Social Evolution U.S.A.




This Web Site asks its thousands of readers of the last 3 years to excuse the current lack of new controversies/news items, as promoted in the "Coming Soon" section which includes the Judicial Misconduct of  Federal District Judge Mark Wolf. The Internet loves a scandal and Wolf will be exposed for his illegal conduct in the case of Elbery v. Sklut et al.

In order to compensate for the lack of news updates this Web Site will feature a treatise on the U.S.A. and its evolution that has seen the rise of the U.S. as the great power to its current and future decline. The treatise will instruct you as to the causes of this evolution. A nation can be great only if it is one people who are free. This is of course not the case in today's New World Order U.S.A. - the once great nation of Americans has been systematically dismembered. But by Who? and How? and Why? Well, read the "Social Evolution U.S.A." and you will learn the truth that is forbidden to be told in the media and schools of today's New World Order U.S.A.