Mass. District Judge W. Goggins of Northampton District Court Flunks Geography 

Another Kangaroo on the loose




Northampton, Mass. was once a booming manufacturing center during the Industrial Revolution. The old Yankee New England factories thrived during this epoch of history (turn of 19th to 20th century). By the mid 1960's Northampton, Mass. was out of business - the world had changed - labor was cheaper in the South, the third world countries were waiting for future cheap labor demands and a World Economy.

Now, Northampton is a center for dykes, derelicts, welfare and militant feminists, who have the support of law and the police to exercise their abusive behavior. And in the middle of all this decay presides Mass. District Judge W. Goggins. Goggins is known to advocate all these social causes that permeate Northampton; the same social diseases/causes that are destroying the once Great U.S.A.


Is Judge Goggins the king of Northampton, Mass.? No, some local dyke has that crown. But Goggins has his jurisdiction. He runs Northampton District Court allegedly for the benefit of the citizenry. Goggins is not supposed to be an autonomous tyrant, who rules as his bias dictates, Goggins is mandated/limited to obey the law. A judge like Goggins has no more power than what the law gives him. You would never know this to be true, if you watch some of these Massachusetts judges in action, including Goggins. No wonder most citizens leave Massachusetts court houses with their brains spinning - they hired an attorney of the bar for big money, but they left that court house knowing that something was not right and they have learned from the experience that the courthouse is a place to stay away from because that is where lives are destroyed in the name of the law.


Enter Michael Elbery - Civil Docket # 1145CV000241 -  Northampton District Civil Court

Michael Elbery filed a civil complaint against three defendants in Northampton District Court. This latest case by Elbery was a 93A case against 3 automotive repair defendants that he paid to damage his truck. Well, actually Elbery hired them to fix a common mechanical problems but they decided to do anything but fix the truck.

Michael Elbery lives in Lee, Mass. which is in Berkshire County - so why is he filing this civil case/lawsuit in the next county (Hampton County) in Northampton District Court? Because Massachusetts law allows Michael Elbery to file civil cases in Northampton District Court, that's why. But Judge Goggins violated that law and threw Elbery's case/lawsuit out of his court because he doesn't care about the law. Goggins acted out of bias - he knows exactly who Michael Elbery is, as do the courts and judges in Berkshire County.

Goggins dismissed Michael Elbery's lawsuit claiming he had filed the lawsuit in the wrong venue (judicial district or court). But Judge W. Goggins decision of dismissal was a violation of law because Elbery lives in Lee, Mass. which is in at least one judicial district that is adjacent to the Northampton District Court's judicial district. As per Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's Opposition, he had every legal right to file that lawsuit in Northampton District Court because he lives in an adjacent judicial district.



What law did Goggins violate?

You can't blame Elbery. Elbery, as plaintiff, argued at the case hearing that, as per his Opposition to the 3 defendants' Motions to Dismiss, that the plain undisputed geography of the case/legal issue is that North Hampton District Court is an adjacent Mass. judicial district to both Pittsfield District and Berkshire South District. Elbery reminded Goggins that Lee, Mass. is in dual judicial districts, Pittsfield and South Berkshire.

At the hearing, Goggins didn't disagree with Elbery or agree with the Balises' attorney who claimed that Elbery had to file in Berkshire County. The attorney for defendant - Balise failed to produce law in support of his fabricated claim via his Motion to Dismiss. Goggins did inquire if Balise's attorney, Michael J. Coyne, had more than just this pathetic alleged legal document. Goggins looked disgusted when Attorney Coyne boldly said, "NO".

You would think that the money Balise Chevrolet saves on cheating their customers that they could afford a decent attorney of the bar; not this piece of Junk.

Goggins has No Excuse for Flunking geography

Judge W. Goggins has no excuse, not only did Michael Elbery give him a geography lesson (including Mass. law - Exhibit A to Oppositon), but Hampton County Chief Clerk - Carol had to belligerently agree with Elbery over a month prior to W. Goggins dismissal that, in fact, Elbery was in the correct venue. Chief Clerk, Carol, was the only one allowed to talk to Elbery; when Michael Elbery called Hampton District Clerk's office on various issues he was immediately told to wait because "he could only talk to Carol".

See also docket entries if you can't read W. Goggins writing/signature.

During telephone conversation with Michael Elbery, Carol (she wouldn't give her last name) complained that she had to research the issue of adjacent judicial districts. She wasn't happy about having to do legal research. But Chief Clerk, Carol, agreed Elbery had the right to file his case in Northampton because Lee, Mass. (Elbery's place of residence) is in at least one judicial district (actually two judicial districts or dual judicial districts) that are adjacent to the Northhampton judicial district.


Goggins thought this web site was permanently out of business, as a result of the vandalism by Endurance International, and Goggins thought he would get away with his illegal decision of dismissal without being embarrassed before the World Court of Public Opinion via the Internet. Did you really think I would just stop and allow Endurance International to purge I will just re-file the lawsuit in another court as allowed by law - 93A has a 4 year limitation of action, so I have to circa 2014. And of course, alert the World Free Internet to Kangaroo W. Goggins and his court.