The "Third Key" - Stronger than Cyanide 

Wanted Dead or Alive - Michael Elbery - for Exposing Crimes of the Judiciary and Police

this article posted 5-23-2021

It is no secret that the Federal and State Authorities want to get Michael Elbery off the streets, or preferably dead, because Elbery has been relentless in exposing the crimes of the Judiciary, as well as, the entire Political/Social System in Today's U.S.A.. The Authorities want Michael Elbery to be falsely arrested on fabricated evidence, so they can put him on trial in one of their Kangaroo Courts that pervade in Massachusetts, then, have one of  their Rigged Juries find him guilty and then falsely imprison him. That's how they do it in Massachusetts.

They have real problems with a person they can't kill with Cyanide Chloride Gas.


The Massachusetts Authorities, both Federal and State Judiciary and their police, have been trying unsuccessfully to put Michael Elbery out of business, have auto repair shops owned or operated by Italians destroy his vehicles, and of course have the police murder Michael Elbery. 

If they can rig a Presidential Election and then silence the U.S. President from commenting on that Stolen Election and also silence the alleged Free Press in the U.S., then the average citizen does not stand much of a chance against the Authorities in Today's U.S.A..

So what is the Key?

Michael Elbery needed a new vehicle, as his Silverado had been destroyed by Italian owned or operated auto repair shops in conjunction with the police. That Silverado was a wonderful piece of machinery, it was a shame to see maggots get away with vandalizing it and making it worthless.

Michael Elbery bought a new truck in March of 2020 and was provided with two keys; Elbery would discover that someone else had a "third key"!

Most people feel secure that when they lock the doors of their vehicle they maintain the privacy and security of that vehicle, but when "some one else" has a key to your vehicle it is wide open. It is easy to plant phony evidence in vehicle when that unauthorized "some one else" has a key to that vehicle.


So how does Michael Elbery know that an unauthorized key exists?

The new truck Michael Elbery bought was rated, per window sticker, to average 18mpg and get 15 miles per gallon of gas in city driving. The truck averaged 8.4 miles per gallon of gas instead of the warranted 18 mpg. 

The truck's "trip odometer" records miles/gallon of gas, as well as, trip mileage; this computerized record is irrefutable evidence of the 8.4 mpg and would corroborate Michael Elbery's claim against the manufacturer and its warranty that the truck was not getting 18mpg.

To reset that "trip odometer" it requires that you hold the "reset button" on the bottom of the dashboard, alternatively, the "trip odometer" can be reset by holding the "enter button" on the steering wheel instrument controls, once the "trip odometer screen" is accessed. Either way, the "trip odometer" cannot be reset unless you unlock the truck's door and start the engine. This all requires a key

In order to maintain computerized record of that gasoline inefficiency on the dashboard "trip odometer screen", Michael Elbery never reset that "trip odometer". Elbery's plan was to never reset the "trip odometer" and the result would be that the total mileage driven per the odometer would be the same as per the truck's "trip odometer". The "trip odometer" would, if all went according to plans, give a exact calculation of gas usage (miles per gallon of gasoline) for the total mileage driven on the truck's engine. That computerized gas mileage usage would then be corroborated by the trucks odometer and gas receipts as purchased from the day the truck was purchased.

Michael Elbery complained, twice, to manufacturer's dealer where he bought the truck, expecting/hoping that the catastrophic bad gas mileage  problem could be corrected. The "Trip Odometer's" first unauthorized reset was during the first test drive by the service dept. when Michael Elbery brought the truck back regarding the bad gas mileage. To reset the "trip odometer" the driver doing the test drive only had access the "trip odometer computerized screen" and hold the "enter button" on steering wheel  causing all computerized gas mileage records to be deleted.


That unbelievably bad gas mileage of 8.4 gas mileage is also confirmed independently by the odometer (cannot reset total miles traveled per the truck's odometer) and gallons of gas purchased per receipts from third party independent gas stations.

So why is this gas mileage an issue of Justice worthy of this Web Site MassInjustice.Org? Most people would be righteously outraged by an 8.4 gas mileage per gallon rip off, but there is a much bigger issue. There is "third key", and that is where injustice comes in.

The trip odometer was then reset two more times, on 12-28-20 and on March 17, 2021 while Elbery's truck was parked at a local vendor that the Authorities and police know Elbery frequents at the same time of day. These people are desperate to protect a multi-billion dollar manufacturer or is there more to their plan?

There were undercover cops present at the service department when Michael Elbery brought his truck in about the lousy gas mileage. Both Michael Elbery's phone and Internet connection are tapped by the local police and other varieties of cops, and have been for years.

That makes Michael Elbery an important person, he must be doing something right to be wanted so badly by the Authorities. The Authorities and their police have nothing on Michael Elbery, so they have to fabricate another crime against him.


The "Third Key" allows the Police to plant phony evidence in Elbery's Truck which they will do.

The police (not saying which of the many police organizations, although they gave plenty of clues without getting caught in the act) have access to that third key and can unlock Michael Elbery's truck and plant evidence in that truck and then claim that they made "clear and obvious view" in a vehicle giving them "Probable Cause" for search and seizure and of course false arrest.

When Michael Elbery destroys the career of another Kangaroo Judge, then, the Police will use the "Third Key" to plant evidence in his truck and make their false arrest.