$2,170.00 Fraudulent Charge by Haddad Toyoto Breaks World Record for Price of a  Rear Brake Job !!

What is Haddad's Motive?


A Case of the White Man vs. the Non-Whites


Doc 2

Doc 3

Doc 4

Doc 5 Mass. Inspection Station Makes it law Brakes, including Emergency Brake are Fine, the Failure was rust at the Rocker Panel


Was Corrected and the Truck Passed a Couple Days later



The 93A letter sent to Haddad telling the whole Story about the Haddad Deliberately and Malicious Rip-OFF


Haddad Agree to Pay - see last page


But Haddad Wants a Release Signed that demands Silence/Confidentiality and that I do not say anything Derogatory about Haddad. At this point that is impossible to sign, because I have already made Derogatory Statements about Haddad to many people. Regarding the Silence/Confidentiality about Haddad's payment  it would be a simple tactic to have anybody say that I said "something", thus breaking the Confidentiality Clause resulting in them suing me for every alleged violation.