So What's Next for this Web Site - MassInjustice.Org?


Next? More justice is next! More responsibility for illegal actions by authorities in Massachusetts. Aloise is still an attorney of the Massachusetts Bar; there has been no effort to punish Louis P. Aloise and his co-conspirators and others that are exposed on this Web Site for  their Unconstitutional/criminal activities.

This Web Site has been read by over 20,000 unique readers since it was published in 2007. In 2010 this web site was read by an average of 60 different people a day. Readership decreased in 2011 when the Jews, via Endurance International, sabotaged this Web Site. But readership has increased in the last 9 months and is steadily increasing. Due to the convenience of the World Free Internet, readers from over 3 dozen countries have viewed this Web Site. It is Universal - people everywhere love a scandal that is documented and irrefutable truth.

There has been no promotion of this Web Site since 2007, via E-mails and few flyers out in Worcester, Mass. Soon there will be a new electronic promotion to thousands of targeted recipients in order that they can be alerted to the Kangaroos in Massachusetts both at the State and Federal level.

Special attention will be focused on D.A. Martha Coakley and Governor Duval Patrick's appointment to run the Mass. S.J.C., Roderick Ireland. Cops, like Tom King, and small time local yokel attorneys are not important to the World, but elections get attention. The voters would like to know about Coakley's activities that she thinks were to be all swept under the carpet. Did Duval Patrick make a good choice to run the highest court in Massachusetts? This guy Roderick Ireland is not capable of acting beyond his own hatred and racial biases.