Endurance International Wastes $28,000,000.00 to Buy Out IX Web Hosting



Michael Elbery enjoyed 3 years of uninterrupted service for his Web Sites, including this Web site - MassInjustice.Org., using the Web Hosting Servers of IX Web Hosting which was headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Elbery was surprised it took Endurance International Group (EIG) 3 years to buy out IX Web Hosting. However, they finally came up with an outrageous payment of $28,000,000.00 for Ecommerce, LLC's assets of its IX Web Hosting division. Ecommerce LLC remains in business with its other divisions.


This is the fourth web hosting company that Endurance International has bought since 2011 that was used by Michael Elbery to publish his Web Sites, including MassInjustice.Org.. Endurance International is a Burlington, Mass. corporation that now owns over 60 web hosting companies. They don't change the name of their various buyout web hosting companies, so to conceal their quest  to control the Internet.

Michael Elbery realized on December 6, 2015 that Endurance International had bought out IX Web Hosting when he uploaded additions to his web site MassInjustice.Org and found that about one third of his article linked as "Kennedy Assassination - 50 Years of Evidence" had been deleted. Always check after each upload when you know Endurance International is bent on eliminating your Web Site!

A new web hosting company was located and utilized and Michael Elbery even got his demanded refund from Endurance International for the balance of his contract with IX Web Hosting. Strange that Endurance International refunded Elbery in full for the 3 year renewal contract he made with IX Web Hosting in October of 2015 because they, as buyers of IX Web Hosting's assets, had no liability to Elbery. It was the threat of Scandal to one of their Directors at Endurance International, former U.S. Treasury Secretary - Tim Guitner, that caused them to immediately capitulate.

According to Endurance International's S.E.C. filings, they purchased the assets of IX Web Hosting which consisted of 72,000 web hosting accounts. This is small competitor in the world of web hosting which relies on massive Economies of Scale to make a profit. Elbery like other customers paid IX Web Hosting only a measely $55.00/year to host his web sites on their servers. In other words, Endurance International bought approximately $4,000,000.00 worth of yearly sales revenue for $28 million dollars. The web hosting business is notorious for being a low margin industry with very little of those sales dollars falling to profit due to the fact that a web host requires a large capital investment in large capacity computer servers and has to pay highly skilled computer and software technicians to keep their web hosting business running.

No doubt, that the owners of Elbery's current hosting company, Toronto Web Host, will be future millionaires and retire with a fortune made off the Jews who control Endurance International.

Michael Elbery is, now, activily recruiting other web hosting companies with promises of easy money and great wealth via documented buyouts of any and all Web hosting companies who contract to host his web sites.