (state of ). Evergreen is a recruiting stop for the U.S. Government and its secret police, including the F.B.I.

The policing agencies, local, state, federal, have nothing better to do than to listen to Michael Elbery's phone conversations and have been doing so for years. The American public doesn't want to believe that the police have had, for decades, the technology to electronically eavesdrop on any citizen's phone conversation without involving the Phone Company and of course the police act illegally without warrant. However, the police will know everything you are doing by illegally recording your calls. Even Israeli Mossad has the capability to listen/record U.S. phone calls from across oceans.

So what's this Emma have to do with Gordon Bailey? It was learned by Michael Elbery in November of 2014 that Emma was Emma Bailey and daughter of Massachusetts State Building Inspector, Gordon Bailey. The same Gordon Bailey, who resigned as Lee, Selectman. When Elbery saw Emma moving out of her apartment on 2-28-13 he, while on crutches and with casts on his legs because of the 2 torn Achilles Tendons, yelled over to her. She asked why he was on crutches and what was wrong with his foot? Elbery responded that it was not his foot but that he had 2 torn Achilles Tendons. Michael Elbery also detailed the numerous Cyanide Chloride Gas attacks against him by Lee, Mass. Chief Buffis and members of the Lee and State Police that had taken place right where they were speaking at and around the location behind Elbery's apartment. Emma responded, that happened here?" Yes, Emma the police, while trying to stop Elbery's Web Site www. massInjustice.org, due to its Documented Scandal on their friend Attorney Louis P. Aloise of Worcester, Mass. and Federal Judge Mark Wolf, saturated the area in and around Elbery's apartment in attempt to murder him. The cop Assassins tried to get an open window and spray the gas under Elbery's back door. The cops would make numerous Cyanide Chloride Gas deliveries at Elbery's back door while driving through the apartment complex at 120 Old Pleasant St.

Did Emma give a first hand account of the events at 120 Old Pleasant St., Lee, Mass., as detailed by Michael Elbery and describing the Assassination Attempts by the Police with Cyanide Gas to her father, Gordon Bailey? Well, Emma never witnessed any of the Cyanide Gas attacks and never had opportunity to inhale the stink of death that is the smell of Cyanide Chloride Gas. The reason she never was a witness to the Cyanide, as Michael Elbery told her, is because she never lived there. Elbery informed Emma that on her one day a month sleep-overs there was never a Cyanide Gas attack at 120 Old Pleasant St..

It may not have been just Emma Bailey's account to then Lee, Mass. Selectman, Gordon Bailey, about the Cyanide Gas attacks by the Lee Police and Accomplices that caused him to resign as Lee, Mass. Selectman. Many of the citizenry in Lee, Mass. and surrounding towns know the search by the F.B.I. of the Lee Police Dept. and Buffis' House had nothing to do with the illegalities of Extortion that caused his indicted.

Gordon Bailey was replaced by the newly elected Selectman named, Thomas Wickham. Wickham is, at least by name, an Anglo, (no Jew would Anglicize their name with a "ham"), however, it is doubtful that he has the testicles to stand up to the controlling Jew and Italians that run, the one time Old New England Yankee town of Lee, Mass., illegally, in order to represent the voters who elected him.



What was the F.B.I. searching for on 11-19-12 at the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. and Chief Buffis' house? More weapons of Mass Destruction in Lee, Mass. than Iraq

Was the F.B.I. searching for Chief Buffis' copy of the "Accord and Satisfaction" that Buffis signed per the federal Indictment ? That "Accord and Satisfaction" was an additional written admission Buffis signed while he unwittingly highlighted his extortion of a prostitute and pimp in the once Old New England Yankee town of Lee, Mass. that is now hijacked by a "Home Rule Gang" of Italians.

Why has Homeland Security been in Lee, Mass. ever since the F.B.I search on 11-19-12 of the Lee, Mass. Police Dept.?

Don't you think that Bob Nason, the Lee, Mass. Town Manager, knows what was on the Federal Search Warrant the F.B.I. used to search the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. on 11-19-12? Nason's office is in the same building as the Police Dept. And what about the Town Selectmen, they know what was on that Search Warrant but you will never get the truth out of those three people.

The Cyanide Chloride Gas doesn't float in the Atmosphere in Lee, Mass., as it did for 4 years prior to the F.B.I. Search of 11-19-12. What else goes on in the Town of Lee by its police? A police officer would say that if he was so brazen that he took a "Pay Off" and Committed Extortion and Money Laundering what else did he get away with? This guy must have been so comfortable violating law that "he threw caution to the wind" and was totally reckless. Buffis was in charge - he was the Chief of Police - he was the Law. So he thought.

The Wee People are easily fooled, but that Federal Search Warrant isn't still sealed because Buffis got Indicted for Extortion. It is still sealed because the Government doesn't want anybody to know what murder almost happened in the Town of Lee. The key to the F.B.I. Search of the Lee Police Dept. on 11-19-12 is the red Ford Extended pick up truck registration number .. 9623. That's a Mass. registration #.



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