Covid 19 Virus Scare - "Takeover" to a "New Normal"

The citizenry of the United States are being scared to death by the Covid 19 Virus. The U.S. citizenry are being brainwashed by the U.S. media in conjunction with the State and Federal Governments that the citizenry are in danger of death due to a Covid 19 Virus "Pandemic". Without the false threat of death, the Government would not be able to scare the U.S. population into submission of obedience to Covid 19 Virus "Orders" of State Governors. There is nothing new except a name, "Covid 19 Virus", and there is no need to be scared. The facts, below, most provided by the Government, prove the Covid 19 Virus "Pandemic" is nothing but a fraud used to control the masses.

According to Web MD in March of 2020, the Covid 19 Virus was, at worst, nothing but a bad cold. Web MD listed the symptoms of the Covid 19 Virus and they are the same as would be experienced from the common cold. WebMD also compared the Covid 19 Virus to the flu, symptom for symptom, and as stated by WebMD, the flu is worse than Covid 19 Virus. "Scientific America" published an article in March, 2020 that yielded the same results regarding symptoms of the Covid 19 Virus, and that is that the flu is stronger than the Covid 19 Virus. Even the Federal CDC (Center Disease Control) lists comparably stronger symptoms for the flu than Covid 19 Virus; the CDC states that it is hard to tell the difference between the flu and the Covid 19 Virus because the symptoms are so similar.

If you don't like the WebMD website's comparison chart between the symptoms of Covid 19 Virus and the flu, you won't be any happier with the Federal Government's comparison between the flu and the Covid 19 Virus. The Federal CDC, per their web site, claims that the symptoms of the Covid 19 Virus and the flu are the same with the small exception that Covid 19 Virus may change or cause a loss of the sense of taste or smell. The above two links sourced from the CDC are slightly at variance, but it is hard to be consistent when the CDC is committing fraud of "Pandemic" proportions.

Most cases of the Covid 19 Virus are either asymptomatic, meaning a person does not know they have it, or are categorized as "mild to moderate" causing a person to think they have the common cold. The common cold  is nothing but a virus; there are, and have been, over 1,000,000 viruses on the Planet Earth. Nobody would dare say, yet, that there should be declared a State of Emergency due to a pandemic caused by the common cold. No State of Emergency and there are over 1 Billion colds in the U.S. each year.

So what did we do in the Past?

The question is, what did we do in the past? Why wasn't the flu a pandemic that required shut-downs of businesses, lockdowns, and face masks to be worn in most of the states in the Union? Why is this Covid 19 a "Pandemic" when the flu never was a pandemic? The flu has been alive and well in the U.S.A. since at least the 1950's. There were no shut-downs or mandatory requirements by Government Order, such as masks, during the Polio Epidemic of the mid-1950's. Polio crippled its victims and was much more harmful than the Flue or Covid-19 Virus.

The 2020 Presidential Election and the Globalists' objective to stop President Donald Trump's re-election bid is the only reason for the Covid 19 Virus Pandemic.


A short Historical Comparison of Pandemics

Pandemics are supposed to be serious; the U.S. media in conjunction with the Ultra Left Wing factions of the Government claim that Covid 19 is just that.  History gives us an example of serious health threats worthy of a pandemic. In the 14th Century in Europe one half the population of Europe was decimated by a pandemic called the Bubonic Plague (aka the Black Plague).  The Spanish Flu of 1919 killed 50 million in that one year in the Western World. In the 6th Century A.D., the Emperor of the Southern Roman Empire, Constantinople, cancelled his plans to re-establish the original territories of the Roman Empire by conquering the land mass known as the Italian Peninsula where the City of Rome is located because the Italian peninsula was ravished by plague that destroyed more than half the population and caused an end to commerce and any loot that could benefit the Emperor's potential conquest. The Emperor's army would also suffer the fatalities from that plague.



Where's the "Pandemic"? - no women and children dying in the streets like flies

The Covid 19 Virus "Pandemic" is not comparable to the Plagues of the Dark Ages and Middle Ages of Europe or the Spanish Flu of 1919. Why? Look around and stop listening to the TV set and its "Fake Media". Do you see a pandemic around you? Do you see people dying in the streets or even with the sniffles? No, you just hear statistics of death by Covid 19 as broadcast by U.S. Media. The U.S. media is promoting this Covid 19 Virus as another Bubonic Plague or Spanish Flue. The U.S. media, initially during the Covid 19 Scare, frequently associated the Covid 19 Virus and Spanish Flu of 1919 in the same sentence, so to scare the American Public with threats of death.

This Web Site has been looking for someone that has had the Covid 19 virus and found one person. That 54 year old person has had lung cancer for years and still smokes the cigarettes that are killing her. The medical authorities alleged she recently had Covid 19 and that her trouble breathing had nothing to do with her advanced stages of lung cancer! She was in the hospital for 2 days and exited appearing to be fine.

This Web Site is also familiar with 3 people in their late 60's who, according to their obituaries, died of Covid 19 Virus. But those obituaries are less than accurate. All 3 men had terminal illnesses and were waiting to die for some years prior to their alleged deaths by Covid 19. One man, at 67 years old, had blood cancer for several years, the other, a 68 year old man, had sclerosis of the liver plus an assortment of other health problems, and the third was a 69 year old man who had advanced Alzheimer's disease for the prior 6 years. All three men died from the terminal diseases not the Covid 19 Virus the Medical Authorities stamped on their death certificate.


Authorities talk like every case of Covid 19 Virus is a death sentence v. 0.000909 death rate

At this writing of December 2020, the U.S. media in conjunction with the Ultra Left Wing element of the U.S. government alleges that about 260,000 people have died from the Covid 19 virus. How bad is this? There are over 330,000,000 people in the U.S.A. that the Authorities claim to know about. For comparison sake to real pandemics of the past, let us express these deaths as a percentage, but first let us round up the death count to 300,000, as there is no doubt the U.S. media and the forces that control it and the Medical Profession and the Government will need to add to the Covid 19 Virus death statistics in order to further push the U.S. citizens into control for their ultimate objective.

The above 300,000 Covid 19 death count will be the anticipated one year of deaths as proclaimed by the U.S. media in conjunction with the Ultra Left Wing faction of the U.S. Government.


So what is the % as expressed by the above statistics? 300,000/330,000,000= 0.000909, as a percentage that is 0.09%!! And that is an insultingly small percentage to be billing as a "Pandemic". The death rate of the Bubonic Plague of the 14th Century would be expressed as 50.0%, the two percentages are not comparable because the Covid 19 is no more, than at worst, a bad cold!

0.09% is immaterial, so what does the Federal CDC do? The Federal CDC calculates its death % based on the number of cases of Covid 19 allegedly confirmed by the medical authorities, not the total population. The amount of confirmed cases at December '20 is not even 5% of the total population; the resulting calculation based on a much smaller denominator (1/20 than if using the total population) yields a much higher death rate. Notwithstanding the above, the CDC still claims a pathetically immaterial death rate of 0.6%. Some sources cite a survival rate of 99.98% or a 0.02% death rate. For people under 49 years of age the CDC reports a death rate for Covid 19 Virus so small at 0.05% that it is hard to count. Once again, these ridiculously small percentage rates are based on confirmed cases not the total U.S. population. 

The Medical Authorities and the CDC can never calculate an accurate rate of death by Covid 19 Virus because most people don't know they have it (an asymptomatic case) or have a mild case that they believe is no more than the common cold and never report such to the Authorities. The CDC and Medical Authorities calculate their rates of asymptomatic, mild, moderate, severe cases and death rates as a percentage of confirmed cases. Because they calculate their percentages based on the smaller number of confirmed cases rather than the real number of cases, the denominator is twenty times smaller, again, causing a larger percentage calculated. Who in their right mind would contact the Authorities about symptoms that are no more than a common cold or the flu? You could be quarantined and then interrogated  and required to provide the Authorities with information that would allow them to trace the source of the Covid 19 Virus.



The death rate of 50% for the Bubonic Plague was calculated as a percentage of the entire population, not just those who contracted the disease.

So the U.S. media feeds the people with statistics of death by the Covid 19 Virus, but what are these statistics of Covid 19 death telling us? Even if you believe the Covid 19 virus is stronger than the flu, the number of reported deaths at December 2020 by Covid 19 by the U.S. media of 260,000 does not equate with past pandemics of 50 Million dying or half the population being decimated. In fact the numbers are so small that there is nothing new in the U.S. and no need for an Emergency that violates the rights of freedom and liberty of the U.S. Citizen.

There has not been anything qualifying as a pandemic in the U.S. in a 100 years when the Spanish Flu hit, but there was no shut-downs or lockdowns or required masks. There was a Polio Epidemic in the mid 1950's, but although much more lethal than Covid 19 there was no restrictions ordered on the citizenry by the Government. Of course, America had a different culture and the Americans looked different in the 1950's and before; the American Public of the 1950's would never have stood for what is going on today including "Orders of Covid 19 Pandemic". America is no longer a land of "One People" united with common interests, culture and traditions.


Are those Covid 19 Death statistics any more than Exaggerations and Fraud to Scare the Americans?

In February of 2020 the U.S. stock market started to crash on rumors of "Corona Virus" in China. There were no cases of the virus in the U.S. at that time. During the first months of the "Pandemic" they referred to a "Corona Virus" not Covid -19. When the public got wise, the problem arose for the Authorities that there are many Corona Viruses and they have been around forever. The Authorities then claimed that the virus was a new mutation  of "Corona Virus" called Covid 19.

On March 10, 2020 the State of Massachusetts, as well as, many of the states in the Union called a State of Emergency because there were, according to the Federal CDC, 600 cases cases of Covid 19 in the United States and 25 related deaths; these numbers are immaterial in the U.S. which has a population of 330,000,000.

The Covid 19 Virus Emergency "Pandemic" was all planned long before 2020 during "an exchange of ideas" in a hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

Oh, they will shout, "People are dying". Even if you believe the Covid 19 Virus has killed 260,000 people in the U.S. by December 2020, there is nothing to be scared about, and there is no need for shutdowns, lockdowns and orders of face masks.


CDC admits to 'Pandemic Fraud" - Victims already terminally ill or elderly

According to the Federal CDC, 94% of people dying from Covid 19 Virus already had a serious illness as listed on their deaths certificates! Almost all the people dying of Covid 19 Virus are old/elderly or terminally ill or both! These elderly, over 80 years old, combined with the terminally ill are the groups in the U.S. that the obituaries report as dying from the Covid 19 Virus. The Federal CDC claims that 80% of deaths by Covid 19 Virus had been in people 65 years of age or older. Those are "at risk" groups the U.S. media and U.S. Government defined, initially, when they started all the "Covid 19 Virus Scare", as being "at risk" from the Covid 19 virus; they backed off the talk about "at risk" grouping because that did not suit their objective of pushing the U.S. citizenry into submission without question and obedience to the "Orders of Authority" that seek to create a "New Normal" which will include more phony pandemics and injections and Unconstitutional Restrictions of Liberty and a Totalitarian State. 

U.S. hospitals get paid from the federal government for every case of Covid 19, isn't that curious? No wonder Covid 19 is killing victims over 80 and/or victims who are already terminally ill. This bounty on Covid 19 deaths causes the hospitals to switch the cause of death to Covid 19.


If you discount that 300,000 death statistic to reflect the truth/reality and eliminate all the phony Covid deaths the medical profession and U.S. hospitals are issuing, what would be a fair number? Use the number the Federal CDC provided of 6% ( as above, 94% of dying already had serious illness leaving 6%) of 300,000 which is 18,000, or about the amount of people the CDC states were killed by the flu annually since 2010. And, as per the CDC, 8 out of 10 of those 18,000 would be people over 65 years of age. No Covid 19 death statistics broadcast by the Fake Media should be believed; the Television Networks and other sources of U.S. media are the Globalists' totalitarian brainwashing tools. Likewise, the Deep State's government statistics concerning Covid 19 are by definition lies like everything the Deep State says or does.

Early in 2020 when all the Covid 19 "Scare" started the Ultra-Left Wing faction of the Government and their operatives, as broadcast by the U.S. media, decreed millions would die of the deadly Covid 19 Virus.

Over 1 Billion people get the flu annually and there has never been an Emergency called by the Government. Why? Today's Covid 19 Virus "Pandemic" is planned means to an end. A virus the strength of Covid 19 is nothing new except the Globalists are using it to "Takeover" the U.S.A. without firing a shot.

Fortunately, the forces behind the Covid 19 Virus have chosen not to exploit children in their quest to terrify the U.S. population with fears of death by Covid 19 Virus; the children have been spared because the Authorities, at least for now, claim the children don't get the Covid 19 Virus. However, the Authorities cheat the children of education by closing the schools in the name of "safety" from the Covid 19 Virus.

Spare the children from poisonous vaccines the greedy Pharmaceutical Companies rush to produce and the clumsy Medical Authorities, who account to no one, injects.


Almost all Covid 19 cases are mild or Non - Symptomatic

Strange virus, it does not effect children. Just as strange, the CDC estimates that 40% of Covid 19 Virus infections are asymptomatic (no symptoms - people don't' know they have it). Almost all of the people that have the Covid 19 Virus are either "asymptomatic", or get a mild or moderate case; a moderate case would be the same as the common cold. This leaves, according to the CDC statistics about 5% of severe cases of Covid 19. It is not clear whether the CDC includes the asymptomatic cases of Covid 19 in their calculation of percentage of severe cases and death rate. But the 5% severe category does not mean they die, but have symptoms of a bad cold or flu. But as above, CDC statistics of deaths by Covid 19 occur in people that either already have a terminal disease and/or are elderly.

The above circumstances send more signals and evidence that this Covid 19 Virus is not serious, and compared to the past, nothing new in terms of being a threat to the American People requiring Government Orders that limit freedom and liberty of the individual.

The people in the shadows and the "Deep State" who run the Government and U.S. media had to promote their Covid 19 Virus as causing death, no matter how hard a time they and their operatives had producing Covid 19 death statistics, or not even today's American Public would be scared. They use death by Covid 19 Virus to terrorize today's U.S. citizen into obedience to Governors' Orders that shut down business, put people out of work, and force the citizenry to wear face masks in public upon exiting their residences. Those U.S. citizens who were not put in fear by the Covid 19 Virus were forced into submission by fear of the Authorities and their arrests, fines and imprisonments.

Did you say terrorize? After 9-11-01, the U.S. Government used the fear of more terrorists to scare the American citizenry so to support the illegal wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. The terrorists never showed in the U.S. after 9-11-01  and  the U.S. military fought those wars for Israel with U.S. blood, at a cost of Trillions of more U.S. Debt, and murder of over a million innocent people in the Middle East. Whatever did become of the weapons of Mass Destruction they scared the American Public with to get them to support those Wars in the Middle East (War Crimes) ?


The Authorities and their Masters can only scare today's American Public into submission with "fear of death" by the Covid 19 Virus. A bad cold or a virus that didn't create fear of death would not allow them to push the U.S. citizenry into further deprivation of their rights with "Orders". The Authorities in conjunction with the Fake Media use social responsibility as a tactic to attempt to shame the individual citizen into conforming with the Covid 19 Virus restrictions, requirements, and "Orders" by broadcasting that "we are all in this together." The American citizen has a social responsibility to question the irrational and groundless Covid 19 Virus Orders and to crusade for the "American Way of Life", as it was, and the rights of the Individual as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights. At least in theory, the people/citizenry of the U.S.A. are the ultimate authority and the Government Actors must answer to them ( now a joke).

The Citizen also has a personal interest in learning the truth and not accepting the lies of Globalists who seek to conquer the U.S. "from within".

The Authorities claim that this Covid 19 Virus is a serious health disaster worthy of being called a "Pandemic" and requiring business closings, and restrictions on the liberties and freedom of the individual citizen. How is such an allegedly serious disease so inconsistent. Did polio, small pox, the Bubonic Plague, the Spanish Flu exempt most of their victims with mostly asymptomatic or mild cases? This Covid 19 Virus cannot be compared to such historically undisputable serious health hazards, but should be compared to exactly what it is at worst, a bad cold, and also a Fraud on the American People by the Deep State according to an M. I. T. scientist.

How many physicians, not the ministers of propaganda like Dr. Fauci of Fake News fame, privately know this whole Covid 19 "Pandemic" is overblown? They are not allowed on U.S. TV., but if they publicly criticize the "Pandemic" they lose their license.


The Obvious Solution didn't serve their Objectives

Even if you believe in death by Covid Virus, the obvious solution would have been to have the "at risk" groups (terminally ill and elderly) quarantine at their option and leave the rest of society alone. Did you say Option and not by Decree/Order? Ya, there was no need for anything more than alerting, accurately, without any deception by the Authorities needed for their ulterior objectives, the citizenry of the symptoms and possible danger, particularly to the "at risk" groups, of the Covid 19 Virus; then let the people comprising the "at risk" groups make their own decision in this alleged Free Society. Some of the elderly and terminally ill are already isolated or shut-in, others may choose to wear a mask but few would chose quarantine unless they were already physically incapacitated by their advanced age or illness. The rest of society could also opt to wear a mask, and maybe also avoid the common cold or flu. Prior to 2020 a person wearing a mask in the U.S.A. would have been aardvark, at best, or a sign of criminal behavior.

The Government's putting people out of business and employees out of work, via shutdowns, capacity limits, social distancing is Unforgivable Tyranny. 

It is believable that a person already terminally ill or weakened by age because they are over 80 years old could be pushed to death by any malady including the flu or even a bad cold. The human immune system and natural defenses deteriorate, hormones and anti-bodies stop producing; the natural order brings death to all who are born. 

There was never an Emergency concerning the Covid 19 Virus that required a Governor or President to act without the U.S. citizens' elected representatives in the State Legislature or U.S. Congress first voting on such measures.

Where is Our Representation? - The State Legislators and U.S. Congress don't Venture against Covid Emergency & Orders

There was never a sudden event concerning Covid 19Virus that could justify an Emergency; the Covid 19 Virus grew slowly over weeks and months while the U.S. waited for the Covid 19 Virus to arrive from China. The Emergency Acts used by Governors in the U.S. to declare "Covid 19 Virus Pandemic Emergency Orders" were not intended for such a Non-Emergency as the Covid 19 Virus because it spread so slowly. The Emergency Acts where written because the Executive can act much quicker than the State Legislature or U.S. Congress which by definition act much slower than the Executive due to their numbers and procedures.  At the date of this writing, December 2020, the Covid 19 Virus Emergency started almost a year ago; why isn't our system of Government working which requires that our representatives in both the Sate Legislatures and U.S. Congress take a vote on whether the Emergency should continue or whether it should be altered? Our freedom is being taken away by Governors' Orders.


The intent of those Emergency Acts that allegedly allows Governors to give the American Citizens Orders was not intended to last forever if the Legislature and/or Congress could act regarding the Covid 19 Virus. In fact, the State Legislatures can act at any time regarding this alleged Covid 19 Virus "Pandemic" and override the Governors' Orders. Where are our Representatives at the State and Federal levels to address our liberty and freedom that have been impaired by Governors' Orders.

In Massachusetts, Chapter 639 of the Acts of 1950 was used by the Governor to declare his Covid 19 Virus State of Emergency. That Act was written due to the Soviet Union blowing up their first atom bomb in August of 1949 and the resultant threat of emergency action required in case of a nuclear war. A nuclear war creates a State of Emergency requiring action to be taken in minutes, leaving no time for the Legislature to act, and barely time for one man, a Governor, to act. The Mass. Legislature, who wrote that 1950 Emergency Act, never envisioned it to be used for a year's time for a virus that the U.S. media promoted in advance of its arrival from China, and did not intend for the State Legislature to cease regarding any Emergency Declared by the Governor. The Massachusetts 1950 Emergency Act existed before the Polio Epidemic of the mid 1950's, but there was no State of Emergency called for that much more dangerous health problem of Polio.


No One Gets Out Alive - U.S. Death Rate same with Covid 19 Virus?

What is even more revealing about this "Covid 19 Virus Scare" is that the death rate in the U.S.A. is the same as the previous years. One would logically think that with the Covid 19 "Pandemic" the Authorities are promoting the U.S. death rate would be much higher! No, 2019 produced 2.5 million deaths in the U.S.A. and that is approximately how many will die in 2020; the U.S. is at exactly the same death rate with or without this Covid 19 death "Scare". This is more evidence of fabrication by the Authorities of Covid 19 Virus deaths. The Medical Authorities in conjunction with the Globalists and Left Wing factions of the Government are switching the real cause of deaths to Covid 19.

The Ultra Left-Wing faction of the Government and their "Masters in the Shadows," who control the U.S., successfully used the scare of death to force U.S. President Donald Trump to declare a National Emergency so to avoid the pointing finger of the Ultra - Left that he, Trump, is a murderer responsible for all the alleged Fake Media deaths by Covid 19. One of the plans of the "Covid 19 Virus Scare" was to shutdown the Economy of the U.S. so that when the 2020 U.S. election took place Trump's booming Economy would be depressed. A booming economy helps an incumbent President get re-elected. Trump declared a Federal State of Emergency but left it to the Governors of the 50 States to act according to the alleged needs of their jurisdiction which included lockdowns, shutdowns, and mandatory face masks in public.

Don't blame Trump for the shutdowns and lockdowns. Trump knew the Covid 19 was a fraud being used to destroy the U.S. economy that boomed under his administration and to also be used as an excuse for mail-in ballots so to rig the 2020 Election.

Self-Preservation is the first law of nature on this Planet Earth, and the Authorities as dictated by their Globalist "Masters in the Shadows" sure knew where to strike, and that is the scare of death. Too many of the U.S. masses are unquestioning of the Authorities and their fraudulent Covid 19 death scare.

It is not a pandemic but a "Plannedemic" using death as the tool to dupe the U.S. citizenry.



The Sacred Pandemic of Covid 19 as Planned.

There was never a discouraging word contrary to this "Plannedemic" of Covid 19 Virus on the U.S. media. No one on FOX News or FOX Business News or even NewsMax has dared to say anything to the effect that the Covid 19 Virus is a planned fraud. No one in the U.S. media dared say that the Covid 19 was being used to defeat Presidential Trump in the 2020 Election; a bad economy does not bode well for an incumbent President.

With one exception, and that was Trish Regan of FOX Business News. Trish Regan immediately saw that the Covid 19 Virus was a fraud being used to attempt to hurt President Donald Trump from being re-elected by shutting down and locking down the U.S. economy. The Globalists and their "Deep State" will use any means to gain their objective. Trish Regan was allowed to say that only once on her March 9, '20, 8:00pm. news show on FOX Business News because she was immediately fired the same night for raising such contradiction to the "sacred" Covid 19 Virus "Pandemic". There is no Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Press when the Media is controlled by the same Globalists who created the "Fraud of Covid 19 Virus Pandemic Emergency".

President Donald Trump's administration has been a series of 3 Coup d'e Tats (the phony Mueller Investigation, the illegal Impeachment, and the 2020 Election). Only the 2020 Presidential Election successfully overthrew the rightful government of the U.S.A. . If anyone on the T.V. Networks, including the alleged conservative networks Fox and NewsMax, disclose that the Covid 19 Virus is a fraud and a lie to deliberately destroy the U.S. economy so to overthrow the rightful Government of President Trump they will get what Trish Regan got, FIRED. FOX's Hannity, Carlson, Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney aren't going to lose those big paying jobs and that is one of the reasons their censored newscast is never a source of complete truth, they take directions from the same "Masters" who thought up this "Covid 19 Virus Scare" to try and defeat Trump and more in the future. All on FOX, the alleged alternative voice of truth, give deference to the Covid 19 Virus as being nothing less than a "Pandemic of Death".

Some of the hosts on FOX News and NewsMax broadcast contempt for the shutdowns, lockdowns, and mask policies but never question the source of all the problem which is the Covid 19 Virus, a fraudulent "Plannedemic".

Go to the Internet, radio and short wave radio and you can find the truth of Fraud of the Covid 19 Virus Emergency and what the objective is in the near future. Even the Soviet Union could not control all the media behind the Iron Curtain, there was "Radio Free Europe" upsetting their prohibition of free speech and free press.


A Test to See How Far they can Push the U.S. Citizenry - Control - The "New Normal" is coming

So you, the American People, are being told by the U.S. media and Government, as directed by their "Globalists - Masters in the Shadows", who control the Deep State, the Covid 19 Virus State Emergency is for your protection and safety. It was the same Government that told you drugs are illegal because they are harmful to your health and then they went arrested you and threw you in jail for possession of those drugs. Finally, in about half the U.S. states the voters have made marijuana legal.


They are using the Covid 19 Virus to test the American Citizenry; they are seeing how far they can push the masses in the U.S.. The Covid 19 Virus Emergency produces "Orders" from Governors that force the American citizenry to capitulate to regulations and requirements that suspend their Constitutionally guaranteed Rights. The ultimate objective is a complete Totalitarian State where the freedoms, liberty and justice that were presumed in this U.S.A. are gone.

They shutdown churches! Whatever happened to "Separation  of Church and State"? But the liquor stores were Ordered essential and left open!

The Governors order restaurants closed but allow the self-service produce departments in supermarkets to remain open and operating!

At December of 2020 the Authorities alert the U.S. citizenry that the "Pandemic" of Covid 19 Virus is worse and that the number of cases and deaths are far worse than since the start of this Covid 19 Emergency. They are in essence admitting that all mandatory face masks, lockdowns and shutdowns did not work and were a waste of valuable economic resources and an unnecessary infringement of the U.S. citizen's freedom and liberty. No wonder Dr. Fauci initially said people should not be wearing face masks because of the Covid 19 Virus. Then, Dr. Fauci's bosses ordered him to say what is best for the Agenda; masks must be worn in public.

They like to give the poor unsuspecting citizenry little "sucker clues" as to their future plans of Totalitarianism; they delight as they amuse themselves telling the helpless citizenry what is in the future for them, as the masses remain obedient and scared by Authority. They are telling you a "New Normal" is coming. They are telling you the way of life you presumed in the U.S.A. will no longer exist.

You have to give the "Enemy Within" credit. Who would have ever dreamt up such a Covid 19 Virus scheme and think it would work. If you told the average citizen a year ago a bad cold could cause a "death scare" resulting in a year of shutdowns, lockdowns, and mandatory masks when you leave your residence (in public) they would tell you the American Public would never stand for it. 

If the media/TV and government conspire the masses believe everything they say.

There are more viruses/pathogens foreshadowed by Bill Gates; on U.S. television Gates speaks of new virus "Pandemics" and his vaccines that, no doubt, will be used to terminate and sterilize. Multi-Billionaires Gates and Warren Buffet have both subscribed to "New World Order Policies" because they know they can also be put out of business; they both have a lot to lose. A billionaire, like Donald Trump, is a bad bet to disclose all truth about the issues that plague today's U.S. society. Don't expect Trump to reveal the secrets the Federal Government has about controversial issue many in the U.S. want disclosed; Trump is a small billionaire and his wealth can be decimated by the Globalists - "Masters of the Deep State" in quick time. The "Deep State" has all the secrets and they don't share those secrets with U.S. Presidents as Jimmie Carter revealed back in the 1970's.



It Ain't Over - More to Come - the "Takeover"

What is the "New Normal" to bring? How about more fabricated disease like Covid 19, so to keep control over the U.S. masses with "Orders" that negate your Constitutional Rights and your "way of life" that you presumed. How about vaccines that are made mandatory by penalty of law and of course imprisonment; once in jail the injection is forced. According to a segment by New World Order TV show "60 Minutes" the U.S. military will be distributing all the Covid 19 vaccines to the U.S. Public. According to that "60 Minutes" show the U.S. military's distribution of the Covid 19 Virus will be computerized thus knowing exactly where every dose of the vaccine is. The Government will have direct control over the injections, but first the compliant citizen will have to make an appointment, so they can be ready with injections for those who disagree and those they want to sterilize and exterminate and mentally incapacitate. 

Not all vaccines will be equal, some will be more lethal than others.

The U.S. middle class, as we knew it in the 1950's and 1960's, does not exist today, and the culture that existed for many Americans has been deliberately destroyed and is gone. Fewer and fewer have been able to chase the "American Dream" that existed many decades ago, and with the "New Normal" it will disappear. With the "New Normal" say good bye to the "American Way of Life", Rights of the Individual, Liberty, Justice and Freedom of the past.

They didn't rig the 2020 Presidential Election for nothing, they want a return for their efforts. The "Takeover" is here!

If you don't know the Enemy, if you don't name the Enemy, you are helpless against the "Enemy Within".