Assassination Attempt August 18, 2008

Cyanide Gas - weapon of choice to silence government critics



Michael Elbery, was the target of a failed Assassination Attempt at 12:25am. on 8-18-08. Elbery was vulnerable - he was asleep just under a bedroom sliding window which was wide open on a hot summer night. His apartment was on the second floor of the Lexington Manor Apartment Complex; the first floor basement apartments are half a story below grade level. The screen on that window is fixed and permanent and was not tampered with. Elbery woke, as a result of an overpowering suffocation of chemical/gas that was in the corner of the bedroom nearest that window. Elbery immediately got out of the bedroom and escaped the poison chemical/gas. Elbery went back into the bedroom with a towel over his mouth and nose and  inspected the walls, ceiling and floor of the bedroom and found no residue. He then went outside and observed the side of the apartment building particularly around the open bedroom window. There was no sign of chemical/gas outside or on the side of the masonry building. The bedroom window screen had no residue and was in place. There were no crushed grass/step tracks on the lawn aside the apartment building; it did not appear that anybody had disturbed the dew that formed on the grass. Elbery was becoming increasingly incapacitated, his body was being taken control by the chemical that he breathed in while asleep.

While outside the apartment building, Elbery asked a young woman who was smoking in the parking lot if she had seen anything or anyone or smelt an overpowering chemical/gas. She replied that she just got out and had seen nothing. She watched Elbery inspect the building and surrounding grounds, but at a distance - she exhibited caution. She was the twenty year old little drug addict, who lived in the basement apartment of C building with her boyfriend (not the old man). These two locals always seemed to  find  their way into any trouble at Lexington Manor.

When Michael Elbery went outside a few minutes after the gas attack he could hear police radio squelch while briefly walking some of the grounds surrounding the apartment building. There is a Massachusetts State Police barracks six houses away going north on Route 20 from the Lexington Manor Apt. Complex in Lee, Mass. where Michael Elbery lived at that August 2008. Lexington Manor Apt. Complex is connected  to the State Police Barracks by a field that runs uphill 300 yards behind the adjacent houses. The field provided easy access and cover for the Police for launching their Cyanide Gas Attack.

Michael Elbery felt the chemical/gas take over his body - it was a feeling he had never experienced. He got in his truck to drive to the Hospital in Pittsfield, Mass. 10 miles away up Route 20. There was no one on the road and Elbery drove 70mph at times unable to breath because the gas was filling Elbery's lungs displacing the air. Elbery was passing out; there was a burn inside his body and his body ached, as he clenched his stomach which was cramping. Michael Elbery could barely determine where he was even though he had traveled the same route 100's of times; the gas caused what best could be described as confusion or mental impairment and Elbery struggled with losing his way and direction. He was not capable of decisions because of  the gas, so by default continued on Route 20 almost passing out. Elbery was barely coherent as he drove north on a deserted Route 20 at 1:00am. on what had become a Monday.

Michael Elbery was passing out due to the chemical gas that was displacing the oxygen in his body.

Michael Elbery believed he was going to die, that his enemies, as per this Web Site, had caught him off guard and got him with weapons of death that only Governments produce, know and use. His enemies had been watching him closely to be able to make such an attack. Elbery arrived at the world's worst hospital, BMC (Berkshire Medical Center) on North St., Pittsfield, Mass. at about 1:15am. Elbery, bent over clenching his stomach barely breathing, walked around the Emergency Room trying to get admitted - there was no one at the admittance desk - one hospital employee after another told him to "have a seat", as he gasped that he got poisoned by gas/chemical. The hospital employees just looked upset at his bothering them and said, "you have a seat until the woman in that office can admit you." They would point to an office inside of the Emergency Room where a gray haired middle aged woman was talking to an obese person wrapped in a white sheet. Pittsfield, Mass. is not the place to be if you need medical help.


Elbery could not sit because the poison gas put him into body spasms and the pain in his stomach was so overpowering that he was bent over holding on to the arm of a chair in the ER waiting room. Standing seemed to help him breath. Elbery was barely able to formulate thoughts as his thought process was impaired by the chemical/gas that was traveling through his blood filling his body with poison. Was it better to die in the Emergency Room or die in peace elsewhere without the insanity of hospital staff and mindless people who had nothing better to do than wait and get attention at the Emergency Room?

After an hour, Elbery's admittance was recorded by the edgy gray haired middle aged hospital lady in the corner office. Michael Elbery upset this admitting clerk by telling her that the poison gas/chemical was intended to kill him and that he had almost passed out. She exclaimed, "that you don't look that bad". Elbery reminded her that over an hour and half had passed and that the overpowering effects of the gas had gone and he was just feeling tied and weak and aching. It was 3:00am and Elbery was finally allowed to enter the emergency room and given a bed. Michael Elbery waited another half hour and fell asleep to be woken by a registered nurse named Christina. She got upset with the account of evidence and doubted what he said exclaiming, "your vital signs are fine, as is the results of the EKG". She didn't like Elbery claiming that there was a case of attempted murder.

The doctor, an Indian from India, seemed concerned and wanted the police involved - Michael Elbery told the doctor to call the cops, if he wanted. This physician refused Elbery's demand to take blood samples and have his blood and urine tested, so it could be determined what caused his injury. The doctor claimed that was a police matter. Do the police take blood and urine samples and test it in medical labs? Of course not, the cops have medical/hospital people take those tests.

All the hospital people, (admittance clerk, nasty nurse, and Indian physician) were all told the same facts/evidence, as above, and they did not want to hear it.

Michael Elbery returned home at 5:00am. and went to sleep. There was no trace or residue of chemical on the screen or in the bedroom. There was a slight chemical scent in the bedroom that remained from the poison gas attack, but it didn't resemble the initial attack over 4 hours prior. The sun was out, the enemy could not hide under the cover of dark. The next attempt at assassination will come from the enemies created by this Web Site.



Michael Elbery was in the same above lousy hospital/emergency room for a gallbladder stone that he was passing on about April of 2011. The same Indian physician was working that night as was on duty on 8-18-08. He recognized Michael Elbery and identified himself as the doctor that looked at him when he got attacked by poison gas in 2008. That Indian was all upset, still, about the incident and what Michael Elbery wrote, above, in this chapter of MassInjustice. Org. The Indian doctor exclaimed that "the police interrogated me at my work place", at the BMC Hospital in Pittsfield, Mass. This Indian doctor said, "the police wanted to confirm the attempted murder with poison gas", as above. This Indian doctor was especially upset that Michael Elbery disclosed the extent of shitty medical care, particularly the extended waiting period, while he was choking in the waiting room, at that hospital and by that same poor excuse for a physician.

Strange, the police never contacted Michael Elbery about the attempt on his life on August 18, 2008.

The cops were probably trying to figure out why Michael Elbery wasn't dead. Maybe the cops got ripped off and the cyanide gas they bought from the Italian Mafia was diluted. 


Update - 12-24-12

The above poison gas/chemical was Cyanide Chloride Gas. There are no other gases on the Planet Earth that have the same physical characteristics and also affect a human as Michael Elbery experienced and described above. Ironically, Michael Elbery did not figure out that the gas weapon his enemies were using was Cyanide Chloride Gas until the F.B.I. caused the attacks to stop when they raided the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. with a Federal Search Warrant; that Federal Search Warrant was immediately sealed by the issuing Federal Judge Michael Ponsor. Elbery presumed, up until about December of 2012,  that if the gas was something like Cyanide he would have been dead and never survived years of the cops' cyanide attacks, including the direct hit in August of 2008. He learned as a result of research on Federal Government Web Sites that death did not always result from exposure to Cyanide Gas. No wonder that attending Indian doctor and the nasty nurse, Christiana, were so upset; they both knew the gas Michael Elbery described was Cyanide. The Indian doctor was scared that night and got nervous when Michael Elbery insisted that he had a duty to take a blood test and/or a urine test and determine what gas almost caused him to die. Instead, the Indian doctor told Michael Elbery to see his primary physician and Michael Elbery did that.

Those medical people are part of the new Authority that works together to control the U.S.A.. That doctor and that nurse weren't going to take blood tests when they knew the results would be cyanide. Those medical people know who is using the cyanide to kill people in the U.S. - the government/cops and the Italian/Jew Mafia. The medical people align themselves with the former group of murderers.


Cyanide Samples and Test Strips

Of course you still doubt the gas is properly identified - you want an "expert" to confirm that cyanide is being used by the authorities in the U.S.A. to silence anyone who dares catch the sacred judicial cows using the courts to commit crimes (malicious prosecution and false arrest & imprisonment are crimes). Because Cyanide gas has a half life of 1-5 years when it settles on inanimate objects (carpets, counter tops) and leaves a residue, it was to Michael Elbery's surprise that he was able to obtain samples of the Cyanide gas from his vacuum cleaner. Just as surprising, there are companies that sell test strips (Do a Google Search and see for yourself)  for identifying numerous gases including cyanide. Michael Elbery has a sealed container filled with debris that is saturated with Cyanide gas. 

Where did he get the Cyanide Chloride Samples? The Cyanide settled on the carpet in Michael Elbery's residence, as well as, other surfaces; Cyanide Chloride Gas, according to the Federal Government Publications, has a half life of 1-5 years after the gas settles and becomes a residue. If enough settles after entering through windows it forms a fine grit that looks and feels like plaster. However,  it only has an 8 hour half life for Assassination Targets, who breath in too much Cyanide. The vacuum cleaner reeked of the cyanide gas that had penetrated into Michael Elbery's residence, as a result of the continuous nightly attacks/dispensing of cyanide gas in the summer/fall of 2012 by the cops and their local operatives. It became a simple task of opening the vacuum cleaner and cleaning out the Cyanide saturated debris to obtain the Cyanide Chloride samples. Maybe the F.B.I. is interested in this evidence of attempted murder. The samples are not located at Michael Elbery's residence.

Cyanide Gas not only comes in open windows and doors, but Air Conditioners. 



Patient - Michael Elbery demands a blood test - but Dr. Michael Kaplan already knew - but he wasn't telling

Later the same day, Michael Elbery called his physician's office, Lee Family Practice, and made an appointment to see his primary care physician - Dr. Michael Kaplan.

Michael Elbery told Dr. Kaplan exactly as above (both the gas characteristics and physical affects the gas had on him). Elbery told Kaplan that he (Elbery) did not know much about gas weapons and demanded that Kaplan should do a blood and urine test to determine what gas was used to attempt to murder him. Kaplan resisted the idea of testing, but also as important Kaplan appeared to know what the answer was. Kaplan didn't doubt Michael Elbery at all. Kaplan had always tried to find fault (very suspicious of his patient) with Michael Elbery; Kaplan went to the extent and futility of having, months prior, Michael Elbery's blood tested for heroin and cocaine, all behind Elbery's back.  


It turned out that Michael Elbery's description was too good and precise and described only Cyanide gas. After exhaustive research by Michael Elbery, there is only one gas that fits the attack of 8-18-08 and subsequent attacks and that is Cyanide Chloride Gas. A pungent smelling colorless gas that is one of the few "blood agents" on the Planet Earth.

Kaplan claims per his medical notes that Michael Elbery made only claims of vague symptoms, not true Kaplan you are lying. Kaplan heard exactly the same account of details as above.

Cyanide Gas is no more a mystery to Western Medical Doctors than Carbon Monoxide Gas. It is referred to as one of the few gases that are "Blood Agents". Blood Agents cut-off the supply of oxygen in the living organism. As a blood agent, the human body cells have 20 times more affinity for Cyanide than oxygen, and the human body cells substitute with cyanide, instead of  taking in oxygen. That is why none of the vegetation around the buildings where Michael Elbery lived, and currently lives, were affected; grass/plants/trees take in carbon dioxide and excrete oxygen.

The dogs that were in the fenced off area of the next door neighbor's house did not fare as well. After the Cyanide Gas Attacks of 8-18-08 the dogs next door no longer barked. The man with the big German Shepard, who lived 3 doors up Route 20 from Lexington Manor Complex, moved out leaving his house vacant; there was no "For Sale" Sign on the house and his Shepard had no longer barked. You won't get any information from these locals, they know not to talk. They know the police will destroy their lives for any speech that is unfavorable to the Cops.

See also "More Cyanide Gas Attacks Cripple Web Master" for more evidence of Cyanide Gas.

Doctor Michael Kaplan knew Elbery got whacked with Cyanide Gas but he didn't want his patient to know

Kaplan, per his  notes, reveals that Michael Elbery only described the weapon as "poison gas" but unbelievably Kaplan indicates Cyanide Gas in his notes. Why would Kaplan write "Cyanide Gas" in his notes? Because that is exactly what Michael Elbery was describing and Kaplan knew it. Kaplan never told Elbery that Cyanide Gas was even a suspect in his mind, but he wrote "Cyanide" in his medical notes. Kaplan must have had a guilty conscience. Kaplan excuses himself from doing his job of aiding a patient by noting that if it were Cyanide it would have been "lethal". That is WRONG Doctor, if Cyanide does not kill you in a few short minutes, they missed; read up on your medical journals - Cyanide won't kill the target, if they don't get the target with enough gas down his throat, but Cyanide Gas will cause exactly the same physical effects Michael Elbery described, as above. If Cyanide gas doesn't kill you it can cause hypoxia.

Or consult history, the Tzar's hiers and military co-conspirators jacked up Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin's food with Cyanide in 1916 only to be frightened that he survived all the Cyanide with indigestion.


The only one that is mentally impaired is the "Doctor" and he documents it 

According to his medical report of his fraudulent medical care concerning the attempted murder of Michael Elbery with Cyanide Gas on August 18, 2008, Dr. Kaplan claims that his then patient, Michael Elbery, implied that he, Kaplan, was involved in the gas "attack". Kaplan also writes that Michael Elbery did not threaten him but that Elbery was "threatening". Kaplan then does the favorite for today's pill pushing doctors and pretends to be a psychiatrist (the "pill pushers" all wish they could be psychiatrists so they could have more control over people and tell them what they are really thinking); Kaplan writes in his report that Michael Elbery is "paranoid and delusional". They don't start fabricating the paranoid and delusional unless you have put them on the defensive. Kaplan did you say no threats to you but "threatening"? Kaplan did you keep the fact that you knew your patient got gassed by Cyanide? Kaplan did you claim in writing that somehow Michael Elbery implied that you were involved in the gas attack, although you document that he never said that?


Michael Kaplan, you have a guilty conscience and are no different than the lawyers on this Web Site - you are fabricating/lying to defend yourself from your own guilt. It took me years to realize that I was being targeted by Cyanide Gas. But you, Kaplan, and that Indian doctor at Berkshire Medical Center, both knew that what I was describing was Cyanide. And that Poison Control Center you claim to have called, per your notes, should know that, although Cyanide dissipates quickly in the human body (half life of 8 hours), otherwise the half life on Cyanide is 1-5 YEARS. Cyanide Gas leaves a residue where it settles even if you can't see it. And Kaplan, all toxins store in your hair and fingernails. There you go Kaplan, there are all sorts of things to test, including blood and urine (do a simple Google Search "Cyanide gas detectable in blood" and you will get at least one screen of government and medical authorities telling you Cyanide does leave at least "a trace" in a human's blood). Every time I got hit with "Poison gas" over the last several years (2008 - 2012) my urine stunk as strange as that Cyanide Gas did (they describe Cyanide Chloride as smelling pungent and I would not disagree with them). Maybe you could have helped your patient, Michael Elbery, by telling him that Cyanide Gas, even if they don't get enough down your throat to kill you, will destroy your kidneys with repeated non-lethal doses. And, Cyanide can cause hypoxia.

The reason Dr. Michael Kaplan felt threatened is because he knew he was refusing a patient medical help, and to make it worse for Kaplan, he knew that his patient, Michael Elbery, was right in his demand for blood and urine tests, in order to determine exactly what kind of gas was used in attempt to kill him. Michael Elbery was the same patient that Dr. Kaplan, in July of 2007, found had a 600 glucose reading. Kaplan would tell Michael Elbery that he would be on diabetes drugs for the rest of his life because the diabetes II was so bad. Kaplan falsely claimed that diabetes II is genetic (the doctors don't know what causes diabetes II - they say genes for convenience). Kaplan within a few months of his July 2007 medical proclamation exclaimed, "I don't know how you did that, you have a normal A1C and you refused to take any of the 3 drugs I prescribed".  That's right Kaplan and I have had normal A1C readings ever since.

Kaplan knew what almost killed his patient on August 18, 2008 because the only gas that has that effect on the human organism is a "blood agent". It displaces your oxygen away. Boy, was that little sissy Dr. Kaplan scared when Michael Elbery told him about the poison gas attack and related evidence as per this and the other Chapter on Cyanide Gas on this Web Site. Kaplan knew exactly what was going on - murder. But he was on their side.


Dr. Michael Kaplan - highlights his guilt - documented lie of blood test

Dr. Michael Kaplan knew what he was supposed to do as a physician. Kaplan was supposed test his patient's blood. See the top of his medical note were he confirms he knew what he had a duty to do and that was test for the cyanide gas that he notes in the same medical document. Under "Plan" at the top of Kaplan's medical note he indicates that he agreed to the blood test that his patient, Michael Elbery, wanted done. However, the blood test was never done. Kaplan sent his patient to have his blood tested and then double crossed his patient, Michael Elbery. The medical technician that was supposed to take the blood sample refused because she claimed that Kaplan did not indicate what they were supposed to be testing for. She claimed, after making two calls to Kaplan, who was in the same building, that because the substance to be tested was not identified by Kaplan that she could not draw the blood. A Kaplan Double Cross. I challenge Kaplan to produce the lab results of his lying blood test claim. And Kaplan, I, allegedly, have all my medical records from your office, due to my demand/requisition under Federal law. 

Still want to believe the Jewish Doctor, Michael Kaplan? Look at the medical document he produced, the same one that at the top left says "Plan - .... I agreed." Look at the same medical document, there is nothing in the entries that disclose that Kaplan did the blood test or that a blood test was done. The entries run through 9-2-08 which was the last visit Michael Elbery had with Kaplan and more than enough time to discuss/note that a blood test was done and its results. There is absolutely nothing on that medical report that indicates a blood test was done or the results or findings of a blood test. The next entry with Kaplan regarding his customer, Michael Elbery, was this sign off notice on 10-9-08.

Jewish Kaplan was covering up for the assassins. Kaplan knew from Michael Elbery's description of the smell of the colorless gas and the physical effects the poison gas had on him that Elbery was the target of  cyanide gas which is known as a "blood agent" to western physicians.

This is not an excuse for Dr. Michael Kaplan, but had Kaplan requested a lab test for cyanide in a patient's blood there would have been a big alert sounded and questions would have been asked by more than this local yokel sundry medical doctor. There is good reason why HOME LAND SECURITY has been in Lee, Mass. since the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. was searched by the F.B.I. on November 19 of 2012. Did Kaplan suspect it was the local police who were on the delivery end of the Cyanide that he secretly diagnosed? The Federal Authorities may well have been brought in, back in 2008, and Kaplan would have been unpopular with the local Lee, Mass. and Mass. State Police.


The Jew doctor Quits instead of aiding the sick - a.k.a. "Doctor Death"

Doctor Kaplan had the answer - Kaplan discontinued any further dealings with Michael Elbery. What a loss for Michael Elbery, another Jew that was trying to Kill him. With the kind of alleged medical "treatment" that Kaplan dished out to Michael Elbery he was lucky to no longer have to deal with Kaplan. There will be more on Kaplan under "Scribes and Pharisees, Doctors and Dentists" coming soon.

And yes, Michael Kaplan noted in his notes that Michael Elbery has a web site. And of course Kaplan is a Jew. Can't expect much from them.

Here is the lesson to be learned for the now 100 every day that read this Web Site - If you catch the judicial authorities in Massachusetts, either federal or state, doing something illegal in a court of law, you might want to think twice about exposing them, presuming you have the legal knowledge to do so, because these people don't want to admit they do any wrong and would rather kill you. Hard to believe what has happened in this here U.S.A.!


See a year's attempt at medical care with the Jewish Dr. Fribush and his Medical Walk-in, Israeli Doctor Rachmiel, Jewish Dr. Mark Kentor, Carla M. the Jewish Spy, Mitt M. D, and the two initial doctors' alleged medical care by Dr. Jorrin and Dr. Adrian Elliot in "More Cyanide Attacks Cripple Web Master" and denial of medical treatment by Jewish Dr. Michael Kaplan (above).

See all the Chapters of MassInjustice, below, for the Continuing Saga of Cyanide Death Attacks and the Medical Authorities "hope you Die".



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