Heart Disease Cure & Prevention and Cancer Prevention




I bet you think that gravity is the "mutual attraction between objects", or a "gravitational pull". Newton, was able to calculate gravitation forces, but admitted he did not know what gravity was or what caused it. Newton was clear that all forces in the Universe are a "push" and that there are no forces that "pulls" in nature.

Today's Physician and greater Medical Industry, via the Drug Manufacturers, are dumbfounded by "Heart Disease", formerly called "Hardening of the Arteries" in the middle of the 20th Century. If your arteries' inside diameter is shrinking because of cholesterol and certain minerals collecting on burs caused by "free radicals" in the blood stream the doctor can't help you. Some will say the surgeon can do a by-pass on arteries at the human heart. That's hard medicine.

Here's an easier way. Pomegranate Juice. Yes, 100% pure, in the juice bottle, Pomegranate Juice. The cure has been around for years and just in the last few decades did the news spread to Professional Body Builders who inject anabolic steroids for a living; most anabolic steroids, like Testosterone, are cholesterol. It is a high price for those Drug Addict Body Builders with the humanly impossible muscles to pay because their cholesterol levels go abnormally sky high and they have heart attacks at a young age, except the smart ones who have the proper resources. The Pomegranate Juice works to keep these very abusive Steroid injecting Body Builders' arteries clear from plaque build up due to the unnaturally excessive cholesterol they inject into themselves, via Anabolic Steroids.

Some of these body builders drink a bottle of Pomegranate Juice a day, cost about $5 for a 32 oz. bottle, and then they eat mega-loads of Kale which is high in a rare K-2 vitamin. Vitamin K-2 will also help clean your arteries of all that plaque that has hardened on the inside of your arteries.

According to research done by this Web Site a group of physicians gave a group of "walking dead" heart diseased patients several teaspoons of Pomegranate Juice a day. After six months these people, who were counting on dying, survived. Testing of their arteries revealed that 30% of caked plaque inside their arteries was gone. Now using teaspoons per day is just silly, at a minimum one would drink no less than 8 ounces a day. Just like any fruit juice.

The explanation - the harmless Pomegranate Juice causes Nitric Oxide to be produced by the human body; the human body naturally produces Nitric Oxide. Try L - Arginine which is an amino acid that makes up Protein needed by the human body; that required amino acid also causes Nitric Oxide to be produced. You can buy L- Arginine like vitamins in capsule form from any distributor that sells vitamins.


Another Cure for Clogged Arteries - Vitamin E Tocotrienols

Vitamin E Tocotrienols (not the regular old Tocopherols) is another cure for hardening of the arteries. This rare form of Vitamin E, Tocotrienols, is derived from the South American Quill and costs more than an already expensive standard form of Vitamin E (Tocopherols). Go to the internet and do a Google Seach to find this high test Vitamin E - Tocotrienols, but most vitamin suppliers like GNC or Swanson etc., all sell it.

Here's even better news - none of  this stuff can hurt you like the expensive drugs the physician plays games with. In fact, it is all good for you. Vitamin E is required as is K-2 and K-1, the Pomegranate is not required but is just another fruit juice, Kale is also a harmless yet nutritious vegtable. No harm is caused by these cures.


Don't like the Cure then take the Prevention - Anti-Oxidants to the Rescue

There is also a prevention for "hardening of the arteries" or today called "heart disease". Anti-Oxidants. Yes, Anti-Oxidants will prevent the "Free Radical" from attaching to the inside diameter of your artery and forming a bur. Without this bur on the inside diameter of your artery, the cholesterol would have nothing to catch on to while traveling through your blood system. The bur caused by the Free Radical is like a broken branch that collects debris from a rushing river and over time the "Free Radical" collects cholesterol and you get plaque build up or "heart disease". 


Is this Guy Nuts there's No Cure for Cancer - Try a Well known Scientist's Prevention

Scientist Linus Pauling found, as a result of his experiments, that if you took a gram of Vitamin C a day it would prevent cancer. Pauling was clear that once you get cancer the Vitamin C won't cure it. But Pauling was convinced, as a result of his experiments, that Cancer would be prevented with a daily regimen of Vitamin C. Try green leafy vegetables daily they are also thought to be a combatant against cancer. Probably all fruits and vegetables with all their enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals are also beneficial.

The physicians will claim Vitamin C is of no use for anything concerning health and will pooh-pooh the idea of Cancer Prevention. The physician knows nothing of nutrition and believes the required, by the human body, vitamins and minerals that people take are a waste of time. The physician only looks to drugs with all their adverse effects. Vitamin C is something everyone should get every day and it is water and air soluble, so there is not even a danger of taking too much. If the Vitamin C and green leafy vegetables won't stop all cancers maybe it will work to prevent some types and causes, but they won't cause any damage, are cheap, and are required nutrition. So you got everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Do a Google Search - there are many claims for Cancer cures and prevention from outside the U.S.A.. In Europe they have claimed for many years that Vitamin E - Tocotrienols will defeat cancer. This web Site has no first hand experience or observation about Cancer Cures or Prevention. If you have a prevention you may never know that it worked; you'll never know what would have happened if you didn't take the prevention. But Vitamin C and the nutrition that are in green leafy vegetables and other fruits and vegetables are absolutely required by the human body.

The drug companies have been looking for a "cure" for Cancer for decades. These drug companies raise Billions of Dollars just from Charitable Contributions every year. These same drug companies have come up with a few astronomically expensive "drug treatments" that cause a "revolving door customer" for them and the greedy physicians, but a cure will never make the doctors and Drug Companies any money. Some of the expensive drug treatments only prevent death for 6 months. Additionally, there are are at least two dozen drug companies on the U.S. Stock Exchanges that have taken in Billions upon Billions of investment money over the last few decades and do nothing but cancer research; the money goes to huge salaries and capital investment spent on research while they claim there is no profit. Are they looking for a cure?

Drug companies and physicians are like so many other authorities in our Society, they are the modern day Scribes and Pharisees that control us for their own devices. The services of these people are to be used when beneficial but not be totally believed and relied on. Men of greed and power should always be held suspect; they see Society as the masses that are to be the means to their control and profit.