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2014 A Popular Year - 40, 000 Readers

2015 even more Popular - over 57,000 readers

Thanks to the local and state police trying to murder Michael Elbery with their Cyanide Gas, he was incapacitated/crippled and left no other choice but to work on Web Site, MassInjustice.Org, otherwise it would never have seen anything close to its current stage of completion. And the readers responded enthusiastically to the new chapters and maintenance/finishing of existing chapters. For the last 12 months ended December 1, 2013 there have been over 36,000 readers of the MassInjustice.Org 

Attorney Lou Aloise and Federal Judge Mark Wolf thought their cop comrades would save their hides, but all the Cyanide Gas backfired and caused 3 years of non-stop work on MassInjustice.Org and exposure to the World Free Internet of the Massachusetts Judicial Scandal. They love a Scandal to the tune of over 100 readers a day for more than a year ended December 1, 2013. Over 140 readers per day at May of 2015.

The most popular hyperlinks/chapters are exposures of Scandal on Aloise, Sheketoff, Wolf, Bergman, Mike Jennings Incident, 3 Prosecutors Fired and Michael Elbery's Motion For New Trial and its Appeal. Over the years, and to date, not only have the Trial and Probable Cause Hearing Transcripts been a major reading, but they have been downloaded/copied by readers in the 1000's.

Another favorite of the Internet is "Martha Coakley and the Jewish Manchurian Candidate" which features Mass. A.G. Martha "hatchet face" Coakley getting caught committing documented perjury and using the Massachusetts Courts to frame a U.S. citizen. Yes sir, A.G. Martha Coakley knows how to falsify evidence to maliciously prosecute, but she lost that time in July of 2001.

Hopefully, the voters of Massachusetts will be alerted to Coakley's documented criminal conduct in that chapter of MassInjustice.Org, so they can make an informed decision, via the next Mass. Governor's race in 2014. Sorry to hear you lost that election, Martha. And it was such a close election Martha, I only hope that this Web Site helped you lose.

In past years from 2007-2011, when this web site - MassInjustice.Org was unfinished and in rough draft evolution, 6,000 readers a year was remarkable. Now, with the massive increase in readership beginning in 2012 there have been over 225,000 readers of MassInjustice.Org., since it was published to the Internet in 2007 to May of 2015.

Attorney Lou Aloise and Federal Mark Wolf tried to hire Borris Badanoff and Natasha Fatale (aka Natasha Nogoodnik) to do their Cyanide murders, but they declined to be associated with an untrustworthy Worcester, Mass. attorney of the Mass. Bar and Federal Kangaroo, and recommended they hire Deputy Dog or Mighty Mouse. They had to settle for the local Lee, Mass. and Massachusetts State Police to do their attempted murder of Michael Elbery with Cyanide Chloride Gas.


Federal Judge Wolf's Scandal Causes Popular Interest- 16,000 readers

 Since October 12, 2012, when this Web Site Published the Chapter on former Chief Justice of the Federal District of Massachusetts - Judge Mark Wolf, the readership has increased significantly. From mid October of '12 through April 10, 2013 there were 16,000 readers of this Web Site.

Federal Judge Mark Wolf was almost successful in stopping his Chapter on MassInjustice.Org, but his police and their operatives, as well as, his Jewish friends at Endurance International Failed. Whether they used $250,000,000.00 or Cyanide Gas they could not stop the publication on the Internet for the entire World to read, via this Web Site, exposing the Unconstitutional Kangaroo Court of Federal Wolf.


The Chief Federal Justice of Massachusetts - Mark Wolf Resigned from that post rather than face Congressional questioning when his appointment to Chief Justice was up for renewal in 2013. Wolf resigned 2 days after his Chapter on MassInjustice.Org was published to the Internet. They particularly like reading about Wolf's Scandal in the Ukraine and Canada. Federal Judge Mark Wolf's dirty laundry is hanging out in the Court of Public Opinion via the World Free Internet.


And we thought Attorney Louis P. Aloise and Attorney Bobby Sheketoff were popular along with 3 Prosecutors Fired; Federal Judge Mark "i got caught and quit" Wolf is even more popular.


Update @ 12 months ended 9-30-14    -   Another year of 40,000 readers

Average daily readership is 120 a day, and the increase in KBytes indicate this Web Site is being read.


Update @ 12-31-2014 - Average Daily Readership increases to 139 readers per Day. Most popular links by the number of readers are Federal Judge Mark Wolf, Attorney Mike Jennings Incident, Attorney Bobby Sheketoff, Attorney Lou "the Ginzo" Aloise, Attorney Mo Bergman, and 3 Prosecutors Fired. The most KBytes are scored by the Probable Cause Hearing Transcript, The Appeal Motion for New Trial, Motion for New Trial.


Update for month ended March 31, 2015- readership for the Month of March 2015 was 4,849 readers using 11.51 Gb of data. This record month indicates news of MassInjustice.Org is spreading across the World Free Internet and the readers are reading more of MassInjustice.Org.

You can't rely on URLmetrics from the U.K. to tell how many readers/visits there are to MassInjustice.Org.. URLmetrics has no way to measure any of the traffic of MassInjustice.Org., URLmetrics is not even close. Who is URLmetrics they won't even identify themselves? MassInjustice.Org had more than 300 visits a month in 2007, when the Web Site was in its incipient stages and barely readable. In 2007, MassInjustice.Org was busy exposing the Scandal of Judge Dan Toomey and Italian Attorney Louis P. Aloise; the readers could not get enough of the Judicial Scandal that is "Grease ball" Lou Aloise.

Both Webalizer and Modlogan are independent third party vendors who provide their software to MassInjustice.Org.'s Web Host - IX Web Hosting. Both of those vendors software have access to IX Web Hosting's Servers and as a result can accurately measure the activity/traffic of its customers web sites on the Internet, including MassInjustice.Org.


Update @ July 31, 2015 - Over 5,000 readers/month and 166 average readers/day and growing in popularity.


Update  @ December 24, 2015 - Readership continues to increase through 2015 to 194 readers per day. Endurance International bought out this Web Site's Host, IX Web Host, in November of 2015 and they pulled the plug on this Web Site on 12-24-15. However, not before the readership of MassInjustice.Org reached over 57,000 in the year 2015.


Update for 2016 readership - 7,000 readers/month and average of 237 readers/day - Approaching 100,000 readers per year for 2016.

At 2021 almost One Million readers of this web site - MassInjustice.org !