This website presumed that Donald Trump would be re-elected President of the United States and then quickly end the Covid 19 Virus Federal State of Emergency. The Covid 19 Virus is a fraud of Pandemic that was used to destroy the U.S. Economy putting millions out of work and out of business, so to attempt to hurt Trump's re-election bid. It didn't work Donald Trump was credited with over 74 million votes which showed the American People saw through the subversive plot to stop Trump with Coup d' tates and the fraudulent Covid 19 Virus "Plannedemic".

Trump did win but the Election was stolen when the Ultra-Left Wing Insurgents stopped the Presidential Election for days until they could falsify enough phony votes for Biden to rig the election. The Ulta-Left insurgents were better organized than any American Nationalist had thought, but Trump received so many votes that it caught these Anti-American Leftist, who take orders from their New World Order Masters in the Bilderberger Hotel, with their pants down causing them to falsify the 2020 Presidential Election Count so badly that they got caught. After trashing votes for Trump and stacking Biden's election votes with Fraud, the Left-Wing Insurgents' election rigging caused there to be more votes cast in the 2020 election than there were registered voters in the U.S.A..