New Phony/False Arrest for Cops Contraband Pending - Stay Tuned




The Chapter  of this Web Site which discloses the illegalities of Federal Judge Mark Wolf would have been almost completed today, Sunday 6-17-12, but on Friday evening 6-15-12 the Lee, Mass. Police and Fire Dept staged a dress rehearsal for what appears to be a new false arrest of Michael Elbery. Michael Elbery lives on a remote country road in Lee, Mass.. At about 7:00pm Friday evening, 6-15-12, two Lee, Mass. police cars blocked off Old Pleasant St. in front of the next residence to Elbery's. The two Lee police officers exited their cruisers while the blue lights remained flashing. In the distance was the siren noise from a Lee, Mass. fire truck which arrived and parked in front of Michael Elbery's residence. 7 firemen exited that fire engine/truck. The firemen appeared to be confused but after a pause walked over to the two cops and then turned around and got back into their fire truck.

Right, I know what your saying - those are the "heroes" and they can do no wrong. The firemen will be back to 120 Old Pleasant St., Lee, Mass. in the near future claiming there is a fire in the 4 unit apartment building where Elbery lives and that they have the right to enter Michael Elbery's apartment without a search warrant. The Lee, Mass. police will also enter Michael Elbery's apartment and drop contraband that they will claim they saw in "plain and obvious sight". They will then arrest Elbery for distribution of drugs and get him, once again, off the streets so he can no longer exercise his free speech as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of  the U.S. Constitution and crusade for his quest for justice and expose the likes of Federal Judge Mark Wolf. Does this sound familiar? These cops and judges and prosecutors et al., seem to have run out of tricks. See this web site's chapter on the E-z Mini storage fire and the chapter on "The Number One Now"