Dr. Alexander Rachmiel - Denies Emergency Medical Care - Continues the Jewish Doctors' Conspiracy


On 3-7-13 Michael Elbery was having complications with one of the two torn Achilles tendons caused him by the police and their operatives attacking him with Cyanide Gas. The "police dogs" were working for the interests of the the Jewish Judiciary in Massachusetts, including, now resigned, former Chief Justice of the Federal District of Massachusetts - Mark Wolf.

Michael Elbery entered the lobby of the Emergency Room of the Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) at about 1:30 am in the morning of 3-7-13. After a 1/2 hour check-in process, Michael Elbery became an alleged patient at BMC. He waited in a patient's room for about 45 minutes before a woman entered and introduced herself as a Nurse P.O. that did "the same as a physician". She asked Michael Elbery what his medical issue was -why was he there. He responded that he had two torn Achilles Tendons that were not healing and that the Peroneal tendon came loose off the Fibula on his right foot. That the Achilles Tendons tore due to hypoxia of the calf muscles caused by cyanide gas attacks; hypoxia causes the calves to collapse and there is no support for the Achilles Tendons and ankles. Michael Elbery highlighted that the hypoxia occurred in August of 2012.

Michael Elbery removed the walking boot/cast from his right foot and sneaker from his  left foot and she asked why his feet were swollen and purple; he replied, the injury causes that to happen whenever he has to walk (with crutches and a walking boot/cast) a distance of more than a few feet. This P.O. Nurse determined that blood was not circulating into Michael Elbery's left foot and that the right foot also had a blood circulation problem. She never addressed the problems that Michael Elbery raised (Achilles tendons and Peroneal Tendon) as she was removed when a Registered Nurse entered the room and stated, "they need you", "you have to leave now".

That Nurse P.O. stated during her brief observation that Michael Elbery's feet had blood circulation problems were due to Blood Clots.


Enter Jew - Dr. Alexander Rachmiel from Israel

Michael Elbery waited for another 45 minutes before a physician - Alexander Rachmiel entered the room. Michael Elbery explained that  he had two torn Achilles tendons and that the Peroneal Tendon no longer was attached to the Fibula.

When Michael Elbery asked Dr. Rachmiel if it looked like the Peroneal Tendon had come unattached or slipped from under the Fibula, Rachmiel laughed at him. Elbery then asked, as he had done the Nurse P.O., for an M.R.I. to determine what was wrong with his right foot. Dr. Rachmiel refused stating, "there are no M.R.I.'s done at night unless the patient has a spinal cord injury or a life and death injury".

Jewish Doctor Alexander Rachmiel would give Michael Elbery no medical advice, no opinion - he would not comment on Elbery's injuries. Rachmiel only commanded that "you have to see an orthopedic surgeon - you need surgery  for an Achilles Tendon injury". Rachmiel refused to address the Blood Circulation Blood Clot issue raised by his associate, the P.O. nurse.


Rachmiel had introduced himself by stating, "you're the one that thinks someone tried to kill you with poison gas". Rachmiel went on excitedly, "you looked fine when I saw you".

Michael Elbery responded that, "the Indian Doctor that treated him on that 8-18-08 refused to test his blood or urine as he demanded". Michael Elbery further responded to Rachmiel that, "you are not the Emergency Room doctor that looked at me on 8-18-08, you are not an Indian". Rachmiel agreed he was not Indian, but Middle Eastern, then he claimed he was "mixed," part French. Michael Elbery further pointed out that he was at B.M.C. in April of 2010 when passing a gallbladder stone and that same Indian doctor treated him and was all upset because the cops investigated him about the gas incident of 8-18-08. 

Rachmiel started yelling, 'that was a different doctor". Michael Elbery agreed and said you (Rachmiel) were not that Indian doctor who examined/treated him on 8-18-08 and April 2010.

Michael Elbery instructed Dr. Rachmiel that exposure to Cyanide Gas doesn't always result in death; if the target survives 10 minutes they missed and didn't get enough Cyanide down the intended murder victim's throat. Dr. Rachmiel all upset exclaimed, "I know that".

Michael Elbery stated that Rachmiel should, then, also know that the description he gave at BMC on 8-18-08 of the effects by the colorless poison gas he described he had experienced and almost caused him to pass out could only be a that of a "Blood Agent". And that any physician in the Western World would have known the description of the colorless pungent smelling gas and ill effects he experienced would be that of Cyanide Gas. Elbery pointed out, without disagreement from Rachmiel, that there is almost nothing else but Cyanide Gas that would fit the evidence presented by Michael Elbery on 8-18-08.

Michael Elbery then stated that, "I waited in your waiting room for 1 1/2 hours before being admitted which was about 2 1/2 hours after they launched the Cyanide through my bedroom window on 8-18-08. Michael Elbery told this Israeli doctor that he looked exactly as he should have by the time the physicians at BMC finally got around to admitting him hours after the death attack. The assassins missed their death target; they made me sick but they couldn't kill me.

The know-it-all physician had no reply but looked at the floor. He was not a witness to the Cyanide Gas attack on Michael Elbery on 8-18-08 and he wasn't the treating physician. The Indian doctor at BMC that allegedly treated Michael Elbery did all he could to not know anything about the Cyanide Gas Attack of 8-18-08; Michael Elbery demanded a blood and urine test to determine what gas was being used against him and the Indian physician refused.


Per research of this Web Site, Dr. Alexander Rachmiel is an Israeli. The Jew controls the medical profession and Health Care Industry and decides who will get medical care.

Why is it so important to this Dr. Rachmiel to convince Michael Elbery that he was not attacked with Cyanide Gas or anything else on 8-18-08? He admits he was a witness to nothing. The attending physician (an Indian from India) refused to test Michael Elbery's blood or urine when he  demanded those tests. The physician's at BMC did everything they could to not know what happened to Michael Elbery on 8-18-08. What is Rachmiel's interest in an event that occurred back in 2008

This Israeli, Dr. Alexander Rachmiel, is to used to Jewish enslavement and legalized murder of the indigenous Arabs/Palestinians in the Jewish State of Israel. He comes to the U.S.A. and thinks he is going to continue those policies on Americans. 



Dr. Rachmiel Confirms a Documented  Achilles Tendon rupture/tear

After his 10 minute observation/conversation with Michael Elbery, Rachmiel left the room. A puzzled Registered Nurse came in the patient room and asked Michael Elbery to sign papers confirming that she was giving him instruction papers and pain killer drugs and a prescription for more of the same pain killing drugs. At that point Michael Elbery experienced a sharp pain in his right foot while dealing with the registered nurse. She asked him on a scale of 1-10 how bad was that pain. Elbery said that one was an 8.5. - she said she had to record that information of pain "it is important".


Dr. Rachmiel directs Michael Elbery to an orthopedic surgeon that was not available

Rachmiel directed Michael Elbery that he should see an orthopedic surgeon that the hospital could  not help him. Later that a.m., at about 11:30, Michael Elbery called the orthopedic surgeon's  office and was told that that Dr. James Harding was booked for appointments for months. The telephone operator at that Berkshire Orthopedic Ass. informed Michael Elbery that he could get an appointment with a staff nurse. Michael Elbery declined, he already did that earlier the same day at B.M.C.


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