Federal Judge Michael Ponsor - A Harvard Law Graduate Urinates on the Constitution of the U.S.A.

Send out your agents with their Cyanide chloride gas Ponsor - Wolf couldn't kill me



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Federal Judge Michael Ponsor - Illegal "Hit and Run" Decision

Federal Judge Michael Ponsor had the answer to Michael Elbery's latest federal lawsuit. Ponsor would not allow any hearings on the numerous motions and requests Michael Elbery filed on his case against the Becket Woods Prudential Committee. Ponsor's other simple solution was to dismiss Michael Elbery's federal lawsuit without notifying him, so that Michael Elbery could not appeal to the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals. It is the law, and as any citizen would logically know, that the Court has to notify the plaintiff of decisions it makes on that plaintiff's case. By the time Plaintiff - Michael Elbery learned in September of 2010 that his lawsuit was dismissed the time allowed, 30 days, to file a Notice of Appeal was long gone.

A few months after Federal Ponsor made his Violation of the U.S. Constitution Decision on Michael Elbery's Lawsuit against the Jewish Defendants and Rulers of the District of Becket Woods, Ponsor went into retirement. Free Elections, Illegal Taxation, Representation and even Democracy were all Trashed by Federal Tyrant - Michael Ponsor via his Unconstitutional Decision of Dismissal on the Complaint/Lawsuit Plaintiff - Michael Elbery filed against Ponsor's Jewish friends. Ponsor and de-throned Federal Judge Mark Wolf have lox and bagels while getting indigestion because Michael Elbery is still alive after being repeatedly attacked with Cyanide Gas. So what did Michael Elbery accomplish besides Scandalizing these two Sacred Cows with their own Jewish tricks? Nothing. They will both be replaced by even worse Anti-American New World Order Jew Judges and Useful Idiots. The "Jewish Take Over" of the U.S.A. is not a sudden coup, but a systematic and advancing purge of everything that made The U.S.A. and what was the American, Great.

Federal Judge Michael Ponsor retired in 2011 shortly after issuing his Unconstitutional Decision on the Federal case Elbery v. Becket Woods District Prudential Committee et al., once it was Pre-Announced in the "Coming Soon" section of this Web Site's Home Page that he would be a feature attraction.


You don't believe Federal Ponsor would violate the law - he even provided the documented evidence

I know, you don't believe it. Well, as usual the Court provides irrefutable documented evidence to prove Federal Judge Michael Ponsor's Unconstitutional Conduct toward American - Michael Elbery. See the docket entries of the case as produced by the Federal Court on Michael Elbery's case. Look at that docket activity - no hearings AND no notification sent to Plaintiff - Michael Elbery that his case had been secretly dismissed by sneaky Federal Judge Michael Ponsor. The Federal Court sent Michael Elbery a notice warning him to have respect for the Court (Ponsor) and the defendants' attorney, Katherin Pacella Costello and her law firm, Egan, Flanagan, and Cohen. They are the law firm from Springfield, Mass. that is known for defending Catholic priests that rape little toddlers. The Jews, who run the District of Becket Woods and got caught rigging elections and illegally taxing the landowners of that Road District hired that firm instead of going to one of the many Jewish law firms because they didn't want their fellow Jew to know what they did. The Ruling Jewish Prudential Committee was embarrassed to have a Jewish law firm take their case. They originally had Attorney Harris N. Aaronson, but he was also a defendant because he participated in the illegalities. Plaintiff - Michael Elbery dismissed Attorney Aaronson, the "double A" lawyer, because the courts go absolutely mad when one of their "Officers of the Court" gets sued, but the point was made, and Aaronson quit as attorney for Becket Woods after years of service and fat fees. In fact, Aaronson quit representing two other Road Districts in Becket, Mass. right after Michael Elbery filed his lawsuit. Attorney Aaronson was in deep with the illegalities and legal abuses in Becket, Mass. 

It is well seasoned, that Federal Judge Michael Ponsor is a sensitive, temperamental type. Ponsor's Unconstitutional scheme was to not allow Plaintiff - Michael Elbery into his Courtroom, so that Ponsor didn't get upset by Michael Elbery's exposure of the defendants' illegalities in Open Court, via Plaintiff - Elbery's meritorious case, and command of law and his courtroom generalship. Ponsor's scheme comes in handy for the Federal Jewdiciary because Ponsor is the only Article III judge in the Springfield, Mass. Federal Courthouse; the Jews monopolizes Federal Law in western Massachusetts.

His Decision - the Honorable Federal Kangaroo Judge Michael Ponsor

The defendants' attorney motioned for a dismissal of the case after first answering Plaintiff-Michael Elbery's complaint and charging almost $60,000.00. The defendants' attorney wanted Ponsor to convert her motion to dismiss into a "Judgment on the Pleadings" because some of the defendants like Attorney Nancy Jane Svirida and Jack "sprat" Siegel wanted to pretend the lawsuit never existed. If the attorney had the best interests of her defendants in mind, she would have immediately,  upon Plaintiff - Elbery's service of complaint, "Motioned to Dismiss" or Motioned for a "Judgment on the Pleadings"; either procedure would have caused an immediate dismissal for the District Defendants because the case was rigged for a dismissal from the date of its filing in May of 2009 because Judge Michael Ponsor is the only Article III Judge in the Federal Court at Springfield. Ponsor, a Jew, would never let Michael Elbery win that case; by May of 2009 not only was Michael Elbery a well known marked man and enemy of both Federal and State Judiciary in Massachusetts, but his Web Site www.Mass Injustice.Org had been published to the Internet for two years.

Federal Judge Michael Ponsor's decision of Dismissal was a Monument to Unconstitutional Conduct by a Federal Judge; Ponsor's decision, as exposed below, is a documented Illegality.

Judge Ponsor starts his decision admitting that one of the defendants, Becket Woods Road and Maintenance District, is a municipality. This written admission will come back to haunt this Federal Kangaroo later in his sparse decision that is not just wrong as a "matter of law," but part of the Conspiracy by its author, Federal Judge Michael Ponsor, with the Defendants.


Before Ponsor illegally dismisses Plaintiff-Michael Elbery's lawsuit he misleads that the gravamen (main issue of complaint) of Michael Elbery's complaint is that the defendants "mismanaged" the Road District of Becket Woods and that the governance was "deficient"; as usual Ponsor is not even close with this attempted biased euphemism and Cover-up. Elbery's lawsuit is 23 pages of facts that are irrefutable and supported by documentation and proves a District that is run by crooks, and small time dictators. The Dozen defendants that Michael Elbery sued via his Federal Lawsuit are guilty of rigging elections that caused illegal taxation, destroying election documents, concealing for decades the financial records of the District, embezzlement of the District Treasury, banning Michael Elbery from Constitutionally Protected Public forums because he organized and informed the District landowners that they were getting ripped off. Mismanagement? Are you kidding Ponsor? Things were so bad in the District of Becket Woods that Plaintiff- Michael Elbery's lawsuit complains of several pages of R.I.C.O. violations. The defendants went so far as to invent a fictitious entity called Becket Woods Association, so they could buy District lots with the landowners District Tax money and in turn used those lots as additional votes for their rigged elections and Agenda. 

The defendants, who are also the ruling Prudential Committee of the District of Becket Woods, engaged in so many outrageous illegalities that their decades of violations of the Massachusetts Low Bid Laws appeared minor. Normally, in a municipality, violations of Low Bid Laws causes a taxpayers rebellion and heads role, but when the elected officials get caught rigging the elections causing illegal taxation, even the embezzlement of the District Treasury and the Mass. Low Bid Law Violations paled by comparison. Judge Ponsor never addresses this part of Count VIII (the Mass. Low Bid Law Violations) of the Plaintiff's Complaint. The Becket Woods Prudential Committee - Defendants,  lost at the Mass. Secretary of State's hearing regarding their violations of the Mass. Low Bid Laws, but those same violations continued into the future. 

Judge Ponsor wastes no time with discussion or law to support his decision - Ponsor immediately dismissed Elbery's case claiming that Elbery had "no standing to sue" because he did not own any land in the District until a few weeks after the "8-31-08 Special Tax Election" that was rigged as were all the elections in prior years. Ponsor claimed, per his decision, that Elbery was only the owner of Westland Construction Corp. and had no personal standing to sue. Ponsor did admit, per his decision, that Elbery transferred land from his corporation to himself in his personal capacity on 9-19-08, but outrageously and total in violation of U.S. Constitutional law ignored Plaintiff - Elbery's rights that were violated as a result of the illegal taxation from that rigged election and cover-up conspiracy after 9-19-08, and up until the lawsuit filing date in May of 2009 and into the future.


Judge Ponsor is particularly sensitive about the illegal taxation caused by the District Prudential Committee, a.k.a. defendants, rigged election of  8-31-08. On page 3 of his decision he refers to taxation as "revenue collection". A reader will be hard pressed to find the word taxation in Ponsor's decision, let alone the more forbidding term "illegal taxation" caused by a "rigged election". In the U.S.A., a rigged election causing illegal taxation? It could not be! But it did happen and Judge Ponsor was quick to join in the cover-up conspiracy by dismissing Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's entire complaint, so a Federal Jury would never see the documented evidence.

Nor did Federal Ponsor dare address, in his Decision of Dismissal, Count V of the Complaint (Concealment of District Records). There was absolutely no way that Judge Michael Ponsor could squirm around that count which discloses that the District Records, including the checkbook and all financial records, and voting records, have been concealed for decades and continue into the future to be forever concealed from the voters/land owners of the District. Ponsor, even with all his stooge law clerks that help him shake laws around in the bucket to defraud in the name of the law, could not deal with this count of Michael Elbery's Complaint. The defendants must be hiding something they are ashamed of  because Chairman Amato and his predecessor Joey LaCascia conspired and would not even allow other Prudential Members/Defendants privy or access to the District Records.

The 6 pages of Plaintiff - Elbery's RICO violations are avoided at all costs without discussion in Ponsor's Decision of Dismissal.  Ponsor wanted to brush over those criminal activities as quickly as possible without highlighting them, so on page 9 of his Decision, Ponsor acknowledges these criminal Violations exist in the Plaintiff's Complaint with just one word of disguise, "racketeering".  In the process Ponsor evades the R.I.C.O.  violations caused by the illegal Becket Woods Association, but instead mentions the illegally enforced architectural issues in order to Cover-up for the Defendants.


Where is the Documented Truth?

But you can see it - all the documented evidence that supports Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's lawsuit on a Web Site called www.becketwoodswatch.net  That Web Site documents a scandal that won't disappoint you. It ain't supposed to happen in the U.S.A.!

Judge Kangaroo's Procedural Violation - Ponsor "makes law"

Judge Ponsor violated Federal Procedural Law. He made his decision of dismissal of Plaintiff - Elbery's lawsuit based on a "Lack of Standing". A Dismissal based on a "Lack of Standing" can't be issued by the Judge on the case until the Summary Judgment Process is completed; the Plaintiff's case never was allowed to get that far in order to spare the defendants embarrassment and stress due to their documented crimes. Ponsor made law, he didn't care if an issue of "Lack of Standing" required the case to be in the summary judgment process stage, as per Plaintiff's Opposition p. 2.

Defendant and lackey Chairman of the Becket Woods Road District Prudential Committee, John "Skippy" Amato, had so much stress caused by Elbery's Lawsuit that he was seen running down Woodmere Rd. in Becket Woods holding his head between his hands screaming, "I've been defamed". Amato and his "Gang of Prudential Thieves" learned that you can't hide behind the truth in the U.S.A.. It broke "Skippy" Amato's heart that his Defamation counterclaim against Michael Elbery was dismissed and is absolutely worthless.



Judge Ponsor forced to Save the District Jews' Real Estate Values

Ponsor had another problem besides being a Kangaroo who has no use for law unless it suits his Agenda. Michael Elbery filed his lawsuit/complaint in May of 2009 and the defendants' attorney filed a Motion to Dismiss on October 13, 2009 which Plaintiff - Elbery responded to on November 11, 2009. Ponsor sat on the case without allowing a Decision of the Defendants' Motion for Dismissal. But that all changed when, in July of 2010, the Plaintiff - Michael Elbery, tired of the delay and knowing that Ponsor would sit on his case forever without making a decision on it, alerted all Berkshire County realtors and real estate attorneys, and more, to his Web Site www.becketwoodswatch.net ; that Web Site alerted the entire legal - real estate community to the Scandal that is Becket Woods. A big part of the message to the Berkshire County legal - real estate community in July of 2010 was that there was a pending lawsuit against the District and its ruling Prudential Committee. A Federal Lawsuit pending against the District of Becket Woods and its ruling junta means its a good place not to buy real estate; in fact, after that broadcast realtors avoided Becket Woods because attorneys were advising prospective buyers to "stay away". No good to have your expensive real estate controlled by crooks.

Ponsor, immediately, upon learning of the District Lawsuit Alert to the Berkshire County Real Estate and Legal Community, secretly docketed his Decision of Dismissal on July 29, 2010.  


The Counts of the Complaint Michael Ponsor would not Address - so Bad not Even a Kangaroo would Dare

Federal Kangaroo, Michael Ponsor, didn't address half the counts of Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's Lawsuit, but he dismissed the entire case hoping it would all go away. And there is good reason that Kangaroo Ponsor refused to address several of the complaint counts in Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's Lawsuit; Ponsor and his gang of lackey law clerks could not figure a way to lie in order to make excuse for dismissal of those counts of, not just illegal activity by the Defendants, but criminal activity. 

Count III - 8-31-08 Election Rigged - Causing Illegal Taxation. This is the first count of Plaintiff Michael Elbery's complaint against the Defendants that even a Kangaroo like Federal Judge Michael Ponsor was afraid to touch. Ponsor avoids this Count like the plague and Ponsor's fear of that Count of Illegal Taxation caused by the Rigged Special District Election of 8-31-08 just highlights how Bold is the criminal activity by the defendants' in control of the District Elections of Becket Woods. Can you imagine if your local town (municipality) got caught rigging elections and then having the nerve to enforce the illegal taxation resulting from their rigged election? This isn't supposed to happen in the U.S.A., but with a Federal Judge like Michael Ponsor encouraging this kind of criminal behavior bad goes to  worse. In other words, Federal Judge Ponsor gave his blessings and authorization to the illegal taxation in the District of Becket Woods caused by the rigged "Special District Election of 8-31-08".

Ponsor documents in his decision (p. 2 & 7) that Michael Elbery had NO STANDING to SUE because he was only the owner of Westland Construction Corp. at 8-31-08, date of  the "Special District Election". Ponsor knows that's wrong and knows that Plaintiff - Michael Elbery was an owner of land in the District of Becket Woods at 9-19-08 (see his Decision p. 5, & 7 for Ponsor acknowledgement of that ownership date of 9-18-08 by Plaintiff - Elbery ), as Elbery points out in his complaint and Opposition to Dismissal . The illegal taxation existed when Michael Elbery became an owner in his personal capacity and when Michael Elbery filed his Federal Lawsuit in May of 2009 and the same illegal taxation existed when Ponsor dismissed Elbery's complaint, therefore, approving of the criminal taxation. The illegal taxation continued into the future; Michael Elbery had plenty of Standing to Sue for that illegal District Taxation that John Amato and his Crooks on the District Prudential Committee rigged because Michael Elbery had to pay those illegal taxes on the land that he transferred from his corporation to himself.

Ponsor wasn't going to let this issue of illegal taxation get before a jury for trial. Ponsor knew that Michael Elbery would have made fools out of the Jews on the District Prudential Committee ( a.k.a. the Defendants) who were responsible for the criminal rigging of the election. Ponsor made sure there was no mockery of Jewish criminal activity in his Court, so he dismissed the Count of Illegal Taxation without using the phrase in his Decision

Jewish lackey and front man, District Chairman - John Amato, and the Prudential Committee Members, got away with trashing adverse District Votes, Changing the Votes cast on Proxies by land owners in the District, and allowing "Friendly" owners to vote more than they were legally entitled, if it would help their illegal Agenda. They also changed the votes on vote cards that were put in the ballot box. The Prudential Committee Defendants failed to notify the landowners of the District of Becket Woods of the change of vote issue of the "Special District Election of 8-31-08"; they refused to notify many of the landowners on a timely basis, and some received no notice at all, that there was a "Special Election on 8-31-08" being held. These election violations all contributing to the massive evidence of an illegally-rigged election causing Illegal Taxation.



Count V - Concealment of District Records - a Cover-Up Conspiracy Causing Denial of Access to the Courts. This is another Count of Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's lawsuit that Kangaroo and Federal Judge Michael Ponsor had a "Hands Off Policy" on because it was impossible to beat. Ponsor per his Decision of Dismissal, again, like Elbery's entire complaint, dismissed this count based on his fabrication that Michael Elbery had NO STANDING TO SUE. 

Like the Illegal Taxation Count III, you will not see one word in Ponsor's Decision of Dismissal about the "Concealment of District Records," let alone a discussion by cowardly Ponsor as to reason why that Count V of Elbery's complaint was Dismissed. As per Plaintiff Elbery's complaint and Opposition to Dismissal, the Concealment has nothing to do with 8-31-08, the date of the "Special District Election," as Ponsor relies on to Dismiss the Complaint for 'Lack of Standing", so his Jewish Friends in Becket Woods can run that Municipality/Mass. Road District as a Criminal Enterprise.

Michael Elbery transferred ownership of land from his Corporation to himself, personally, on 9-19-08; the Concealment of District Records existed at 9-19-08 and at the date Elbery filed his lawsuit and it still exists at May of 2013. Not only did District Articles of Incorporation and Massachusetts General law mandate that all landowners in Becket Woods had an undisputed right to see the District Records but the law was much stronger. Those same District Records are PUBLIC RECORDS that anyone has a right to see. Not on your life, those Financial Records, including the District Check Book and Bank Records, and Voting Records, were Concealed from everyone, except for a select few (Amato, Mansbach and Joe La Cascia) on the Prudential Committee. The reason they were concealed is because the Defendants were committing crimes and the District Records would have confirmed and proved those crimes. Those records would have also given Plaintiff - Michael Elbery more evidence for his case, but because he was prevented from his right to those District Records he was also Denied his Constitutional Right to "Access to the Courts" by the Defendants and Federal Michael Ponsor.

The District of Becket Woods Chairmen, Joe LaCascia and his  successor, John Amato, have always, since the inception of the District in the 1970's, Concealed the District Records, so that they could commit all the other illegalities, as per Complaint, including rigging the District Elections for decades. The only other person allowed access to those Concealed Records was Peter Mansbach. Mansbach claims to be a Bilderberger but was not invited to join.

Count VIII - Non-Compliance with Low Bid Laws Mass. C. 30B. And yet another Count (the 2cnd part of Count VIII) of the Plaintiff's Complaint that was so valid and immune from dismissal that his Honor, the Kangaroo Federal Judge Michael Ponsor, avoided it like it was not in the Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's Lawsuit. Ponsor dismissed this Count of Non-Compliance with the Massachusetts Low Bid Laws based on his one grounds for dismissal of the entire lawsuit - NO STANDING TO SUE because at 8-31-08 Michael Elbery was not an owner of land in the District of Becket Woods, but what Ponsor does admit on his Decision of Dismissal, p. 5 & 7, is that Michael Elbery was a land owner in that same District on 9-19-08. 


As per the Plaintiff's Complaint and Opposition, the Defendants' Non-Compliance with the Mass. Low Bid Laws, as required by all municipalities in Mass., including Becket Woods Road District, existed at 9-19-08 when Elbery became a land owner in his personal capacity, the violation existed when Elbery filed his  lawsuit in May of 2009 and it existed when Judge Michael Ponsor covered-up the violations by dismissing Elbery's lawsuit, including the these Low Bid Violations.

Michael Elbery even filed a Complaint with the Mass. Attorney General's Office about the Low Bid Violations for contracted work in the District and won that hearing; the Mass. Attorney General's Office found that the Becket Woods Road District was, and had been for years, in violation of the Low Bid Laws. But that didn't change anything, the Defendants did a little shuffle and continued to ignore the requirements of  the Mass. Low Bid Laws.

In fact, the District of Becket Woods Road District never has and never will comply with the Mass. Low Bid Laws. The Jews are exempt.

Count IX - Federal R.I.C.O. Conspiracy Violations - is another and maybe the most Bizarre conduct totally ignored by Federal Ponsor because the violations are not just on going, before and after Michael Elbery transferred land to himself on 9-19-08, but these R.I.C.O. Violations are criminal conduct that should also be tried in a criminal court. Not only didn't Judge Ponsor act like these R.I.C.O. violations, all 6 pages in the complaint, did not exist, but Ponsor never made mention of them in his decision. Ponsor did use the word "racketeering" once in his decision of Dismissal, but never the forbidden "R.I.C.O.". Ponsor, wishing them to go away and forever be forgotten, never discusses the dozens of R.I.C.O. violations by the Defendants, as complained by Plaintiff - Michael Elbery because, once again, there is no way he could shake the potatoes around to falsify fact and law in order to falsely defeat these R.I.C.O. counts. 

Although the R.I.C.O. Violations, per Elbery's lawsuit, existed before, during the time Michael Elbery owned District land in his personal capacity beginning on 9-19-08, and forever after into the future, Ponsor dismissed the entire complaint based on a grounds of "Lack of Standing" at 8-31-08 by Michael Elbery.


Counts of Complaint Addressed by Judge Michael Ponsor, but Decided Knowingly False and Legally Incorrect

Ponsor - Counts I, II, III.

Starting half way through his "Jiffy Pop" Decision on p. 7, Ponsor disposes with three of the Plaintiff - Elbery's documented complaint counts which he clumps together as "Voting Irregularities". Ponsor now calls the Road District of Becket Woods a "quasi-private" community because Ponsor is embarrassed by the voting issues that Plaintiff - Michael Elbery raises in those three counts. As above and per p. 1 of his Decision , Ponsor correctly called the Becket Woods District a "municipality", thus, Ponsor makes an admission of guilt. A municipality is a government and must adhere to the law of land which is the U.S. Constitution. Ponsor knows that trashing voting rights can scandalize even a big shot tyrant like Federal Judge Michael Ponsor.

Ponsor pretends that Plaintiff - Michael Elbery was suing for the rigged Special District Election of 8-31-2008 in order to falsely dismiss Elbery's lawsuit for a "Lack of Standing" while supporting his deliberately false decision with the date of Michael Elbery's ownership of real estate in his personal capacity of 9-19-08. 

Ponsor claims that because Plaintiff - Michael Elbery was not an owner in the District at the date of the rigged election of 8-31-08, then he has no standing to sue. How convenient and lazy of his Honor - Kangaroo Judge Michael Ponsor! Further, the obstacles (Counts I and II and III) that the defendants had created to the voting system, as Plaintiff Elbery points out in his complaint and Opposition, existed after the 8-31-08 election and into the election of 2009 and into the future. Plaintiff-Michael Elbery had every standing to sue on those 3 Counts of his lawsuit because he owned land in his personal capacity during the election of 2009. Nobody is going to stop the Prudential Committee of Becket Woods from doing whatever those Chosen People so desire, they have a judge in their pocket.


Ponsor completely avoids any of the terminology in Count III of the Plaintiff's Complaint which claims a rigged election causing illegal taxation. As Plaintiff Michael Elbery points out in his Opposition and Complaint he was suing for the illegal taxation that resulted from that rigged election of 8-31-08. Ponsor, on p. 7 of his Decision, indicates that Counts I, II, III of Plaintiff - Elbery's Complaint, are per Ponsor's categorization of those 3 Complaint Counts, merely "Voting Irregularities". Ponsor, per his Decision, discusses nothing in those 3 counts of Plaintiff's Complaint, but claims that they are complaints about "the defendants' administration of the election procedures notably the nomination and proxy voting processes". The illegal taxation in Count III avoided by Ponsor in his Decision is analyzed above, but Ponsor also avoids discussing in  his Decision the Defendants Illegalities in Count I and II of the Complaint. Ponsor also Covers-up that the Defendants had eliminated the District Election Nomination Process and replaced it with their "Appointments"; these appointments always ran unopposed because the Defendants prevented notification to the District land owners/voters in time for anyone else who wanted to run for one of the District elected Positions. Likewise, Ponsor fails to discuss that Count II of the Plaintiff's Complaint pleads a Proxy Voting System that had been totally scuttled by the unmitigated Fraud of the Prudential Committee and their Chairman - John Amato. Ponsor avoids in his Decision revealing that John Amato and Nancy Jane Svirida were confiscating and voting landowners voting proxies the way they chose to vote, and simply threw away other voting Proxies that they were unable to Defraud and were Adverse to their Agenda.

The Defendants are half-assed totalitarians, they did not just want to win the elections and all issues of vote in the District, but they could not tolerate more than one or two votes opposed to the issues they submitted for vote in the District, usually higher taxes and capital expenditures that only benefited the half dozen "tennis people". Amato and Svirida, and La Cascia and Amato in past elections, would change the voting proxies, and throw away  adverse election voting cards, to make sure it looked like everybody was in agreement. This defeated owners in the District from even voting because they felt they were outsiders and that they were the only one of two voting landowners who were voting against the increased District Taxes and other programs of the Defendants. No wonder they call that guy "Mao Tse" Amato.

It wasn't until Michael Elbery went around the District of Becket Woods talking to other land owners that he discovered there were far more "NO" votes against the increased District Taxes of the Special District Election of 8-31-08 than the 2 "NO" votes the Defendants, led by Chairman John Amato, credited via their falsified election voting tally. See the whole story on www.becketwoodswatch.net., the scandal is outstanding - it ain't supposed to happen in America.

Plaintiff - Elbery had every standing to sue for the "voting illegalities" that appear in counts I, II, III of his complaint because they still existed when he transferred land from his Construction Corporation to himself, personally on 9-19-08, and existed when he filed his Federal Complaint in May of 2009 and existed at the District Election of July 2009 and into the future.

Ponsor - Count IV - Access to Public Meeting Impeded - Violation of 1st Amendment

Ponsor claims that Plaintiff Michael Elbery had no right to speak at the Open Meeting Public meetings of the District of Becket Woods; Ponsor continues, per his Decision p. 8-9, to base his dismissal of Count IV of Plaintiff - Elbery's complaint on Ponsor's classification of Michael Elbery as a member of the "Public". Ponsor on p. 8 of his Decision says the right to speak belonged to Westland Construction Corp. (Elbery's corp.) not Michael Elbery. 

Ponsor cites law that does not support a reason for dismissal of Count IV of Plaintiff - Elbery's Lawsuit. Federal Judge Ponsor cites law that says, "The Constitution does not grant to members  of the public generally a right to be heard by public bodies making decisions of policy".


What happened to Right of Access to the Public Meeting of Becket Woods Road District? Ponsor knew that is what Michael Elbery was making issue of, via his Count IV of his complaint, see p. 8 - first sentence of paragraph under subheading "2. First Amendment Claims" of Ponsor's Decision. That sentence in part says, ..... violated his First and Fourteenth Amendments by excluding him from attending  or speaking..."

The claim in Count IV of Plaintiff Elbery's Complaint is not that he was prevented from speaking or to be heard but prevented Access to the Open Meetings of the Becket Woods Road District, see paragraphs 58-62 of the Complaint. Federal Judge Michael Ponsor was not tricky enough. Ponsor totally avoided that issue of Access to a Public Meeting which is a violation of the 1st Amendment, as per Plaintiff - Elbery's complaint. The word "speak" or "to be heard" do not appear in Count IV. Ponsor knew he could not defeat that Count IV so he tried to "trick around" it and thought no one would know. How STUPID of Michael Ponsor!

Plaintiff - Elbery's Opposition is complete with law that says that Open Meetings in Massachusetts are open to the Public and there is no requirement of ownership of real estate in the District of Becket Woods. Count IV of plaintiff’s complaint does not require that the plaintiff be a landowner in the District only that he be an American citizen. The ownership date grounds of 9-19-08 does the defendants nothing regarding this count. Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., Inc. v. Dukakis, 409 F. Supp. 895 (D.Mass.1976). (denying access to public open meeting is violation of 1st & 14th Amendments of the U.S. constitution).

Ponsor allows, via Ponsor's dismissal of the entire case, his fellow Jews and their lackey that runs Becket Woods Road District to retaliate and prevent Plaintiff - Michael Elbery Access to the two Public District Meetings, as per Count IV of Elbery's complaint, all in Violation of the U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment.

Ponsor - Counts VIII - Embezzlement/Fraud/Conversion/Lack of Compliance with Low Bid Laws

Per p. 9 of his Decision, Ponsor, unlike the other counts of the lawsuit, starts out being "matter of fact" regarding the embezzlement Count VIII of Plaintiff - Elbery's complaint. He discloses that some of the Defendants were thieving from the District, including wiping out the District Treasury.

However, truth ends quickly with Federal Judge Ponsor and his Decision on Count VIII of Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's Lawsuit. Ponsor wants to avoid Counts V (the Concealment by the Defendants of the District Records) and Count IX ( the SEVEN pages of R.I.C.O. Violations) so he lumps them all together as the "Fraud Related Claims" with Count VIII ( Conversion, Embezzlement, Fraud, Non-Compliance Low Bid Laws) of the Plaintiff's Complaint. This corrupt Federal Judge - Ponsor never uses the acronym R.I.C.O., but makes one reference to "racketeering" claims in the 3 pages of his decision starting on p. 9 entitled, "3. Fraud Related Claims". Although lumping in Count V, ( Concealment of  the District Records) Federal Judge Michael Ponsor never reveals in his Decision of Dismissal that the Defendants were being sued because they had always and still do conceal all District Voting and Financial Records of the District in order to get away with their Illegalities both Constitutional Violations and Criminal Violations. There is not one word in Ponsor's decision about Concealment of the District Records by the Defendant's; you will not find the phrase "Concealment of the District Records" in Ponsor's Decision. Ponsor wants to cover-up for the gross illegalities of his friends in the Jewish District of Becket Woods.


Oh, Judge Ponsor has some talent at deceitful legal writing, so again, time will be taken to unravel the knots he ties in order to commit Fraud and Cover- Up for his friends the Defendants.

Judge Michael Ponsor, in order to try to make his Cover - Up for his Jewish friends and their lackeys look good, dedicates 3 pages of Babble to Plaintiff - Elbery's "Lack of Standing" to sue on derivative grounds. 

Federal Ponsor is at his best on page 10 of Decision when he states that "Plaintiff nevertheless contends that standing may lie with him because as a corporate officer of Westland, it was Plaintiff who observed, investigated, and ultimately uncovered Defendants alleged illegalities" (Ponsor cites Pl. Opp.'n. To Defs.' Mot. To Dismiss, 9). But if you look at Plaintiff - Elbery's Opposition, page 9, you won't find any such claim. Ponsor deliberately Misquotes Plaintiff - Michael Elbery. If you go to page 9 of  the Plaintiff's Opposition that Ponsor deliberately Misquotes, you will find it says exactly as follows: 

True, the plaintiff was not a landowner prior to 9-19-08 in his personal capacity; his corporation was the legal owner prior to that date. As corporate officer, the plaintiff investigated/observed the governing of the District due to the accelerating District taxes imposed by the defendants ($500 increased to $1000) in less than 2 years without any increase in benefits to the owners of the District.

And true, Elbery/plaintiff caught the defendants rigging the District election of 8-31-08.

But Plaintiff-Elbery recognized, per his Opposition, that he had no grounds, in his personal capacity, to sue for anything that occurred prior to his personal ownership of land in Becket Woods Road District on 9-19-08. See page 9 of the Plaintiff's Opposition, "Plaintiff's Injury at 9-19-08 and after and into the future", is one of the many times Plaintiff - Elbery states in his pleading that his injuries were starting from 9-19-08.

As a result, his Honor - Federal Judge Ponsor remains a documented liar.

As per Plaintiff - Elbery's Opposition, p. 5, Counts VIII – Embezzlement/Fraud/Conversion/Lack of Compliance with Low Bid Laws are not defeated by the defendants’ claim of 9-19-08 ownership date of the plaintiff. Count VIII pleads that the embezzlement is still going on and will continue into the future. As per the plaintiff’s Count VIII of his complaint, these violations existed at the time the plaintiff became an owner at 9-19-08, the date he filed the lawsuit on 5-18-09, and to date and beyond into the future. If  custodian of the records, District Chairman - Amato, does not have to produce the District Financial records, as required by the District Act and Mass. General Laws, then the embezzlement will never be stopped. This Count’s activities, including embezzlement, are being covered-up by the defendants in order to prevent the plaintiff access to the court.

This Count of the Plaintiff's Complaint is like all the others that Ponsor Dismissed for a "Lack of Standing". None of the Counts in the Plaintiff's Complaint make claims about injuries sustained by the Plaintiff at 8-31-08, but at the date of 9-19-08 and continued at the date of the Complaint filing date of May 2009 and into the future.






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