Hi, you been looking for me? Cyberspace is a big place, I've been here all along cracking the Kennedy Assassination.


It's easy, the first key to solving the Kennedy Assassination is Lee Harvey Oswald,  not the phony C.I.A. imposter that Jacob Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby) murdered on T.V. on Sunday 11-24-63, but the real Lee Harvey Oswald, who was in the U.S. Marine Corp. and faked a defection to the U.S.S.R.. The U.S. military even taught the real Lee Harvey Oswald Russian.

Without figuring out the riddle of Lee Harvey Oswald the C.I.A. has all deliberately confused the World with, the Kennedy Assassination will remain unsolved.

Ya, the real Lee Harvey Oswald was stationed in Atsugi, Japan (C.I.A. base for the U-2s to spy on the U.S.S.R.) during the late 1950's and the real Oswald ended up being in the C.I.A.'s failure "Fake Defector's Program". The U.S. military even taught the real Lee Harvey Oswald Russian. The Soviets were never fooled and sent back two of their own spies, Marina and her Russian husband, (that's Marina standing behind the Soviet spy Lee Harvey Oswald in lower right)  posing as Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald, but the K.G.B. spy imposter of Lee Harvey Oswald did not look anything like the real Lee Harvey Oswald. 

The U.S. intelligence knew Marina and phony Russian Lee Harvey Oswald were both Russian spies; they also knew that real Lee Harvey Oswald disappeared sometime in early 1960 after defecting in October of 1959; the real Lee Harvey Oswald was a U.S. spy and died/executed in the Soviet Union.

Marina flipped and by March of 1963 the Soviet spy who faked as Lee Harvey Oswald was never seen again and was replaced by a fake C.I.A. version of Lee Harvey Oswald, who would be on November 11-22-63 framed by the police and higher Authorities, including LBJ, of Assassinating Kennedy. This C.I.A. version of Lee Harvey Oswald was never seen with Marina and never lived with her, although the Warren Commission would have you believe the opposite. Ya, the C.I.A. can take away your name and give you new identity.

Thanks to the Warren Commission of Cover-up Conspirators and the HSCA, also Cover-up Co-Conspirators, for handily providing the pictures of the real Lee Harvey Oswald and his imposters in the exhibits and documents that they thought would be sealed for 75 years.

But there is way more evidence to cracking the Kennedy Assassination, See how the Kennedy Assassination was cracked.