3 Worcester Prosecutors/Co-conspirators Fired & 1 Flees




Three Prosecutors of John Conte's Worcester District Attorney's Office were fired as a result of their malicious conspiracy to convict and imprison Michael Elbery for 10 years, as documented by this Web Site. However, it took years before this happened. It was not until the corrupt and  former Worcester District Attorney - John Conte retired and the new D.A. - Early was elected in 2006 that Attorney Michael Ball (trial prosecutor on Elbery case) and Attorney Todd Mathieson (Probable Cause prosecutor on Elbery case) were fired. The prosecutor for the Grand Jury indictment/proceedings in the malicious prosecution case against Elbery, Attorney Paul Bolton , fled the employment with the Worcester D.A.'s Office in 2003 after being employed there for almost 20 years. 2003 was the date when Elbery's Appeal of his Motion for New Trial was going through the Massachusetts appeals process and Attorney Paul Bolton's illegal impairment of the grand jury process was exposed. Oh, they love scandal!!! And do the cowards run when they get caught!

This is some more justice, but far from enough. Yes, Assistant District Attorney Michael Ball was fired due to his illegalities concerning the Frame Up/Malicious Prosecution and False Imprisonment Conspiracy of Michael Elbery. And more Good News - Todd Mathieson was also fired due to the same conspiracy. The new Worcester District Attorney - Early took office with a staff of 70 prosecutors and fired only 5 Attorneys/Prosecutors, including Mike Ball and Todd Mathieson. Two of the remaining 3 (Dave Johnson and Chris White) were involved in cases against Elbery that Elbery succeeded in defeating the Conspiracy of the Worcester District Attorney's Office of John Conte.


Former Worcester District Attorney, John Conte, has, so far, escaped justice and remains free on the streets of Worcester, Mass.. John Conte must be held responsible for his criminal activity that he orchestrated against Michael Elbery, as well as, many others. 


Jewish Defamation League leader, Attorney Morris Bergman, was previously fired (immediately after the malicious Elbery conviction in 1993) from the Worcester D.A.'s office when he got caught lying under oath during a voire dire of the trial of Michael Elbery. Bergman's wife, Dr. Wendy Bonnett of the Fallon Clinic conspired with Fallon Clinic Dr. Jane Lochrie via the Fallon Clinic Sex Abuse Scandal. (See Morris Bergman button on front page for the "Fallon Sex Scandal").

Michael Elbery alerted the new D.A. to the injustice during John Conte's regime and sent his recognition to D.A. Early and applauded Early for firing Mike Ball, and Todd Mathieson.

Yet, Michael Elbery's malicious conviction for "attempted mayhem"  remains!