Defeated Judge, Former Chief Federal Justice of the District of Mass.- Mark Wolf - Wants to Run World Corruption

Jews Seek to Run World with Help of more World Courts

Wolf is the Definition of  Corruption in Government - Why isn't Wolf in Jail?


Former Chief Justice of the Federal District of Massachusetts, Mark Wolf, was shamed by his Scandal and had to Resign from that Appointed post as Chief Federal Justice of the Federal District of Massachusetts in 2102. Wolf was Publicly Exposed by Michael Elbery for his Illegalities in the Federal Court of Boston, Mass. via the World Free Internet and immediately ran away to avoid inquiry by the U.S. Executive Branch by submitting his resignation to the U.S. President - Obama. 

So what does, now retired, Federal Judge Mark Wolf, seek to do after getting caught Corrupting the Federal Court and its Laws? 

Federal Mark Wolf seeks to create a new "International Anti- Corruption Court" "to Stamp Out Corruption".

Wolf was currently quoted as saying that "an International Court would Stamp Out Corruption." Wolf was claiming "World Corruption".

Well, at least Wolf can be credited as being an expert in Government Corruption. Yes Mark, as much as you argue to the contrary, the Federal Court is part of greater Government.

Now, Wolf is Promoting the Jewish Agenda and trying to create World Power through another International Court. Wolf in the 1960's observed the White Man in the U.S.A. in order to fulfill his duties to the Jewish Agenda. In the 1960's the Jews, including Wolf and Patti B. Saris, had dreams of World Domination like their predecessors like Karl Marx and Rita Luxembourg, and Meyer Lansky.

Anti-Corruption should start in the U.S. where Jews have destroyed Democratic System and bribed the U.S. Congress via campaign donations; used their influence peddling to get their Appointed Supreme Court Justices and Defense Dept. Appointments, who create and enforce their Jewish Agenda Policies. The Power of Jew Influence Peddling was highlighted in March of 2015 when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi the Bloodsucker" Netanyahu paid a visit to Washington D.C.. Netanyahu's visit and speech before the U.S. Congress was Televised by the U.S. TV Networks. During his speech, the U.S. Congress stood and bowed and applauded, not just when Netanyahu entered, but every time he made one his 2 dozen Pro Israel/Jew Statements. It was clear by watching the U.S. Congress bow in homage to this Jew from Israel where loyalty of the U.S. Congress lay. Ironically, the Ultra Left Wing Socialist U.S. President, Obama, would not even talk to Netanyahu. Obama has referred to Netanyahu as a liar. Obama was another Negro groomed by Jewish Social Design Policies and was favored with Affirmative Action and Quota Jobs, without the Jews Obama would never have been U.S. President. The Jews may find that the Negro will be a future problem for them once they figure things out, and/or when the "handouts"/Welfare stops in the U.S.

The reason the "Two Party Political System" in the U.S. has failed is because the Jews through their Influence Peddling (money contributions and Bribery) control both Parties making the American Citizens' Vote absolutely worthless. Jewish Gangster, Meyer Lansky, knew the value of money in politics;  in 1932 Lansky and his National Crime Syndicate funded both the Republican and Democratic Parties. Lansky was going to be on the winning side and didn't leave it to chance, he needed the U.S. President on his side. Roosevelt won the U.S. Presidency and when he took office he immediately double crossed Lansky and his Crime Syndicate by Repealing Prohibition in early 1933. Lansky lost the huge profits of the U.S. Prohibition (outlaw of booze since 1920 in the U.S.) that he gained control of at the end of 1931 when his gang murdered the Controlling New York City Italian Mafia.

Mark Wolf pretends his proposed "International Anti- Corruption Court" is necessary because Government Corruption causes a violation of Human Rights. Wolf claims the "International Anti- Corruption Court" is required to combat Corruption that is the "insidious plague that corrodes Society, undermines Democracy, and the rule of law, distorts markets, erodes the quality of life and allows organized crime, Terrorism and threats to human security". That list of evils by Wolf is all the resultant Social, Political and Economic Problems caused by the Jews' Rule of the United States and Jewish Agenda that has grown exponentially in power since the 1960's.

Wolf points out in his Brooking article that what he calls "Grand Corruption" exists by Government leaders all over the World. Wolf is less than succinct, but what he is trying to say is that leaders that run Governments around the World get away with their corruption because they are in charge of investigating crime and corruption. Similar to today's U.S.A, when a police officer commits a crime, he is investigated by police and friendly allies in the local District Attorney's Office and the mad dog cop is automatically exonerated for his "good police work" and "heroics".

Wolf is particularly concerned about the "enormous wealth obtained by corrupt officials" in Countries around the Globe. Like all Jews, they want to do all the stealing and concomitant laundering of financial transactions and investment. Don't kid yourself, this Wolf proposed "International Anti- Corruption Court" would be run by Jews and make all Jews' stealing, money laundering, secret financial transactions exempt from investigation. Thus empowering the Jews with more money and special power in the World to defeat anyone who does not agree with the Jews and their Jewish Agenda of World Control.


In his Article written for the Brookings Institute, retired Federal Judge ignores comment on the worst corruption on the Planet Earth which is in Israel. Wolf, a dual citizen Israeli, has loyalty only to his homeland of Israel. Israel learned in the mid-1960's to ban the World Free Press from their county in order to attempt to conceal the Jewish Military Police State that murders the indigenous Arab people in that alleged Democratic U.S. ally in the Middle East without Due Process of Law. The Prime Minister of Sweden Olof Palm in 1986 and Sweden's Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Anne Lindh, in 2003 were both murdered by Mossad agents when they exposed Israel for its brutal "Jewish Apartheid" Human Rights Violations. These two elected officials were the victims of Sweden's short lived policy of investigating and exposing Human Rights Violations around the Planet Earth. When Sweden learned of the Jewish Apartheid System in Israel, where all the indigenous Arab population is governed by the Decree of the Jewish Military Police State in Israel, the Swedes reported and condemned the "Chosen Peoples" form of brutal Human Rights Violations. The Swedish Socialist Pacifists thought they were safe from the real World, but learned reality the hard way  being  Assassinated in the street. 

Federal Judge Mark Wolf conveniently, in classic Jew Fashion, refers to Jefferson for support of his New Jew "International Anti- Corruption Court". Thomas Jefferson and the other Anglo-Saxon founding Fathers would roll over in their graves, if they could see what happened to their Creation called the U.S.A.. Wolf and his Jews have been busy for decades trying to purge the American Founding Fathers and American Revolutionaries from History books and American classrooms. The Jewish Agenda and Jewish Social Design Policies require, at a minimum, that all the Great White Men, who dominate American History, be discredited.

In support of his proposed "International Anti- Corruption Court", Wolf quotes the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis saying, "if the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; invites every man to become a law unto himself." This is of course true and created the "Westerner" long ago. But Brandeis was merely copying far superior minds of the Western World, such  as John Locke, Patrick Henry, and Voltaire, and was saying nothing original.

Wolf highlights alleged corruption by a German company, Daimler AG, to support his Anti-World Corruption Campaign. Wolf cites prosecution of that German company, Daimler AG, by the U.S. Prosecutors in Washington D.C. under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) for alleged bribery in Russia. Wolf cites another case of U.S. prosecution of a German company, Seimens AG, for alleged bribery also in Russia; Seimens AG was fined $450Million and had to "disgorge" $350million in profits all to the U.S. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). With such illegal prosecution by the Jewish Controlled U.S. Authorities, why the need for "International Anti- Corruption Court"? Why is the U.S. allowed to stick their nose in German companies business activities in far away Russia? The Jew seeks to eliminate the Sovereignty of Nations, so to control the World. Certainly, Federal Judge Mark Wolf is not the Jews' claimed promised Messiah!

Wolf points out that the "FCPA already creates a form of universal jurisdiction for criminal prosecution of those who engage in the bribery of foreign officials". More Hegemony by the Jews using the U.S. Government as their Stooge. No wonder the rest of the World hates the American, they don't understand that the World Policeman actions of the U.S.  Government are the plans of World Wide Jewry, not the American.

The American People, what is left of them, find the much bigger issue to be the United State Government inferring with other countries around the World. The United States became great minding its own business, not trying to meddle and control the activities of other nations. Today's U.S.A. is not just more corrupt than other countries around the World, but Wolf's New Jew U.S.A. is rotten to the core of the Jews who run it.

Federal Judge Mark Wolf then goes on  in his Brookings article to "draw on his experience in the Department of Justice and as Federal Judge" to "explain how "we" contend with corruption in the United States." Wolf reminisces about his days as a Federal Prosecutor  when he convicted 40 defendants in public corruption cases in Massachusetts. Wolf states he was rewarded for these public Corruption cases in Massachusetts with an appointment to the Federal Bench in the Boston Federal Court. Wolf then prides himself for throwing  the Massachusetts Speaker of the House in prison for 8 years for extorting bribes for computer contracts. Why isn't Wolf in Jail? Wolf got caught red handed with court documents and decisions he signed that documented that he violated the law and Breeched the Trust and committed malfeasance in the Federal Court where he swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Wolf seeks the same system of Corruption that he claims to want to eradicate, but his system exempts Jews from Prosecution.


Wolf claims the case of the Massachusetts Speaker of the House was randomly assigned to him as Federal Judge. The random selection of judges in the Federal Court is violated upon whim by the Jew Judges who control the Federal District of Massachusetts. Weather its a criminal or civil case, it is reviewed for affect on the Jewish Agenda.

The absolutely last person who should run around claiming that Corruption in Governments around the World is out of control is now retired Federal Judge Mark Wolf. However, Wolf does not subscribe to the same code of ethics and principles that American culture has valued for over two Centuries; Wolf, like all Jews, believe the "End Justifies the Means" when it fulfills the Jewish Agenda. At a minimum, Federal Mark Wolf is a hypocrite and liar.

Wolf proposes that this New "International Anti- Corruption Court" be controlled by "impartial" Judges. If this Anti-Corruption Court is established, the opposite will be reality in that Court. These judges will be hand picked Jews and their advocates, so to insure New World Order Jewish Controlled Policies. It is the Jews' dream, World Courts with no juries, just the Jews' hand picked Judges to dictate decisions into law so to Control the Planet Earth, with Jews' Corruption. Oh, these Judges will be well paid to insure loyalty to the cause of the "Jewish World Takeover".

Federal Judge Mark Wolf proposes that the U.S. Military be used to enforce the "International Anti- Corruption Court" which would be an extension of the U.S. Government's role as "World Policeman". The Israelis have been using the U.S. military to fight their wars in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria) with U.S. blood and Trillions in U.S. Taxpayers money, all causing a National Debt of over 19 Trillion by 2016. The Israelis laugh at the Americans as stupid suckers.

Federal Judge Mark Wolf proudly proclaims that the "U.S. media is independent causing Corruption in the U.S.A. to be combated." This of course is more Wolf lies. The U.S. media, including TV, radio, recordings, movie productions and movie theaters, are controlled by the Jews. All media in the U.S. complies with Jewish Social Design Policies and Jewish Agenda and covers up all evidence of the truth that the Israelis were responsible for blowing-up the Twin Towers on 9/11. The Israelis with the help of high ranking Jewish Dual citizen Israeli appointees, who controlled the Defense Department and Pentagon at 9-11-01, used the events of 9/11 to cause a "Peal Harbor like Incident" in order to cause the American people to want revenge, via War, against the enemies of Israel, after the U.S. President did his part and falsely told the American Citizenry that Iraq was behind the events of 9/11 and that Iraq had "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

Federal Wolf is correct that the World Free Internet serves as medium to disseminate information about corruption of Governments. It must break Wolf's heart to refer to the Internet because it was Michael Elbery's Web Site www.MassInjustice.Org that exposed Wolf's violation of law in a Federal Courtroom during Elbery's World Famous Federal case Elbery v. Sklut et al.. The Internet was corrupt Wolf's trap and downfall, otherwise all the documented  illegalities committed by Judge Wolf in his Federal Courtroom during Elbery's Federal s. 1983 Constitutionally Grounded Case would have been "Swept Under the Judicial Carpet", regardless of the worthless, and just as corrupt, Federal Appeal Process.