The Newtown, Conn. Murders - there is something more to this

this article from the "American Scene Magazine"




Do you really think there isn't more than a Twinkie 20 year old?


The massacre at Newtown, Conn. - do you think you know what happened? You have been told by the U.S. Media that a shy 20 year Twinkie of a boy just suddenly, without more, committed those murders of innocents. Do you really believe that? Why did that 20 year old recessive boy suddenly turn into the worst case imaginable and kill those toddlers? Why did that mass murderer destroy computers in order to conceal evidence? What evidence do you think he was destroying on those hard drives? Was it the same evidence that caused him to murder his mother?

Do really think that any individual would do this, let alone a little 20 year old boy who never even experienced violence? 

The government had the cooperative U.S. media relay the generalization that this murderer was insane/crazed. Nothing more. What type of mental illness? They never do say how they were determined the insanity. Was it temporary insanity? That would cover their actions/murders which is easy to believe is insanity because these murderers had no motive and the murders were unthinkable. What would cause a human such extreme "temporary insanity"?

Sure he may have had a small mental problem, maybe an inferiority complex, so what, so do millions of people. He was able to plan that mass murder. If he was as insane as the murders indicate he would not have known what time of day it was, let alone cover-up evidence before committing his murders. Witnesses who had known him and recently observed  him, according to the media, did not witness a person capable of such murders. The alleged experts on the subject, psychologists and psychiatrists, claim there is no normal. They claim all people living in U.S. cities have at least a mild neurosis. Look around, don't you see unbalanced people in our society everyday?

James Holmes the red headed movie theatre mass murderer in Colorado had no motive and was not leading the life of someone mentally incapable, let alone crazed with some sort of extreme insanity. That movie theatre murderer was also seeing profession help with his mental state, according to the media. You can see Holmes on U Tube giving a presentation related to his PhD studies just before his murders. How was he  able to turn his behavior on and off . Both of these murderers' pictures saturated the medias - they both had the same eyes. The pictures of these two murderers, as presented via the medias, showed both with the same pinned pupils; they both looked like they were on the same drug. 

That Colorado movie theatre mass murder wasn't enough, but the children did it. The Government needs to terrorize the American citizenry in order to get them to surrender their rights, so that the Government will protect them. 


In this U.S.A., the physicians, psychologists, psychiatrist walk on water, how dare that such diagnosis be made as to the mental state of these murderers by the media and Government. These medical people will indignantly warn that only a professional can make a determination as to who is crazy or insane. This Web Site finds no information that discloses these two murderers were insane prior to their unthinkable murders; there is something else going on here.


Oh, you say, there have been such atrocities in human history. Those kinds of murders happen when governments get involved, it is wars when many innocent people are murdered and then there is the ethnic cleansing as seen in Germany after its defeat of World War II..

The 20 year old boy that killed those kindergarten children was talking to someone before he did that  unthinkable. That's why he had to kill some evidence and destroy some evidence before the massacre. But he didn't destroy all the evidence, maybe it was him that destroyed the evidence! If authorities find evidence as to what that 20 year old murderer of  toddlers did before the murders and who he was talking to they will stop. They will be told by higher authorities that what they found does not exist. That 1+1 does not equal 2.

That 20 year old kid was sort out as the weak mind they need to use so they can control a human being. They are easy to find because they seek out professional help and most of the programs are sponsored and funded by the government. These people with mental maladies talk to therapists, who turn them over or recommend them to another program at another organization. They are interrogated, debriefed and categorized in hope to find that perfect fit of a person that is susceptible to their latest techniques of mind control.

Governments, especially the U.S., has been experimenting with drugs and methods to control the human being's behavior for decades. Factions of governments secretly delight in their objective of controlling the human mind, to get the human to do something the government wants done with impunity. 

The Governments are always looking for better ways to kill. New weapons are their ultimate goal - they spend fortunes for that next secret weapon.

But it isn't just the U.S. military/intelligence factions, the Israelis are known for successful Manchurian Candidates. They had insanity cases murder the Prime Minister of Sweden in 1986 and in 2003 the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Why? Because Sweden made it their national policy to expose human rights  violations around the Globe. The Jews have always had their own apartheid system in that Jewish state of Israel. They murder the indigenous people of that land with impunity because they are the Authorities. When those Swedish leaders started criticizing Israel for their human rights violations they were silenced.

The governments are always looking for methods of control. Controlling the human mind for murder is a secret weapon.

The Great Ronald Reagan took office as President of this U.S.A. in January of 1981 and within 30 days an "insanity case" shot him and came very close to getting Trilateral Commission member and New World Order Candidate, George Bush, in as President. It is always a lone crazed gunman, without anything else. Reagan put an 8 year damper on the progress of the New World Order control of the U.S.A.

Some are blaming violence in the media for the violence that has occurred in the U.S. in the last several decades. They claim the Newtown murderer was playing violent or assault video's. So do millions. The claim is that mentally ill people are impressionable when they play these videos. What the talking heads on TV., of all  places, forget is that this here U.S.A. has far less violent media then back in Old America of the 1950s and early 1960s. What is this guy talking about? 

In the 1950's and early 1960s the television networks filled their prime time weekly feature shows with literally 100's of Westerns and military shows. Steve McQueen was a Bounty Hunter and killed at least one person every week on, Wanted Dead or Alive, with his specially modified repeating cowboy rifle. Clint Eastwood, then in his 20's, was Rowdy Yates on Rawhide and like Richard Boone as Paladin and Chuck Connors the Rifleman killed at least one bad guy every episode. The New World Order started a social crusade to ban violence on TV. and compliments of the U.S. Federal - F.C.C. all violence was voided from the TV. air waves before 1970. Those New World Order Social Design forces couldn't tolerate those strong white role models overcoming the forces of evil and defending themselves against overwhelming odds. The New World Order is helpless against a society modeled with such culture values. The young people don't watch the cable channels that feature re-runs of Nick Adams, as Johnie Yuma the Rebel, who, every episode, overcomes overwhelming odds and defeats the evil and injustice that he faces causing him to defend himself with a gun while he roamed through the West.

So why blame the TV there is far less available violence on TV in the decades since 1970. In the 1950's such violence that the American society experiences over the last 4 decades was unheard off.  

True, the U.S. media cannot be believed, they have an Agenda. The U.S. media cannot be believed about anything surrounding the Newtown, Conn. murders.


Why? What would be the government's motive?

This time guns are the motive. The strategy is to cause a crime so horrid with guns that not even gun rights advocates can refuse Government restrictions allegedly aimed to stop kindergarten toddlers from this end. If the crime with a gun is horrid enough the citizens, it is believed by the New World Order Government that now runs the U.S., will give up their rights in order to be protected and the children be protected.


The U.S. government is already guilty of similar activity

The U.S. government, via the U.S. Attorney General and U.S. B.A.T.F., with the leadership of U.S. President Obama have already been caught doing the unthinkable in order to attempt to shock the American people into giving up their gun rights. What was this Government's plan? The U.S. Federal Government sold guns to the Mexican Mafia. The big Government Plan was to sell the guns to the Mexican Mafia hoping those guns in the hands of the Mexican Mafia would cause crime and terror in the U.S. and result in the American Citizenry agreeing to give up their rights to own firearms and give the U.S. Government extended search and seizure rights, so the U.S. population can be protected. 

Governments in history have murdered innocent toddlers, why do you think it can't happen in this here U.S.A. - we have different people running this country than just a few years ago. While Eisenhower and Regan were busy with the Soviets and Red Chinese, Obama's energies are directed at domestic and social change and imposing a new value set on this  U.S.A.

If selling guns to the Mexican Mafia isn't enough what kind of man stands by and lets everyone in a U.S. embassy be murdered and then gets caught lying about the entire incident?

This Obama initially, when he was first elected, wanted to form his own "civil police force" and then somebody told him it wasn't a good idea. Another level of police in the "New American Police State", why? Obama wants to  enforce his  "fairness doctrines". Obama decides the definition of "fairness" in order to crusade his cause which is the colored people getting special privileges and unlimited welfare at the expense of the working whites, who are taxed until their nose bleeds.

Men of power murder toddlers and they use any method necessary to get power.

In history there have been many men of power that murdered anyone and everyone as a matter of policy. This guy Obama wants to get guns out of the hands of Americans. The reason the Original Americans included their most strongly worded Amendment, the Second Amendment, in the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights was to defend against the new Federal government that their American Colonists' Revolution of 1775 ended up creating. Hunting? Guns and hunting for food was presumed not a specially designated right.


What will happen when men capable of such murders get the guns away from the American so he can't defend himself. What are such men capable of ? More murder?

Obama on a 1-16-13 televised speech said he only wanted to ban the large capacity gun clips and ban so-called assault rifles. The assault rifles Obama is talking about are semi-automatic rifles, not real assault rifles. No government in the world would arm their soldiers with the semi automatic rifles that Obama claims are assault rifles/weapons. Armies around the world are armed by the governments with fully automatic weapons. Fully automatic weapons/rifles are also called machine guns which only require one pull of the trigger to empty all their ammunition. Obama's assault rifles require the operator to pull the trigger each time a bullet fires; a huge difference. Machine guns are banned for purchase by the U.S. citizenry since the early 1920's when the black markets of Prohibition caused Jewish and Italian gangsters to use them in defense of their newly acquired profits.

When Obama gets his new gun laws passed there will be another unexplainable murder by another crazed insanity case. And Obama and his New World Order power group, controlled by Jews, will create another opportunity to ban more guns and the American's right to defend themselves. Obama wants Control not freedom and liberty for the Americans.