Identify the Cause and the Problem is Solved




Terrorism is something relatively new to the history of the U.S.A.. In today's U.S.A. the media constantly bombards us with the threat and acts of Terrorists. The Terrorist used to look for the Big Event like the Twin Towers in New York City. Now, they use junk bombs and bushwhack innocent family people on holiday outings. Tomorrow it could be either or both types of Terrorism somewhere in the United States. It is not going to end; it doesn't happen every day, but time is on the Terrorists' side. 

The U.S. is bounded by massive moats that are thousands of miles wide called Oceans. Historically, these Oceans kept invading troops from World Powers on the other side of the Planet. The Anglo-Saxon uninhabited northland, Canada, have been allies, only on the South border did the U.S. have a brief war in 1845. 

But these Oceans don't protect the U.S.A. any longer and the borders are wide open to massive Immigration; many of these immigrants are the historic enemies of the People of the United States. Compounding the problem are the foreign students and visitors who ignore the regulations and become permanent. The terrorist is in the U.S.A. and can pick his mark when he wants, a huge advantage.

Today's U.S.A. is controlled by left wingers whose "political correctness" mandates "the right thing to do" is to allow everyone (except white Europeans) from the four corners of the Earth to immigrate to this country; to do otherwise, according to these left wing Anti-Americans, is racist. The U.S. Economy is bad and doesn't offer enough employment for the New World Order Immigrants, so the Federal Government offers these immigrants all kinds of benefits regardless of whether they are here legally or not.

Historically, immigration was a product of economic need of U.S. industry and commerce, contrary to the, now, new social experience by the U.S. Government of attracting these New World Order Immigrants into the U.S. with Welfare Benefits, quotas and affirmative action. Further, immigration would dry up and immigrants would not come to today's U.S.A., if not for Government handouts because there is huge unemployment in the U.S.A.

The immigrants, many the historic enemy of the white man who built the U.S.A. to its once Greatness, think that Americans are fools. These immigrants quickly realize that they are part of the newly created "Protected Classes" that the U.S. Supreme Court has created under its fabricated interpretation of the 14th  Amendment's - Equal Protection Clause that disfavor White Americans. These new immigrants like the American Black and Hispanics learn that they can cause trouble in the U.S. and attack white Americans and be favored by the new "Hate Crimes" that "protects them from the white man". The immigrant quickly believes that the American is not just a fool but is a weakling. The hate crimes cause the government to advocate the Non- white and the white man to be defeated by his own government.


The immigrant knows nothing about the United States of America, the immigrant that invades the U.S. in order to divide and conquer it with the consent and law of the people that control the U.S. government does not know he is a tool being used to destroy what was once the Great U.S.A. and its United One People.

That's right, the immigration that the U.S.A. has experienced, since Bill Clinton got in as president because Ross Perot took 30% of the popular vote that would have otherwise gone to Bush I, is nothing more than an invasion. Oh, they scream and shout you are a racists, we are a nation of immigrants. No, I was born here I am not an immigrant. There is no law in the United States that requires there be immigration; there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that says there must be immigration, let alone the destructive invasion that they call immigration in the last 20 years. It is not until the current epoch in World History that countries allowed themselves to be invaded. The invasion of non-whites into the U.S. is actually worse in Europe. The plan is to dilute the white race, destroy the cultures that made European countries and the U.S. Great.

It was the White Man that brought the human race invention, wonders of modern technology, free thought and the individual's rights to liberty.

The only time in prior history that a government allowed its borders to be invaded by enemy immigration was ancient Rome circa 375 A.D.. The Romans vicious enemy, the Goths, had a common enemy in one, Attila and his Huns. The Romans allowed the Goths to cross the Danube River in agreement they would be part of the Roman Army. The result was civil war in the City of Rome in 410 AD. The Fall of Rome was the result of a Civil War caused by Government authorized immigration.

Here's the Cause of Terrorism - U.S. Government's Foreign Policy - Israel

None of the above is the cause for the Terrorism. The cause of Terrorism in the U.S.A. is the U.S. Government's foreign policy with Israel. Not the American's citizen's policy but the people that run the U.S. Government's policy is the cause of Terrorism in the U.S.A.; the same people run the media run the government. The Islamic terrorism being experienced by Americans is retaliation for the Federal Government's Foreign Policy of aiding and supporting Israel.

The U.S. Government, not the American People, have been funding the Israeli's and their apartheid system of enslavement of the indigenous Arab-Islamic people since 1948 with Billions of Dollars in Aid and the best Killing machines in the World for the Israeli military police state. When the Israeli's have wars it is the U.S. that is their ally to counter any imbalance of power facing Israel.

The murders, land stealing and exploitation of their Islamic brothers in Israel is the reason for Islamic Terrorism in the U.S.. Don't believe it? That is what they, the Terrorists, claim is their reason for murdering Americans. The American Public does not hear most of the claims by the Islamic Terrorists because U.S. media is censored. But these Islamic Terrorists rant and rave all around the World, via various forms of communications, that Israel is the reason for their activities against the U.S.

You can believe U.S. President - Bush II, who said the reason for the Islamic terrorism is because we have "democracy" and because we are the "Big Guy". The Islamics don't know what Democracy is and don't want it and don't think it is contagious; the Islamics could care less about the Democracy on the other side of the World that Bush claimed the U.S. has. Actually the U.S. is a Republic. As for the "Big Guy", Bush should have thought up a better lie and stopped insulting the American people with such nonsense. If the U.S. Government would cease trying to run the World and be the "Policeman of the World" no one would care about "how big". 


You say that's the reason for Terrorism, U.S. is the the self-appointed policeman of the World? Who would disagree? But the U.S. is only engaged in Wars in Islamic countries. And its all tied to Israel. Who had the interest in having the U.S. invade Iraq? Why were the Twin Towers bombed which caused the Afghanistan War? 

The answer to both questions in Israel. The U.S. blows Trillions of Dollars and the lives of young Americans on wars to protect the interests of Israel. The Israeli's use the American's like they are morons. Because the Jew has defeated the American voting system, the government is controlled by the same Jews that implement U.S. government policies that are not in the interest of the American. You see the same thing happening with the U.S. domestic policy which, in part, causes immigrants and Terrorists to come into the U.S. and have absolutely no respect for Americans.

The U.S. Government must stop being the Self-Appointed Policeman of the World, including Israel's interests.

You can blame the bloody Brits if you like. The Brits were very good and had their centuries of historic World Dominance but it was the British Government in 1918 that gave that desert patch in the Eastern End of the Mediterranean to the Jew Zionists. The Jew will yell and shout and scream "racist", but the Jew can't re-write all history no more than the Jew can fool all the people, or scare all the people. The Emperor Hadrian ordered his Roman Legions to vacate the Jew from Jerusalem in the year 60 A.D., then the Roman Emperor Constantine finished the job in 332 A.D. and ordered the Roman Legions to scatter the Jew out of the area now called Israel to the Four Corners of the World. Thus the prophesy of 32 A.D. was fulfilled and the Jew was doomed to be the "Wandering People". The British were the victors of World War I and inherited, through their victory, the conquests that had belonged to the Ottoman Turk, including the land which constitutes today's Israel. The Zionists demanded that land was theirs, as they claim given by God; there was no water or oil on the Brits' newly conquered land and the Zionists had enough influence peddling in England that the Jews were given a new homeland in the form of a British Protectorate. By World War II, according to the U.N., there were only about 60,000 Jews in that British Protectorate now called Israel. Jews have been causing trouble throughout history which doesn't seem to help them.

The U.S. needs our democratic Ally in the Middle East?

During the Cold War which is long gone along with the Red Bear, Joseph Jugasvili, and Mao Tse Tung, the U.S. Government claimed it needed a Democratic ally in the Middle East. What democracy is there in Israel? The Israeli's have a military police state that is run for the benefit of the Jews exploitation, who claim that it is God's will because they are the self - proclaimed "Chosen People". Similarly, the Japanese claimed to be descendants of Gods, so they did the same thing and butchered Ten's of Millions of unarmed Chinese from 1936-1945. The Israeli's learned back in the mid - 1960's to keep the foreign press out of their country, so to attempt to conceal their crimes against the indigenous Arabs-Islamics.

Solution to Terrorism in the U.S.A.

Let the Israeli's exist and do what they want but get away from them. Do not contribute in any way to the atrocities that the Israeli's engage in - these Israeli's are murdering bloodsuckers. Let them do their own murdering without the support or aid of the the U.S. and the Islamic Terrorists will forget about the U.S.A.!