Dentist Maryam Shomali - Does her Duty 

the dentist who tried to murder me


The funny faced Dentist - Maryam Shomali


Sounds hard to believe, a dentist? Is everybody trying to kill Michael Elbery? It's your imagination, your paranoid they are saying. Well, like all articles on this Web Site there is documented evidence that can not be refuted. All of the documentation provided on this Web Site which is used as proof of each article is from the adversaries, or independent third party institutions. What a revoltin' development - Judges and lawyers throw you in jail on fabricated evidence, police try to murder you with Cyanide Gas, and the Dentists aren't any better - murderers and, or liars. And the doctors won't help you and their surgeries avoided because that will be the end.


In March of 2004, Michael Elbery needed a dentist after doing a 10 year State Prison Sentence for a fabricated charge/conviction of "Attempted Mayhem". Elbery looked in the phone book for a non-Jewish dentist and found only one, a Thomas Analetto, an Italian. There are no Jews in Italy for good reason, the Italians kicked them out of Italy centuries ago, just like the Spaniards did in Spain in the 1500's. In England, they kicked them out twice for their exploitation of the masses and excluded them in Magna Carta, as to certain rights, due to the same bad habits. The Magna Carta written by the Kings of Scotland and knights of England in 1215 at Runnymede is the foundation for the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. founding fathers, who were also the American Revolutionaries, did not address the Jews because there were no Jews in the remote area of the Globe called the American Colonies. The Jews would show up over a hundred years later to capitalize on the Greatness and Wealth that the White Man built. The English, later also known as the Brits after The Treaty of Union circa 1706 with the Scots, lifted the Jewish ban and allowed them back to the British Isle.

The Italians and Spain maintained their ban. But in the U.S. the Italian and Jew work well together. 

Dentist - Analetto knew who he was dealing with when Michael Elbery entered his dentist office in March of 2004, and he did his part for the New World Order Social Design that all dentists and doctors in the U.S. must  adhere  to in order to complete the Medical or Dental School training. Analetto, like three prior dentists Elbery interviewed, would not work on a molar that needed a filling unless he pulled out two of Elbery's perfectly good wisdom teeth; one of those wisdom teeth was next to the molar at issue.

Analetto pulled out the two wisdom teeth and in the process smashed the back of one of Michael Elbery's front teeth. Nature does not expect the human tooth to be smashed with a metal instrument with the full impact of an adult male's falling force and the pain Analetto caused Michael Elbery reflected the lack of protection nature provides against a butcher - dentist like Analetto. The impact from Analetto and his tooth pulling metal tool almost knocked Michael Elbery out and the pain remained in that throbbing tooth for years. Analetto tugged and tugged on that perfectly good bottom wisdom tooth for about 10 minutes that he insisted had to be removed in order to make his job easier with the tooth that needed filing; Analetto had the full force of his body weight behind his tugging which almost pulled his unfortunate customer/victim out of his dentist's chair. When Analetto finally succeeded in pulling the bottom wisdom tooth his momentum took him across his dental office causing him to fall off balance and losing body control before he finally recovered about 6 feet away from his original tooth pulling position. The impact of Analetto's metal tooth pulling tool almost caused Michael Elbery to lose consciousness, the pain was extreme. Analetto claimed he only "tapped" the tooth.

Analetto, like dentists Elbery had seen over the prior 15 years, told him he had gum disease and Analetto instructed that all his teeth would start to fall out soon. Elbery asked why the bottom wisdom tooth was so hard for Analetto to pull out.


Side Trip to Dentist Barrett - a $25,000.00 dentist fee scam

In the Interim, Elbery went to a Periodontist dentist named Kathleen E. Barrett in the Newton, Mass.. Barrett told Michael Elbery that Analetto broke the root in his front tooth and that the root was shared with other front teeth all which would cause the teeth to move. Kathleen had it all planned, she was going to do extensive dental work for approximately $25,000.00 estimate; included in her plan for Michael Elbery's Analetto induced tooth problem were implants with a titanium root. She was a good crook like most of her profession that find they just are not making the huge wealth they anticipated by working in people's mouths. Michael Elbery declined to assent to Barret's plan which he later discovered was all fraud; at $25,000.00 Elbery decided to wait for the front teeth to fall out as Barrett promised. But they never fell out, in fact, after a few years all the pain that Analetto caused went away. Barrett even wanted $500.00 from Michael Elbery for the lies (estimate) she did. In 2007 Michael Elbery went to a dentist in Berkshire County and that dentist said there were no damage at all to any roots in his teeth! Michael Elbery didn't think this dentist knew anything, a very unimpressive dolt was this dentist who needed his assistant to talk for him. In 2010, another dentist named Snyder told Michael Elbery the same thing - no root damage. It was when Snyder's teeth cleaning dental assistant told Michael Elbery that her x-rays showed there absolutely no root damage that he had enough evidence corroboration to know the Barrett was a lying crook!

It was also at this visit to Snyder the Dentist and his hygienist - La Forest that Michael Elbery realized he had officially cured gum disease that he had from the late 1980's to about 2005. Snyder, like La Forest, had no idea that Michael Elbery ever had gum disease and when asked, dental hygienist - La Forest explained, that he had no indications of gum disease but that he did have 3 moderate "pockets" which is normal for someone approaching 60 years old. Neither La Forest or  Snyder ever knew that not only did their new customer have gum disease from the mid- 1980's through about 2005 when he started using Hydrogen Peroxide products, including Listerine Whitening, but according to his dentists over those years he had developed 30 pockets (caused by the hardening tartar under the gum line) that they claimed could never heal. Dentist and Periodontist Kathleen Barrett, in 2004, directed Michael Elbery to another Dentist that would cut all his bacterial gum diseased infected gums to be cut for a fee of $10,000.00. The $10,000.00 gum surgery would solve nothing and only result in the bacteria caused gum disease to infect the newly exposed gums and finally resulting  in all teeth to fall out due to a lack of gum support, according to Periodontist Barrett. Michael Elbery passed on Barret and all worthless alleged solutions that would only result in big fees for another greedy Dentist.

Back to Analetto and his Plan of Attack

Analetto claimed that the molar needed a root canal but strangely he said he "didn't want to do it". Yes sir, today's dentist seeks maximum profit for his work - it's always a cap and root canal for over a $1,000.00 a tooth that just a few years prior could have been filled for under $100.00. Analetto sub-contracted the root canal to a Dentist named, Maryam Shomali. Shomali's dentistry almost resulted in Michael Elbery's death, but he escaped the Jewish premeditation like many other incidents in his life that are death.

Analetto sent Michael Elbery to the Dental Office of Goldberg and Shomali about the last week of March 2004. Dentist Goldberg looked at Elbery's tooth at issue; very strange that a preliminary appointment would be required for a root canal which is common procedure by dentists by 2004. Goldberg told Elbery that Shomali would take care of him not he, Goldberg. Goldberg was a nice guy, appeared to be gay, Goldberg seemed nervous and was observing Michael Elbery not his tooth. Goldberg was not one for murder.


On 4-2-2004, Michael Elbery entered the Wellesley, Mass. Dental Office of Robert Goldberg and Maryam Shomali. Elbery considered the Jewish risk but thought it not likely that this dentist was dangerous. After all, how much more damage could this Jewish woman dentist do than this Analetto - the dentist had already done? It would be 3 more years before Michael Elbery published his Web Site MassInjustice.Org, so the Jewish threat would be nothing in 2004 as compared to 2007 and beyond. The two Mensheviks, Jewish Mo Bergman and his wife, Dr. Wendy Bonnett, (Jewish Wendy sexually assaulted Michael Elbery), along with their Jewish League were still spying on Americans.

Shomali injected Michael Elbery ELEVEN TIMES with anesthesia allegedly containing epinephrine. Shomali was very quick with that needle, one injection after another. She exhibited a calculating  hard attitude. Michael Elbery, while sitting in her dentist chair, asked if all that injected substance would kill him. Shomali said, "No".

Shomali actually completed the root canal and put a temporary cap on the tooth and then removed the metal apparatus from Michael Elbery's teeth that she used to make her job quick and easy. After getting out of Shomali's dentist's chair, Michael Elbery did not fell well. Michael Elbery was standing in Shomali's Dentist's Office buckled over barely able to breath with an uncontrolled heart beat.

Shomali's assistant looked helpless and was immobilized, she knew what was happening. She started screeching in panic and went to Shomali and told her that her patient was having a heart attack. Shomali stayed in her dental room and tried to ignore the assistant. The assistant then returned to  Michael Elbery but said she did not know what to do. Elbery asked her what Shomali injected him with, the  assistant screamed out - she was crying in hysteria. Michael Elbery was clutching his chest barely breathing staggered to the elevator. The assistant went back to Shomali who calmly called an ambulance. Shomali never offered any assistance or help or even a kind word, she just said, "you are having a heart attack". This is the ugly Jew woman who hated the White Man with the Teutonic features that she envied. Shomali stopped the elevator door from closing and ordered Elbery to wait for the ambulance. Michael Elbery told Shomali to get her hands off the elevator door.

Michael Elbery had no time for an ambulance and had a hard time staying in one place because his heart was banging out of his chest. It is a helpless feeling when you know your having a heart attack because some Jewish Dentist just injected you with what kills. Elbery drove 5 miles to the nearest hospital his heart still pounding out of control. The local cops entered the hospital shortly after Michael Elbery arrived. Shomali called the cops because he did not wait for an ambulance and the cops said they had attempted to intercept him. The two cops left happy when they were told Michael Elbery had a heart attack. They should learn it ain't that easy.

Initially the physician at the hospital thought Michael Elbery already had the Heart attack. The physician made a series of observations after admitting Michael Elbery; the physician was astounded by what Michael Elbery told him was the cause of the Emergency Room visit. The physician was particularly interested in the ELEVEN INJECTIONS that a dentist stuck in him. Elbery said he assumed it was novacane. The physician thought it was impossible to happen so they confirmed that their ER patient had just been at Shomali's dentist office. Shomali had a hard time denying the incident because she called the ambulance and the cops.


 The physician and his staff did the standard lab blood tests they are used to determine if Michael Elbery had a heart attack. At first, they thought the blood tests confirmed a heart attack and then realized that the test was inaccurate, so they did another test and done by another technician who drew the blood. The second blood test, according to the second and supposedly more sophisticated technician, indicated there was no heart attack.  Michael Elbery left the hospital because the nurses running that unit made so much noise; he needed sleep not noise from today's inconsiderate nurses who are allowed to make matters worse. The physician was not convinced that Michael Elbery did not have a heart attack caused by Dentist Shomali.

Shomali wanted $1100.00 for her attempted murder and she refused to pay the hospital bills ( or this bill or this bill or this bill or this bill ). Shomali claimed that nothing was caused by her injections but that Michael Elbery was having an "anxiety attack". Amazing, this lying dentist claimed the entire episode was Michael Elbery's fault.

Michael Elbery alerted the Dental Licensing  authorities in Massachusetts, after an alleged investigation no criminal charges but found Somali had concealed the evidence