Amended Claims #2 and #3 to  the 6-21-13 Refile of Motion for New Trial



Amended Claim #2 Dr. Dennis Arinella's Testimony in U.S. District Court in May of 2002 as to the Real Injuries and Cause of Injuries to Alleged Victim, King.

This Amended Claim #2 contains the evidence produced by Prosecution's Alleged Victim Witness, Cop Tom King's, Treating Physician, Dr. Dennis Arinella at the Federal Civil Trial of Elbery v. Sklut in May of 2002. Dr. Arineall under Oath per Federal Transcript of Arinella's Testimony Testified that he examined King minutes after the underlying incident on 9-29-92 that caused Defendant, Michael Elbery, a conviction for Attempted Mayhem and a 10 year prison sentence. Arinella testified that his patient King sustained superficial abrasions to his eyelids and had a blood shot from as King per instant interview to Dr. Arinella "by catching a finger in the eye".

Dr. Arinella's Federal Testimony proves to a medically documented certainty that Michael Elbery was framed by the lies of Alleged Victim Witness, Tom King.



Amended Claim #3 Juror Forelady and the Rigged Jury