Jewish Controlled Web Host - Endurance International hacks and obstructs


Jews Hunt Elbery's Free Speech to Canada - New World Order




A web site needs a host. The web host is the company that has the facilities to float a web site over the Internet. They have massive servers and resources that the average web master cannot duplicate.

Michael Elbery went all the way to Canada to find a web host in 2007 when he first published his web site, MassInjustice.Org.. Elbery located a Canadian web host named "Net Firms". Elbery knew he would be the target of the Massachusetts authorities, the judiciary, Mass. bar, the various branches of police and secret police, and the Jews because of the content (documented truth) of this web site, so he went out of the U.S.A. to find a web host that would be less likely influenced by those forces of evil.

Net Firms never had any problem with Elbery's web site -, for almost the first 4 years the web site existed on the Internet. The United States pays lip service to 1st Amendment Rights but free speech is much stronger in Canada than today's U.S.A.

After 4 years with Canadian Net Firms the relationship changed - Net Firms technicians were not helpful anymore. Elbery was unable to upload changes to his web site and some of the web site's files were destroyed. The program Elbery used to produce web sites became inoperable.

What happened? Elbery knew the Jews and the Massachusetts authorities/government were behind this, but there had to be more. Well, there was more. Net Firms got bought out by a Massachusetts web host - Endurance International. This corporation, Endurance International Inc., is headquarter in Burlington, Mass. (25 miles northwest of Boston, Mass.). Endurance International is controlled by Jewish people.

Endurance International never changed the name "Net Firms" - they still do business as "Net Firms". But Net Firms was totally removed from free speech Canada. None of Net Firms facilities or personnel are in Canada; everything is now in the U.S.A., specifically, Arizona.

But there is more detail for the file on Endurance International Inc.- they are busy destroying what the New World Order has been targeting for years - The Internet. The Internet is freedom, especially freedom of speech. The Jews control media and the truth in the Western World. T.V., radio, movies, music are all dominated by Jews and their companies; the Jew makes policy in the media industries in the U.S. and Europe. The Jews use the media to extend their social design policies - they brain wash the masses that look to the television set as the voice of authority. The media sets the standards of society in the U.S.

The Jew can't have a World Free Internet where people like Michael Elbery are allowed free speech and disagree. So Endurance International has the answer - that company has bought over 36 web hosts in order to create conformity and eliminate free speech that disagrees with their Jewish Rule and object of World Control.

"They" thought they would stop this web site. But if they have gone to such efforts something must be bothering them that has substance/truth they wish they could destroy. If your enemies are going to this extent you must be doing something right.

Once Michael Elbery learned of these developments he made changes and got his web site operating again and he changed the Web Host for his web sites.