Greenspan, the Federal Reserve,  the Planned 2008 Collapse, the "Back Door Bail Outs", & the Future "Economic Winter"




Greenspan manipulates U.S. interest rates via Federal Funds Rate

Listen to the Financial Networks on Cable T.V., and every once in a while a financial analyst will reveal that the Federal Reserve "creates money out of thin air". No such daring analyst is allowed enough air time to explain to the American Public that the Federal Reserve is prohibited by law from taxing or issuing debt to obtain funds; the analyst is quickly cut-off with a commercial and their interview ends or the host makes sure the topic is terminated. The Federal Reserve of the U.S.A. is funded by accounting entries created on their computers to Bank Accounts all over the country. Contrary to what the U.S. news media misleads, the Federal Reserve does not "Print Money". Imagine if they had to print and transport currency (paper money) in the amount of $85 billion a month. Ya, that's what they are spending a month in 2013 to bail out the U.S. Treasury and make feeble attempt to revive the U.S. housing industry.

But No One dares expose Allan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman 1987 through 2006, for his part in destroying the Economy of the United State of America. Without Allan Greenspan there would have been no Financial Crisis of 2008 or the Great Recession and Goldman Sachs would not have received a "Back Door Bailout" of $60 Billion for an investment of $60 million. Alan Greenspan single handily torpedoed the Economy of the U.S.A. causing the Financial Crisis of 2008.

Does the Federal Reserve have hit squads that have been rumored to exist for decades and used against anyone who reveals that the money in the U.S. is no longer backed by anything, including the Gold in Fort Knox, Kentucky, but is "created out of thin air" through accounting entries to bank accounts in the U.S.A. via their "Money Creation"? This "Money Creation" is authorized by Federal Law. Every Central Bank in the World has the legal authority to "Create Money" out of thin air. There is no Sovereign on the Planet that has any backing to its currency or money supply; not one country on the planet Earth has backed its money in many decades.

However, the system of "Money Creation," as authorized by Federal Law, was never abused until Alan Greenspan took over the Federal Reserve and fulfilled his dream of making money out of thin air, so that his Jewish friends could position themselves to reap unheard of wealth by filling out paperwork. The tools of the Federal Reserve depends on honest responsible people in control, as it was prior to his majesty - Alan Greenspan.


How did Allan Greenspan Cause the Financial Crisis of 2008? First Greenspan Pumps the Economy Up!

The American People are constantly told that the Financial Crisis of 2008 was caused by the Housing Bubble Bursting. No, it was caused by Greenspan letting the air out of the Housing Bubble and the entire U.S. Economy.

Greenspan was busy in 2001 through 2004 reducing the Federal Funds interest rate to 1%; this in turn caused cheap money to flood the Economy of the U.S.A.  . All the Economic Booms from 1987 through 2006 were fueled by phony money created by the Fed and loaned to the banks via the Federal Funds and its synthetically set low interest rates. The U.S. housing industry was a target to all the artificially set low interest rates.


The U.S. Economy and in particular the housing industry booms while interest rates are set low because of the cheap Federal Funds money that was plentiful causing cheap loans and mortgages. Speculation in housing was facilitated and encouraged.

Up until his retirement in 2006, Greenspan advices the American home buyers to take advantage of the Adjusted Rate Mortgages (the interest rate changes after 5 years depending on prime interest rates) in order to obtain their lower mortgage rates; many home owners fixed in at the low rates, temporarily. These Adjusted Rate Mortgages caused massive mortgage defaults when Greenspan forced  interest rates up via the Federal Funds rate. Had home owners fixed in at 30 year mortgages a large percentage of mortgage defaults would have been avoided and homeowners who fell for Greenspan's advice would not have suffered the consequences of  the high interest rates Greenspan created later.

Additional Financial Product innovation include MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) which enable financial institutions to obtain investor funds to finance sub prime mortgages while generating large fees.

Thousands of U.S. mortgages are wrapped up into one debt security called a Mortgage Back Securities (MBS) which are frequently no more than bundled bad mortgages sold by U.S. financial institutions around the artificially liquidity infested world as investors look for higher rates of return. 


Greenspan is responsible for regulation on derivatives, including Credit Default Swaps (CDS), being lifted by the U.S. Congress in 2000, and as early as 1997 Greenspan fights to keep derivatives deregulated. The Federal S.E.C. (Securities Exchange Commission) eliminated the "Uptick Rule" which allowed the Jewish "Market Makers" to team up and drive a stock down through short selling, unobstructed.

By 2003 the supply of mortgages originated at traditional lending standards had been exhausted causing strong demand to drive down lending standards.

Relaxation of underwriting standards on Debt Securities and rating agencies policies follow.

The capital requirements (net capital rule) by banks is reduced in 2004 by SEC (Federal Securities & Exchange Commission), allowing banks to take on substantially more leveraged debt, causing another contributing factor to growth in MBS and supporting sub prime mortgages.

Investors, including Sovereigns, search the World for higher returns on their capital investments and pass on U.S. Federal debt issues in favor of of MBS and CDO's (Credit Default Obligations) up until 2008.

The Shadow Banking System (hedge funds and Investment Bankers) are not subject to the same regulation as depository banks allowing more leveraged debt to that Shadow Banking System.

The Shadow Banking System borrows short term from a liquid market created by Greenspan while purchasing long-term assets. This meant that disruptions in the credit markets would make them subject to rapid de-leveraging, and selling their long term assets at depressed prices.

The derivatives (Credit Default Swaps) that are unregulated thanks to Greenspan's effort provide a means where MBS are multiplied 1000 times by naked CDS  holders betting on same financial  instrument (MBS & CDO's). Similar to 1000's of non-owners insuring the same house betting it will burn to the ground so they can collect full value of that house they have no ownership in. By November of 2008 debt covered by CDS's estimated between $33 -$47 Trillion

AIG and Bear Stearns sell CDS to insure these MBS & CDO's (Credit Default Obligations). These companies provide no reserves to back possibility of future losses.

At the same time Goldman Sachs is busy bundling MBS that they know are junk and will soon be worthless.

Goldman Sachs bets, via naked CDS bought from AIG, against the MBS they sold for Billions around the world to large investors who were assured the underlying mortgages were credit worthy. That's right Goldman Sachs bundled bad mortgages (MBS) and sold them around the World to investors via MBS, and then, knowing these Mortgages would default and knowing Greenspan would kill the U.S. Economy by raising interest rates bought naked CDS's betting the MBS's they sold would default. 

During this period of  low interest rates (2001-2004) caused by Greenspan, the housing market increases causing mortgages to multiply as do Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS).

Average U.S. house prices increase 124% from '97 to 2006.

U.S. household debt increases by 2008 to 290% of GDP v. 1981 U.S. household  debt was 123% of GDP.

Debt taken on by U.S. Financial institutions increased from 64% of GDP in 1997 to114% of GDP in 2007. 


Greenspan to the Rescue - kills the U.S. Economy with high interest rates - Good Bye Air

Then, via 17 increments, Greenspan upped the Federal Funds interest rates from 1% in 2004  to 5 1/4% in 2006 until the cost of loans and mortgages became so expensive that commerce slowed and housing industry stopped. Americans could no longer buy houses because mortgage interest rates became to high; commercial loans also price out due to Greenspan dictating high interest rates.

During a televised  U.S. Congressional Hearing in 2005 on C - Span a Southern State Congressman screams that Greenspan is going to cause a recession. In return at that Congressional Hearing, Greenspan babbles in "Greenspeak".

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan let the air out, (cheap money) of the Bubble of a U.S. Economy, as planned.



As Greenspan forces interest rates  up from 2004-2006, existing Mortgage Backed Securities command a lower price in the market. Interest rates on ARM's increase along with  payments causing mortgage foreclosures. 

As borrowers stop paying their mortgages (due to the inability to refinance underwater ARM's, negative equity, or loss of employment) foreclosures and the supply of homes for sale increases. This places downward pressure on housing prices, which further lowers homeowners' equity. The decline in mortgage payments also reduce the value of MBS, which erode the net worth and financial health of banks. This in turn reduces lending that banks can support, which slows down commerce and business investment. The stock markets begin to decline.

Reduction in the housing and stock markets and the slowing commerce/economy causes a reduction in net worth resulting in consumers spending less, business earnings are impaired, which increases unemployment. And the downhill economic "snowball effect" doesn't stop.

Highly Leveraged banks hold Mortgage Backed Securities and the reduction in market value causes inadequate capital requirements. Credit market is impaired.

Many large Financial Institutions complied with Accounting Regulation in the U.S. and marked down MBS and CDO's to the deflated market value. Some of these mark-downs triggered margin calls forcing more sales of MBS in an emergency effort to obtain cash. The mark-downs in MBS also reduce the value of bank regulatory capital causing the need for more forced sales of assets.

The recession that started in 2007 that was caused by Greenspan's high interest rates causes unemployment and more mortgage defaults. Additionally, demand shrinks, credit tightens, commerce downshifts. Speculation in housing stops by 2007 as does the home building industry all due to Greenspan's enforced high interest rates.

By 2007 the demand for MBS is further subdued as Institutional Investors stop buying and big Investment Houses are stuck with MBS's  by these factors and they collapse in value. 

By 2008 both consumers and businesses are de-leveraging (selling assets) and pulling back on purchases and investments causing declining asset values to crash. This causes more layoffs and unemployment.

Financial institutions de-leverage at the same time to pay debt because funds are no longer available  causing their assets, including MBS, to further decrease in market value. All financial institutions can't de-leverage at the same time without significant asset value decline.

The risks of highly leveraged, short term funded financial firms with concentrated exposure to long term collapsing assets led to a cascading of firms failures. Some firms had large Counter party credit risk exposure and the sudden  and disorderly failure of one firm risked triggering losses elsewhere (contagion) not just U.S. but World wide; the banking system freezes in fear and global stock markets crash.

Holders of CDS learn they are worthless  because companies like Bear Stearns and A.I.G. provided No reserves for losses caused by the CDS they wrote and sold to guarantee MBS. This CDS problem accelerated the crash and banking crisis of 2008 and Panic in the Financial Markets in the U.S. and World Wide. Counter party risks transverse oceans.

Bear Stearns wrote CDS as guarantor and provided no reserve funds like AIG. No one went to jail - for writing knowingly worthless CDS that were supposed to  insure the Trillions of dollars worth of MBS worldwide and would be, after maestro Greenspan's interest rate and de-regulation tricks, the biggest factor in causing the Banking Crisis of 2008.

The panic and credit freeze causes Commercial paper funds to be non-existent; the Federal Reserve steps in and becomes "the lender of only resort."

 During the period 2005-2007, according to J.P. Morgan -Chase, the average recovery rate for liquidated high quality CDO's was 32 cents on the dollar; the average recovery rate on mezzanine CDO's was about 5 cents on the dollar. These drastic losses cause write downs of balance sheets of large financial institutions and no capital.

Stock markets world wide plunge once panic sets in, the Banking System is insolvent and freezes, trillions of dollars of investors money vaporizes due to the Collapse of the Financial System in 2008. Many Financial Institutions seek Government Bail Outs and are rescued by the U.S. Treasury because it is claimed they are TOO BIG TO FAIL and would cause World Wide Financial Contagion Collapse.

All Goldman Sachs competitors go out of business because of the collapse in MBS. In addition to their Back Door Bailout, Goldman gets a $10 Billion TARP contribution from the U.S. Treasury compliments of former Goldman Sachs C.E.O. Henry Paulson. Goldman deposits the TARP money in their reserve account with the Fed and collects above market interest rates. How did an unregulated Investment Banker of Goldman Sachs immediately become eligible for a bailout? They immediately filled out some paperwork and presto Goldman became a bank!

Fed Chairman Bernake and Treasurer Henry Paulson push a $700 million dollar Bailout through the U.S. Congress; this Bail Out is called the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act" which implemented the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). Bailouts and Quantitative Easing (QE) make sure rich "Too Big to Fail" investors that leveraged at 40 - 1 get paid, all at the expense of the American taxpayer.

From 2007-2008 American's lose 25% of their wealth via decrease in housing, stocks, unemployment, recession. Housing value in U.S. decrease by $6 Trillion from 2006 - 2009.

Greenspan's cheap phony money vaporizes in the Financial Crash of 2008 only to be replaced by with Bernake's cheap phony money (QE 1, 2, 3) projects of 2008 through 2013 that will, in part, go to finance "Bail Outs" of the Federal Treasury's deficit.

Greenspan claimed, per that 2004 newspaper article, that he needed to raise interest rates in 2004, via the Federal Funds Rate, in order to attract Foreign investment of U.S. Dollars, lost by the U.S. through the trade Deficits (Current Account), into Treasury Debt; at the same time Greenspan also claimed he was saving the American consumer from inflation caused by the declining value of the dollar which higher interest rates and a stronger dollar would reverse. Pretty Good, Greenspan drives up interest rates and kills the U.S. economy in the name of saving the American Citizen from inflation caused by the massive trade deficit and resulting falling dollar; the result was inflation got worse due to the collapse of 2008 and the phony Fed money used to plug the leaking Dyke of the U.S. economy. At any rate, the U.S. citizen and U.S. economy were far worse after Greenspan jacked up the interest rates from 2004-2006 than prior.

It is worth  noting that the new issuance of Treasury Debt was so high in 2004 that it required a staggering funding of $2.6 Billion in cash per day. At 2013 the U.S. debt funding requirement is greater. If the private sector is  relied on to purchase a large majority of the Federal Debt at 2013 there will be an Economic Contraction because of the liquidity that will be sucked out of the U.S. Economy and the higher yields resulting on T-Debt will cause interest rates higher.



Why Did Allan Greenspan Engage such tactics to Cause a Credit Collapse and the 2008 Financial Crisis -  Goldman Sachs $$$$$ fraud & gets rich off World Economic Collapse

Alan Greenspan hit the road in 2006. He retired as the revered financial genius that ran the Federal Reserve and was responsible for one the most affluent economic epochs in U.S. history. None would say, if they dared to know, that it was all a product of fraud. The booms of Greenspan's reign were a product of "Money Creation" by the Federal Reserve and its Federal Funds and that cheap money being loaned to the banks.

Alan fooled a lot of people. Greenspan also came complete with his own language, so that when he spoke no one could understand his "Gooney Bird" babbling; the fools thought Greenspan's deliberate destruction of the English language had to be a sign of Intelligence of this Great Man. "Greenspeak" is nothing but "Double Talk"; Double Talk is tool that has been used by Con - Artists for Centuries.

During the period of time that the U.S. achieved its greatness, the Federal Reserve did not exist. The government did not create financial/economic greatness of the U.S. but stayed out of the way and barely supplemented the Great Industrialist and Inventors that made the U.S.A. Great. 

In today's U.S.A. market factors don't control interest rates but the Fed's rates on interest and the Fed's "Money Creation", which all allows tampering with money supply and entire economy of the U.S.A..

By 2006, Alan Greenspan knew what he created ( pieces in place for the financial collapse of 2008 and the Great Recession) and he wanted out while the getting out was good. Greenspan headed for the hills and retired - he knew what was coming. Your majesty - Mr. Tricky Jew Greenspan. You can't fool all the people all the time.

Greenspan ran away when everything was great - leaving a legacy of a booming economy  while he had already set all the pieces in  place to collapse the U.S. Economy resulting in windfall fortunes, all produced by paper, for his friends. Greenspan's friends produce their wealth by betting on Financial Markets that they control, unlike the Great Industrialist of past eras who invented and manufactured a product that changed the world for the better to make their fortunes.  Even the Greatest Banker of all time, J.P. Morgan, used his financial genius to cause manufactured products, inventions, and transportation systems (Morgan paid for the Panama Canal). Not Rigged bets like CDS that cheating dogs like Lloyd Blankfien and his Goldman Sachs used to create 60 billion with no money down - just paper work (CDS betting slips).

Morgan invested real money that was a product of profits and earnings and savings not Money Supply manipulations of the Fed's "Money Creation" that is loaned to banks and used to Bail Out the U.S. Treasury. The Jew thinks he's outsmarting everyone else; the Jew misses the point - the Jew is doing what other people are taught not to do and don't want to do. The Jews' culture has always been exploitation of the masses for the "Chosen People" and "the end justifies the means". Market Manipulations, Grand Larceny, fraud, conspiracy and influence peddling and Jews in position so they can't get caught, all resulting in the collapsing of Economies so the Jew gets ultra rich. Others seek invention and creation of knowledge and technology that results in wealth.

Goldman Sachs was buying naked CDS on Billions of Dollars worth of MBS that they bundled and knew were junk. They knew their cheap bets would pay off at a rate of a 1000 times their investment and in quick time; Goldman's fraud depended on their ally-Greenspan destroying the U.S. Economy by forcing up interest rates with his synthetically high Federal Funds interest rates. Greenspan got rid of regulation on derivatives, including CDS, and jacked the interest rates up (after first sucking the world in with his low interest rates) to insure that the MBS and everything else collapsed. Goldman Sachs bet thru CDS that the MBS they bundled and sold would default and be worth zero. They made profit of $60Billion on the difference.

When the U.S. Economy started its downward snowball effect the MBS and  CDO's defaulted - Goldman Sachs and their Jewish owners were sitting pretty - they managed to collapse the U.S. Economy and get filthy rich at the same time. The worse things got the more Goldman Sachs made.


But AIG like Bear Stearns could not pay off on the CDS bets they took from Goldman Sachs and others like Goldman. One small division/subsidiary of AIG - "Financial Products Division" of that company wrote Trillions of Dollars in CDS insurance policies with no money in reserves to back the losses they contracted to cover. That small division of AIG made it bankrupt due to it guaranteeing through CDS's of MBS and CDO's. AIG would require a $180Billion Dollar "Bail Out" because its "Financial Product Division" wrote fraudulent CDS's.

Goldman wasn't worried those Jews had everything planned as their Jewish Conspiracy was complete with a white man positioned as the U.S. Treasurer and a lame duck President of the United States who is a Bilderberger (Bush II). Henry Paulson, a white man, had been specially appointed as Treasurer of the U.S.A. in 2006 for future consideration and occasions. Henry had his bread well buttered to betray the Americans, no wonder every time he appeared on newscasts back in 2008 he was so stressed out he was sweating.

AIG was bailed out in 2008 for $180 Billion by U.S. Treasurer Henry Paulson who had headed Goldman Sachs from 1999-2006. In late 2008, the U.S. Congress passed the Bail Out without reading it; Congress was told to rush to passage of the Bail Out or it will be the "End of the World". Henry Paulson was specially appointed U.S. Treasurer for two years just in time so he could do the dirty work for his Jewish friends. Of that $180 Billion, $60 Billion went to Goldman Sachs "Back Door Bailout".

Goldman Sachs was paid in full for their naked CDS bets on the bad mortgages they bundled (MBS) and sold by the Billions of Dollars to unsuspecting suckers (mostly large German Banks) all over the World. They made almost pure profit of $60 billion as a result of the "Back Door Bail Out". Through the 180 Billion Dollar Bailout of A.I.G. the American Taxpayers put $60 billion in the pockets of a bunch of Crooks that run Goldman Sacks. The biggest Crook was Head Jew -  Lloyd Blankfien, who was starting at 2006, and at this writing of 2013, is still the Chairman of the Board and C.E.O. at Goldman Sachs. No one in the world of finance, especially financial fund managers and analysts, say anything about this Goldman Sachs Fraudulent $60 Billion "Back Door Bailout" or they will be fired and ruined by the Jewish Market Makers who control the Stock Exchanges and know what everyone is buying, selling, or holding in financial instruments World Wide, particularly in the U.S. Stock markets. 

This Goldman Sachs makes Bernie Madoff look like an amateur. They used Jewish team work with Greenspan, U.S. Treasurer Paulson, the S.E.C.,  A.I.G. and Bear Stearns, not years of falsifying computerized reports to Fund holders like Madoff did.

Goldman Sachs and their leader, Lloyd Blankfein, claimed that they did nothing wrong and the Government, including Jewish Controlled S.E.C., agreed as the Government took a hands off policy. Goldman had the right Jews and their well paid operatives in place. They are Untouchable, not even Eliot Ness could get these thieves; they control (Jewish Tim Geithner -U.S. Treasurer since 2009) the U.S. Treasury that Ness had worked for.

It was the U.S. taxpayer who worked to be taxed who paid the bill for Goldman Sachs' fabulous "Back Door Bail Out" while that same taxpayer was devastated by the Great Recession.

All are Bilderbergers including Greenspan's wife, Andre Mitchell ( a biased talking head and news anchor on leftist NBC).




Reign of the "Savior" - Ben Bernake, a.k.a. "helicopter Ben"

They don't call that guy "helicopter" for nothin'. That "brilliant" smug ass thinks that his claimed expertise on the Great Depression in the U.S.A. qualifies him to make $85 Billion of phony Federal Reserve money a month "out of thin air". Bernake rains money out of the sky from his money making Federal Reserve "Money Creation" helicopter. $85 Billion a month of phony money being injected into the U.S. economy via the U.S. banking system; the greatest counterfeiting scam in World History.

That was the deal - Bernake to continue the fraud; Greenspan the "brilliant" mastermind of the boom and Bernake the savior of the Collapse. No one is to blame when the Jews control the media and dictate the headlines.

Ben B. would be made to look like a savior via a  cooperative U.S. news media. The American People look to the TV set as authority, not knowing they are being fed Jewish propaganda and brain washing. Everything broadcast on the U.S. news media is censored by the masters of the media (the Jews and their lackey left wing scared to death subservients).


In 2006 Bernake is appointed to a 4 year  term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, just as the housing industry boom is coming to its end and before the Great Recession starts. They timed it just right because they created it and planned it; Greenspan left when everything was great and booming - a True American Hero. Bernake comes in when everything starts Collapsing, just in time for him to save the World. Can't blame Bernake he just got there. 

Yes, Bernake is also a Jew and can be relied on to continue the fraud of Greenspan and the Jewish Agenda. His loyalty is to his own race; the U.S.A. is something to be exploited by the "Chosen People". The Jews think everybody is stupid and they scare anybody who isn't with the threat of financial ruin and/or prison. If your not intimidated and don't agree with the Jew and all the Jewish Agendas, watch out because in addition to controlling the financial markets and the Central Banks of the Western World, the Jews control the media and judiciary and U.S. bars (not barrooms but attorneys and prosecutors). The Jew has no mercy for those that are not "the Chosen People", let alone fair play, if you are an employee the Jew has influence on your employer's profits. The Jew controls the medical and dental profession and controls the school rooms for the youth of the Western World with their required teaching/brain washing of Totalitarian Social Design Policies.

Whether it was Bernake's  and Obama's Bailouts, Tarp, Stimulus, Quantitative Easing I - II - III, none worked. It will be argued that the Bailout and the Fed's QE 1 temporarily saved the U.S. economy from total disaster in 2008-2009, but there was no recovery. The U.S. Federal Government's Bailout of 2008 included the "Back Door Bailouts" which covered $180 Billion in bets taken on CDS by AIG with virtually no money down by Co-conspirators including Goldman Sachs. The U.S. Government forced the American Taxpayer to cover the fixed bets of Blankfien's Goldman Sachs and other CDS bets with the Jewish Bookie at AIG. Not one State District Attorney or Federal Attorney General even suggested that these crooks should not be bailed out to the tune of $180 Billion, let alone take criminal prosecution against Goldman Sachs and other CDS bet holders who got rich off the A.I.G. $180 Bailout.

The programs after the Bail Out including Obama's "stimulus" and the Federal Reserve's 5 years of Emergency Quantitative Easing (QE1-QE2 - QE3) are absolute construction for disaster - "Economic Winter". QE-1 was significantly different from QE-2 & 3; the Federal Reserve's QE-1 provided liquidity to the U.S. economy and even in Europe that were frozen in fear due to the Financial Crash of 2008-2009. QE-1 included purchase of commercial paper, corporate bonds, MBS, European Debt and loans, unlike QE-2 & 3 which has been a continuation of Purchase of U.S. Treasury Debt (bill, notes, bonds) in order to Bail Out the U.S. Government and its deficit spending caused by irrational Social Design Programs and wars that benefit only Israel.

Bernake's QE2 and QE3 is the Fed's Money Creation buying T-Debt (U.S. Treasury Debt) and is nothing more than "Bailing Out" the Federal Government. Bernake's Quantitative Easing creates money out of thin air and buys almost all the U.S. Treasury Debt used to finance the Federal Budget deficit. The Chinese angered by this counterfeiting by the Federal Reserve have discontinued their massive purchases of U.S. Treasury Debt, after all, the Chinese had to use real money earned from profits of international trade. If the private sector is exclusively relied on to purchase U.S. Treasury Debt, the yields on those Federal Debt instruments will skyrocket causing interest rates in the U.S. to increase proportionately. If the majority of U.S. T-Debt is purchased by the private sector, there will be resulting massive liquidity coming out of the U.S. economy causing contraction in combination with the higher interest rates. The higher interest rates/yields on T-Debt will cause more problems for the ever increasing Federal Budget and National Debt.

The Federal Reserve claims their plan via QE 2-3 is to cause the yield of Treasury Debt to be, so low that investors will put their money in "riskier" assets, like the Corporate Stocks and to stimulate Financial Institutions to lend more money that will command higher yields. But these Temporary Emergency Federal Reserve Policies that started at the end of 2008 (QE-1) just maintained an Economic Status Quo (did not work) and are still in full force 5 years later by mid-2013. As the Federal Reserve economic "stimulus" measures flood $85 Billion a month into the U.S., the thought of TAPERING (reducing the Fed's purchases with phony money to less than $85 Billion a month) the massive flood of phony Fed money causes panic with the the Financial Markets. Bernake and his Federal Reserve don't dare TAPER their Fed money purchases because the Bond Market will collapse and interest rates increase causing the struggling U.S. and World Economies to contract.

But the "Financial Collapse of 2008" would never have happened, except for Greenspan and his planned destruction of the U.S. Economy to get his ultra rich friends even richer. Greenspan and his co-conspirators, Goldman Sachs, needed the "Financial Collapse of 2008" and the "Bail Outs" to complete the fraud started by Greenspan by way of  interest rate manipulations to make Billions for his Jewish friends. 


Here's more on why the Federal Reserve's and Obama's programs didn't work - No Recovery just Desperately Plugging the Cracking U.S. Economy

The U.S. economy stagnates since the Bailouts, Stimulus, QE 1-3. Unemployment is really 25%, if counting is the same as used during the Great U.S. Depression of 1929-1939. According to the Federal Government the Labor Participation rate is 63%, including the unemployed still looking for work. For the year end 2012, the U.S. Government reports that the increase in GDP is 2%, but if you figure in the real rate of inflation experienced by the U.S. citizen/consumer that GDP would be contracting.

The federal government claims the labor participation rate is down because of the aging demographics of the U.S.A. . Are they including retirees? Are the millions of new immigrants old? The U.S. Government cannot even account for the Tens of Millions of Illegal immigrants in the U.S., who are, none the less, part of the labor pool. If you take the Federal Government's Labor Participation Rate of 63% which includes people unemployed but looking for work, the working participation rate would be about 50%.

Immigration floods the borders of the U.S.A. while there is no employment for Americans. Many of the immigrants are provided automatic welfare by the government that is run by people who want to "change" the face of the once Great American People; these are the same people that use Government Immigration Policies to divide and conquer the U.S.A.. They role out the red carpet for these millions of immigrants into the U.S. who are not needed by a struggling U.S. economy. This new wave of non-white unlimited immigration into the U.S.A., since 1992, has absolutely no respect for Americans due to this illogical red carpet treatment.

170,000 jobs are created in the best months since 2008 and is glorified as an Obama achievement, while every week 350,000 - 450,000 Americans apply for a new unemployment claims. And that's been going on for 5 years after the 2008 crises. The reason why the application for unemployment benefits/checks has gone down over the last 5 years is that U.S. corporations are running out of employees to fire. According to an analyst on Bloomberg Financial network in August of 2013, 70% of the new jobs are part time jobs. This will get worse when Obama care is enforced on businesses because they won't have to pay Obama's medical insurance for part time employees.


In today's U.S.A., 67million are on "entitlements", 22 million government employees, 109 million in the private sector to support the other 89 million.

In today's U.S.A., 48million are on food stamps,  9% of GDP is manufacturing, the balance is service economy, mostly minimum wage fast food, convenience stores and the Health Care Industry that preys off the sick and elderly. Most of the health care for the elderly in the U.S. is paid by the taxpayers via the Federal Government.

In March of 2013, 496,000 U.S. workers left the labor pool. The Obama Administration is happy to capitalize on these permanently unemployed workers, for the past 5 years, to calculate a lower unemployment rate. In the U.S., if your not collecting an unemployment check you are not a problem because the government does not count you and you never show up in the unemployment rate.

The U.S. government calculates two unemployment rates (U-3 and U-6). These measures are comparing  Apples to Oranges, if compared to the way unemployment was calculated during the  Great Depression. The real rate of today's U.S. unemployment would be higher than the  25% reached during the 1930's. There were no government sponsored social programs in the 1930's and all today's massive U.S. welfare population would be included in the labor pool which would cause a huge increase the unemployment rate. During the Great Depression of 1929-1939 there were no unemployment checks or cheating on the real unemployment rate calculation by eliminating, via today's calculation, the people whose unemployment benefit checks ran out.

In today's U.S.A. at April, 2013, the unemployment rate is finally below 8% as measured by the U.S. Dept. of Labor's U-3 which counts part time workers who want full-time work as employed and employees who want work but have given up looking for work as non-existent and no longer counted as unemployed. This biased measure, via the U.S. government's U-3, distorts the truth and makes it look like the employment is much better than reality. The Dept. of Labor's  U-6 unemployment rate is a much less flattering to the U.S. economy of 14% at April of 2013 and considerably higher than the U-3 measure because that U-6 measure includes as unemployed part time workers wanting full-time work and those workers that have exhausted the possibility of employment search and given up looking due to the despair caused by the structural unemployment now built in to the U.S. economy. But that U-6 figure would be higher than 14% because the government does not count as unemployed in that U-6 figure those workers that gave up looking and that the government classifies as no longer wanting to work (if there is really such a person unless they are on one of the government social program handouts). Former workers now on welfare and disabilities, or people in the military, are never included in computations of any U.S. government unemployment figures. But these U-3 and U-6 statistics are compiled by telephone surveys controlled by the U.S. Government and are therefore to be viewed with suspicion

The real National Debt is at least 30 trillion at 2013 according to Fed Chairman Bernake, if accrued debt is counted. Some U.S. government debt has been accruing for decades like the Social Security Program and is ignored by the $16 Trillion National Debt figure. The official U.S. National Debt number is 16 Trillion @ 2013 and reflects outstanding treasury debt instruments only.

Since 2009, the Federal Funds rate has been .25% (almost zero) in order to encourage and catalyze commerce. Yet, the U.S. Economy stagnates, some say it is contracting, if adjusted for the real inflation rate that the U.S. Government claims does not exist.

For years the U.S. government officially declares almost no inflation and still at 2013 claims inflation at a mere 2% per annum, as the Americans see the cost of groceries double and it isn't going to stop. Science is that flooding an economy with phony money by the Federal Reserve at a rate of a Trillion $ a year causes inflation, but it causes worse, including reduction in consumption and production causing unemployment and Recession or, if they keep it up, a Depression. The Federal Government has changed its method of inflation calculation at least three times since the 1970's.

The reason the Germans during World War II and the Iranians during the 1990's counterfeited the British pound and U.S. dollar, respectively, was not just to get something for free, but to destroy the enemy currency by contaminating the enemy's currency with a flood of worthless counterfeit paper. At 2013, Current Federal Reserve counterfeiting ($85 billion a month) for the past 5 years is far more ambitious than anything that any enemy state has been capable of accomplishing. The U.S. Federal Reserve has control of the U.S. banking system and can immediately inject their "Money Creation" counterfeiting into the banking system.

The real U.S. inflation rate would be 10%-25%, if measured by a basket of consumers' items as they did in 1970's.

Ben's friends, the ultra rich, are protected as their assets continue to increase in value due to the Federal Reserve's money creation flooding the economy with inflation causing money supply and their assets to increase in value. In fact, Bernake claims he is busy watching out for the possibility of deflation - you bet he is - Ben  wants no Deflation or his friends won't be able to pay off their leveraged assets with cheap money and their assets would decrease in value. Whether its a Bailout or inflation caused by the Fed's money supply tampering, Ben's ultra rich friends get rich off the U.S. citizen's account.

What Ben's Ultra Rich Jewish friends are doing is not Capitalism. These people are rigging markets. Capitalism exists only on a Free Market System. Through the Government the Jew controls the Federal Reserve, S.E.C., F.D.I.C. and has a user friendly U.S. Treasurer. In addition, the Jewish "Market Makers" are allowed to "Front Run" their stock trades with Hi-Frequency trading to the disadvantage of everybody else who isn't cheating. The U.S. Government also eliminated the "Uptick Rule", so these Jewish Market Makers could and do drive a stock's price into the ground without Obstruction to their Conspiracy.


While the U.S. Economy stagnates and suffers from lack of private sector capital investment, Multi-National U.S. Corporations hold $4 Trillion cash in overseas accounts in order to avoid double taxation. Obama is adamant that these corporations will pay another tax on their foreign profits, so the U.S. economy is deprived of this corporate cash infusion.  

Multi National Oligopoly corporations don't need full employment in the U.S. - they make profit world wide and benefit from the government's inflation reflected in higher profits. Bernake's cheap helicopter money provides cheap money to fund more speculation on Wall Street. With interest yields on bonds at an all time low due to the Federal Reserve's - Federal Funds Rate being only .25% and U.S. Treasury Debt yields being forced down to all time lows due to Federal Reserve's $85 Billion/month in purchase of those Treasury debt securities all this new excess money (Fed's Money Creation) that is flooding the U.S. economy has found its way to the U.S. Stock market in order to gain its higher yields making the Ultra rich friends of the Federal Reserve richer, again.

By 2013 corporate revenues decline, yet earnings are up because corporations are cutting back on expenses including hiring. The corporations hoard cash because they are preparing for the storm that they know is coming and hope to survive by riding it out with low debt and big cash. The banks are not lending and the big corporations don't borrow but are deleveraging along with the American consumer. This all causes contraction of the U.S. economy that the Federal Reserve is trying to combat with its phony "Money Creation" money.

Bernake starts a Currency War because of his Money Creation which causes the U.S. dollar to cheapen in benefit to U.S. international trade value via U.S. exports; Japan and China retaliate and also target cheap currencies to stimulate their economies via exports. "Monkey See - Monkey Doo", they all have a helicopter, too!


Chairman Ben Bernake creates and spends $85Billion per month  of phony Federal Reserve money . The housing industry's fledgling revival only exists because the Fed's Money Creation of $85Billion a month causes interest rates artificially low, resulting in mortgage rates of under 4%, at 2012-2013, and then the Federal Reserve buys $40Billion a month in mortgages from the banks and other lending institutions  further causing an artificial housing, alleged, recovery. If market factors dictated, the housing industry would not recover. There are as many as 8 million houses still on the gray market (defaulted home mortgages  held on books of Banks and mortgages no longer being paid). U.S. demographics have changed dramatically due to Social Design Engineering along with unlimited Immigration, forget the housing industry. At 2013, the increase in sales of existing houses in the U.S. is due to massive purchases by Hedge Funds that are bought from banks; these Hedge Funds are now landlords (watch out when the former financial market manipulators control housing).


In 2013, the Federal Reserve reported that the Velocity of Money in the U.S. economy is 1.5, so all the Federal Reserve's phony money is defeated because commerce is in neutral. Lenders are afraid to loan and large corporations hoard cash all in fear of what they know has to happen in the near future because of U.S. Government's fiscal and monetary policies. If the velocity of Money caused by a respectable commerce in the U.S. gets to 3, with all the phony Fed money that has been dumped into the U.S. Economy the inflation rate will be staggering and the average American Citizen won't be able to afford groceries. What will the American Family do that has to work to support itself; what is left of the American family?


Taxes, Government regulations, Federal Reserve Monetary Policies, the U.S. Treasury's Fiscal Policies - the Federal government is running the U.S. economy. Without the spending caused by its deficit portion of the U.S. budget the country would go into a massive Depression - the deficit portion of the U.S. budget is being paid for by the Federal Reserve's "Money Creation' buying federally issued debt at a rate of over $ Trillion a year. This is nothing more than the Federal Reserve Bailing Out the U.S. Treasury with phony money they create out of thin air via "Money Creation".

The U.S.A. is a Centrally Planned Economy via the Federal Government's - Federal Reserve Monetary Policy, President of U.S. social programs, and U.S. Treasury's Fiscal Policies that are so large that without their spending global commerce would Collapse. Take the 3.5 Trillion U.S. Government Budget and multiply it by the Velocity of Money and compare that to the U.S. GDP. Yes sir, the U.S. Government runs the economy and that means it will be run it into the ground because the U.S. Government can't manage anything right.

The Federal Reserve allegedly has a 3 Trillion Dollar Balance Sheet, but the Fed is a secret organization that conceals their real balance sheet - they don't want the Americans to know that they lent money to the Europeans and entities all over the planet Earth. The Fed leads those interested that it will, as is custom, sell its Trillions of assets referred to as its EXIT STRATEGY.

The Fed's  Trillions of purchases of U.S. Treasury Debt with its Money Creation from 2008-2013 are held in bank accounts as the banks fulfill their "custodial function" for the Federal Reserve. The banks can loan on those deposits to extent of the "Reserve Requirement %" caused by the Fed's Quantitative Easing ( purchase of U.S. Treasury Debt) and even with the multiplier effect and velocity of money there is still economic stagnation. Some argue decline.

At 2013, the much guessed at  Federal Reserve EXIT STRATEGY is and will continue to be Zero or the economy will crash from lack of liquidity and resulting higher interest rates; additionally an exit or sale by the Federal Reserve of its Federal Debt holdings will cause the interest the U.S. Treasury pays on its new debt issue to rise resulting in a greater budget deficit. Debt Service on the Federal Debt is already 40% of the U.S. Budget.  The Federal Reserve's EXIT STRATEGY is and will be to Hold Treasury Debt to maturity and send the money they redeem from the U.S. Treasury back to Treasury and the cycle of counterfeiting is complete. The Fed's Operation Twist (purchase of long term 30 year U.S. Treasury Bonds) supplements this No Exit Strategy of holding the U.S. Treasury Bond holdings as long as possible or to maturity. The Federal Govt. has been financing the deficit portion of their budget with the Federal Reserve's "Money Creation" since 2009. That's right, they were paying for their social design programs with money the Federal Reserve legally counterfeited "out of thin air" because not even the U.S. Government can afford the perpetual generations of Section 8 Welfare that the Jewish Social Design Policies have created.

Did you say EXIT STRATEGY? Bernake and his Federal Reserve can't even TAPER their purchases of their $85 Billion a month of phony Federal Reserve money for fear the Bond Market will crash and interest rates soar causing a economic contraction and their "friends" assets to decline in value.

By 20012, Helicopter Ben knows he's beat and now is blaming the U.S. Congress. Bernake says he can do no more - that it is a fiscal problem. Bernake's alleged mastering of the U.S. Great Depression of 1929-1939 is irrelevant; the U.S. was on the Gold Standard up until 1933 and very few Banks in the U.S. belonged to the Federal Reserve System. "Money Creation" on Bernake's scale would have been considered an act deserving of a prison sentence, if attempted after 1935 when Open Market Operations were created by the Federal Reserve. It was World War II, which started in 1939, that caused the end of the Great Depression; Bernake should brush up on history. The U.S. Great Depression that started in 1929 was caused by the commercialization into consumer goods of the inventions of the Industrial Revolution; the American Industrialist built Great factories that were financed by massive stock and debt issues and produced new technological products that marveled the World and would change the way of life on the Planet Earth. The ideas were too good and the factories produced perfectly, but the American middle class did not exist and there were not enough consumers to buy these wonderful new products. Many of these new high tech companies of the 1920's went out of business due to a lack of sales and the investments in corporate stock and debt issued in these new companies vaporized resulting in banks folding, massive personal bankruptcies, the stock market crash, and the money supply shrinking. 

Bernake's second 4 year appointment as Federal Reserve Chairman ends at January of 2014. He will resign and let a white man take the Blame for the Economic Winter that is in process and quickly coming to a climax.



Future - "Economic Winter"

Chairman Ben is in trouble and  he knows it. There is no  magic - you can only delay the inevitable consequences of the phony money that the Federal Reserve uses, via their "Money Creation," to plug the leaking Dyke of the U.S. Economy. The more tampering with the Money Supply via the Federal Reserve's quick and easy fix of 'Money Creation", that isn't working, the worse the Laws of Economics will penalize the United States. Those laws of Economics are like laws of science - they are unavoidable regardless of how long Bernake and the Federal Govt. try to dodge those laws caused by tampering with the money supply in order to maintain Federal Social Design Programs and at the same time to keep a certain few rich and get them richer.

The next meltdown of the U.S. Economy will result in the Federal Reserve being able to do nothing - they have no tricks left, all their tools have been used and defeated.

The problem with the U.S. Economy is structural and is a product of U.S. Politics and Government policies created by the Jews that have grown exponentially since the early 1960's. The Federal Reserve can't solve structural economic problems but is only making economic problems in the U.S. worse.

If the American Revolutionaries, who were also the Founding Fathers of the U.S.A., saw what their country has become they would role over in their graves. The Jewish Social Design Agenda has tried to purge those Great White Men who founded the U.S.A.; the Jew tries to re-write history as they control the Western World's media and the U.S. educational system while always, at minimum, discrediting and by-passing these men of History.


U.S. President Obama's cause is his people who demand everything for nothing, via the American working taxpayer, what's left of them; further destroying the U.S. economy and its culture. As a product of affirmative action and Quotas, which disfavor the White Americans who made U.S.A. Great, Obama doesn't know any better, he thinks everything is for free via the U.S. Federal Govt..  This Obama theory of Government is the New American Communist System. Chairman Mao, Vladimir Ulyanov, and Joseph Jugasvili would not recognize this form of Communism.

The U.S. Government has become the country's biggest Tennant with their Section 8 Welfare Housing that they provide to 70% of Black Women in the U.S. once they get their union card which is a pregnancy. This is now defined as today's motherhood; no one can even mention Section 8 or Welfare on news broadcasts in the U.S.. Even alleged white radicals like O'Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh don't dare touch on that crucial social issue. The Sunday Morning Talking Heads on U.S. T.V. are ever so careful not to offend these Section 8 scammers with any mention of welfare. Welfare is sacred in today's U.S.A., it didn't exist until the 1960's. But the U.S. taxpayer gets it from both ends; they pay for the free Welfare rent and then get caught paying more for the own rent because the Federal Government's Section 8 demand is so massive that it forces rent up for those that have to pay their own way.

More people vote for a living in the U.S. than work for a living. 80% of the corporate stock ownership is in the hands of 10% of the U.S. population, but of the Trillions of dollars worth  of corporate stock owned by Americans via pensions, retirements, and savings less than 1% manage their own stock and bond purchases  leaving control of almost all bond and stock market capitalization in the hands of a small nucleus of fund managers, whose numbers are relatively extremely small. In 2013 the stock market and bond market are at all times highs because of the inflation and excess Money Supply caused by Beneke's liquidity/Money Creation looking for higher returns, but the American citizen suffers. The Average American Citizen knows nothing about the financial markets and doesn't want to know but does know it's like the Courthouse - stay away it's rigged against the Average American Citizen. And they are Right.

In a country that fought its Revolution for Freedom over taxes, many U.S. citizens are hi - jacked for half of their income due to the various taxing authorities, State and Federal. Yet the governments in the U.S. claim more is needed to fund their mismanagement and Agenda's. The U.S. Federal Debt has accrued to over $30 Trillion by 2013 and growing, but worse the U.S. Federal Government has no intention of paying the debt, they think it is good business just to rack up more debt. And the Debt Service grows in proportion to the yearly Federal Budget which will, in the near term, topple the U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserves' Money Creation and U.S. Economy. Possibly the Federal Government does not worry about this Debt because they figure other factors will Kill the U.S. Economy first and everything will go down the drain, including debt.

The U.S. declines further as it is not a country that is one people due to divide and conquer Jewish Social Design Policies. Immigrants who are the historic enemy of the white man are allowed to invade the U.S.A. for decades starting during Bill Clinton's administration. Who ever heard of a country that opens its borders to floods of immigrants when they are struggling with unemployment? The non-white immigrants are given red carpet treatment at the U.S. taxpayer's expense, so unemployment does not discourage them. They come for the entitlements not the work. The world economy drains jobs from the U.S.. The U.S. Congress debates on passing Obama's population manipulation of the Immigrant's Dream Act, instead of providing for the children of the working class in the U.S.A.. Obama knows the more non-whites that flood the U.S. the quicker his side will be victorious and the White Man defeated; the white race is the minority and outvoted. You have seen the last white man as a President of the U.S.A..

The New World Economy has been distributing the wealth and knowledge of the United States all over the Globe. They bring in foreign students from around the World and educate them with U.S. technology free of charge at American Universities/Colleges and then the foreigners go back to their homeland and build Atom Bombs. U.S. corporations seeking cheaper labor and means of production relocate facilities and with them goes U.S. jobs and just as important industrial know how. The Israelis complain about the Islamics having Nuclear Weapons but it was their Social Design Policies in the U.S. that forced the education and distribution of the knowledge and invention to Foreigners so they could build the reactors and nuclear weapons. 

 The educational system brain washes the young -  the most educational resources go disproportionately to those least able to even learn, the special education, and to the protected classes. The government conceals social programs from the American people; they pay for people with Down's Syndrome, who cannot learn or be productive, to go to college! While they give nothing to working and middle class American children. Who knows what else the government is up to that they don't want the U.S. citizen to know he's paying for?

The alleged "Higher Education" system in the U.S. is also controlled by the U.S. Government. Without conscience the Government maintains a system of Student Loans to ambitious and ill informed teenagers whose experience is High School. The massive student loans allows the Educational Institutions of Higher Learning, Colleges and Universities, to crank up their tuition to levels only made possible by this unlimited funding by the U.S. Government's Student Loan Program. Most of these unsophisticated and unsuspecting graduating High School Children take up studies via their Student Loans that will yield them no employment but will enslave them for the rest of their life due to the Student Loans they can never pay off.   

The U.S. Government is the "Policeman of the World" draining wealth from the country and creating massive debt for its citizens. This new U.S. foreign policy needlessly causes nothing but a World of enemies for the American people. These enemies never existed for the historically isolationist American People of pre-1941. The U.S. Government does nothing but lie to justify a reason for their illegal wars. At home the U.S. is a growing hot bed of Totalitarianism, increasing its control over the citizenry through law, and in conjunction with the Jewish media and Jewish controlled education and corporations, controls social thought and behavior of the once free American Citizen. Multi levels of Police are required to enforce these Totalitarian domestic policies.

The World is  connected by contagion; both the World's Central Banks abusive monetary policies and all World Government's Treasuries debt  create a course for another World Economic collapse. Currency wars cheapen currencies to sell products in world market. European 'governments have been artificially elevating their citizen's standard of living with government spending causing debt they can never pay off.

The wealth, industry and commerce that was concentrated in the Western World, and particularly in the U.S.A., has been spread out to the Billions around the World via the New World Economy. As they send industries and jobs overseas along with the accompanying knowledge the Social Status of the White Man is Reduced; the new technology from the White Man's World cause the rest of the world to come out of the Stone Age and their populations grow in the Billions. The object is to reduce the U.S.A. to a postmark on the New World Order Map and to even out the Billions around the Earth to the same level of poverty. The Jew believes he will run the World and its Economy and fulfill their dreams of Conquest.

The American Public continues to believe their government. - the older ones that remember yester year still hang on to the desire for the American Dream. The younger ones don't remember when there was a middle class but that generation of fast food service industry workers have been brainwashed by the education system  and by the Jewish controlled media whose primary objective is indoctrination of the Jewish Social Design Policies. They are void of free thought and don't have the means to escape their Imprisonment of Individual Free Thought. All have been taught to remain silent and avoid the penalties of controversies. They know their vote is worthless.


The U.S. stock markets are at all time highs in 2013 for the same reason the housing market was up in 2004, synthetically low federal reserve interest rates and cheap money. And the whole world is seeking the U.S. stock market just like the MBS in 2004 -2006. Once the Federal Reserve shuts off the phony cheap money the U.S. stock and Bond market will crash; the interest rates, including T-Debt, will increase as liquidity/money is taken out of the U.S. economy for T-Debt purchase. The housing industry will immediately collapse with higher mortgage rates and the Fed no longer purchasing billions of mortgages every month. In 2013, Japan's Central Bank creates money out of thin air at a rate of $70 Billion a month and spends some of those billions buying U.S. Corporate Stocks, again, causing the U.S. Stock Markets to synthetically rise. 

When the U.S. Federal Reserve and Central Banks around the planet flood the World Economies with their Money Creation nothing in the Financial Markets are real. According to CNBC by 2013 there are over 30 Central Banks on the planet creating money out of thin air or what is called " Money Creation" . This in order to try to solve governments economic problems.

The U.S. Voting System doesn't work because the same Jews run both of the two major political parties. The Jew pools his money and bribes politicians by funding their re-election campaigns and in return that U.S. Congressman services the Jewish Agenda.

Even the price of food is distorted by U.S. Government policies. 50 million in the U.S. are on food stamps, and growing. These colored people aren't starving, they eat more than the rest, in fact, they eat everything and keep on getting fatter and fatter. Their supermarket carriages are filled with welfare food that they don't have to pay for helping cause food prices higher because 50 million have been empowered to buy at will. After they eat too much free food they sue because somebody made them fat and diseased; next they will claim it's the white man's fault for the tax sponsored unlimited fattening diet.

Economic Winter- Jewish Bilderbergers dream of sacking and enslaving the U.S.A.


The Solution is a new political party that has a pure ideology and enjoys the pointing finger and shrill voices of the shouting  Jew. The Jew will wither and disappear once exposed and indicted by the American People.