Bergman got caught lying under oath while helping frame Michael Elbery

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A vote for Morris Moe Bergman is a vote for a documented unscrupulous racist liar. The voters of Worcester, Mass. must be alerted to the criminal activity/perjury of Morris Bergman at the trial of Michael Elbery in 1993.

Morris Bergman was instrumental in  framing Michael Elbery in a  Worcester, Mass Court in 1993, as this Web Site reports. Morris Bergman was a coconspirator in the successful malicious prosecution to imprison Elbery for 10 years. In 1993 Bergman worked for the Worcester D.A.'s - District Court Division. As Bergman admits, see trial transcripts, ( Bergman's testimony starts on transcript page 886) (Bergman's "note" is submitted into evidence on transcript page 882 - line 21) he was in the Superior Court everyday during the trial where the Worcester Authorities framed Michael Elbery.

Why was Bergman in a courtroom of the Worcester Superior Court when he was being paid to work for District Attorney John Conte in the Worcester District Court?


The answer is that Bergman knew about the plan to railroad Michael Elbery, as he, Bergman, previously tried to do unsuccessfully as a Worcester District Court prosecutor.

Bergman, according to Elbery's former attorneys Arthur Goldstein and Louis P. Aloise back in 1990, is a member of the family that runs the Worcester chapter of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. Attorney Conrad Fischer would also confirm Bergman's role in the Jewish League, as well it was confirmed by Elbery's independent investigation. Yes, they (the Jews) have operatives everywhere observing and spreading their agenda. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League has chapters in every urban area in the U.S.A., and like the Jewish Defense League and the multitude of other secret Jewish organizations they attack anyone who does not agree with their social design policies that they have enforced to the disadvantage of the Americans through control of  law, educational institutions, financial markets, Banking, and the medias.


As a leader of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Bergman is arrogant, spoiled and very presumptuous and it cost him. A small organized group in society can defeat the ununited majority. As a result of his presumptuous arrogance, Bergman got caught lying during Elbery's trial. Bergman presumed that because he worked for the government he had the power to lie in order to crusade his Agenda. 


Bergman no longer had a  job with the Worcester D.A.'s Office, coincidentally, after getting caught on the witness stand lying at Elbery's trial. However, had he not been caught lying on the witness stand, because of his own reckless stupidity caused by his hate for Michael Elbery, John Conte's Worcester D.A.'s Office would not have cared about Bergman lying. John Conte's Worcester County D.A.'s Office didn't care that A.D.A. Morris "Mo" Bergman lied (that was custom for Conte's Office), it was that Bergman got caught lying and it was compounded by the fact that Bergman's lies were stupid. Bergman had been given special dispensation for his stupid lies because of his relationship with the Jewish Leagues, including the Jewish Anti-Defamation League that helped run in Worcester County; Bergman was not prosecuted for his documented perjury.


Bergman's perjury/lying at Elbery's trial is all documented in the trial transcripts, see pertinent pages ( Bergman's testimony starts on transcript page 886) (Bergman's "note" is submitted into evidence on transcript page 882 - line 21), and for a complete understanding see Elbery's Motion for New Trial - Claim XII - Maurice Bergman. Bergman's stupidity in producing such evidence against himself is absolutely amazing.

Is it just a coincidence that Bergman no longer worked in the D.A.'s Office after being caught committing perjury? Bergman claims he was not fired back in the summer of 1993 just after Elbery's trial.

Bergman got caught red handed committing perjury while trying to destroy Elbery's defense witness, Hayes, but was never charged with that crime, let alone convicted. Maurice Mo Bergman got away with committing a crime. Bergman is a criminal, he is a perjurer.


Bergman wants more revenge to satisfy his hatred

Bergman was also in the courtroom 2 weeks after the trial for Elbery's sentencing to 10 years in prison. Even the alleged victim, Tom King, had enough to satisfy himself and did not show for the sentencing hearing in Worcester Superior Court where Judge Dan Toomey condemned Elbery to 10 years in Prison. Bergman glowed when he saw Michael Elbery sentenced to 10 years in Prison. Bergman, seated in the courtroom benches, was the only spectator other than official court people and Elbery's wife. When the 10 year sentence was handed down by Toomey Bergman turned around and physically stared at Elbery and then delighted with a big smile and laugh when he saw Elbery's wife in tears. Bergman looked again at Elbery, only to be disappointed that he saw no tears shed or even a flinch by Elbery in that Courtroom. Apparently Bergman thought that Elbery would break - Bergman was wrong. It ended up killing Judge Dan Toomey.



The Bergman File - Why Bergman and his JDL hunted Elbery  

1989 - Elbery owned a barroom in Worcester, Mass..  A black male, Sean Johnson, well known as a  local cocaine dealer, pushed his way into Elbery's barroom while Elbery was closing after the mandated legal closing time of 2:00am.. Elbery, as required by the Mass. Liquor Laws, tried to prevent the drug dealer from entering his place of business because it was illegal for anyone except employees to be on premise. The black Dope dealer then attempted to smash Elbery over the head with a bar stool. Elbery successfully defended himself resulting in the 6'-4", 250 pound black drug dealer, Sean Johnson, screaming in fear while running down the street.

The black assailant would complain that he was called "nigger" by Elbery while he was trying to smash Elbery over the head with a 40 pound bar stool.

Unknown to Elbery, the black drug dealer was also a prison guard (law enforcement) and he had a brother on the Worcester Police Dept., as well as, a close black friend on the Worcester Police Dept. The Jewish Anti - Defamation League learned of the incident through their information network. Morris Moe Bergman took up the J.D.L.'s cause against Elbery, a white man, Bergman was instrumental in such situations due to his status as prosecutor in the Worcester D.A.'s Office. Bergman could be relied on to prosecute the White Man, regardless of the evidence.

Bergman and the Jewish Groups considered the entire incident racist. The Jews weren't interested that Elbery was assaulted by a bar stool while enforcing the liquor establishment closing laws at 2:00am or that the Colored drug dealer was trespassing on Elbery's property. No, they only care about enforcing the law when it is serves their agenda and New World Order Social Design Policies . They categorized the incident as a "hate crime" and Elbery a white racist.

There was nothing Bergman could do about the above bar incident; Elbery was totally within his rights as a liquor licensee, property owner, and Elbery had a right to self-defense. Regardless, the only issue became the word "nigger" the drug dealer did not like being called when he was trying to slam Elbery over the head while trespassing on Elbery's property. The Jewish Agenda had been violated - the white man won the battle.

But Bergman was waiting to do his part/duty as a member of the Jewish League.

In 1990 Bergman would attempt to prosecute Elbery on phony gun assault charges. The claim by Bergman was that Elbery used a gun to assault the same drug dealer a year later on a sidewalk during a January night  in Worcester. Specifically, Bergman claimed that Elbery, who was a licensed gun collector and had a license to carry firearms in Mass., pointed a pistol at the drug dealer (same black drug dealer, Sean Johnson, as in the 1989 incident, above) from a distance of about 50 feet. Bergman claimed he had two witnesses that would testify under solemn oath in a court of law that Elbery pointed the gun in a "menacing gesture" at one of them due to the earlier incident in Elbery's bar. An assault charge is a typical tactic used by the Worcester D.A.'s Office and Worcester Police Dept. to frame enemies/targets; an assault doesn't require the prosecution to present any physical evidence of battery/contact like a  wound, just verbal testimony from a drug dealer that a gun was "pointed at him". That assault charge carried a maximum sentence of 10 years.


Bergman's prosecution of that assault case was a dismal failure. The jury immediately found Elbery not guilty. The only evidence Bergman produced was the pointing finger and say-so of two black rappers/witnesses, the drug dealer and his "main man", who couldn't remember the lies they were supposed to tell on the witness stand. The drug dealer, who claimed to be the "victim", testified three times "he thought he saw a gun". While his rapper friend testified he saw a handgun and that it was 3 feet long while indicating with his hands being spaced three feet apart (big handgun).


Yes, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League has operatives everywhere. Bergman, who is not white, but prides himself as being a Semite (a  "protected class" in today's U.S.A. via the Supreme Court's recent edition of the U.S. Constitution) had 5 white women repeatedly yell and scream at Elbery, "RACIST", along with Bergman in the hallway of the Worcester Courthouse in 1990. The white women did not know Elbery, but were "useful idiots" who knew that if they took up the Jew's Cause their "bread would be buttered". They know who runs the courts in Massachusetts. Their tactic was typical, verbally attack the target, Elbery, with public insults by a mob in hope to provoke him, so to have an excuse to arrest him. This Bergman tactic also failed.

The black drug dealer, Sean Johnson, would soon thereafter lose his job as prison guard. His drug dealing prison guard partner, Eric, would serve a prison term for his activities. Ironic fate for a prison guard. They were caught selling drugs at Gardner State Prison in Massachusetts about 1991.


Dr. Wendy Bonnett participates. Spineless,  Dr. Jane Lockrie of Fallon Clinic

Bergman failed, so Bergman decided to get his wife to participate. Bergman did not have to pimp his wife, Dr. Wendy Bonnett, very hard; she was a willing participant. His wife, a physician at Fallon Clinic in Worcester, Mass. where Michael Elbery was a patient, engaged in conduct so vile that she violated her code of ethics as a physician. Elbery never thought a woman was capable of doing what Dr. Wendy Bonnett did to him at Fallon Clinic. Dr. Wendy Bonnett was not Elbery's doctor and had never scene Elbery before. She simply broke into the patient room that Elbery was in and informed him that she would be examining him on that day. Elbery began to question her but she informed him that he would receive absolutely no medical care, if Elbery did not follow her orders. Bonnett stated that Elbery's physician, Dr. Jane Lockrie, would see him as scheduled. Bonnett had Elbery strip and then Bonnett inspected his genitals for over 10 minutes. Bonnett took that opportunity to mock and degrade Elbery while she did her needless genital probing. Elbery's illness had nothing to do with his sex organs. Bonnett offered no help or medical assistance but used the incident to insult Michael Elbery. Elbery was Dr. Jane Lockrie's patient; Jane Lockie obviously was more than co-operative with Bonnett because Lockrie never showed up for that appointment, nor did  Dr. Jane Lockrie have the courage to ever talk to Elbery after that incident.. Tuff getting medical help at Fallon Clinic. Elbery was having problems with his heart back in the late '80s and early '90s, not the foreskin that Bonnett kept manipulating and commenting on!! These are people capable of anything and they cry about their treatment in Europe?

It took Michael Elbery 15 years to discover that Dr. Wendy Bonnet was/is Morris "Mo" Bergman's wife. Who would have thought - at the time Bonnett was a big fat ugly frumpy broad; she uses a white woman's name "Wendy Bonnett". But Dr. Wendy Bonnett is a Jew. Due to the "Fallon Clinic Sex Scandal", Dr. Wendy now goes by the name of "Dr. Wendy Bergman."

Elbery purchased a Blue Cross policy shortly after.

Elbery would, years later, figure out what was causing his health problems and cure himself. No cardiac events in years. When you wear out your immune system, health problems result, but sometimes those health problems can be reversed. It is amazing how many simple illnesses and their simple cures today's Big Shot physicians know nothing about, Or maybe they don't want to know.


The Jews attacked Elbery and woke Elbery up to the politics of "Politically Correct America" & "The New World Order" and the destiny of the Americans who are not the federal Government's "Protected Classes". Elbery had 6 different lawyers (including Bobby Sheketoff, Arthur Goldstein, James Merberg, Conrad "Corny" Fisher) that were Jewish and Elbery worked for 3 different C.P.A. firms that were owned by Jews. One of Elbery's closest friends in the 1970's was Jewish, etc. The Jews chose to make an enemy they did not have. The die is cast.


No doubt, the Jews are plotting another scheme to falsely imprison Elbery in order to aid Bergman. This as they did using Peter Geer and the non-whites on the Framingham Police Dept. in 2000. Peter Geer, a Jew, claimed he was beaten by Elbery due to racial motives. The case went to trial and, after Elbery proved that Geer and the Framingham Police falsified pictures and stole the video tape of the underlying incident, the jury found Michael Elbery not guilty. Geer was an admitted drug addict who had been on the run from the police for 6 years and numerous pending felony charges were dismissed against Geer for his false testimony against Elbery. Elbery had never seen Geer before the 2 minute underlying incident.  More on Geer, coming soon.

Will the Jews stand by and watch one of their leaders be exposed in his scandal? No, the Jews believe the end justifies the means. This means they are capable of anything that will benefit them, after all, the Jew is the self-appointed "Chosen People".

Oh they will shout, he's "Anti-Semitic". 

Do you mean Semitic or Jew?  The issue isn't the Semites who are 99.9% Arabs. There is no issue here regarding Arabs. The Arab hates the Jew - see history and the Middle East for the last 50 years (and the 3000 years prior).. 

Why do they hide behind the word Semite instead of admitting to Jew. Same reason they use white women to yell racist at Elbery.

 Why is Jew a dirty word to a Jew?


Who's interests do you think Morris Bergman will represent if elected to any position in government?


Beware - Bergman has an Agenda.



UPDATE - Per 1 1/2 hour interview with Mo Bergman on 10-9-07, Bergman made rebuttal, in part, as follows:

That he is not a Semite; that he is a "white Caucasian".

That he has never been a member of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League or any Jewish Organization.

That his family never ran nor have they been members of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

That he is against the activities of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and does not support that organization's policies.

That he was in the courtroom during Elbery's trial because he wanted to learn his job better.


That he was not involved in the falsification of evidence that put Elbery behind bars.

That any fact can be interpreted more than one way. (Convenient thinking for a liar like Bergman)

That he welcomed Elbery's (and this Corporation's Web Sites) First Amendment Rights to disclose the information of this Web Site relating to him and his election.

That he recognized Elbery's rights to participate in the election process and would do nothing to stop him from the expressions on this Web Site regarding Bergman or his election.

Bergman emphasized that the information disclosed in this Web Site pertaining to him and his election campaign were Elbery's rights under the U.S. Constitution and that he welcomed Elbery to continue.


When asked why he lied under oath regarding Elbery's defense witness, Hayes, Bergman was silent. But claimed his part was minor compared to the evidence Aloise and A.D.A. Ball falsified.




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