Attorney Arthur Goldstein's Fraud and More Mass. S.J.C. Corruption 




Client comes out of Prison and beats his own lawyer at Jury Trial

Disbarred attorney, Arthur Goldstein, of Worcester, Mass. sued Michael Elbery for $90,000.00 and a jury of 12 in Worcester Superior Court found, in March of 1997, that Goldstein was committing fraud via his lawsuit against Elbery. Arthur Goldstein had been Elbery's attorney from the years 1985 through 1990 while Elbery owned a bar in Worcester. Goldstein claimed, per his lawsuit, that Elbery never paid him anything during those 6 years, although, Michael Elbery (a C.P.A.) had cancelled checks and paid invoices to prove to the contrary. Only in Worcester, Mass. where the home rule gangsters have their own courthouse to prosecute their enemies in the name of the law, could such court cases exist. Only in Worcester, Mass. would an attorney (Arthur Goldstein) sue his former client (Elbery) while that client was doing a 10 year prison sentence.

Attorney Arthur Goldstein was disbarred in 1991 for  stealing approximately $100,000.00 from clients in the 1980's in order to put his children through law schools. Most the of the money  was stolen from a corporation that was trying to re-organize under Chapter 11 Federal Bankruptcy laws. Goldstein had been appointed by the Federal Court to be the trustee for the funds collected to pay creditors during that corporation's re-organization. That corporation expired as a result of Arthur Goldstein helping himself  to the cash that would help them and their employees survive.

Arthur Goldstein, a precious Jew, never went to jail for his documented Grand Larceny in the amount of $100,000.00. Goldstein never paid back one cent of his theft of money that should have gone to the creditors of the bankrupt corporation. In fact, there were no criminal charges or penalties to Goldstein for his Stealing.


this Goldstein theft foiled, Default vacated, easy money slips through Goldstein's fingers 

Arthur Goldstein almost got another of his favorites, easy stealing. That's right, Attorney Goldstein filed his lawsuit against his former client, Michael Elbery, in 1992, in the amount of $52,000.00 plus interest. Elbery initially hired Attorney Louis P. Aloise to defend the case, as Elbery used Aloise, and his law firm, Shumway, Giguere, Byrne, Fox, to handle legal issues at his barroom in Worcester, Mass., after Goldstein was disbarred. Aloises subordinate, Attorney Russel Rosenthal, had to handle the Goldstein case because his boss and partner in the law firm, Aloise, didn't know how to handle a Civil Case. Rosenthal was a competent lawyer, but, by 1993, Michael Elbery knew that Aloise would cause more trouble for him and cause him to lose against Goldstein. Aloise would throw another case. So Elbery told Rosenthal that he would defend the Goldstein case himself. Russell Rosenthal withdrew.

The case moved very slowly and by 1994 Elbery was in Concord Prison due to the frame up conviction of "Attempted Mayhem".  Goldstein filed a Motion for Default against Michael Elbery. The default was allowed by the Worcester Superior Court Judge Barbara Butler in September 1994. 

Oh, that lickity split ball of Jewish fat, Attorney Arthur Goldstein, was delighted with his successful scheme of fraud. He had been planning for years to steal from his white client and loved the thought of stealing from Yankees/Teutons. Goldstein filed several restraining orders on assets that he knew Michael Elbery had owned but he couldn't find them. The Shrewsbury cops had stolen Elbery's brand new ZR-1 Corvette Stingray out of his E-z garage claiming they had the "right" because they fabricated the car was evidence. The ZR-1 was evidence of nothing concerning the fabricated Shrewsbury cops gun arrest at E-z, but was attached by Goldstein to satisfy his default, if he found it. Michael Elbery, in Concord Prison, was sure that the Shrewsbury cops would learn of the attachment and contact Goldstein, but that never happened. The ZR-1 was itemized in the local Worcester T&G as one of the items taken from Elbery's E-z unit by the Shrewsbury cops when they falsely arrested Michael Elbery for gun law violations, but Goldstein was to busy dreaming about stealing and missed the obvious that was published in the newspaper.

While Goldstein was busy filing Petitions for Injunctions served on Michael Elbery, who was at that date, November of 1994, in Concord Prison, the ZR-1 sped off out into the sunset never for that thieving Jew to find. Goldstein had asked his client, Michael Elbery, during the years Goldstein represented him, how much money Elbery had. Goldstein wanted to know, not just how much money he had from that cash business, a barroom in Worcester, Mass. during the 1980's through early 1990's when people were still drinking (alot) in that bastion of Drunkendom, but where was the money. Goldstein would ask how his client invested the money or did he use a safety deposit box or Off-Shore advantages. Goldstein never got any answers to those questions, but he knew about that ZR-1 from the E-z Fire news articles in the Worcester T&G.


Michael Elbery, then in Concord Prison, wrote a hand written motion to reverse the default and Judge Butler allowed it, so that Michael Elbery could defend against Goldstein with the use of Prison law libraries. Goldstein almost got away with it, his theft was snatched from him at the last minute. All Goldstein's attachments on Michael Elbery's assets that Goldstein could not find became void. It was just as well for Goldstein that he missed the newspaper article about Shrewsbury Police taking Elbery's ZR-1 String Ray because that fat boy could never have fit behind the steering wheel. The case would go on for 3 more years with Michael Elbery representing himself before a Worcester Superior Court Jury of 12. By the time the case went to trial, in 1997, the interest at about a 7% rate had accumulated to over $40,000.00 causing Goldstein's case to be worth over $90,000.00.  


Michael Elbery beats his own lawyer - wins his first Jury Verdict at Worcester Superior Court

As above, Michael Elbery represented himself (no attorney) as the defendant and as the plaintiff in Counterclaim for a count of FRAUD against Goldstein and the Jury and Judge, after a 4 day Worcester Superior Court trial, found Michael Elbery owed Goldstein Nothing and that Goldstein committed FRAUD

Look at some of the decisions that had to be Denied by Judge Freemont-Smith that Goldstein filed during the Jury Trial of the Case. Goldstein's brain was so corrupted with the pollution of the Worcester Courthouse that he motioned the Judge to find against Michael Elbery, after Elbery's opening statement. Read those same Clerk Notices on the Judges decisions and you will find that Goldstein didn't want any witnesses. Judge Freemont-Smith was brought in from Suffolk County (Boston) for the case.

The Superior Court Judge, Freemont-Smith, then wanted to have a damage assessment hearing and sent the meritorious Defendant and Plaintiff in Counter Claim, Michael Elbery, the Notice of Assessment of Damages under 93A and the damage forms. Elbery didn't bother with it because Attorney Arthur Goldstein would never pay anything and being a precious Jew he would have gotten away with paying nothing, regardless of a damage assessment by Freemont-Smith Goldstein was Judgment Proof. Goldstein died about 2004 from a massive bacteria infection that he battled for years.


Back to the Wall Victory

That's right, Michael Elbery, was defaulted on the Goldstein case. Then, Elbery got the default vacated and started the case all over again. The evidential discovery period  went on from 1994 through 1997 and ended up with Michael Elbery winning his first case before a Civil Superior Court Jury. This win by Michael Elbery caused a lot of jaws to drop and nervous boys, Toomey and Aloise, in Worcester. Aloise decided to get sanctuary but got blackballed instead, as well, Toomey waited for his blackballing and died.


Court Bailiffs at Worcester Superior Court Falsify Juror Questionnaires

The Goldstein case was Michael Elbery's first case that he handled before a jury. That's right, Pro Se, no defense attorney. Fortunately, or Elbery would have lost to Goldstein had he paid a defense attorney. But not only did Elbery win that first case before a Superior Court Civil Jury, but he caught the Bailiffs falsifying the Juror Questionnaires. The Juror Questionnaires give the attorneys, and in this case the defendant - Pro Se, Michael Elbery, information on each potential juror, so as to be able to determine any conflicts of interest and challenges to a potential juror. All the Juror Questionnaires that the Bailiffs handed Defendant Pro Se, Michael Elbery, had additional "red pen entries" made in addition to the black ink that the jurors used to fill out the required questionnaire. All the misinformation added by the Bailiffs in "red ink" was to cause Michael Elbery to keep jurors, who were less likely to be in his favor and reject jurors, who would be more likely in his favor. An example was a guy in his 20's who was empanelled on the original jury and who Michael Elbery challenged and rejected because the red ink indicated he worked as a part time dispatcher  for the Shrewsbury Police. That juror on day two of the trial, when Elbery was on his way home, was in the White City Dunkin Donuts and was pissed off when he saw Michael Elbery. This juror expressed his displeasure that he was removed from the case and said he wanted to be on the jury of the case. Elbery told him, "I challenged you because you work for the Shrewsbury cops." This twenty year old male looked in disbelief and instructed that he worked at Home Depot, part time. Elbery then said, "your questionnaire indicated you worked as a Shrewsbury cop dispatcher." Elbery asked, "Did you use red ink". The bounced juror said, "no". 

Michael Elbery then said, "let me get your name and address". This twenty year old then started changing his attitude and realized what happened and stated he didn't want to be involved. His mood suddenly changed from pissed - off to being scared once he knew the Cops/Authorities were engaging in illegalities.

The next day, Michael Elbery motioned the Judge, Freemont-Smith, to give him the Jury Questionnaires, but Freemont - Smith denied the motion because he claimed the Bailiffs immediately destroyed them.

After some investigation to determine the names of the culprit Bailiffs, Michael Elbery drafted a law suit on the issues that occurred at the trial of Goldstein v. Elbery, but never filed it. Court Clerk - Leonard Tomaiolo was, as per that lawsuit draft, guilty of mischief and gross illegalities via tampering with a juror.


Attorney Mark Goldstein knew his father was FRAUD

Initially, Arthur Goldstein was represented by his son, Attorney Mark Goldstein. Michael Elbery showed Attorney Mark Goldstein a complaint form that he filled out alerting the Mass. B.B.O. that Attorney Mark Goldstein was knowingly engaging in Fraud. Attorney Mark Goldstein pissed  his pants and boogalood for high ground never to be seen again. The complaint was never sent.


Mass. S.J.C. then re-instates Goldstein after Fraud finding

The Boston Globe made a big deal about Goldstein being re-admitted to the bar by the Mass. S.J.C. in 1997, but missed the most important and outrageous evidence about the Goldstein reinstatement - that Goldstein got caught, by a Worcester Superior Court Judge and Jury, committing more fraud, via the suit against Elbery, to the tune of $90,000.00 just a month prior to the S.J.C. reinstating Goldstein to the Mass. Bar. Oh, Michael Elbery alerted the Boston Globe, but the Boston Globe would never expose any evidence presented by Michael Elbery. The Boston Globe has been alerted to many of the stories on this Web Site but only printed the one about Governor Cellucci blackballing Judge Dan Toomey; the Globe per front page of 9-27-99, referred to Michael Elbery as a "disgruntled convict".

At 1997, the Boston Globe was owned by the same Jews who owned a group of newspapers, including the New Times and Worcester T&G. In the 1990's, the Jews were buying up newspapers in the U.S. in attempt to add to their media tools of Social Brainwashing. The Internet came along and killed the newspaper industry and those Jews had to sell the Boston Globe and Worcster T & G at a substantial loss in around 2012.


The Mass. S.J.C. knew Goldstein committed more fraud - Corruption as usual

But the biggest news/corruption about Arthur Goldstein is the Mass. S.J.C., at that time, led by Queen Margaret Marshall. In 1996, Goldstein was allowed a reinstatement hearing held by the Mass. S.J.C., and, in 1997, after Goldstein was found to be committing fraud against Elbery in the amount of $90,000.00 was re-instated as a licensed Attorney of the Massachusetts Bar. Regardless of the fact that the Mass. S.J.C. was alerted and knew that Goldstein had been found guilty of fraud, he  was still  re-instated into the Mass. Bar. This after Michael Elbery alerted S.J.C. prosecutor Terrence Troyer to the court decision/adjudicated fraud by Goldstein, but the S.J.C. allowed Goldstein to practice law again.

 The Mass. S.J.C. knew that Goldstein had been found, by a jury, to be committing fraud, again, just a month before they decided to reinstate his license to practice law in Massachusetts.

This corruption could only happen in Massachusetts. The Mass. BBO (Board of Bar Overseers) which is a department of the Mass. S.J.C. used a six page reply letter by Arthur Godlstein to Michael Elbery's documented and undisputed evidence that Goldstein had just been found guilty by a jury and the Superior Court Judge of FRAUD, as grounds for dismissing any action against Goldstein.

Amongst other lies, Goldstein claims in his letter of alleged defense/reply to the Fraud charges that he represented Michael Elbery starting in 1979! Elbery didn't even live in the Worcester area, let alone own a bar in Worcester, Mass. in 1979. The Mass. B.B.O. fully knowing that Goldstein was found, again in 1997, to be committing fraud officially sanctioned his fraud by signing off on it via this letter sent by Attorney of the Mass. B.B.O. Yvonne Toyloy.