Chief Judge of the Federal District of Massachusetts - Mark Wolf Resigns

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Three days after this Web Site published on 10-13-12, via its new Web Host, an updated and finalizing form of the "Wolf Chapter" of MassInjustice.Org, Judge Mark Wolf resigned from his appointed position as Chief Judge of the Federal District of Massachusetts. Wolf will maintain his status as Federal Article III Judge in quasi - retired status, as is his option by law. 

Wolf is claiming it is just a Coincidence that the "Wolf Chapter" of MassInjustice.Org was published only a few days before his resignation as Chief Judge, a post he was appointed to by the President of the United States in 2006. Wolf claims his appointment is up in 2013 and any publication documenting his violations of law and abusing his duties to the citizenry of the U.S. is just coincidental and irrelevant to his decision of resignation.

Wolf claims that the reason for his sudden retirement as Chief Justice was to make room for "younger" judges. However, Wolf was replaced, on 1-1-13, by District Judge Patti B. Saris, who is the same age as Wolf. Wolf also lost $50,000.00 per year due to his self - inflicted demotion; a demotion he chose in order to  avoid the Scandal/controversies that would have occurred, if he opted to be re-appointed for another term as Chief Justice of the Federal District of  Massachusetts. This guy Wolf isn't giving up $50K for nothing - he got caught "misbehaving".

If Mark Wolf sought to be appointed to a second term as Chief Justice of the Federal District of Massachusetts, the U.S. Congressional Judicial Committee would have inquired into the illegalities and Unconstitutional conduct Wolf engaged in, via a Kangaroo Trial, as documented in this Web Site's Wolf Chapter. Wolf still remains an Untouchable due to his life appointment as an Article III Federal Judge.


Judge Mark Wolf is "Conscious of his Guilt"

What Wolf is leaving out is that he would not get another appointment as Chief Justice of the Federal District of Massachusetts due to his documented illegalities, as per the "Wolf Chapter" of this Web Site. He made it easy on himself and ran while the running was good. He knows that, as now, only being a senior/retired Article III Federal Judge he is not important enough to suffer consequences for his illegal conduct on the federal bench because it would require a U.S. Congressional Impeachment Process to fire him. Wolf will remain the judge that got caught and people (especially the Jewish and legal community) will point and talk behind his back until he dies saying, "he's the judge that got caught and done in by a convict's legal web".

The information this Web Site has gathered is that Wolf came under pressure to resign in September when the Jewish Police State and its operatives became aware they were not able to stop Michael Elbery or his Web Site - MassInjustice.Org. The "Wolf Chapter" was being developed (under construction on the Internet) in the summer of 2012. Although it was difficult to construe exactly the content of that "Wolf Chapter" before October 12, 2012, the many legal professionals, who read this Web Site, would have been able to extrude from previous rough draft segments of that "Wolf Chapter" the highlights of illegal conduct that was documented. The police and Jewish operatives went to the extent this past summer of 2012 trying to end MassInjustice.Org by buying its Web Host - "Host Gator", by attacking Michael Elbery, again, with cyanide gas, and trying to put him out of business causing Knight Capital to go out of  business to the tune of $450M.


Due to attacks on his computer by his former web host "Host Gator", when Endurance International bought out "Host Gator" for $250M, Michael Elbery stopped uploading finished changes to the "Wolf Chapter" at about September 1, 2012, leaving it in a very difficult to understand and far from finished in rough draft form from the end of August '12 thru Octoberber 12 -14 of 2012. However, there was an unusually large percentage of hits/visits to the "Wolf Chapter" of this web site in September '12. The word was filtering through the legal community and segments of the Jewish Community that Wolf was all done - that documents don't lie.

Michael Elbery has been warned that it is not over. He agrees - it is not over. Michael Elbery's government enemies keep on getting caught making the events/illegalities by Government Co-conspirators, including cyanide gas murderers, bigger and bigger. Michael Elbery is given an opportunity to document what is not supposed to happen in this here U.S.A.


Wolf Boasts - "nobody can make me stop"

During an interview with the Boston Globe, 12-12-14, Federal Judge Mark Wolf decreed, "nobody can make me stop", while referring to his current status as a retired "Senior Status" Federal Judge. The article disclosed that Wolf admitted he was working as much in his status as a retired federal judge, as he did before he resigned as Chief Federal Justice of the the Federal District in Massachusetts, just 2 days after this Web Site published an article documenting Wolf's deliberate and malicious violations of law in order to illegally defeat Michael Elbery's lawsuit against the Shrewsbury Police.

The question the Boston Globe did not ask is why did Wolf retire in the first place? Wolf never changed his case docket load (amount of work he takes on as a judge) according to the Globe article ! What sense did it make for Wolf to take a retirement status, if he has not reduced his case load and is still working the same as before his retirement? These questions assume Wolf acts based on reason.

The answer is simple. Wolf got caught with his pants down by the article Michael Elbery published in November of 2012 which documented Judge Mark Wolf's ruthless violations of law never before exposed in American Judicial History. Wolf's status as Chief Federal Judge in the Federal District of Massachusetts was due for renewal in 2013; Wolf would have been put on trial for misconduct and illegalities in order to be reappointed for another 6 years as Chief Justice. The Federal Executive makes Chief Justice appointments and would have been required to have a hearing on the documented violations of law by Wolf, as documented in Michael Elbery's Web Site Article in MassInjustice.Org, on Elbery's Federal case Elbery v. Sklut et al.

Wolf could have simply resigned as Chief Justice and not gone into retirement as a "Senior Status" Federal Judge. That would have left Wolf in his previous status as an Article III Federal Judge. But Wolf would have run into problems explaining his motives. Wolf could not tell the truth and admit that a White Man would expose him as the Jew Judge that wants to eliminate the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights and enforce Jewish Totalitarianism by committing crime in a Federal Courtroom. So Wolf tried to avoid truth and claimed he wanted an early retirement. Problem is, he never retired, and is, as the Globe article points out, actually working for free. Because Wolf is retired he would get the same pay check regardless of work he does. In other words, Wolf makes the same pay check whether he works or not. Wolf admits per that Globe article that he works the same amount as before Michael Elbery forced him out as Chief Justice. Wolf did lose the $75,000.00/yr. premium he received as Chief Justice.

Wolf's comment that "no one can make me stop" is an expression of Wolf's mental anguish caused him when he was forced out of his position as Chief Federal Judge and had to retire in order to be saved from the Scandal that would have made him famous. Michael Elbery would have been required to be subpoenaed to testify at an Executive Branch Hearing  as to Judge Mark Wolf's criminal conduct, while Wolf presided over Elbery's multi-million Dollar Sklut case. Michael Elbery would have unmercifully destroyed Wolf with Wolf's own irrefutable documented scandal. Yes, like so many others Wolf signed his name to his violations of law while allegedly working for the American People as a federal judge. Wolf was well familiar with Elbery's generalship in the Courts and natural superiority with law and ability to crusade a cause and a legal case and Wolf feared being mocked and insulted with his own documented crime and made a public fool at an Executive Hearing complete with the World Free Press. Wolf was successful, via Wolf's criminal conduct in a U.S. Federal Court, in robbing Michael Elbery out of Millions due him in damages that legally would have resulted from the Sklut case in a fair court .

Did Judge Mark Wolf help plan or approve the Twin Tower Bombing by Jewish Mossad in conjunction with the Dual Citizen Israeli's who were running the U.S. Defense Department and Pentagon at 2001? Wolf is a Jew who is doing all he can to defeat the land his Chosen People have infiltrated, the U.S.A.. Any act or "means" that will help the "end" of the "Chosen People's" "Jewish Take Over" is supported by Orthodox Jew, Federal Judge Mark Wolf.

Judge Mark Wolf is an example of the lazy arrogance of the Jews, who think that they can Conquer the United States of American by the Jew Take Over of the Judicial System, Political Parties, Media, Financial Markets, Banks, Free Markets, and the Government Bureaucracies. Judge Mark Wolf is an example of the Jews' weakness when challenged. When their Jewish Totalitarianism fails the Jew runs and begs for mercy.

Wolf is currently in retirement status, but still is an Article III Federal Judge. As an Article III Federal Judge, Wolf can only be stopped by impeachment by the U.S. Congress. The U.S. Congress is bought and paid for by Organized Jew Money funding the Congressmen' political campaigns. 




Castration Order - Wolf's most famous case?

Judge Mark Wolf, a Jewish Boy from Newton South (Mass.), thinks his biggest case was the transvestite lifer/inmate who petitioned Wolf's Court in order to make the taxpayers of the State of Massachusetts pay for its sex change operation, so it could have an active sex life with homosexuals. And Wolf made it law that the Mass. taxpayers had to foot the bill for this perversion. Now the transsexual complains that it is in the Women's' Prison and ruined all its planned frolic that Mark Wolf was making possible.

Everyone knew, that knew Judge Mark Wolf, that the transvestite would get a taxpayer funded sex change, per Order of Federal Judge Mark Wolf. Wolf mixed around some law and found for the transvestite; it was Wolf's opportunity to cut a white man's ball's off, all allegedly within the law.

But Wolf's biggest case will grow and grow in the future, as history becomes more interested in Judicial Scandal rather than temporary foolishness of depressed men who want their balls cut off. Wolf's order of castration is short term sensationalism. Although the World thinks of the castration order as Wolf's biggest case, Wolf's most famous case will change to the Scandal and illegal conduct of another case involving the Bill of Rights.

Wolf's biggest case will be Elbery v. Sheketoff as joined with Elbery v. Sklut et al.,and for this case he will be remembered all thanks  to the World Free Internet.