Drugs U.S.A.- A Simple Solution in a Free Society




The solution to the drug problem in the U.S.A. has been around for decades. Even when the drug syndrome started about 1965 with Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman roaming the country encouraging the American youth to do street drugs, the solution to the "drug problem" was right there. Prior to 1965, drugs were something you got at the Apothecary, like penicillin; it was still Old Puritanical America and a different World, culture and society. Even the youth elite, like the rock and rollers, weren't doing street drugs before 1965 and the Viet Nam War Era.

The solution to one of the biggest social problems in the U.S.A. is to decriminalize drugs! Nothing new, the intellectuals having been advising this course of action since the 1960's. The "Problem" occurs when the drugs are made illegal and black markets take over causing the otherwise cheap drugs to sky rocket in price and the drug users have to commit crime to afford their bad habit. In a Free Society a Free Man is free to make his own choices as long as he does not harm the other members of Society or their property!


What are you saying, "drugs are illegal- you can't do that". True they are illegal, now, but you miss the point; with the stoke of a pen you can write new laws by first erasing the old ones. The governments at every level in the U.S. are good at creating law.

There is absolutely nothing within the laws of nature that require today's street drugs to be illegal. In a Free Society a Free Man makes his own decisions, if you are not causing damage to another man or his property, in a Free Society, you can do as you please. Society only has a duty to educate, as to dangers/harmful effects of street drugs, just like the pharmaceutical houses have to inform you, via the pharmacist, how destructive that prescription drugs are.

During the First 150 years of this country's history there were no drug laws. Today's street drugs have been around for 100's of years and some longer than when alcohol was first fermented by cavemen. Most of the street drugs are made from vegetation that grows wild; some only have to harvested providing immediate profit with no Cost of Goods. You are not going to stop the illegal drug trade caused by the Drug Laws that create the Black Market profits.  The War on Drugs was lost before it started and is a completer farce.

Driving Under the Influence laws and professional rules would still be in tact regarding drugs. Like alcohol, if you not injuring another person or their property it is legal. If someone wants to take LSD it is their business, if they are not injuring others or their property. All society has a duty to do is inform the citizens of the danger of the street drugs.

There needs to be no encouragement. There does not have to be licenses issued to sell the decriminalized street drugs at retail;  nor should the decriminalized commodities be exploited by the government for taxes causing more government squander.  A civil penalty comparable to an expensive parking ticket for public possession of the once criminal street drugs would prevent retail sales by corporations eager for new profits and encourage personal use behind closed doors. With decriminalization of the street drugs and a civil penalty and confiscation for public possession or use, even the most mindless of advocates of Prohibition against substances that get someone "High" would be appeased; the small civil fine and confiscation penalty would all but eliminate any desire for importation of drugs to the U.S., when combined with the new low and unprofitable prices caused by elimination of the black market. Producers of crops used to produce drugs would have no motivation to further cultivate mere commodities that would yield only a farmer's profit. Even domestic producers of synthetic drugs like L.S.D. would find no motivation to invest in a laboratory to produce a substance that doesn't cover the capital investment.


There is always someone who wants to regulate human behavior through law. They don't seem to learn from U.S. Prohibition when they outlawed alcohol; it was a total disaster requiring Repeal after causing damage to this country that never could be reversed. Prohibition let the Italian Mafia out of the Italian Ghetto never to return and the Jews also made fortunes from Prohibition providing them with the seed funds to "Take Over" the U.S.A.. Meyer Lansky became the chief of the National Crime Syndicate and the most successful criminal in U.S. history all thanks to foolish people that decided that the U.S. citizenry should not be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. It is impossible to stop a "crime" when the parties involved both are willing participants. There are two kind of crimes in today's society, one type of crime results in a person trying to avoid it and rebels against it (robbery etc.) ; the other type of crime involves all being happy they are participating (buyers and sellers of street drugs).



here's how simple it is - "all the innocent victims"

Eradicating the Drug laws will cause the Black Market to go by-by, Drugs prices will collapse from $200oz. to $2 a pound. There will be no crimes on innocents caused by the high drug prices. Even the Mexican Mafia goes hungry. Why does the U.S. government and morons that run this country want to go on providing a means to make all these cut throats like the various Mafia's, Posses, and Cartels, and other Organized Crime a means to wealth and power? Look below under next head note "More Good News - Bar Attorneys, Judges, cops, prisons" for the answer.

This is important - the innocent people in the American Society are the most victimized by the drug laws; the high price of drugs caused by the drug laws causes the drug addict to commit crimes. It is the drug addict, while scavenging for money to buy drugs, who breaks into innocent citizens' houses and robs and steals from innocent people who are minding their own business. The drug addict destroys everything around him to fund his drugs - they embezzle and defraud, destroy their own savings and family all because of the Black Market Prices caused by the Drug laws. Everything the drug addict may have accomplished in the past is quickly vaporized due to the Black Market drug prices because it is all liquidated into drug purchases.

Of course most drugs are harmful and do damage to the drug addict but the drug addict destroys everybody around him before the health problems set in; the drug addict victimizes innocent people and enterprises that are not involved with Black Markets or drugs and want nothing to do with it. Once again, the society has an obligation to alert its members to the harmful effects of the street drugs; the physician's union, the A.M.A., has to step up and share any information they may have to aid the citizenry's knowledge of the street drugs, assuming the physicians can be honest.

However, abolishing the drug laws and high profits it produces will cause a reduction in commerce and the G.D.P. in the U.S.A. and supplier countries like Mexico and Columbia.



More Good News - Bar Attorneys, Judges, cops, prisons

 If you cancel the drug laws and protect society; the Attorneys, Cops, and Judges will be put out of business and the  prisons and Courts will be empty. Well it won't be that socially beneficial, but they will lose business and be reduced in power.

It will break their hearts - they will no longer be able to lure young men with the means of quick big profits, so they can keep the prisons full by arresting them and drug addicts for drug violations and drug related crimes . Without drug laws and drug violations and crime against innocent people caused by addicts scavenging for drug money the Authorities will no longer be able to justify the New American Police State. Court dockets will be reduced relieving the need for the taxpayer to fund court appointed bar attorneys who allegedly defend drug crimes and drug related crimes.

We live in a Society that is not run by wise men but by lawyers, physicians, politicians, special interest groups, and police chiefs - these are men of greed and power that have no use for the un-united citizenry who are the victims of the drug laws. And they make sure they are protected from the adverse consequences of their stupid drug laws. You have to call the cops after you are a victim and the cops and courts and prosecutor decide what action, if any, will be taken as a result of your involuntary status of victim. They may even write a police report and use you as a statistic in order to utilize your involuntary victimization by their drug laws as justification for greater budget for the police department.

There will be a big tax savings by canceling the drug laws but the well paid police will not be actually put out of business. They will still be needed to counter the non-whites in the U.S.A. and their ever present danger that was caused when the genie was let  out of bottle by the 1964 - Civil Rights Act. What the 1964 Civil Rights crime wave didn't accomplish for those that seek to destroy the U.S.A. from within, the unlimited immigration of non-whites starting in 1993 supplemented and augmented. There is not one urban area in this here U.S.A. that is not decimated by these non-whites and the war zones they have created in the cities of the U.S. both great and small. Take away the drug laws and some of the trouble in those non-white kill zones won't be worth it because of zero profit. They will be left to prey on each other when no unfortunate white is prey.

With Decriminalization of drugs, total drug use would be down not up. If you tell a drug addict he can legally do his drugs many would stop - the thrill would be gone, they would regard themselves as losers as they define alcoholics. The drug addict believes he is "smart" but legalization will eliminate this self image. You will never stop drug use in the U.S.A. any more than you will ever stop alcohol or cigarettes or the big fat people that have taken over the U.S. because they eat too much junk food. No of course not, the drugs aren't illegal because they are bad for you, the government does not care about your health - the drug laws creates a police state otherwise they can't justify all of the cops that come in different layers and assortments in the U.S. - they didn't exist in the 1950's to early 1960's. The police in the U.S. were much smaller in number then and were humble. The totalitarians that run the governments in this here today's U.S.A. need the drug laws and police state they cause to gain Control of the citizenry in order to enforce their totalitarian policies/law.

What sense does it make to put people in jail because drugs are bad for them. Obviously, prisons/jails are worse.



Anabolic Steroids - Living Proof Against Drug Laws

Up until about 1990 Anabolic Steroids were legal. Yes sir, more fraud in a our fraudulent society. All those sports heroes were doing cheap drugs to "increase" their sports performance. Mohamed Ali, a.k.a. Cassius Clay, knew about them and that 175 lb. Light Heavyweight Olympic Champion, in 1960, was 212 lbs. of solid muscle on his former skinny 6'-2" frame by 1964 when he became the Heavyweight Champion. Mohamed was glorified for dominance of Heavy Weight boxing (especially against most of his opponents in the 1960's who didn't even know what steroids were) during the 1960's, all while he was defrauding, via anabolic steroids, the gullible sports fans. By the late 1970's Ali quit after seeing Gerry Coetzee, a white South African, give Leone Spinks a knock out. By 1970 all the boxers were doing anabolic steroids or they would lose.

There are all types of anabolic steroids and they have different effects but all result in larger and stronger muscles. You can increase your natural strength by 2 with Anabolic Steroid Drugs ( that's right double your strength in 6 weeks). Stamina and speed are also unnaturally increased.

But here's the legality of it. Once Anabolic Steroids were outlawed by the government, about 1990, the use went up not down. That's right the prices went sky high but the "muscle heads" in every local yokel gym in the U.S.A. continued to use Anabolic Steroids. In fact, even with the possible penalties of the drug law and new exponentially higher prices, Anabolic Steroids were in more demand than ever before. Even in backwoods Nowhere towns like Pittsfield, Mass. which is in the center of a remote place known as, "the Berkshires," everyone of the local weight lifting gyms is saturated with young men who do Anabolic Steroids. 

And the lesson is that making drugs illegal doesn't stop drug use and doesn't help anyone especially the innocent members of society.


Standard Argument for Drug Laws

The argument against voiding the trouble making drug laws is children's' accessibility to cheap drugs. Is that really a reason to maintain the drug laws and all its social illness? If you have a child of less than 13 years old doing street drugs you are doing something wrong. They are not experiencing a childhood if they have resorted to such activity at 9 or 10 years old. There is something else wrong in their life. There is a problem with their parents, and/or society that produces "children" that have a need for drugs or alcohol. Education as to the dangers of street drugs is part of the answer and you could do it ever so cheap with an Internet Web Site; there is no need to make the usual ineffective classroom in the formal education system that costs an inefficient fortune that does not get the job done. For the "children" that are doing today's illegal street drugs, it's the illegal factor that just makes it far worse for those children because the authorities are allowed to treat these poor children as criminals and take their liberty and the authorities have an excuse to abuse them in prisons.

Society must be run for the benefit of the vast majority, not the remote exception.

If the cheap price of decriminalized drugs causes easy access by children under the age of 12, it would be an extraordinary event. The Society should not be controlled by drug laws that hurt the vast majority of innocent citizens who are victimized by the consequences of Black Market prices of street drugs because of  remote exceptions. The problem with such children unfortunately is not drugs. At least those remote examples of children using drugs will not result in prison with decriminalization. The Society has to be run for the greater good not remote theoretical examples. Get rid of the New American Communist System of Welfare and those generations of parasites in the U.S.A. will no longer produce children in order to get paid; the same children that are unwanted and resort to drugs at an early age in their Welfare System culture created community.


Solution - let Free Men in a Free Society Self-Regulate

There is no perfect solution, but the current system of Drug Laws causing Black Markets which causes innocent people to be victimized and the drug addicts to destroy themselves and everything around them is an Absolutely Stupid System and decriminalization will cause far fewer social problems.