Judge Dan Toomey died after being blackballed, Attorney Louis P. Aloise was blackballed by the Mass. Executive Branch, A.D.A.'s Mike Ball, Todd the squirt Mathienson, and Attorney Morris Mo Bergman lost their jobs, even Gov. Paul Cellucci would suffer and then die after his injustice. Not all the miscreants were blackballed, had heart attacks or died. Chief Federal Judge of the Federal District of Massachusetts, Mark Wolf, simply had to resign from that appointed Judicial post. Yet, some would go on to do very well and were handsomely rewarded for their unlawful conduct and loyalty to injustice. 


Sgt. James Hurley - a Shrewsbury police officer who has no problem imprisoning innocent people. This gum shoe is now the Chief of Police for the Town of Leicester, Mass.. Hurley was one of the arresting officers at the E-z complex on 8-5-94. Hurley's illegal conduct, regarding the false arrest of Michael Elbery at E-z Mini Storage on 8-5-94, is itemized in Elbery's Motion for Summary Judgment that Elbery filed in the year 2001 during Elbery's  Federal lawsuit (Sklut case) against Hurley and his cop buddies/fellow defendants, who have no use for the  U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights. Hurley was one of  the cops who torched E-z Mini Storage. This Web Site has for years stated that the cops burned E-z Mini Storage - now it is time to be exact. After his documented false arrest of Michael Elbery, Hurley was promoted to Lieutenant on the Shrewsbury Police Dept.  Attorney Lou Aloise told Michael Elbery, prior to the Attempted  Mayhem Case, to watch out for Sgt. James Hurley of  the Shrewsbury Police Dept. - Aloise told Elbery that Hurley screwed/had sex with a local  woman and when the husband found out Hurley threw the husband in prison for assaulting a police officer, although Hurley was never assaulted. This cop Hurley is pure garbage and should not be a Police Chief. Also see this web site's chapter on Federal Judge Mark Wolf for more on Hurley and the Sklut defendants of the Shrewsbury Police Dept.

Attorney Elizabeth Fahey - This sage woman attorney had to deal with Michael Elbery for years while she represented the Shrewsbury Police Defendants on the Sklut case. Ms. Fahey did a lot of yelling and screaming and must have had high blood pressure during her defense of the Shrewsbury Police. Elizabeth Fahey would inquire to Michael Elbery as to which Law School he attended; Fahey was stunned when Elbery replied asking her if she needed to go to Law School to learn this stuff! During the Sklut case attorney Fahey was promoted to  Mass. Superior Ct. Judge. No preliminary District Judge appointment, Fahey went right to the head of the class. This unusual advance came in about September of 1999 after the 12 depositions of the Sklut defendants and other Town of Shrewsbury employees. A "staunch advocate" and an "old gal" who knows who butters her bread this academic high achiever can be relied on. Not capable of independent thought, this poor woman is controlled by jingoism. At one point during a deposition of the Sklut case, Fahey, out of context of the deposition, exclaimed "you should not have given him 10 years". Fahey knew that 10 years would get someone's attention; how about the fact there was first NO PROBABLE CAUSE? Hey, they love a Scandal and Fahey saw it coming. Fahey was on to something, but it is not likely that she envisioned a Web Site for all to read in their office or living room for years  to come via the World Free Internet. Judge Fahey knows "they love a Scandal".

Lt. Wayne Sampson - One of the Shrewsbury cops who falsely arrested Michael Elbery at E-z Mini Storage on 8-5-94 when Sampson was a Lieutenant on the Shrewsbury P.D.. Sampson would become Shrewsbury's Chief of Police shortly after Elbery was found not guilty of the gun charges in April of 1995. Sampson retired early, after 5 years, in order to get full Chief of Police Pension worth over $100,000.00/year and claims that that amount is not enough for doing nothing. Michael Elbery sued Sampson in 1997 making him one of the Sklut defendants; for more detailed evidence on Sampson's illegal conduct, including perjury, regarding the false arrest and malicious prosecution of Michael Elbery see Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgment that is also part of the evidence specified against Sampson in the Web Site's chapter on Federal Judge Mark Wolf.


Judge Timothy Hillman - a graduate of Coes College which is in Hootersville, Hillman experienced the fastest promotion in U.S. Judicial history after writing his deliberately and legally way out and false findings, as a Mass. Superior Ct. Judge in 2001, causing his denial of Michael Elbery's Motion for New Trial. In the late 1990's Hillman was a Mass. District Judge in Gardner Mass.. Hillman has been for several years, since 2006, a Federal Judge. As an article III Federal Judge, Hillman enjoys the seemingly unlimited power that Judge Mark Wolf and Patti  Saris execute as demonstrated on this Web Site.

Sgt. James Hester - Hester is now (2012) the Town of Shrewsbury's Chief of Police. Hester replaced Chief  Wayne Sampson, as above; Sampson retired to full pension after 5 years as Chief of Police in Shrewsbury. Hester was the detective who filed the intimidation of  a witness charges against Michael Elbery on 11-14-1992 and a day before, as per the police report, the alleged intimidation threat against drug addict - Jeff Shlener was reported to the Shrewsbury Police! Those charges against Michael Elbery, after long battle with D.A. John Conti's Prosecution, were finally dismissed by Judge  Paul La Conto. You can't charge a person with a crime before you claim it happened - it is impossible.

Sgt. Gus Chester Johnson - Johnson was the arson investigator for the Town of Shrewsbury P.D. - Yes, the Shrewsbury cops had an arson investigator. Bet Johnson knew how to set fires on 8-5-94 when E-z Mini Storage was torched. A Sgt. at the time of the E-z arson, Johnson was promoted to Lieutenant for his "good work" on the fabricated case against Michael Elbery. Ironically, he was made Liaison Officer for the Shrewsbury Police Dept. immediately after the E-z arson of August 1994 and relieved of his duties as Arson Investigator.

Jeffrey Schlener- a Harvard University Graduate class of 1971 and the bartender at the Winner's Circle Bar in Worcester, Mass. where off duty and out of jurisdiction Westboro cop - Tom King was drinking on 9-28/29-92 before King claimed that Michael Elbery "attempted mayhem" when King and his buddies ganged up and assaulted Elbery 100 yards down the street from the bar. For committing perjury at the trial that falsely convicted Michael Elbery, Jeff was granted a liquor license by the City of Worcester. He has owned, for over 10 years at 2010, "Jeff's Place" on Shrewsbury St. in Worcester. Jeff was recently made Worcester's number 1 citizen and given the keys to the city and made King of the St. Patrick Day parade in Worcester. "Big time" for Worcester, Mass. and their favorite drug addict bartender - just goes to show, they will "butter your bread," if you tell enough lies in court to convict innocent people that the government has  targeted as the enemy. Read Jeff's Probable Cause testimony and compare it to the testimony he gave at the trial of Michael Elbery regarding the same incident.; Jeff was sponsored to lie by prosecutor - Mike Ball and with the agreement of Elbery's defense attorney - Louis P. Aloise. See also Schlener's trial testimony.

Jeffrey falls on hard times, heart attack, cancer, 2 Bankruptcies - Injustice takes its toll

There are some things the Authorities and Local Worcester - Home Rule Gangsters can't control. Jeffrey had a massive heart attack not long after being granted his reward of a Worcester Liquor License. This poor Drug Addict will have to wake every day knowing he can't imbibe chemicals or the "forbidden powders" lest he will die. Such torture is Justice for this Drug Addict now in his 60's.

Update 2014 - Jeff "the Perjurer" Schlener chose not to torture himself, but instead continue catering to his addictions. It appears that Jeffrey needed some adult supervision with his barroom business. In 2007, the Mass. Secretary of State involuntarily dissolved "Jeff's Place Inc." which was the legal entity Schlener used for ownership of his Shrewsbury St. barroom, "Jeff's Place". The Worcester License Commission published the story on Schlener. The poor drug addict, Schlener, lost control and went into a "melt down" and stopped paying the Mass. beverage tax that he charged and collected from customers at his bar venture. By 2010 Jeff's Place was bankrupt and the landlord evicted Jeffrey Schlener from his "Jeff's Place" location for failure to pay rent. Jeffrey was unable to transfer/sell his liquor license because he owed more in taxes than the liquor license was worth and anybody was willing to pay. Tuff break junkie, the cops can't help you out this time. According to locals, Jeff indulged once too many times in his drug habit and is now dying due to more heart related problems and cancer. Jeffrey is personally liable for those taxes he didn't pay, but the State of Massachusetts won't bother him because of his "cooperation" with the police and authorities. The Government relies of junkies like Jeffrey Schlener for information which he is a source. This time Schlener left them no choice because he screwed up so badly with his drugs that the Worcester License Commission revoked his liquor license.

There have been reports that  Schlener wanted to recant his perjury of June 1993 in Worcester Superior Court, but was stopped from doing so by the "Police State" in Worcester which includes, former A.D.A. Mike Ball, Attorney Louis P. Aloise, and members of the Worcester and Shrewsbury Police Dept.. Jeff; the cops had the Italian dope dealer you buy your drugs from lace the drugs with beryllium, so you can't talk Schlener.

At November of 2015, Jeffrey and his wife, Linda Schlener, filed for Personal Bankruptcy in the Federal Court. Seems Jeffrey blew all the money on his Cocaine addiction, including the proceeds from his wife's inheritance.

Robert "the Leprechaun" Moynihan - former head man at the Framingham Parole Office was promoted about 2002 to Superintendent of Massachusetts Parole. Moynihan and punk state trooper, Steve McDonald, would repeatedly scheme to falsify charges/criminal violations against Michael Elbery while  he was on parole and they repeatedly lost. These people need to work for the government because no one in the private sector would pay them. The bottom of the U.S. labor pool works for the different levels of the governments in the U.S. and they produce nothing for their excessive parasitic pay, but they make far more money than labor in the private sector. This little mutt of a man still has nightmares about Michael Elbery outsmarting him and his team of liars when they tried to frame Elbery with crimes they dreamt up. The resulting lawsuits against "the Leprechaun" is in the Phil McCue Loose Change Evidence chapter of this Web Site.

Judge John S. McCann - was the Mass. District Judge at the Evidentiary Suppression Hearing that was to  determine whether the search and seizure of Michael Elbery's E-z Mini Storage garage that resulted in Elbery being arrested by the S.P.D. was legal. McCann never asked whether the defendant Michael Elbery had a valid license (F.I.D. Card) to possess guns. A full day of testimony at the Suppression Hearing on the issue of a Search Warrant  issued for guns in Elbery's E-z garage and not one word or better a Question as to a License. No Kidding - all pre-arranged between the Judge - McCann and the prosecutor and Elbery's alleged defense attorney - Bobby Sheketoff. McCann was promoted to Mass. Superior Court Judge a few months later. See Wolf chapter for more on McCann.

Attorney and former Middlesex County A.D.A. Matt C. Hurley - Hurley handled most of the discovery and investigation phases for Martha Coakley's Office when they tried to frame Michael Elbery for a racial beating of Jewish Peter Gear. Although Michael Elbery kicked the shit out of Hurley and Martha Coakley's Middlesex District Attorney's Office during trial of that case, Hurley was rewarded for his malfeasance in that case. Oh, Attorney Matt Hurley worked hard to violate Michael Elbery's Constitutional Rights in attempt to Maliciously Prosecute and Imprison him. Attorney Hurley was rewarded with an appointment to a position in a well known Jewish Law Firm in Boston, Mass.. Well strange as it may seem, it was discovered he was already working for that Jewish Firm, Minz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, and was leased to Coakley's Office to specially prosecute Michael Elbery from August of 2000 through 2001. Those dates shadow the time period of the phony case Coakley and the Jews had against Michael Elbery. Evidently this was the Jews way for Hurley to prove himself to his Masters, so his bread could be buttered extra thick. But the Jew does not know their white man; two different cultures. One of liberty, foundation, freedom v. One Man, One Vote Corruption. But Hurley lost the case and Michael Elbery was found Not Guilty on all charges by a jury. What is with the Holy Cross College Class of 1989 in Worcester, Mass. which both Hurley and Worcester A.D.A. Ann S. Manzello - Kennedy graduated. They must have been some of the pain in the ass Holy Cross kids Michael Elbery kicked out of his barroom in 1987.


Attorney Jeffrey A. Denner - An attorney Michael Elbery spoke to in 1995-1996 about writing his "Motion for New Trial" on the "attempted mayhem" conviction. Denner would schedule a meeting at his office across from the Boston Federal Reserve and South Station on a Sunday morning. The meeting included Denner's distraught secretary, at least one full dress Mass. State Trooper (claimed by Denner to be useful for investigation) and 3 other stooges who were there to testify as to anything Michael Elbery might say. All these people were present and seated in position in Denner's Office before his secretary called him at his home in Newton, Mass. and told him everybody was present for the meeting, including Michael Elbery. Elbery knew enough law at that time to know that if he spoke in that office to Denner and allowed all the stooges to listen, then there was no client attorney privilege. Denner saw Michael Elbery as a complete sucker , but Michael Elbery refused to say anything about that case other than telling them that the cop-Tom King got demoted for drinking on duty (the cops didn't want to hear that). Denner expressed his disappointment that he had just driven down the Mass. Pike to be at the meeting only for his potential client not to talk.

 Denner gave himself away, not only was he to smug for a guy who didn't seem to know law, but his office was void of law books or paper work. This guy was hustler, not a lawyer. He must have been a good hustler because he was in the high rent district. Denner seemed surprised when Michael Elbery didn't produce the $20K Denner wanted to farm out the "Motion for New Trial" to another lawyer. Denner was so insolent that he would actually admit he didn't know how to produce  a "Motion for New Trial" under Rule 30 of the M.R.C.P.. Michael Elbery put his check book back in his pocket, and walked out of Denner's Office after telling Denner that it was probably a better idea to do it himself. Hey Denner, you clown, I know how to write and produce a Motion for New Trial and it was good enough to kill a judge and cause the Mass. Judiciary more trouble/controversy than the Sacco - Venzetti case. And the best part is I'm still alive to cause them more trouble via the World Wide Internet where 100's of readers have downloaded/copied the entire Web Site and all its irrefutable legal documentation that makes the police, attorneys of the bar, and courts in Massachusetts a bunch of fools. For the record at 10-8-12, over 25,000 readers have viewed this Web Site. And at April of 2014 there have been 70,000 readers and for over a year more than a 100 readers a day.

Denner thinks he is already tops, so he could not possibly get a promotion. No instead, Denner scored some brownie points, but he would have received even more brownie points if his smug - ass bullshit didn't backfire on him that Sunday morning because he could not get Michael Elbery to talk. But just goes to show how worried they were back in 1996 and read this Web Site as to what happened since then. Which of the shit heads are next? Who will have the next demotion, firing, heart attack, die or have to Resign? How many of the attorneys and judges and witnesses that are featured on this Web Site live contaminated by the Scandals of MassInjustice.Org? There is more justice yet to come and you can't stop me.

Christina Mann - The underage 20 year old Shrewsbury girl, who testified at the trial that got Michael Elbery 10 years in prison for a fabricated charge of "attempted mayhem". Mann testified that she was seated 3 seats from Michael Elbery in the Winners' Circle Bar on 9-29-92 with her 17 year old girl friend. Christiana did not testify at the Probable Cause Hearing and was not even named at the Probable Cause Hearing, although alleged victim - cop Tom King did refer to a "girl". When the Worcester cops arrived at the Winners' Circle Bar as a result of the scuffle 100 yards up Shrewsbury St. between Michael Elbery and King's "gang of six", the bartender - Jeff Schlener told the cops, per W.P.D. instant Incident Report, a "girl" was cut and went to the Hospital. The responding Worcester Police noted per their police report that they immediately checked all area hospitals for this "girl" and found no such girl or girl with facial or eyes cut. At trial she had no scars from her claim of facial cutting and stitching nor would she produce her medical reports at trial. In fact, Elbery's defense attorney, Louis P. Aloise, privately admitted to his client, Michael Elbery, she had no scars that should have appeared on her face but he refused, over Elbery's repeated demands, to subpoena Mann's medical records. At one point in her testimony, Mann would claim, "she thought she saw some blood but it was nothing". This "girl" passed on favor for her perjury, but instead fled to California after the publicity in the Worcester/Shrewsbury, Mass. area about the trial that railroaded Michael Elbery for 10 years in a Prison.

Mass. Superior Court Judge Bruce R. Henry - He was the last attorney to battle Michael Elbery on Federal Civil Rights case, Michael Elbery v. Mass. D.O.C., 97-12246RCL. That Federal civil case filed by Michael Elbery in 1997 ended in 2002  when Federal Judge Reginald C. Lindsay double crossed Elbery denying him his right to a jury on the first day of trial. Elbery knew that when they junk a plaintiff's right to a civil jury trial on his case on the day the trial was to start there ain't no point in entertaining their fraud and illegalities; Elbery told Federal Judge Lindsay to take his court and stick it and Elbery walked out on a case he worked on for over FIVE years. Federal Judge Linsay was up to no good with his cop conspirators, also defendants, from the Mass. Dept. of Corrections. Henry saw what happened and knew it was illegal. Henry was a nice guy and Michael Elbery told him that he was fascinated to be dueling with the author of many of the law books he had used over the years; Henry was the author of a series of civil law books in the Mass. Practice Volumes. But Henry saw something that should not have happened in a Court Room in this U.S.A.. Within 18 months, in 2004, Bruce Henry became a Mass. Judge. Just a coincidence? Or was he given special status due to his witnessing Federal Judge Lindsay's illegal conspiracy? A judgeship has been coveted by members of the bar for years, business is tuff for attorneys today - it is hard for most attorney's of the Bar to make good living and with decent hours. Too many cops and lawyers who participated in illegal activity against Michael Elbery ended up getting promotions or rewarded, as per this article of MassInjustice.Org.

Steve "the Punk" McDonald - The Mass. State Trooper Detective that was assigned to follow Michael Elbery in about the years 1998-2000. McDonald conspired with Clerk Magistrate Phil McCue and John "the Leprechaun" Moynihan to frame Michael Elbery for a bomb scare. Additionally, this yellow cop contacted various locations that Elbery frequented, including a Dunkin Donuts and Lincoln Dealership and bad mouthed Elbery in order to cause him trouble. Your tax dollars at work. McDonald was quickly promoted to Sergeant, after fabricating the lies about Elbery phoning in a bomb call, even though he got caught lying. McDonald is now on record as a Lieutenant in the Mass. State Police; he was recognized for his ability to lie; an asset in any Totalitarian Police State (McDonald doesn't know what Totalitarianism means). Had McDonald been successful with his lies instead of getting caught lying, he probably would be a Colonel, not with Kentucky Fried Chicken, but the State Police.



Not so Lucky, Miscreants

Federal Judge Reginald C. Lindsay - not really a promotion. Lindsay was the judge on Elbery's Federal 42 U.S.C. s. 1983 case against the  Mass. Dept. of Corrections, (Elbery v. Mass. D.O.C. #97-12246RCL). The case went on for 5 years and on the first day of trial Lindsay announced that Plaintiff - Michael Elbery would be denied his Constitutional Right to a jury trial; Elbery had reserved his right to a jury trial when he initially filed his lawsuit against the Mass. D.O.C.. Elbery walked out of Lindsay's courtroom and his 5 year old lawsuit when Lindsay double-crossed him by denying his right to a jury at the first day of trial. Lindsay violated the law by denying Elbery's right to a trial by jury. Lindsay was injured in an automobile accident about mid-way through the case and was using a wheel chair for a long period of time. Lindsay died in 2009. They don't want Michael Elbery crusading anymore of his cases before a jury, so Michael Elbery has to use the Internet and crusades his case to the forum of World Public Opinion. They love a Scandal.

Sgt. Carl Hanson -of the Shrewsbury Police Dept and one of the Sklut defendants that conspired to falsely imprison and maliciously prosecute Michael Elbery for the guns stored in his E-z Mini Storage garage via their false arrest on 8-5-94. Hanson, as miserable an individual as Hurley and Sampson, was caught stealing from the Boy Scouts shortly after the cops set the fire at E-z. Hanson was convicted in Worcester District Court for stealing money from the Boy Scouts and was fired from his job as a supervisor/Sergeant at the Shrewsbury Police Dept. Hanson was last known to be working as a clerk in a pawn broker store in the slum area of Worcester, Mass.

Governor Paul Cellucci - former Governor  of Massachusetts who blackballed both Louis P. Aloise and Judge Dan Toomey as a result of Michael Elbery documenting that  these two bums used a court of law to frame Elbery with 10 years in a state prison. Cellucci ran out of luck after being appointed to Ambassador to Canada and is suffering from a terminal illness. He left Michael Elbery in Prison to do the 10 years knowing that Elbery got a Kangaroo Trial.

Tom King - This fat liar didn't escape justice; no, no, Big shot - Tom King was demoted in 1993 from detective to flat foot patrolman at the Westboro Police Dept. where he had been employed almost 20 years. The reason for his demotion is that he was drinking on duty the night of 9-28-92. King decided to knock off early from work and was in the Winner's Circle Bar while on duty before 11:00pm. This drinking on duty by King was discovered by Attorney Lou Aloise when he got a copy of fax King sent to the Westboro P.D. on 9-28-92; that fax led to King's demotion. King had a heart attack within a year of his demotion and was provided by the taxpayers of Massachusetts an early retirement with full pension pay. Although this web site has his named scattered in many of its chapters, there is no conclusion on this lying alleged victim witness used by John Conte's Worcester D.A.'s Office to frame Michael Elbery. Early full pension for this piece of shit, well at least he got heart attack, although some say he faked a heart attack. King is disfavored by many police in Worcester County because of the controversies surrounding this Web Site, so he spends his retirement as a "self - styled police advocate" functioning as an official well wisher to every cop who dies in Worcester County.

Attorney Robert George - Convicted in 2012 on Federal Money Laundering Charges, Attorney George doesn't have to worry about making money for a while because is now getting free Room and Board in a Federal Prison. George was an attorney Michael Elbery paid an embarrassing amount of money to so that George would defend him on the phony parole violation of November 1999. George never contacted Elbery and showed when the hearing started before a 3 person Parole Board. Since George did not know anything about the phony case and was not informed of the case against Elbery, Michael Elbery did all the talking while George sat next to him making a smirk. The parole violation was Norfolk Law librarian - Andrea Rassmussen claiming that Michael Elbery "accosted her" at the front desk of the Law Library because he said, "Good Morning" and asked her how her California Vacation had been. John Moynihan and a Negro Parole cop, named Karen Gatty, upped the incident and claimed that such questions constituted a "Sexual Assault". Karen Gatty had a remarkable resemblance to an Eastland Gorilla; Gatty's lineage is a monument to the inbreeding in the U.S. in previous centuries using humans for agricultural work. Human breeding for intelligence never has been successful but breeding humans as livestock is history.

The 3 Person Parole Board released Michael Elbery after he made point that the documented charge of saying "Good Moring" and asking about a vacation could not be a violation of Parole or anything else. Elbery pointed out that they would have had a better case against him, if he had said nothing. At least Rassmussen would have been able to claim that she was treated rudely, if Michael Elbery just ignored her. Maybe she could also have claimed she was being discriminated against because she was a Dyke Lesbian.

The Mass. Parole Board had plans. They released Michael Elbery from Concord Prison but with new parole conditions that caused Elbery to be arrested in July of 2000 on more phony charges.

Michael Elbery was willing to pay an embarrassing amount to Attorney Robert George only because he feared Judge Mark Wolf would dismiss his Federal Sklut and Sheketoff cases because Elbery would not have been able to respond in Prison to or motion during the Summary Judgment Process that was due on those cases that Elbery actually thought he could win.

Mass. Superior Court Judge Maria Lopez - A Cuban who fled Castro's peoples' revolution of 1958. Judge Maria presided over a medical tribunal in 2001 regarding an appeal by Michael Elbery on an adverse ruling on a count of state medical malpractice in his Elbery v. Mass. D.O.C. Federal case. Judge Maria Lopez was anything but unbiased. Maria was a real deutchbag at that hearing before the three person Medical Tribunal. By May of 2003 Lopez did the world a favor and resigned as a Mass. Superior Court Judge before she was removed for misconduct. After hittin' the road as a real judge, Maria became a T.V. judge and got the same bad ratings Michael Elbery and the Mass. Judiciary gave her - T.V. Maria got cancelled in short time. And like the Amos and Andy Show there are no re-runs of Maria on the Boob-Tube.





And in the Non - miscreant Category

Judge Milton Raphaelson - The Worcester District Judge that courageously, and as the law required, found on 1-20-93, No Probable Cause for the arrest of Michael Elbery on 9-29-92, including "mayhem". Judge Raphaelson was a well known successful attorney in Worcester, for decades, before becoming a District Judge when he was approaching retirement age. Raphaelson was ostracized from that date, 1-20-93, on by the ruling parties of the judiciary in, at least, Worcester County. There were numerous articles in the Worcester T & G that disclosed Raphaelson was made to be a traveling judge and was targeted by a Clerk in a remote Dudley, Mass. District Court. It appears that Milton Raphaelson was made a pariah for exercising justice in his court. This Web Site acknowledges that this man, Judge Milton Raphaelson, is a man of courage and was not afraid to do what was right and enforce the law. Milton Raphelson is man needed in our society; a society that is disintegrating because of corruption. And here is the moral to the story - if they will do that to Raphaelson (a man with a successful legal practice and a judge) what will they do to the by and large citizen? No wonder the average citizen knows instinctively to avoid the Courthouse.

Judge Raphaelson summed it up very concisely in his decision/finding of No Probable Cause for the arrest of Michael Elbery when he said, "you can't pursue a man 100 yards down the street and claim he assaulted you", " you had no right to chase him down the street, he (Elbery) didn't commit a felony before you chased him down the street".

Robert McKeown (a.k.a. "Brookfield Bob", a.k.a. "The Alpiner").  A U.S. Navy veteran on a destroyer in the Pacific Theater during World War II and Engineer for G.E. and N.S.A Saturn V Rocket Project and later in his life the owner of the Alpine Bar. Bob died in July 2010 at age 85. He spied on the "Worcester Home Rule Gangsters" until his final days. Much of the information he sent Michael Elbery are on this Web Site; the handwritten notations on those articles are his. Without his intelligence effort Michael Elbery would never have been able to crack the foundation of the Old Worcester Courthouse  with his Legal Cases/Crusade (they had to build a New Courthouse across the street a couple of years after Michael Elbery filed his Motion for New Trial in July of 1999) as per this Web Site. It is an example of  what the Jew fears - white men organizing. After all we brought you modern technology, invention and the Industrial Revolution; wrote the Magna Carta and U.S. Constitution - ideologies of freedom, liberty and justice. Without us there will be another Ice Age.

Judge Eliot Zide - The Worcester District Judge who found, on 4-3-95, Michael Elbery not guilty of the six gun charges by Shrewsbury cops. Zide asked Elbery's attorney, Ken Brekka, if his client agreed to a jury waived session and then announced that there would be no representative/prosecutor from John Conte's D.A.'s Office. There was no Dispute of Facts and no need for a jury. Brekka produced a letter from the Shrewsbury Chief of Police admitting that defendant-Michael Elbery was legally licensed when he was arrested for the guns at E-z Mini Storage on 8-5-94. Judge Zide followed the law, as Elbery had an Absolute Defense, via License, to the 6 gun charges, and found Michael Elbery NOT GUILTY

Here is what should be said for Judge Zide. It is the opinion of this Web Site that forces at the Worcester Court House and within the Worcester Community must have been very upset with Judge Zide for following the law and finding Michael Elbery not guilty. Look at this evidence on this web site, if you think for one second that those same "Worcester Home Rule Gangsters" didn't try to interfere with Judge Zide as fair and unbiased arbiter of the law you should read this web site again. Judge Zide is a strong and fair man like Judge Raphaelson. The society needs men like Zide and Raphaelson who abide by the law and are not corrupted by overpowering forces that surround them.