"Host Gator" Sold to Jews for $250,000,000.00 - Michael Elbery makes a Fortune for another Web Host




This Web Site was brought to you via a company in Texas named "Host Gator" for about a year. That's right, the Web Site that Michael Elbery built/wrote/designed was stored on a computer server down in Texas and did come to you on your computer through the Internet from that Web Host - "Host Gator".  Just like this Web Site's previous Web Host - "Net Firms" that got sold for big money, in late '10, "Host Gator" got bought out in July 2012 also by Endurance International

The Price Endurance International paid for "Host Gator" was an unbelievable $250,000,000.00 for the Web Host business which is in a highly competitive extremely low margin business. To make the deal even sweeter, Endurance International is leasing back Host Gator's office space in several cities in Texas; although "Host Gator" owned a large portfolio of real estate (server locations and office buildings) the real estate was not included for the price of $250M. You don't believe it just do a Google search.

Endurance International is a company headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts and incorporated in Massachusetts. According to Massachusetts corporate records and articles on the Internet, Endurance International is owned by Jews, although they use an Indian as a front man and C.E.O.. The major Stockholders are Jews, including K.K.R..

According to  articles on the Internet, the owner of "Host Gator", Brent Oxley, was a tuff deal. Oxley literally had to be bribed to sell his business and the deal required Endurance International get substantial financing from Credit Suisse ( a Swiss Bank). The web hosts that Endurance International has bought over the last several years have cost much less money than $250M. Oxley started "Host Gator" in 2002 from his college dormitory, according to Internet articles. Does he know why the Jews were willing to overpay him so much for his company? It was massinjustice.org and Michael Elbery makes another web host a fistful of dollars to the tune of $250M.  

Michael Elbery and his Web Sites were the object of this Endurance International buyout of "Host Gator" and Elbery's web sites (becketwoodswatch.net & massinjustice.org) will be censored/barred, again, by Endurance International just as happened when Endurance International bought out Elbery's first Web Host - "Net Firms". What do you expect - Jews from Massachusetts! As Michael Elbery, via his Web Site, MassInjustice. Org turns up the heat in exposing the Jews for their illegalities, including Chief Justice of the Federal District of Massachusetts - Judge Mark Wolf, the Jews hunt him in interfere/obstruct every activity of his life. 

Endurance International upon buying "Host Gator" immediately downloaded virus into Elbery's computer in attempt to destroy it. Destroying a web host's customer's computer with virus is made easy when the customer is uploading his Web Site changes to the Web Host's server. Security software on the customer's computer will not stop the downloaded virus from the Web Host when the customer is uploading to the source of the virus. Endurance International was successful in destroying Elbery's last computer when they bought out "Net Firms" and then they claimed that many files to his web site, MassInjustice.Org, were destroyed during  server "migration" causing that Web Site not to be accessible on the Internet for a short period of time.

Their vandalism is futile. Elbery's files and Web Sites are backed-up in several locations by various media formats. Endurance International destroyed Michael Elbery's last computer but all his files and data and Web Sites were safe because of his back-up systems. It took Elbery several months to re-build his Web Site MassInjustice.Org after Endurance International's first attack. This time, ( purchase of Host Gator by Endurance International), Elbery caught Endurance International before they could do any permanent damage to his computer. After uploading changes to his web site, massinjustice.org, he had virus problems with his computer which he fixed. Then, Elbery also did a Google search and found that his web host, "Host Gator", had just been sold to Endurance International. What a coincidence!



It is gratifying to see Jews wasting money while paying stupid high prices for web hosts in order to enforce their expensive method of censorship. In other words, you Jewish people are  going to have to spend/waste a lot more money buying out web hosts to get massinjustice.org off the Internet because there are still many web hosts to choose from. MassInjustice.org and all the computer files you have tried to destroy are  backed up over a dozen times and in some cases copies have been sent to people and locations that are not even aware what is on the saved medium. There are copies in a safety deposit box in N.H. and Southern Canada that are updated twice and once a year, respectively.

Spend some more millions Endurance International

Michael Elbery is going to make another Web Host rich because unfortunately for the Jews and their money at Endurance International he has already changed Web Hosts. Endurance International has not been successful in removing my Web Site MassInjustice.Org from the World Free Internet and they will never get any return on their "investment" in "Host Gator", nor will they ever get their money back through the relatively small profits that "Host Gator" produces. 

First Knight Capital losing Millions and going bankrupt to get Michael Elbery and now Endurance International pays a ransom of $250Million to get to Elbery's web site, via "Host Gator", removed from the Internet. 

I must be doing something right if so many lousy people want to put me out of business, stop my free speech, stop my documented illegalities of judicial people like Federal Judge Mark Wolf, and falsely throw me in prisons and violate my rights. Hey you idiots spend some more millions, I'm not for sale, but I will cost you billions before this story of injustice ends. You can't turn back time; Hundreds of readers have downloaded copies of the Web Site - MassInjustice.org. And to make it worse for you, at April 2014 over 70,000 (40,000 since mid Oct. '12 when Judge Wolf's Chapter was published) people have now read that web site since 2007. And the Web Site still has more chapters to be completed. Even the U.N.'s Amnesty International has a copy. Those copies on magnetic disks can be around for a long time.



You have to give the Jew credit. The Jew has absolutely taken over the United States. Now, they are buying up web hosts, in an attempt to censor and control the Internet.