The Doctors Fight Back

Kevin Mitts M.D. to  the Rescue - Another of Today's Heroes

"Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine" - they're in Berkshire County



The medical doctors in Berkshire County had a problem, they weren't looking good on the World Free Internet. One doctor after another not only committed malpractice but violated the law by denying Michael Elbery medical care. So where are the cops and the Government Authorities that oversee such criminal conduct by the medical profession that violates the Social Contract? And that is where they will remain, hands off, and applauding. After all it was the government that cancelled Michael Elbery's medical insurance and then fixed it so he could not purchase another medical insurance policy because they claimed he did not have medical insurance for the required previous 6 months so to cover prior medical conditions.

[Note at 1-22- 17 - Both Dr. Mitts and Michael Elbery's, then primary care physician - Davenport, identified Dr. Kevin Mitts as Dr. "Mitt" in order to hide his identity. This web link has been updated to name guilty party - Dr. Kevin Mitts. Michael Elbery thought it was strange that he never received any documentation from this doctors Kevin Mitts that had his name on it. But it was on Berkshire Orthopedic web site.]

Enter Kevin Mitts M.D.

So who did they depend on to save the day? An orthopedic surgeon named Mitts who works for Berkshire Orthopedic; this for profit organization is part of the greater Berkshire Medical Systems that also controls the hospital (B.M.C. or Berkshire Medical Center) in Pittsfield, Mass. and about 95% of all medical commerce in Berkshire County. But in his feeble attempt, Mitts contradicted, not just his patients injuries as complained, but the M.R.I.'s and other physician's findings on the same injuries of patient, Michael Elbery.

Mitts, in his 40's, did not make a very impressive appearance; he dresses to accentuate how skinny he is. Mitts has matted black wiry hair that grows in patches like moss. He probably doesn't know nutrition because it is not taught in the medical school. Mitts is one of today's typical politically correct Wind-up boys who walks on egg shells to make sure he is in compliance with today's New World Order. Mitt M.D. makes a drab appearance and wouldn't stand out in a crowd even in his shiny pattern leather shoes. Mitt M.D. lives in a structured environment and when things are not according to his habit of life his body and face react with movement; Mitts M.D. talks with his face when things do not go according to plan.

Mitts M.D. entered the patient room that 8-12-13 stating in a hostile sarcastic tone of voice, "I understand you think somebody is trying to kill you!" Was this a cop or a physician? This Mitts M.D. had a problem with his alleged patient, Michael Elbery, not a good start for getting help with injuries that have crippled him for a year. The answer to Mitt's question was "Cyanide has that effect". 

Mitts M.D. was implying with his sarcasm that his patient was delusional and paranoid. Mitt M.D. should wake up. In case this brilliant horse's ass doesn't understand, there are thousands of people murdered each year in today's U.S.A.. Mitt should learn to be informed of what goes on and turn on the evening news. Why wouldn't people like Attorney Louis P. Aloise, Attorney Bobby Sheketoff, former A.D.A. Mike Ball, Federal Judge Mark Wolf,  Jewish Mo Bergman of the Secret Jewish League want Michael Elbery dead. That collection of unscrupulous greedy lawyers that enjoyed privileged lives have been publicly humiliated, via Elbery's web site MassInjustice.Org, by the documented truth of  their crimes in the U.S. courts of Justice. Those same conglomeration of liars and hypocrites have suffered in their professional standing and reputation as well as financially. They would delight if Michael Elbery would drop dead and take his Web Site with him.


Mitts M.D. probably also thinks that Michael Elbery is delusional about his documented claim that he has been denied medical treatment by 7 doctors and that his medical insurance was cancelled on 8-31-12 at the same time he incurred his injuries. Mitts M.D. is like Dr. Michael Kaplan who resorts to covering his ass by making up lies about his patient and calling the patient names. The doctors have been successful in elevating themselves in the American Society so that they are always regarded as the ultimate authority. These are the same bums/doctors that have no cures for the chronic illnesses that they make a fortune off through their harmful drug treatments. The physicians are a frustrated bunch; they know they are frauds and strive always for new authority and jurisdiction. Here we have Mitts M.D. feebly attempting to be a detective, at a minimum. Most pill pushing doctors like Dr. Michael Kaplan wish they could be psychiatrist. Kaplan goes around thinking his pill pushing drug practice somehow authorizes him to call people "delusional and paranoid". Strange that doctors who are so concerned about qualifications are the biggest violators; they, as demonstrated by Dr. Michael Kaplan and Mitts M.D., think they are experts in everything. Dr. Michael Kaplan has no qualification or required license or even their standard of formal education with corresponding degree to decree that his "patient" is "delusional and paranoid" because he is the target of Cyanide Gas. Kaplan was the physician who confirmed in 2007 that Michael Elbery had Diabetes and treated the excess glucose by bringing the glucose down slowly! No wonder Jewish Michael Kaplan goes around calling his patient names, he just can't admit when he has done wrong. Excess glucose from diabetes should be reduced as quickly as possible. Michael Elbery never trusted that Jew doctor for good reason.

A little more on Dr. Michael Kaplan

Enough can't be said about this Dr. Michael Kaplan (Lee, Mass.- Lee Family Practice). This is the doctor who originally thought Michael Elbery had Type I Diabetes but never did the "Insulin Test" also called the "Pancreas Test" that would confirm whether Michael Elbery had Type I or Type II Diabetes. Kaplan lies to his patients about the cause of Diabetes II; it could be more stupidity but Kaplan's claim that Diabetes II is inherited/genes is fiction. The doctors don't know what causes Diabetes II and have absolutely no proof that Diabetes II is hereditary. While Dr. Michael Kaplan was busy trying to injure his patient, Michael Elbery, by reducing his glucose slowly, Michael Elbery figured out how to not only treat the Diabetes but get rid of it permanently. Dr. Michael Kaplan was bullshit that his patient, Michael Elbery, refused to take any of the 3 different types of drugs that this doctor was trying to stick him with. Kaplan was absolutely dumbfounded that Elbery not only eliminated any symptoms of high glucose but reduced his Cholesterol from 171 to 130 in a month. Michael Elbery knows how to deal with Diabetes but could not waste his time telling this fool, Dr. Michael Kaplan, because Elbery considered this Kaplan a waste product. Michael Elbery used Kaplan as a conduit to the blood testing and other lab testing that he needed to determine his progress in self-diagnosis and treatment for Diabetes and related issues like Cholesterol. Without those tests and related medical machinery that were invented by engineers today's doctors would be not just terrible but totally worthless. Lucky for the doctors that they get paid for their time because if their income depended on their production/cures they would be making minimum wage instead of the $500.00 + per hour.

And for your record Mitt M.D., I don't think Kaplan was trying to kill me. But he is a fraud and a mental inferior that is a hopeless cause.


Mitts M.D. motive, 15 minutes of fame

Mitts M.D. had no tolerance for this alleged patient who documented the Judiciary guilty of malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments lawyers double crossing their clients, cops killing American citizens who speak out against "Sacred Cows", and physicians who refuse to provide medical care (see 8 hyperlinks @ end of this Chapter/scroll to bottom) to those whose politics and free speech they are required by their medical profession's politically correct New World Order indoctrination to be enemies with. Mitt M.D. was upset the system which he believes he is part, the system of Scribes and Pharisees, was impeached via the World Free Internet. Mitts M.D. has an interest in silencing anyone who defies the authorities by publishing documentation of events that are not supposed to happen in the U.S.A.

Mitts started his 15 minutes of appointment with a question other physicians avoided. How did this injury occur? Michael Elbery asked, "you mean the torn Achilles Tendons and related injuries that I'm seeing you about today?" Mitts strangely replied, "never mind that just tell me the cause". Michael Elbery, wasting none of the M.D.'s time, responded that he was on the other end of Cyanide gas. Elbery further stated that he was the target of Cyanide Gas attacks over the past 4 years starting on 8-18-08.  

Mitts asked, "when did this injury occur". The answer was August of 2012.

Mitts asked the obvious non- medical question "why would someone try to murder you?" Michael Elbery replied, "one would have motive to do such a thing, after all these Cyanide Gas attempts have been going on for some time and would not be the work a classic serial killer; unlike the police the serial killer would give up after repeated failures". Michael Elbery went on further to instruct Mitts that he had caught "Sacred Cows" in Massachusetts doing what is not supposed to happen in this here U.S.A.. Further lecturing Mitts, Michael Elbery stated that the question of motive requires that Mitts read the irrefutable documentary evidence that is produced on the Web Site www. massInjustice.Org.. Elbery went on to state that some of the "Sacred Cows" that he caught with irrefutable documentary evidence of rigging Judicial Proceedings in Massachusetts in order to obtain malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments destroyed careers, caused heart attacks, demotions, firings, and death.


With the words, "caused death", Mitts reacted with a stern look like he had his man with a crime. Michael Elbery seeing Mitts facial twitching and body movement pointed his fingers like a gun and said not that kind of death. The writing, as disclosed in that web site, caused the death. "Sacred Cows" are sensitive when they get caught committing a crime in the jurisdiction of the Courts they have sworn to protect for the American people. Mitts got annoyed and cut Michael Elbery off. Mitts was having a new experience - his politically correct little world didn't allow for such conversations, Mitts M.D. is a boy who is easily upset by controversy. The sheep all agree, thinking they will be included. 

Mitts asked what is the name of the web site? Elbery replied, "www.massInjustic.Org and continued that it is read world wide on the World Free Internet by over 100 readers a day and the readership grows with time. Mitts claimed that he needed Michael Elbery to "write that down after" because he has a "short memory"..."because he is a male". Nice, a surgeon who can't remember things. But Mitt wasn't kidding anyone, he already had learned of that web site and would reveal that he and his group had done extensive, although non-productive, research on Michael Elbery.

Mitts M.D. asked, "how do you know it was Cyanide? "Cyanide is "blood agent", there are very few substances on the planet Earth that act like and are "blood agents". Not only did I determine the Cyanide Gas by its effect it had on me but also its physical characteristics. Cyanide Chloride gas has an unmistakable stink that the Federal Government publications describe as pungent; it is also colorless. For an assassin the extra value of Cyanide lies in its half life of 8 hours once in the human body. The "Authorities" can conveniently write off the cause of death as heart failure or some other organ malfunction because it is impossible to detect the Cyanide in the human body in short time." Mitts looked dumb struck  by his patient's dissertation on Cyanide characteristics and effects of a "blood agent", Mitt obviously didn't know. Mitts got mad and cut his patient off, but not before Michael Elbery put Mitts M.D. on notice that he had samples of the Cyanide. That the samples were tested and that there are test strips that can be purchased from various companies over the Internet. And he has more samples hidden for future use by Homeland Security and the F.B.I.


Mitts M.D. bowed his head in deference and fear when the Federal cops were mentioned.

Seeing Mitts M.D. had a stuck look on his fixated face, the patient instructed him, "a "blood agent" displaces the oxygen. The human body has a much greater affinity for Cyanide than it does for oxygen which compounds the problem".

"It was easy to get the Cyanide samples just vacuum them up. The Cyanide gas that does not enter a human body has a whole different half life of 1-5 years. That would be the Cyanide gas that the Assassins in the night deliver into the air that settles on inanimate objects like carpets and tables". The Cyanide gas forms a residue grit like fine plaster if allowed to sit on hard physical surfaces.

Mitts was mad and was trying to control himself, he was used to patients begging for help and agreeing with his majesty. Mitts said, "first, I have to check the "x-rays"" and he left the room to return in a few minutes. The most current and second set of x-rays taken of the same injury were the ones Fribush's 5-10 Walk-in had ordered in February and were taken by Berkshire Medical Systems which own/controls Berkshire Orthopedic and B.M.C.. Mitts was sending a message; Mitts knew exactly what was published on this Dr. Fribush on and would attempt to come to his rescue. Michael Elbery warned Mitts before he left the room that there was nothing on those x-rays while Mitts responded, "I know they are old".


It is not likely that he left that room to check on old x-rays that he agreed were "no good". He had a little conference because things weren't going as he thought they would. Mitts M.D. realized quickly that this patient didn't see him as superior or able to "walk on water". But Mitts M.D. should not have been surprised because he already read the Web Site www.massinjustice.Org.

Mitts M.D. failed fabrications

When Mitts returned he opened his conversation with a plan of insulting accusations. Mitts said, "haven't you been going to Emergency Rooms for years on those crutches. We did research on you and found records that you have been going to ER's for years making these claims." This boy, Mitts, M.D., was trying real hard but where did he think such amateur tactics would result. Michael Elbery said, "No, what are you talking about? You are making that up." I had crutches for a left knee injury in 1998 and needed crutches for a few weeks" - that injury finally cured years ago. Elbery went on to try and relieve Mitt's confusion and stated, "I got a prescription from Dr. Jorrin Hillcrest Medical your affiliate in August of 2012 for these crutches.


Dr. Jorrin was the Berkshire County physician that wrote the prescription for the crutches after telling Michael Elbery that the problem he was having with his ankle would heal up by the weekend. Several weeks later Michael Elbery went to Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington, Mass. and was told by a physician named, Dr. Adrian Elliot, that the ankle pain would go away and that he shouldn't need crutches just an ankle brace. These two physicians caused Michael Elbery to walk around for another month with Cyanide caused injuries believing that two physicians, although one was a Jew and the other a Hispanic, would not both lie to him. By October of 2012 Michael Elbery had two casts on his legs for torn Achilles Tendons both left and right. Jorrin fled Massachusetts in September of 2012 and went back to Cuba according to his former assistant, Debra.

Mitts  was unsettled when Elbery challenged him about his lies regarding ER visits over the last several years. Mitts M.D. then asked Michael Elbery, "how's your Diabetes?" Elbery replied, "the physicians have been claiming I don/'t have it anymore because my A1C tests have been a normal reading of 5.1 to 5.5  for the last 5 years". 

Mitts asked which leg is it? The alleged patient, Michael Elbery, replied, "both, the left leg is almost healed and has no more swelling from the Cyanide that was in the calf and most of the resulting bone marrow swelling/edema is gone". Elbery further instructed Mitts that, "the right calf is still swollen from the inflammation caused by the Cyanide and the bone marrow edema is still at the Fibula and foot. Mitts observed a one inch scar on the inside of the right ankle and in an accusatory derogatory tone said, "did you do that?" Michael Elbery responded,  "Does it look like I did it?" A surgeon in 1956 did that when...". Mitts didn't want to hear that because he had an Agenda - he wanted to discredit this alleged patient.

Mitts kept repeating in a high pitched excited voice, "you had "vein stripping"". Mitts claimed vein stripping causes nerve damage (maybe it does but it is another irrelevant issue raised by Mitts M.D.). The response to Mitts' latest fabrication by the alleged patient was, "What is "vein stripping"?" Mitt was all excited and was moving about in quick body motions like he made the big discovery that would crack the case. While Mitts M.D. was screeching in excitement about his fabrication of "vein stripping", Elbery said that scar is from 1956. Michael Elbery went on to inform Mitts M.D. that there was a matching scar on the left inside ankle and the creases inside his elbows. Elbery told Mitts M.D. that Mitts didn't know what he was talking about. Elbery lectured this "brilliant" surgeon that the scars were from intravenous feeding when he was in the death ward of the Boston Children's Hospital. They did intravenous feeding different.... Mitts M.D. interrupted claiming he had "no time for that" after first knowing his fabrication of "vein stripping" was defeated by his lack of knowledge.

Evidently, Mitts and his doctor colleagues didn't do very good research on their enemy, Michael Elbery. Don't be lazy Mitts M.D., take good notes like you're in a school room looking at a chalk board.

What Mitts didn't learn about the scar inside Elbery's right ankle is that the scars were caused by a drug overdose in the summer of 1956. Long before Jerry Ruben and Abby Hoffman got the kids on drugs in the mid-sixties, Michael Elbery swallowed pills stored in a pharmaceutical salesman's garage as a result of older neighborhood girl's daring him to swallow the candy pills. The overdose of candy pills ripped all the sacks in Michael Elbery's lungs causing massive internal bleeding - the physicians had no answers and had no other course but to wait for Michael Elbery die. The physicians in that Boston hospital did the intravenous feeding (which caused the 4 scars) and put Elbery in an oxygen tent.


Mitts, M.D. would never give up on his fabrication of "vein stripping" even after his patient told him that not only doesn't he know what it is but never had such a thing done.. "Vein stripping" is explained by a physician in this article.

Mitts was trying hard, after all he went to medical school and can't let the documented dishonor Michael Elbery disclosed on his web site, www.massInjustice.Org about his doctor colleagues, associates and the medical profession go without being avenged. Mitts M.D. was running out of tricks and decided to try to blame Elbery's medical problems on smoking cigarettes. Mitts exclaimed hopefully, "do you  Smoke?" "Sorry Mitts I don't smoke". This smoking possibility comes under the "you caused it theory". Mitts was trying to tie smoking to his soon to be "opinion" of damaged nerves neither of which were accurate but wishful thinking of Mitts and his associates.

Mitts agreed that 7-9-13 M.R.I. raised some issues but didn't have the answer. Mitts said, "that's how they all are". Mitts didn't want to address the disclaimer on that M.R.I. 7-9-13 which disclosed the M.R.I.  being of "limited use because they claimed the patient moved". This disclaimer blaming the patient for moving is more planning by the medical cohorts, so they can deny liability. Oh, the doctors are good at denying liability - it is what they do best after flubbing everything up. But this disclaimer on the 7-9-13 M.R.I. was part of the doctor's deliberately planned malice.


Inflammation is the Cause

Mitts agreed with the 7-9-13 M.R.I. which disclosed that the patient had an inflammation of the right calf. Mitts M.D.  got all upset when Elbery said, "there are only a limited number of causes of inflammation; the causes are virus, bacteria, toxins." Mitts reacted speechless, his ass jolted off his chair, a patient isn't supposed to know that. Elbery continued, "we know the cause is not bacteria or virus, so that leaves a toxin or Cyanide." Mitts was stuck, he stared at the wall with his mouth open, his plan was being defeated. The doctors can only get away with their lies and non-productive nonsense if the patient is convinced he can't know about the medical. It is like the courts, judges and lawyers - they defeat and dupe the people the same way because the people can't learn the law that governs them. People know how to stay away from the auto repair shop who will screw them royally - they buy a new car when the warranty runs out on the old car. But they can't buy a warranty  to protect themselves from doctors and lawyers. They are society's Scribes and Pharisees.

Mitts squeezed Elbery's right calf at the swelling caused by the inflammation and asked, "does that hurt". The answer was "No". That should have eliminated diabetic neuropathy from Mitts' possibilities of cause for his patient's physical problems. Nor was there or has there been any tingling in the toes that should accompany diabetic neuropathy, but Mitt didn't bother to ask about that symptom that should have existed or any other symptom of Neuropathy. Mitts commented that "your toe is discolored, that is a sign of neuropathy". Elbery told Mitts that is caused from the bone marrow edema in his foot and occurs when ever he has to walk, although he is walking with crutches. 

His Opinion - Mitts M.D. has a lot of nerve

Mitts worked hard to try and corner his alleged patient with falsifications; there was no point for him to go further because he ran out of doctor's tricks that he had prepared in advance of the alleged medical visit. The 15 minutes was up. Mitts, M.D. gave his opinion, he started by saying, "this is not an orthopedic problem but a neurologist issue". "In my opinion you have neuropathy". "The neuropathy starts in your toes and works up through your body to your spine causing total paralysis". "This neuropathy is nerve damage; the cause could be Diabetes or could be "vein stripping".


That was it, no testing no confirmation of any symptoms of neuropathy whether it is diabetic neuropathy, toxic neuropathy or the all inclusive grouping call Peripheral neuropathy. But not only did Mitts discount as "wrong" the first M.R.I. of 6-6-13 which explained correctly some of the injuries patient, Michael Elbery, had but Mitts totally ignored the 7-9-13 M.R.I. and Dr. Davenport's diagnosis (see 2cd page of RMV report) and report of the 7-9-13 M.R.I (see first page of the report for Dr. Davenport). What happened to the "inflammatory Myositis" that both the physician who interpreted the 7-9-13 M.R.I. and Dr. Davenport, per their respective M.R.I. reports, reported was the patient's medical problem? Dr. Davenport explained, via a 7-10-13 telephone call to Michael Elbery, that the result of the 7-9-13 M.R.I. showed an "inflamed soleus ( soleus is one of the muscles that make up the calf muscle) caused by a toxin".

According to Davenport's report on the 7-9-13 M.R.I. there is no issue of neuropathy or any mention of nerve damage. Could it be that Dr. Davenport chose not to participate in the neuropathy lie. Davenport examined Michael Elbery's injuries on 5-6-13 and knew there was no neuropathy and he documented that on the R.M.V. report. How often does a physician go to the bother of doing another M.R.I. report in addition to the interpreting physician's M.R.I. report? Davenport's report on the 7-9-13 M.R.I. excluded all the "possibility of  denervation (nerve damage)" that appeared on the "Impression" section of doctor Sanjay who issued the 7-9-13 M.R.I. report from the hospital (Berkshire Medical Center) where it was taken.



Multiple Choice Doctors - Mitts M.D. ties knots

The doctors leave a lot of knots to be untied by their patient who is the only one interested in the truth of his injury and a cure. Cure is a word the doctors hate because they make a living off treatments, usually years of drug treatments that make everything worse. There are three doctors using the 7-9-13 M.R.I. of Michael Elbery's right leg and these three doctors are all at variance as to what they claim is the patient's injury; Mitts M.D. avoids the 7-9-13 M.R.I., its findings, impression, and Dr. Davenport's interpretation of it, per first page . Where on the M.R.I. reports does it say that the patient has neuropathy? Does the patient engage in multiple choice in order to figure out the truth? Or does he fall into the trap in hope of an answer and go to the Neurologist recommended by Mitts M.D. and allow them to dissect him?

The evidence is that the doctors, seven of them by August of 2013, have denied Michael Elbery medical care on these same injuries. Any casual observer viewing  the hyperlinks on this Web Site, as at bottom of this Chapter of MassInjustice.Org, can witness the documented bias and conspiracy by the doctors to prevent Michael Elbery from getting medical care. The doctors are to be viewed with suspicion and if the physical evidence of the injuries don't agree with the doctors then the doctors are wrong.

There is no physical evidence of any kind of neuropathy whether it is diabetic or toxic or any other variety of neuropathy. The injury did not act like neuropathy that is why Mitt had to ignore the M.R.I.'s and the physical evidence of Elbery's injuries and Elbery's description of his injuries to his Achilles Tendons (patient's chief complaint).



Mitts, M.D. still didn't want to give up on this "vein stripping" lie. Mitts should deal in evidence not fabrications and produce medical documentation and invoices and insurance coverage for this "vein stripping." And while he's at it wouldn't there be more than a feint, almost 60 year old, barely razor thin 1 inch horizontal scar on the inside of  the ankle for "vein stripping? Wouldn't the scar be at least new?

Mitts continued that "a neurologist has a test to determine the cause and extent of nerve injury, but you won't like the test". The neurologist surgically removes a segment of the nerve in the calf and examines it to determine the cause and extent of the neuropathy (nerve damage). This dissection and removal of the the nerve can itself cause neuropathy, and the procedure also provides an opportunity to kill/murder; the patient has to be anesthetized. Oh, the Jewish anesthesiologist will have everything documented that he followed the standard of care. They simply blame the patient.

Mitts, M.D. was trying to scare Michael Elbery. But Elbery knew better and knew Mitts, M.D. was trying to scare him into further medical treatment in fear of being totally paralyzed in the future. The problem for Mitts, M.D. is that Michael Elbery knew about neuropathy caused from diabetes and knew that it would be impossible in his case. Diabetes caused neuropathy occurs in advanced stages of uncontrolled diabetes; uncontrolled means that the patient's glucose readings would not be normal for years unlike that measured by Michael Elbery's A1C readings of normal. Further, neuropathy is slow not sudden like Elbery was experiencing. Up until the August 2012 Cyanide attack that caused his injuries, Michael Elbery could still sprint and made a habit of running a few times a week on a road course that included steep hills in Berkshire County; he could also do 23 pull ups, and was working out with the same amount of weight that the steroid users were using, although the steroid users were less than half Elbery's age. 

By the middle of August 2012 he needed crutches to walk.


A Second Opinion is Always a Good Idea

Here's another Opinion - Mitts was only fooling himself in his deliberate plan of lies to cause Michael Elbery injury via a dissection of the nerve in his calf. But Mitts M.D. expects to be rewarded and be a member in good standing with the Jewish doctors who control the medical industry. After all, that is why Mitts is a doctor - to make money and insure his standard of living.

Mitts' alleged patient, Michael Elbery, added, "couldn't the inflammation be caused by a toxin which in this case could be Cyanide?" Mitts added, "it could be the cyanide". Here the patient, Michael Elbery, was still of the belief, due to the 7-9-13 M.R.I. and the corroborating physical evidence of his right calf swelling, that he had Myositis or Inflamation of his right calf muscle. But Mitts M.D. never gave a hint that he agreed that the problem was an inflamed calf muscle; Mitts M.D. was agreeing that cyanide could be the cause of the Neuropathy. 

Does toxic caused Neuropathy cause an inflammation? Not that this patient can find.


 Dr. Mitts Counter Argument

Mitts M.D. will argue that he is the doctor and every doctor is an independent jurisdiction of medical authority. He will talk like he can walk on water, but he knows that without Anti-biotics that were discovered by a scientist from Scotland named Fleming his profession would have cures for nothing. Oh, they have a few antidotes that they learned from the Indians. But Mitts M.D. will further argue that because he is a doctor his Opinion is valid and that his opinion is based on the 7-9-13 M.R.I.! Mitts M.D. will point to a sentence in the "Impression" section of the 7-9-13 M.R.I. which says, "Appearance is nonspecific, correlate clinically for possibility of denervation in the soleus." See Davenport's report on that same 7-9-13 M.R.I. - Dr. Davenport didn't buy it. And compare to the "Findings" section of  the 7-9-13 M.R.I. report, there is  nothing in that section that discloses or indicates even a "possibility" of a nonspecific denervation of the soleus.



Mitts M.D. purges modern medical technology

Michael Elbery then questioned Mitts about the irrefutable evidence of bone marrow edema as corroborated by the 6-6-13 M.R.I.. Elbery pointed to the swelling at his Fibular/ankles.

Mitts stated "I disagree with that M.R.I. that shows you have bone marrow edema" - "it is wrong". Mitts claimed, in his opinion, that the injuries Michael Elbery had were caused by advancing nerve damage that starts at the toes and creeps through the entire body to the spinal cord causing a slow death. "This is not for Orthopedic, see a neurologist." 

Michael Elbery asked, "what was the cause of injury/tear to my Achilles Tendons?" Mitts started making more excited noises to stop conversation/discussion about injuries that could not be accounted for by neuropathy. Mitts M.D. would never address his alleged patient's chief complaint and medical problem of the Achilles Tendons, both left and right, are torn. The physicians and medical co-conspirators screwed up and mistakenly did an M.R.I. of the bottom inch of Elbery's right Achilles Tendon which showed that small section was strained. See more on the Achilles Tendon evasion by the medical people in the Carla M. Chapter of MassInjustice.Org.

Untying Mitts M.D.'s Opinion Knots

Michael Elbery wanted some finality to this Mitts M.D..  He started at Mitts, "you disagree with first M.R.I. on the foot and fibula that disclose bone marrow edema and Achilles Tendon strain.. That is why I am here today because the M.R.I. shows there is bone and Achilles Tendon injuries and that is why Dr. Davenport referred me to you because it is an Orthopedic issue. You have refused to discuss the two Achilles Tendon injuries as confirmed twice by medical authorities when I raised that injury. You want to ignore the swollen Fibulars that are looking you in your face and prove, even without the corresponding M.R.I., that I have bone marrow edema. You want me to believe that I have diabetes caused neuropathy when it would be impossible with my circumstances and I don't have any of the symptoms of diabetes neuropathy. The right calf is inflamed for the same reason the left calf was inflamed and that is toxin/Cyanide. The left calf and related injuries healed because the white blood cells did their job and consumed the cyanide; that would not happen with neuropathy from diabetes. I have no intention of letting any surgeon dissect me whether it is to remove a nerve specimen or to remove the toxin because they will deliberately cause me far more problems than I have already." 

When Elbery stuck the swelling that was around his fibular in Mitts' face and demanded, "what's this" Mitts didn't like it. Mitts M.D. wasn't going to acknowledge physical evidence, he wanted to deceive his patient with impunity. Evidently, Mitts M.D. is used to patients being so desperate for help they will believe anything the bloodsucker says.


Another rush to surgery & another cure for the World Free Internet

These are the same doctors in 2010 at Berkshire Medical Center that wanted to take out Elbery's gallbladder. Never in medical history was there such a rush for surgery. The doctors didn't bother to inform/warn Michael Elbery about the after effects of that organ removal, but he looked it up himself. If you have gall stones and they don't exit on their own, drink apple cider vinegar. If the that remedy for gall stones proves to be a little to tart, then drink the sweeter version, 100% pure Apple Juice, for the same cure. The trans fats in processed foods, and in particular McDonald's hamburgers, are a cause of gall stones because the human body does not know what to do with that synthetic they are poisoning you with. Why someone has not sued McDonald's for the trans fats they take the liberty of poisoning their food with so they can make a few pennies flow to their bottom line is a mystery; it would sure beat some of the absolutely stupid lawsuits against McDonald's by the welfare Negroes who claim that McDonald's made them fat. The New American Communist System made them fat by giving them to much welfare money for food, all while the American taxpayer gets skinny.

And now Mitts M.D. and Dr. Michael Kaplan are running around chasing their tails screaming, "see now he's being poisoned - that proves he's delusional." They are the Scribes and Pharisees.

Why is it so urgent to the Medical Authorities to execute "a surgery" on Michael Elbery?


Untying Mitts M.D.'s Opinion Knots - Cont.

Elbery further said, "you claim the first M.R.I.  is wrong, swollen bones in your face ignored, Achilles Tendons deliberately not M.R.I.'d and you refuse to even address the Achilles Tendon injuries which I have raised as my main concern for almost a year. You are trying to get  me to believe the Inflammation and related swelling is caused by neuropathy from diabetes which would be impossible under the circumstances." Why did the left calf heal? If the left calf inflammation and related swelling was caused by diabetic neuropathy it would not have healed and gone away. The inflammation was not caused by virus, or bacteria which Mitts wasn't arguing, that only leaves a toxin as the answer as to the cause of inflammation. The Toxin is Cyanide Gas that was waiting for Michael Elbery when he exited his back door on a night in August of 2012 on his way to doing some exercise-running.


Mitts M.D. couldn't tolerate this second opinion and criticism he had no answer to; Mitts M.D. had no intention of helping this alleged patient. Mitts M.D. couldn't refute the facts and evidence Elbery presented, so he ran away in a fit and exited the examination room. As he exited the door he said, "I'm ending this the 15 minutes is over, I'll come back when you stop talking. Elbery responded, "Come back when I get these boots on and you are not so upset, so that maybe you can answer a few questions.

Mitts went into a rage and did the usual politically correct act of cowardice, "I'm calling security to have you removed from the premises." They all need security because they are all insecure.


The doctors evidently thought that Michael Elbery would have been sucker and desperate enough, via his dealings so far over a year with these injuries, that he would be dumb enough to go to a neurologist so they could dissect him and never recover. The doctors will claim they followed the "standard of care" and that it is the patient's fault like the "movement" lie of the 7-9-13 M.R.I.


No aid, no advice as to care, just another bum's rush by Mitts M.D. and of course more of the doctors' tricks.


here's what happened

Cyanide has a far greater affinity for human body cells than oxygen that it displaces, additionally the human muscle under a strong work load demands 50 times oxygen than at rest. Michael Elbery exited his backdoor into an invisible cloud and stink of Cyanide Chloride Gas on that August night in 2012; he was on his way out to run, so he did just that - ran through the haze holding his breath. It wasn't the first time that the assassins had dispersed Cyanide gas at his back door - these cop assassins would drive through the parking lot behind the apartment building launching it while continuing to exit out to the street. After running for about 2 miles Michael Elbery felt a twitch in his left calf muscle, shortly after a blister formed on the calf muscle skin. The blister went away the next day but then re-appeared for a short period. 

The cyanide is the cause of the inflammation as per the 7-9-13 M.R.I.. The Cyanide caused inflammation/swelling in the calf muscles resulted in the structure of both lower legs to be defeated and provided no support for Achilles Tendons and they tore. The swelling in the calf muscles caused  from the inflammation resulted in the ligaments in both legs twisting causing the bones no longer having proper alignment or spacing/clearance. The leg bones, fibular, hit the abutting bones of the feet causing bone marrow edema in both feet and the fibular. Bone marrow edema is caused by trauma, in this case the bones pounding against each other because the leg structure is distorted due to the Cyanide toxin in the calves and related inflammation/swelling. The swelling in the calves was and is still in the right calf an inflammation. Inflammation does not result from neuropathy, but a toxin - in this case Cyanide. 

The swelling of the calves not only caused the bone edema, but caused the calf to pull the Achilles Tendon and plantar fascia (ligament at bottom of foot that connects the heel bone to the toes). That is the reason for the plantar fascia to be injured and related swelling. Of course, Mitts M.D. wasn't interested in any of this either, he would rather ignore all the physical evidence and engage in his ordered Agenda.

Why is the left leg o.k.? the white blood cells "eat" the toxin that causes the inflammation /swelling and it healed. The white blood cells won't have that effect on neuropathy; there ain't no cure for neuropathy. It takes 1-3 months of wearing a cast for Achilles Tendons to heal. It takes 4 months to a year for bone marrow edema to heal. There was also bone marrow edema in Elbery's right foot; at September 2013 it appears to be healed.

This Web Site invites Mitts M.D. to forward the notes he took regarding the above, send it to his patient, as herein. This Web Site will publish those notes. However, Mitts M.D. took no notes during that 15 minutes of fame and compounding that lazy performance was Mitts' admission he has a bad memory, so there are at best no notes. Mitts no doubt will read this and fabricate some paper work to cover up the lying and malpractice that he conspired in.

See a year's attempt at medical care with the Jewish Dr. Fribush and his Medical Walk-in, Israeli Doctor Alexander Rachmiel, Jewish Dr. Mark Kentor, Carla M. the Jewish Spy, and the two initial doctors' alleged medical care by Dr. Jorrin and Dr. Adrian Elliot in "More Cyanide Attacks Cripple Web Master" and denial of medical treatment by Jewish Dr. Michael Kaplan.

See all the Chapters of MassInjustice, below, for the Continuing Saga of Cyanide Death Attacks and the Medical Authorities hope you Die.



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