Firestone of Pittsfield, Mass. Pays for their Fraud




Firestone of Pittsfield, Mass. does a good job of changing their name to Expert Tire, Firestone, Bridgestone Tire, Complete Auto Care, and for good reason. The reason is Firestone is a chain of hacks, who really should not be trusted to do more than a tire change, while you watch them. The name changes by Firestone Tire have been made to dodge lawsuits and trick the Consumer into believing these are not the same bums previously known as Firestone.


Firestone of Pittsfield wanted to help out their buddy at City Tire and the Police and decided to follow up and cooperate with the illegalities and Consumer Fraud initiated by Fords Auto Service of Lee, Mass..


Firestone billed me, once on May 2016, and then again on June 28, 2016 and June 29, 2016.  However, Firestone deliberately refused to address the problem I was having with my truck that was caused by Fords Auto Service of Lee, Mass. and they fraudulently tried to convince me that the wheel bearing hub was fine and not in need of repair. The work they billed me for in May of 2016 was never done. Who was instrumental in this fraud was Tony Shelton. 

I never thought that I would get double-crossed at Firestone because of my good friend Tony Shelton who works their as Firestone's half assed mechanic. Tony Shelton had dozen of conversations with me about his disgust with the Enforcement of the Jewish New World Order Social Design Policies that are being shoved down the American's throats, especially, complained Tony Shelton, to his children in the Public Schools. Tony Shelton agreed with me many times that the White Man in the U.S.A. was the underclass and the Jews were running the U.S.A., now, for their benefit which included the Jews' Social Design Policies that favored the Colored People and "Protected Classes" at the Expense of the White Man.

Tony Shelton complained to me many times that his children were being indoctrinated to Homo-Sexuality in the Public Schools. Shelton stated many times to me that my children are being taught to be Homo-Sexuals by the School teachers in the Public Schools. The last time Tony confided in me about these Jewish Social Issues that grieved him, he claimed his children were no longer in Pittsfield but in Great Barrington where, he said, the enforcement of the Jewish Social Design Policies is worse in the Great Barrington school system.

Tony claimed he was not an Italian.


So I had the truck towed to Haddad Toyota (they used to be a Chevy dealer) and they replace the wheel bearing hub that Ford's Auto Service of Lee, Mass. deliberately destroyed. Oh, the Police were listening and knew I had started using Haddad to have truck repairs made.


Firestone settled out of Court and paid for their illegalities and conspiracy to damage my truck via a $700.00 credit to my VISA card which covered Emotional Distress caused me by Firestone of Pittsfield, Mass.. The Manager of Firestone of Pittsfield, Mass. no longer works there.