9-11-01 - $7 Billion Worth of Murder to Mobilize U.S. Fight Israeli's War 

Evidence the U.S. Media Forbidden to Disclose

New U.S. Political Party is Answer 




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The answers to these questions are waiting for you here, via Government and TV Network documents and evidence provided by the Internet!

American Citizens, the documented irrefutable evidence of 9-11 was captured on U.S. TV Networks' videos and proves the Government's Official Story about the events of 9-11-01 is a total Lie!



Objective of the Events of 9-11-01 - U.S. to fight Israeli's Wars

The U.S. and Israeli Governments used the bombings of 9-11-01 to mobilize the American People to support War in the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Israelis had the only interest in causing wars in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan, with U.S. Dollars and blood!

The U.S. Government is using the U.S. military to fight the Jews' Wars as planned by Dual Citizen Israelis Appointed by U.S. Presidents to the most powerful positions in the U.S. Government, including the Defense Department and the Pentagon. The U.S. Presidents, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, made these Appointments to repay campaign contributions from Jews and Jewish Organizations like Goldman Sachs. Even Donald Trump, years after 911, would take big contributions from Goldman Sachs which caused him to be obligated to continued war in the Middle East after he had initially campaigned to disfavor such policy.

The U.S. Senate is also "paid for" by Jewish campaign contributions and promises of big pay days when the U.S. Senator goes back to private life. The elected Federal Congress does not work for the interest of the American People, but first for the Jews that "butter their bread". The U.S. military has been for Decades been the "Policeman of the World" and has been for decades enforcing policy and interests of the Israelis.

You have to go to the World Free Internet to get the Real Evidence about the Events of 9-11, including the Twin Towers Bombings . There won't be any MOVIES making it to the U.S. Movie Theaters, or even TV, that document the truth which is contrary to the Official Government Account of 9/11. But you could make a lot of money, hypothetically, if you could make a documentary ,or docu-drama, about the Real Evidence of 911. A movie about the Events of 911 would be easy to make and could be made cheaply. However, the Jews, who own the Movie Theaters, and control the U.S. Main Stream Media (MSM), ain't ever going to let anybody show the plain and giant evidence of the 911 Events in Movie Theaters in the U.S.A., or on U.S. TV.


MSM had me Fooled!

But you can't fool all the people all the time.

It wasn't until I learned in 2013 that the new owner of the Twin Towers, Larry Silverstein, made $7 billion off the Twin Towers Bombings, after taking control of the Twin Towers, via a 99 year lease signed on 7-27-01, and when I learned Silverstein went out and bought a custom insurance policy against Terrorism on his newly leased Towers that the only previous owner, the State of New York, never had on the buildings from its inception, that I realized there was something else going on with the Twin Tower Bombings. I was like most Americans, who believed everything fed them by the Government, by-way of their allies the U.S. media, concerning the Twin Towers bombings. It is easy to believe the polished reporting of the Television Authority with all their resources and allegedly well qualified talking heads.

$7 Billion in 6 weeks is a lot of smoke; I would discover there was far more fire.

Who would have thought that the U.S. media, including the Television Networks, would lie about the events of 9-11-01?


Who would believe that the U.S. Government would participate in Bombing and Murdering the American Homeland? There is nothing left of what was the U.S.A. when the Government of the U.S. participates in Murder and Bombing of its own citizens for the benefit of the Israelis. The U.S. Government is Controlled by the Jews, who fund all major Political Races in the U.S. and are repaid with Appointments in Government, including the Defense Department and the Pentagon. The Jews support both parties, Republican and Democratic, to insure their "Influence Peddling" is successful.

I thought the rumors that were contrary to the Official Government Story of Islamic Terrorists being responsible for 9-11 was hysteria. After all, the Government wasn't blaming their usual "Lone Crazed Gunman," who needed No Motive. Even the Governments (Israel and the U.S.) involved knew they could not blame a "Lone Crazed Gunman" for hijacking 4 Jumbo Jets on the same morning of 9-11-01!

The U.S. Government had to "Decree a Conspiracy" and blamed a "Conspiracy of 19 box cutter wielding Islamic Terrorists" for hijacking 4 Jumbo Jets on 9-11-01 crashing the Twin Towers and Pentagon. Such an extraordinary event within U.S. borders, as was 9-11, made it easy for the masses to believe the Government's Official Proclamation of "Flying Islamic Terrorist Conspiracy".

When the events of 911 were reported, I can honestly say that I thought the whole thing (box cutters successfully taking not just one, but 4 Jumbo Jets in about on hour's time) was hard to believe. And I thought they were rubbing it in with the 911 business. 911, sounds like something a Jew would put on his license plate to appear clever.

This guy Larry Silverstein, a Jew and Israeli citizen and former Commando in the Israeli army with dual citizenship in the U.S., made $7 Billion in a few weeks! Brilliant, and a crook who has a license to steal and murder the non-Jews. Silverstein couldn't wait for his $7 Billion, it was only 6 weeks after he signed the 99 year lease and custom Terrorism Insurance Policy on the Twin Towers that he got his blood money. The self-anointed "Chosen People" believe God put them on Earth to exploit all other living creatures on the Planet for their profit and aggrandizement. Silverstein, although a planner of the Twin Tower Bombings,  made $7 Billion off the Twin Tower Bombings but making money for Silverstein was not the ultimate objective of the Events of 9-11-01; the objective of the Events of 9-11-01 was to mobilize the American People behind a war in the Middle East!


Even CBS TV's  60 Minutes, a Jewish media product, did a program on the Twin Towers Bombings and disclosed evidence that painting crews painted areas of the Twin Towers with Super Thermite, a new type of high explosive invented by Bell Labs. However, with all the U.S. Government and Media propaganda it didn't seem possible that anything but Osama Bin Laden and his gang of Al Quaeda were responsible. 60 Minutes pointed out that the debris (steel I-beams etc.) that formed a pile where the Towers once stood were quickly disposed of and sold as scrap to China. 60 Minutes was insinuating that someone cleaned up the debris from the Twin Towers quickly in order to conceal evidence. It still didn't seem to me that there was enough evidence to believe other than the Official Government Decree of Conspiracy by Islamic Terrorists hijacking 4 jumbo jets that caused the biggest single day catastrophe in U.S. history.

Dan Rather of CBS TV Network was much more convincing on 9-11-01, when he unwittingly announced during the crisis that day of 9-11-01 that "all 3 buildings in the W.T.C. were deliberately taken down by dynamite". Dan Rather never repeated that again, and you will never see that CBS broadcast again. But if you want to see it go to the Web Site - "9/11 Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture for Destruction" @ 19:00 into that Web Site. See also, You Tube :32 "9/11: Dan Rather Says W.T.C. Collapses Look Like Demolitions" where Dan Rather of CBS News unwittingly states while watching Building 7 of the W.T.C. collapse in a Controlled Demolition that "this is the third building today we have seen that is reminiscent of buildings being destroyed by Dynamite." The first two buildings that CBS TV Network Dan Rather saw collapse into a Controlled Demolition were the Twin Towers.

After all, Osama rubbed it in the Americans' face, he boasted on the International media that he was the mastermind responsible for the Twin Towers destruction. But did he? The evidence presented in this Web Site, and is plentiful via the Internet, is that Bin Laden had nothing to do with it. Just as Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the events of 9-11.

According to CNN, Osama Bin Laden never claimed responsibility for the bombings of 9-11-01, but instead, denied any involvement. Months after 9-11-01 the U.S. Government claimed that U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan found a video tape recording in a cave in the Tora Bora Mountains on the Pakistan frontier and that video tape had a taped confession by Osama Bin Laden taking credit for the 9-11-01 Bombings. You would have thought that the combined efforts of the Israelis and Jew Controlled U. S. Government could have come up with something more convincing! The imposter on the video recording didn't look like Bin Laden! The Tora Bora mountains is not a place Osama would likely hide due to the fact he was dying and on kidney dialysis treatment before 9-11-01.

Additionally, the Government spent $600,000.00 investigating the Twin Tower Bombings, via  the 911 Commission. The 911 Commission wrote an Official Report corroborating the U.S. Government's and Main Stream Media's Official Story told to the  World that on 9-11-01 four Boeing Jumbo Jets were hijacked by "box cutter wielding Flying Islamic Terrorists" and flown into the Twin Towers, Shanksville Pa., "Hole in the Ground" and Pentagon on a Kamikaze mission.

The Government can't have a luncheon conference for $600,000.00.

The 911 Commission's Report is not worth hyperlinking, but is readily available on the Internet. That Report avoids the Evidence of the Events of 911 and spends much of its 13 Chapters preparing reasons for the need for a "New World Order War" by the U.S. to protect the Israelis. That Report never uses the word "Israel". That 911 Commission was established on 11-27-2002 (442 days after 9-11-01) and the U.S. did make War to protect Jewish Interests in the Middle East, War on Iraq.

Why would anyone believe anything besides the Official Government 9-11 Decree,? After all, the U.S. citizenry have been brainwashed by the U.S. Government and U.S. Media that Islamics have been on a constant campaign of Terror murder actions for decades. True, the U.S. Government has made it possible, through military aid and the best U.S. weapons, to have the Israelis murder the indigenous Arabs in the East End of the Mediterranean, which would lead some to believe the resultant Terrorism by Islamics in support of the Palestinians

Immediately at 9-11-01 there were witnesses in New York City and Citizen Investigators exclaiming that the Official Government Story of 9/11 was a Fabrication. The U.S. Media did a good job of highlighting some citizens claims of Atom Bombs causing the collapse of the Twin Towers. If there were atom bombs, there would have been fallout and masses of people dying from radioactivity. So most Americans discounted all the controversy and believed the Government and the U. S. media, after all, evidence requires research to counter the Official Government Decree and to get that evidence requires work and resources, right? NO. Not Right. All the evidence that the Official Government Decree concerning the 9-11 bombings is, at least incorrect, is on the Internet. You pooh-pooh such notions? Do you think the 911 Commission or F.E.M.A. were eye witnesses to any of the events of 911? They have access to the same evidence that is on the Internet that you have access to, only they ignored it.

What is the evidence that was deliberately ignored by the Government? The instant video taping of the Twin Tower bombings on 9-11-01 by the U.S. media and eye witnesses. The initial TV Network video coverage of the events of 9-11-01 were never seen again on the TV, but they are preserved on the Internet. There are thousands of Commercial and Political interests in the U.S. and around the World, who are recording the U.S. Televisions broadcasts around the clock, and it is these instant TV Network video reports, of the events of 9-11-01, that proves to a Scientific Certainty that the Governments Decree that 4 high jacked Jumbo Jets were responsible for the biggest Disaster in U.S. History is a complete and knowing lie. Those instant U.S. TV Network Videos are at 2015 still published to the World Free Internet, but will never be seen again on U.S. TV. See this Web Site for citations to those Web Sites that disclose the Truth about 9-11, or do your own Internet Search. It's Easy. 


The 9-11 Documentary Movies are not in the U.S. movie theaters or U.S. TV, but the Documentaries of the real Evidence of 9-11-01 comes to your computer screen via the World Free Internet. They are not Docu-Dramas like J.F.K, but rather they are the hard core physical evidence that was instantly recorded on 9-11-01 by the U.S. TV Networks, and never seen again on TV. But that instant original TV coverage of the 911 Events by reporters, who wanted the Big Scoop, are captured forever on the Internet.

Maybe, some of the appointed members of the 911 Commission helped plan the Disaster of 911. Tri-Lateral Commission founder and Bilderberger-in-Chief, Henry Kissinger, was first to be appointed by Bush II to lead the 911 Commission. But due to an outcry by those in the U.S. who don't trust Kissinger, Bush II changed his mind and appointed Thomas Keene and Lee Hamilton as Co-Chairmen of the 911 Commission.

Forget the Call for a Re-Investigation by the U.S. Government of the Events on U.S. soil that occurred on 9-11-01; the re - investigation has been done by Citizens of the U.S.. Other investigations have been done by the foreign press in Japan, Russia, and U.S. European Allies, who all know that the Official Decree by the U.S. Government concerning the events of 9-11-01 are all foolishness, lies and contrary to the physical and scientific evidence

Investigations have been done by Engineers, Architects see "www.ArchitectsandEngineersforTruth 911", Jet Pilots see "www.Pilots for Truth in 911",  and Scientists, and all finding a thumbs down while holding their nose in total contradiction to the Government's Official Version of the Events of 9-11-01. What these different professional groups of Engineers, Architects, Scientists, College Professors, Airline Pilots and Demolition Experts lack in their investigation into the Events of 911 is that they leave out the most important element in their investigation. They refuse to discuss MOTIVE for the bombings on 9-11-01. They refuse to connect the dots because they fear retaliation for racism, they fear for their JOBS, and being murdered by Israeli agents who want to conceal the truth. The Israeli's were the only ones to benefit from the 9-11-01 Bombings that resulted, as planned, in a U.S. War on the Islamics in Iraq and Afghanistan, who the Israelis want wiped off the Globe

Once you tell the whole story the Jewish enemy will be defeated. Once the citizens of the U.S.A. speak out in protest against the Events of 911 caused by and for the benefit of the Israelis, the Jewish power hold on the U.S.A. will be broken. The Jew thinks they have the Americans tricked with their Control of U.S. media, and Educational System that brainwashes the young with the Jewish Social Design Policies. Jewish entertainers brag on their Jewish TV network that the WASP is afraid to speak in his own country.


9-11-01 Bombings Internet Evidence

But what is this 911 Internet Evidence? There were cameras everywhere in the areas that were hit by the worst Catastrophe in U.S. history on 9-11-01. TV coverage and eye witnesses were plentiful in Washington D.C. and New York City. Even in Shanksville, PA. the TV reporters and citizen witnesses immediately communicated their observations which were memorialized on the Internet. The Internet also features Professional Organizations of Engineers, Architects, and Air Line pilots, as well as, N.Y.C. Fireman and Demolition Experts, who disclose irrefutable evidence that the "Government's Official Conspiracy Decree of Flying Islamic Terrorists on 911" is a lie, and that the Twin Towers were brought down by explosives, the Pentagon was hit by a drone, and Jet #93 didn't crash into the 12' diameter "Shanksville Hole in Ground", but was shot down by a U.S. Fighter Jet or taken down by a bomb that was on that jet.

And the best part is that the evidence that would make any reasonable juror and Citizen of the U.S.A., at least question the Official Government and U.S. media Decree of 9-11, is big and simple and in Big Fluorescent Orange letters. You may not be able to get away from the outrageous evidence of the real truth of the Twin Towers Bombings and two other events of 9-11-01, once you take that first step to look at the World Free Internet and see for yourself the irrefutable evidence of the Events of 9-11-01.

Why do they call it the "Twin Tower Bombings"? Wasn't it Jet Fuel "Fires", according to the Government's Official Decree?

According to the many Professional Engineers and Architects featured on the Internet, No Steel I-Beam structured Hi - Rise building has ever collapsed due to fire. Historically, Steel Structured Buildings get badly damaged by raging infernos, but the steel stays standing. A raging inferno is fire that engulfs an entire Steel I-Beam Building for hours or days, not a contained office fire on few floors that has been burning for one or two hours. But yes, the Steel Structure High Rise Buildings can be demolished with explosives. See "9/11 Blueprint for Truth - the Architecture for Destruction" @ 10:09 (Web Site by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Org) and @ 43:00 - 43:34.


Through televised interviews, filmed documentation and interviews with airline pilots and engineers and scientists the answers to 9-11-01 are waiting for you on the Internet. George Bush II told the Americans that Saddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction" (means atom or nuclear bombs) and Saddam was responsible for the 911 Bombings, but the Iraqi's had nothing of the sort and Saddam had nothing to do with the events of 9-11-01. Saddam was a murderer of the Marsh Arabs and Kurds and competing Islamic sects, but his big problem was he was a threat to the Israelis. The threat to the Jewish Israelis is what got the Twin Towers bombed, so Bush could get the Americans to back his new war that he fought with American blood and U.S. taxpayers Trillions of Dollars for the benefit of the Israelis.


Foreign Allegiance is Treason

Why is a U.S. President allowed to be a Bilderberger? George Bush II was, during his 8 years as U.S. President, a Bilderberger, as was his father Bush I. But that's not all, Bill "new world order" Clinton is a charter member and was groomed by the Jewish Bilderbergers; his wife, Hillary "ms. dill pickle puss" Clinton, is also a Bilderberger. Jimmy Carter was the candidate of Henry Kissinger's Tri-Lateral Commission, but Carter double crossed them, resulting in retaliation causing some of the worst economic conditions in U.S. history during Carter's administration and causing Carter to be defeated by the last American President - Ronald Reagan. And you ain't goin' to get another American President. The Jews still hate the thought of President Ronald Regan.


The Bilderbergers are a Jewish Organization that wants to run the world and has had remarkable success in short history, since World War II, doing just that. Their Strategy is simple; the Bilderbergers recruit high ranking government officials, News Media Moguls, and Industrialists/business men from around the World by enchanting these recruits with their Bilderberger power and elitism and promise of affiliation of Social Status, power, and wealth of New World Order Ruling Class. The tactic of the Jewish Bilderbergers, who control that organization, is Influence Peddling; they want the World Leaders all thinking their way, so Bilderbergers can control the World (Globalism). And they are doing a good job of it.

The Bilderbergers are all lackeys manipulated by a Bilderberger Politburo Bureau of 7 Jews, who create Bilderberger policy for World Control, while the rest Agree. The Democratic and Republican Parties control the choices the American citizen is allowed to vote on the ballot for President and all elected government positions in the U.S.. U.S. elections are no obstacle to the Jews because they pool their Billions and fund the U.S. election candidates from both of the two major political parties, Democrat and Republican. The Jews give the Americans two candidates to choose from on their vote ballot. When Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu visited the U.S. in 2015 the U.S. Congress bowed to him and applauded  repeatedly with his every spoken word of his Jewish New World Order Ideology that is destroying the once Great United States.

We have a new era in the U.S.A., the Twin Towers were taken down by newly invented ultra high explosives called Super Thermite. Kindergarten children are murdered in a suburb of Connecticut. The U.S. Federal Government sponsors gun sales to the Mexican Mafia in feeble attempt to discourage the Second Amendment. A U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya is invaded and the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and his staff are murdered and the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary "Dill Pickle Puss" Clinton exclaims "what difference does it make." And of course the Authority of the Jewish Controlled U.S. media does its best to conceal the real evidence of this new era, and lie, so to stop the Americans from the answers and insure brainwashing of the masses. All to further the cause of the Jew.



I. Prelude - Rumors of War

Larry Silverstein made $7 Billion off the Twin Towers Bombing. See "2014 New Loose Change 3rd Edition!Must See 9/11 Truth" @ 5:21.

Silverstein signed a 99 year lease on the Twin Towers on July 27, 2001 and, at the same time, took out custom insurance policy for Terrorism Damage on those two Buildings, id.

The State of New York built and owned the Twin Towers since the early '70's until Silverstein took them over via a 99 year lease, id.

 By 2001, the Twin Towers were a problem for the State of New York because of the Asbestos used to fire proof the Buildings which would have cost $2 Billion to remove, id

 Due to the Asbestos problem, the Twin Towers were functionally condemned structures, id., and also see "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 1:07:50.

That's Pretty Good Profit in Fast Time of 6 weeks; Larry "the Shylock" Silverstein made $7 Billion off worthless buildings that even the State of New York no longer wanted because both the Twin Towers had been condemned due to the asbestos that wrapped the steel I-Beams of both Towers.

Who paid the $7 Billion? After litigation in the Court of Judge Michael Mukasey at the Federal District Court of the Southern District of New York, the Insurance Company that insured Silverstein against Terrorist Attacks on his W.T.C. buildings was made to pay up an additional $3.5 Billion. Silverstein made claim that he was the victim of 2 Terrorist attacks on 911 because two Towers collapsed that 911. See "Follow the Money Find the Criminals" @ 4:53, See also "Exposing the Fraud in 22 Minutes" @ 5:50. That's right, the insurance company wanted to pay Silverstein $3.5 Billion, but Silverstein wanted double, so the dispute went to the bias court of Silverstein's friend Mukasey and Silverstein got his additional $3.5 Billion.


U.S. Federal Judge Michael Mukasey and Larry Silverstein, both Jews with Dual Israeli Citizenship, were during that Multi-Billion Dollar Litigation members of the same Jewish Synagogue.

Securacom took control of the security contract in the Twin Towers in 2000. Securacom's CEO is Wirt Bush III, who is cousin of then President George Bush II. George Bush's youngest brother, Marvin Bush, was in the early 2,000's a Director of Securacom. Securacom installed a new security system in the Twin Towers. Securacom also had the security contract at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C., and United Airlines on 9-11-01. See "9-11 Coincidences Part Nine" @51:36. United Airlines Flights 93 and 175 were two Jets credited with being hijacked by Islamic Terrorists on 9-11-01 and American Airlines Flight 77 took off from Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. which was credited with being hijacked by Islamic Terrorists and crashing into the Pentagon.

According to interview with IT Specialist, Scott Forbes, a senior Data Base Analyst in a Computer Center on the 97th floor of the South Tower, there was a "Power Down" in the Twin Towers the weekend before (Saturday and Sunday, 9/9-10/01) the 9-11-01 Bombings. Forbes stated per interview there was no power, no video security, and men with cables were wheeling boxes into the Towers during that weekend. See "9-11 Coincidences Part Nine" @ 52:18.

Forbes had to work overtime during that weekend of 9-8 through 9-10 of 2001 in order to get his company's computer servers running once the power was turned back on for the morning of 9-11-01. Forbes took Tuesday 9-11-01 off from work, id.

Forbes went to the Authorities, including the F.B.I., with his information/evidence and was ignored. To this Web Site's best information, Scott Forbes lived after giving valuable information about the Twin Tower Bombings of 911 to the World Free Internet. id.

Bomb Sniffing dogs were removed from the the Twin Towers 5 days before 9-11-01. See "2014 New Loose Change 3rd Edition!Must See 9/11 Truth" @ 5:50, also see "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 1:06:31. Those bomb sniffing dogs had been used at the Twin Towers for years due to the bombing at the Twin Towers garage in 1993.

At 7-1-01, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) control was taken from the the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and complete control was given to U.S  V.P. Dick Cheney. No fighter jet intercept over North America was allowed without Cheney's order. See "911 Coincidences Part Six" @ 12:47.

NORAD Protocols for flight Intercepts was changed on 7-1-01 by U.S. Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld, then, those Protocols were changed back on 10-1-01. There were no demotions for the 9-11 incompetence when there was more than sufficient time to use fighter jets to intercept the alleged hijacked jets of 9-11-01. id.

Dick Cheney's controlled NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Control), on 9-11-01, was engaged in a practice exercise called "Vigilant Guardian" which, unbelievably, was simulating protection by NORAD of the Twin Towers from Terrorists. This practice exercise had the effect of a NORAD "stand down." id.

There were, officially, no jet intercepts on 9-11-01, although the U.S. military was alerted by Air Traffic Controllers by 8:20am., in time to prevent any of the alleged hijackings on 9-11-01 to cause damage. The year prior to 9-11-01 there were 67 jet fighter intercepts over U.S. air. As soon as the Air Controllers lose radar or communications with flying craft over U.S. skies the NORAD system is initiated. See Eric Humpshmid - "Painful Deception" @23:59.


The Pentagon was hit at 9:38am., almost an hour after the North Tower was hit at 8:46am., and more than an hour after the Air Traffic Controllers reported to the U.S. Military/Air Force that 2 jets were hijacked out of Logan Airport in Boston, Mass.. There was more than enough time to intercept American Airlines #77 out of Dulles Airport-Washington D.C., which took off at 8:20am., with fighter jets before it hit the Pentagon, that is, if you believe the Pentagon was really hit by a Boeing. It takes less than 20 minutes for a fighter jet to make the intercepts in the Northeastern U.S.A., after the Air Controllers report a hijacking. And the story is worse on United Airlines Jet #93 which took off from Newark, N.J. at 8:42am. that went down, officially, at about 10:03am. in Shanksville, Pa..

Stock Option Puts on American Airlines were bought at an abnormally high volume before 9-11-01, but the 911 Commission decided the man, who purchased these put stock options on American Airlines had no relation to al Quaeda, so he could not have had foreknowledge of the Twin Tower Attacks on 9-11-01 which involved 2 American Airlines jets. See "911 Coincidences" @ 2:16:00 - 2:46:00.

Stock Option Puts on the C.B.O.E. (Chicago Board of Exchange) were six times normal volume in the week prior to 9-11-01. id.

On 9-10-01, there were 4516 puts and 718 calls purchased on American Airlines Stock. id.

On September 6, 2001, Puts on American Airlines and United Airlines stock is purchased at a four times average trading volume, just before 9-11-01.id.

On September 6-7, 2001, 4744 puts and 396 calls were traded on United Air Lines. id.

Stock of Merrill Lynch, a company with offices in the W.T.C., experienced 12x normal put option activity in the week before the Twin Tower Bombings of 9-11-01. id.

Stock of Morgan Stanley, another company with offices in the W.T.C., experienced  August average Put activity of 27 each day. In the 3 trading days prior to 9-11-01, 2157 put options were traded on Morgan Stanley stock. id.

A "Stock Put Option" is a "bet" (contract to sell a share of stock at a strike or contract price within an expiration date) that the underlying stock can go down and the buyer of the "Put Option" profits when the stock Price Stock falls below Put Option Strike Price. id.

2 1/2 Million Stock Put Options of American and United Airlines went unclaimed after 9-11-01. id.

This excess of Put buying in excess of Call buying prior to 9-11-01 effected companies' stock in Stock Exchanges around the World. id.




Here's the Blatantly Outrageous Evidence that shows the Americans were lied to about the Events of 9-11-01

For a primer, See You Tube: 10:06 "9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather would would Rather Not Show You". Amongst other evidence shown on that Web Site, are TV Networks instant interviews at the W.T.C. on 9-11-01 reporting Tower witnesses saying, "there was no plane, it was a Bomb that went off in the South Tower." Also shown are CNN and Fox TV Network instant filmed reports on 9-11-01 that "there is No Jet that crashed into the Pentagon - No Sight of a Jet at the Pentagon". Also shown on that same Documentary are CNN and Fox News TV Network instant reports on 9-11-01 that confirmed "No Jet in the Shanksville, Pa. Hole in the Ground" - "No Jet here!". CNN and Fox News did a good job reporting the truth on 9/11 but they can never show those TV reports again or the Jews and Jewish run U.S. Government and Mossad will kill them.  But those instant TV Network 9/11 news reports are preserved on the Internet.


II.  Shanksville, PA. - American Airlines #93 out of Newark, N.J. on 9-11-01 to Cleveland

No Jet Crashed in the Shanksville "Hole in the Ground"    

The Government and U.S. news media will tell you that a Boeing Jumbo Jet crashed into the  "Shanksville Hole", in Shanksville, Pa. on 9-11-01 at 10:03am.. But the physical evidence is quite to the contrary, as were the initial U.S. TV Network reports. We live in the modern world and news crews and private cameras are everywhere and quick to find a news story. And the instant evidence at Shanksville, P.A. were immediately captured on TV Network news videos and are on the Internet for the World to see. See for yourself, do a "Bing" Search using the search terms "Flight 93 Shanksville", or "No Jet Crashed at Shanksville Hole" and you will get a screen that includes a hyperlink "Videos of Shanksville Flight 93 Conspiracy".

It is the initial TV news reports that recorded the real evidence of 911 that kills the Government's lies about the events of 9-11-01. Those instant TV videoed reports on 9-11-01 are captured on the Internet, but you will never see those same TV video reports again on the TV!

The Government wants you to believe that United Airline Jet #93 out of Newark, N.J. crashed in Shanksville, PA. on 9-11-01 making a 12' x 15' hole in the ground. The Government falsely claims a Boeing Jumbo Jet "crashed" in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 9-11-01 causing a "big hole" in the Earth, but there was no evidence of a Boeing Jet or anything crashing in the Government's "Shanksville Hole in the Ground". See "9-11 Ripple Effect" 2@ 54:00, featuring Fox News instant 9-11-01 news report.

At the Shanksville Hole within minutes after Flight UA 93 was reported to have crashed, Fox News instantly reported, "just a hole in the Ground, nothing there just a big gouge in the ground - nothing indicates a plane went down there", See "9-11 Ripple Effect" @ 54:10-54:50.

Fox News photographer, Chris Kaniki, reported on a live National TV report at the "Shanksville Hole" on the morning of 9/11 that "nothing but a gouge in the ground" and "nothing to distinguish a plane crashed" and Kaniki further reported "no smoke or fire in the hole". See You Tube 2:08 "9/11 AU Flight 93 Banned Newscast" (Live Fox and NBC News Original TV reports never again seen on TV). At the same time, NBC Channel 5 reported an aerial view of the Shanksville, Pa. Hole in the Ground as a round crater in the Earth about 12' x 15', but there was no sign of the Government's Flight 93 Boeing Jumbo Jet they claimed crashed in that "Shanksville Hole", id

Both Fox News and CNN News knew what they witnessed at the Shanksville, Pa. "Hole" on  9/11, per original instant news reports by those two TV Networks at the "Shanksville Hole," where the Government expects the U.S. Public to believe a Boeing Jet Vaporized. Both Networks reported "No Jet in the Hole". See You Tube 10:06 "9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather would Rather not Show You". Those instant 9/11 TV News reports by Fox News and CNN were forever censored and never shown on TV again, however, those two brief moments of truthful uncensored live reporting that there was No Jet in the "Shanksville Hole" on 9/11 is on hard drives World Wide all provided by the Internet.

Witnesses interviewed at the "Hole in Ground" at Shanksville on the morning of 9-11-01 stated that the "Hole" had what looked like trash in the bottom and that there were no human remains, no fire or smoke in the "Shanksville Hole". See You Tube: "New Loose Change 3d Ed.! Must See! 911 Truth". Shanksville, PA., citizen, Mark Stahl, even took an instant picture on 9-11-01 confirming that there was NO JET in the Government's Shanksville Hole.

There was no jet fuel contamination, per E.P.A., at the location in Shanksville, P.A. where the Government claims a hijacked Boeing crashed. There are about 5000 gallons of jet fuel carried by a Jumbo Jet. There was no fire and no clean up required because a Jet never crashed in that "Shanksville Hole" in the ground.

When a jet crashes it causes a resulting "Debris Field" that should have encircled the point of the crash with human bodies from the crew and passengers, metal parts from a 150 ton Jet, luggage, clothing, 9' tall turbine engines made of 6 tons of Titanium, landing gear etc.. Titanium melts at a temperature of over 6,000 degrees. No crashed Jet appeared at or around the "hole in the ground" at Shanksville, Pa. in the a.m. of 9-11-01. There were no bodies recovered or human remains of the jet crews and passengers of a Jet in and around the "hole in the ground" that allegedly crashed into the 12' diameter hole in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 9-11-01. 


Jet fuel which burns at about 1700 degrees F cannot come close to even melting the two Titanium jet engines, let alone vaporizing Titanium, as the Government would like the World to believe. That is how the Government accounts for the missing Boeing Jet at Shanksville, Pa.; the Government claims the Jet vaporized (not melted but vaporized into gas). Titanium melts at 6,000 degrees F.. The 911 Commission made no comment on the absence of a jet, or anything else, in the "Shanksville Hole in the Ground". However, other Government Authorities made claim that the Boeing Jet #93 vaporized when it crashed into the ground. This impossible account by the Government of a Boeing Jumbo Jet vaporizing is at least an admission by the Government that there was no Jet in the "Shanksville Hole".

According to witnesses, there was, however, a "debris field" over 8 square miles north of the Shanksville area, which is consistent with a jet being shot down. See "9/11 Documentary - The Birth of Treason" @ 25:05-25:17, also see "9/11 Ripple Effect" @ 55:50 for live TV 5 instant report on the miles of Debris field not at the "Hole in the Ground."

A section of a jet engine which weighed over a ton was found over 1 mile from the "hole in the ground" at Shanksville, Pa., "9/11 Documentary - The Birth of Treason" @ 25:17.

Although it is reported that most citizens in the Shanksville, Pa. area were frightened into being silent about the 8 mile debris field and what they saw in the sky that 911, some witnesses did speak up. Several witnesses in the area said they saw a white jet circle the area before Boeing #93 crashed. See You Tube - "9-11 Birth of Treason" @ 25:29.

See also "911 Ripple Effect" @ 55:50 where a TV news reporter from local Channel 5 describes a 4 mile Debris Field in the Shanksville, Pa. area, not a Jet in the "Shanksville, Hole in the Ground."

Residents in the Shanksville, Pa. area told the F.B.I. that there was an explosion in the air before the crash that they thought caused the "hole in the ground". They were ignored. Some residents helped the local Deputy Sheriff look for debris miles away from the "Shanksville Hole" and the Sheriff told them to remain silent about the search and that he would deny all knowledge of a search in the area beyond the "Shanksville Hole in the Ground". See You Tube - "Fetzer on 9-11."

NBC's Tom Brokaw reported on TV that 9-11-01, but his instant candid and accurate reporting of the Flight 93 crash into the Shanksville "Hole in the Ground" was banned and blocked by NBC forever. But NBC could not clean up all their evidence, they left headlines on the Internet "4 Miles Radius No Pieces larger than telephone". See You Tube - "NBC Blocks Footage of Flight 93 Crash on 09/11/2001" @ 5:42.

CNN TV Network was not sleeping out there in Western end of the Quaker State, no Sir. CNN interviewed a Shanksville Pa., firefighter, Rick King, who described "small brush fires in the woods in the area and that there was small pieces of debris everywhere but, NO People". See You Tube - "9/11 Flight 93 Eyewitness Firefighter - No People", 20 seconds in length. Small pieces of debris scattered over a large area indicates that the Jumbo Jet was destroyed high above that area described by Rick King; the evidence indicates that a Jumbo Jet was shot down by the jet fighter that had been spotted in the area that morning of 9-11-01. 

Susan McIlwain of Shanksville went to the F.B.I. with the evidence she observed while driving her car way out there on those big wide roads that run through the woods of Western PA.. She saw a small craft flying low just overhead, not a Boeing 757 high up in the sky. The F.B.I. tried to convince Susan that she didn't see a small craft flying just overhead and they claimed she didn't know what a 757 looked like. The F.B.I. lost that battle, as she refused to be intimidated. See You Tube - "Eyewitnesses to Shanksville Flight 93 Crash - Where's the 757?", 4:22 in length. See also You Tube 9:47 "911 Conspiracy: The Legend of Flight 93" @ 5:15 into that documentary for Susan McIlwain's interview and description of the white fighter jet she saw over the Shanksville, Pa. area.


There was more than just a "Hole in the Ground" at Shanksville. The Government and Jewish Mossad will be quick to point out that there were two "wing scars" creased symmetrically into the earth at each side of the Hole. The Government will tell you that is the proof that Jet #93 crashed into the hole. But the problem for the Government and their #93 Jet Crash site is that the "wing scars" were there since at least 1994, according to satellite photos taken by, none other than, the U.S. Government, via the U.S.G.S. (U.S. Geological Survey). The Government's ("Hole in the Ground") came right in the middle of those age old "wing scars" at about 9-11-01. Hey, whatever happened to the wings of the Jet #93 that Government says made those scars? See You Tube - "Proof that 9/11Fight did not Crash at Shanksville", 4:08 in length.

The Government sent out an Official Clean Up Crew of dozens of men in bio-jump suits that made it all look official. These men in the rubber jump suits and related redundant protective gear stood around the "Hole in the Ground" at Shanksville looking at each other. No doubt, they were paid their regular hourly rates. But they were also videoed by a local citizen which discloses they did nothing, or there was No Jet, or bodies taken away. Nothing was removed by Government crews, but there was never anything there to begin with. For the TV news the "Hole in the Ground" at Shanksville, Pa. quickly became off limits and the U.S. News Media did not catch this Government crew. See www.pumpitout.com


On 12-24-04, in Iraq before American Military, Donald Rumsfeld said, "The People who attacked the U.S. in New York shot down a plane over Pennsylvania." See - "911 Coincidences Part Twelve" @ 4:30. See also, You Tube 16:54 "9/11 Flight 93 was in Fact Shot Down" @ 5:20 into that documentary for U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stating at a press conference "the people who shot down the plane over Pennsylvania". Rumsfeld confirms, via press conferences, that a Jet was "shot down" over Pennsylvania on 9-11, rather than crashed due to a fight between the passengers and the alleged Islamic Hijackers.

The area in and around the Government's "Shanksville Hole" is a reclaimed Coal Mine.


What was the point of UA Flight 93? And whatever did become of the Boeing Jet that was United Airlines Flight 93?

What was the Co-Conspirators'/Planners' of 9/11 point in the Boeing Jet that flew United Airlines Flight 93 out of Newark International Airport? That's right, UA 93 was the United Airlines Flight Number Route out of Newark, New Jersey; that Boeing Jet, like all aircraft in the U.S., was identified by a registration number, N591UA, with the FAA. The Official Authority of the Government and U.S. News Media fabricated that United Airlines Flight 93, out of Newark International Airport on the morning of 911, crashed in the "Shanksville Hole" in a remote section of Pennsylvania as result of the passengers fighting with the Terrorist Hijackers. The Physical Evidence, as immediately reported by the local press and FOX and CNN TV Networks, confirmed Flight 93 didn't crash into that "Shanksville Hole". They documented, instantly, that there was absolutely no sign or trace of a Boeing Jet in that "hole in ground". 

The Official Authority in the U.S., including the 911 Commission,  fabricated that passenger heroes on board Flight 93 fought Islamic Terrorists hijackers causing the Boeing Jet to crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania before it could hit its intended target over 200 miles away in Washington D.C.

The Co-conspirators, who executed the events of 9-11, in conjunction with U.S. media, tricked the American Citizenry into believing that a Boeing Jet - Flight 93 crashed into a "Hole in the Ground" in Shanksville, Pennsylvania as a result of hero passengers bravely fighting to the death the Arab Islamic Hijackers of UA Flight 93. The U.S. Government/Israel Mossad Co-Conspirators used that trick to cover-up the passengers they murdered in the sky over Pennsylvania on 9-11-01 at about 10:04am.

If the passenger heroes on board Flight 93 caused that Boeing Jet to crash, it would not have been scattered to the northeast of the Shanksville, Pa. over an 8 mile path into little pieces of bone and debris, it would have looked like other crashed Jets. A Jet was shot down out of the sky and blown up into little pieces over the area to the northeast of the Shanksville Hole, including Indian Lake at about 10:04am. on 9-11-01.

Why if the alleged Arab Hijackers were so sophisticated that they pulled off the "Crime of the Century" did they waste their time flying their hijacked Jet, Flight 93, out of Newark N.J. over 300 miles to the west and turn around at Cleveland Ohio? Such sophisticated Terrorists would have known that NORAD's fighter jets would have been waiting for them to guard the most protected city on Earth, Washington D.C.. By the time Fight 93 had reached Cleveland at 9:35am. going the wrong way from their alleged target (Capitol Building or White House) the Whole World knew about the Twin Towers Bombing and all flying crafts in the U.S. were halted from further take-offs and flights in process were ordered to land at the  nearest airport.

The jet that was shot down out of the air by a U.S. fighter jet, northeast of the Shanksville Hole, had evidence that had to be disposed of. That evidence was the passengers on one (or maybe two) of the Boeing Jets of 9/11 that were hijacked by the New World Order U.S. Jewish Controlled Government in conjunction with Israeli's Mossad.

There is some evidence that the Boeing Jet that was Flight 93 made an emergency landing in Cleveland's Hopkins Airfield on 9-11-01. Although various new agencies reported that United Airlines identified that same Boeing Jet that landed in Cleveland's Hopkin's Airfield as UA Flight 93, the Boeing Jet that landed in Hopkins Airport described in the same news articles was 767 Boeing from Boston; UA Flight 93A departed from Newark and was a 757 Boeing not a 767 as the news agencies report made the emergency landing in Cleveland's Hopkins Airfield. It is most likely due to the evidence that the 767 Boeing Jet from Boston that landed in Hopkins Airfield, Cleveland was a Delta Flight 1989 out of Boston.

What was the Jet that the Cleveland Mayor was quoted by the news reporters as waived on to Toledo, Ohio from Cleveland? Was it the same Jet that met its doom in the skies to the northeast of Shanksville? Toledo is to the west of Cleveland and that "waived on jet" should not have ended up near Shanksville, PA. which is to the east of Cleveland.

According to the FAA, not only did UA Flight 93 take off from Newark International Airport at 8:28am. on 9-11-01, but the Boeing 757 Jet, that flew UA Flight 93 was identified by its registration number with the FAA as N591UA and was diverted on 9-11-01, and remained alive and well and registered many years after 9-11-2001 until it was cancelled on 9-28-2005 , as per  the FAA  with pertinent statistics circled. There is no further information provided on FAA records, or anywhere else, as to where Flight UA 93 was diverted to. There is no record as to where UA 93 was diverted to, but the U.S. Government would say that the hijackers simply ignored orders to divert and land and continued east towards Washington D.C. until the Flight UA 93 crashed in the Shanksville hole in the ground.

Isn't it interesting that the 2 Boeing Jets that were allegedly hijacked by Islamic Terrorists out of Boston crossed flight path in the southeast corner of New State just about 40 miles north of New York City at the location over Stewart Air force Base, Newburg, New York.

The flight path for UA Flight 93 started out of Newark, as per Government radar, next to the same point that flights UA 175 and AA 11 out of Logan Airport in Boston ended, New York City, at least according to the Official Data Provided by the Government.   Was the Boeing Jet that flew Flight UA 93 used to provide a  disguised  flight path for at least one of the 2 Boston Jets? In other words, one of the Jets out of Boston could have followed in the path of Flight UA 93; the radar could only detect one Jet because, if the two jets were close enough they would have looked like the same blip on the radar from New York City to Cleveland.

What happened to the passengers on the Boston Boeing 767 that land in Cleveland's Hopkins Airport? Witnesses in Cleveland reported to the local news media that they heard screaming coming out of the Boeing 767 which departed from Boston while it was on the landing field at Hopkins Airport Cleveland. In fact, it was the Air Traffic Controllers at Hopkins Airport, Cleveland that the Cleveland Mayor reported heard the screaming on the Jet that was identified by United Airlines as Flight 93. It is undisputed that Hopkins Airfield was evacuated and all civilians, airline customers, forced to walk off the grounds that is Hopkins Airport. Witnesses reported to the local news media that the airline passengers that landed at Hopkins Airport, Cleveland on 9-11-01 were herded into the NASA building at Hopkins Field

According to news reporters, United Airlines confirmed that instant morning of 9-11-01 that their UA Flight 93 out of Newark did land in Cleveland Ohio's, Hopkins Airport. Did UA 93 land in Cleveland's Hopkins Airport? Since that instant 9-11-01 neither United Airlines or any other Authority will ever admit to that happening, it could have been the truth that got unwittingly revealed in the middle of all the hysteria, but it will never be repeated or there will be at a minimum "cancellation" to any such violator.

How could the jet that went down over Shanksville, PA. been UA Flight 93 with an FAA registration of N591UA if, according to FAA Registry documents the Boeing Jet registered as N591UA  remained in service until 2005 when it was "Cancelled" on 9-28-05.  

The evidence, as above, shows that a Jet was shot down near Shanksville, PA. on 9-11-01 at about 10:04am.. There is evidence the Jet that was shot down by a fighter jet was not Flight UA 93 (FAA Reg. N591UA) because that Boeing was still registered until 2005 when it was "cancelled". The evidence is thin, via one sentence in one contradictory news report (a Boeing 767 out of Boston could not be Flight UA 93 which was a Boeing 757 out of Newark), that Flight UA 93 landed in Cleveland's Hopkins Field on 9-11-01am., but if UA 93 had it landed in Cleveland it obviously would not have been in time to be shot down over Shanksville, PA. at 10:04am. What happened to the passengers on UA 93? The official narrative seems correct to the extent that the UA 93 passengers were all killed but not in a crash in the "Shanksville Hole" caused by a battle between passengers and hijackers, but by a U.S. fighter jet.


U.S. Air Force - Col. Don de Grande - reveals U.S. F-16 ordered to shoot UA93 down

Colonel Don de Grande of the U.S. Air Force wrote a book, Barbarians Inside the Gates, revealing top secret military information as to exactly how and who shot  down UA93 on 9-11-01. Colonel de Grande knew exactly what happened to UA 93 and told it all in his book! Colonel de Grande disclosed that UA93 was ordered shot down over Shanksville PA and that Major Rick Gibney of the U.S. Air Force fired two sidewinder missiles from a U.S. F-16 fighter jet at Boeing UA 93 destroying the Boeing in mid-flight at 9:58am.. Colonel de Grande disclosed that Gibney was just following Orders and that President George Bush II was ultimately the planner and engineered the Events of 911, not Arab-Islamic Terrorists.

Col. de Grande, after stating that the Events of 911 were all planned by the U.S. Government (President Bush II), he then in contradiction claims that UA 93 was headed to Washington D.C. as if to be caught up in the Official False Narrative of the Events of 911. What Col. de Grande revealed could not lead a rational appraiser of fact to other than that UA 93 Boeing Jet was always scheduled for Death and Annihilation, not Washington D.C.. Gibney didn't save Washington D.C. he destroyed the evidence of 911 which was the Boeing UA 93 and its passengers.




You say that above account of facts does not account for the 3 Boeing Jets (AA 11 and UA 175) that  were involved in the Event of 9/11? Read below, at "What was the Point of  American Airlines Flight 77"  and. Also read below at and "So What Happened to the 4 High jacked Boeing Jumbo Jets of 9-11-01?" to learn what happened to all 4 Jets of 9-11-01. 






III. Pentagon - No Jet Crashed Here on 9-11-01 !!

CNN and Fox TV News Networks knew what they witnessed at the Pentagon on 9/11 per their original instant news reports at the Pentagon minutes after the Pentagon blew up. Both CNN and Fox TV News reported "No Jets at the Pentagon". See You Tube 10:06 "9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather would Rather not Show You". Those instant CNN and Fox News reports were forever censored and never shown on TV again, however, the brief moment of truthful reporting that No Jet hit the Pentagon on 9/11 is on hard drives World Wide all provided by the Internet for the World to see.

There are many documentary Web Sites featuring overwhelming physical evidence that makes the Government's claim that Flight #77, a Boeing 757 Jet, crashed into the Pentagon on 9-11-01 absolute foolishness. The Web Sites "9-11 Ripple Effect" (Pentagon coverage starts @ 37:00 and runs to 57:00) and Eric Hufschmid's - "Painful Deceptions" (Pentagon coverage starts @ 11:49 and runs to 45:00) do good jobs of making liars out of the Government about the Pentagon "Boeing Jet Crash". Those two documentary Web Sites on 911 run 1:36:15 for "911 Ripple Effect" and 1:23:43 for "Painful Deceptions".

The Pentagon was hit at ground level, according to the U.S. Government, by American Airlines Boeing Jet Liner #77 out of Dulles International Airport at 9:37am., going 400mph; the landing approach was blocked by a raised railroad bed and the elevated Beltway Highway complete with street lights and poles. See E.H.'s "Painful Deceptions" @27:09 and "911 Ripple Effect" @ 46:00.

But before the crash into the first floor of the Pentagon, the alleged Boeing Jet made a 270 degree turn almost circling the Pentagon just above the building's roof line height. "Painful Deceptions" @ 27:09 and "911 Ripple Effect" @45:10.

 Although there was ample TV film coverage of the hole put in the side of the Pentagon on 9-11-01, there was No Jumbo Jet in the hole in the side of the Pentagon. There were no large pieces of aluminum from the Jumbo Jet that should have been recorded in the "Debris Field" caused by the crash. The Network TV cameras recorded, instantly after the Pentagon was hit, that there was no Boeing Jumbo Jet. See "Zero into Investigation of 9-11" @29:50.


 There is no evidence that the Jumbo Jet even touched the ground as it approached the Pentagon's first floor, per review of initial TV camera footage. id.

 The hole in the Pentagon was 10'wide x 16' high; after a half hour the roof over the hole collapsed from the explosions and fire making the hole look bigger. See "Painful Deceptions" @ 31:17. There were also Pentagon witnesses, who reported explosions after the Drone hit the Pentagon; the collapse of the upper stories of the Pentagon may well have been caused, also, by the additional explosions.

  The Pentagon is 73' high at point of impact.

Professional Airline Pilots claim nobody, including them, could have duplicated that alleged crash flight pattern into the first floor of the Pentagon with a Boeing Jumbo Jet. See "Painful Deceptions" @ 26:00 and "911 Ripple Effect" @52:00.

See "911 Ripple Effect" @38:00 - A 20 year veteran Airline Pilot, Glen Stanish, states that there was no evidence of a Boeing Jet crashing into the Pentagon on 9-11-01. He pointed out that there was a total absence of Debris that should have existed in and around the alleged Pentagon Crash. Glen Stanish is founder for "Pilots for 911 Truth." This is an example from another Jet crash of what should have existed at the Pentagon

 The air pressure that would have been caused between a Boeing Jet flying at ground level going 400mph. would have made the jet uncontrollable to fly. See "911 Ripple Effect" @ 50:17-51:00.

According to the U.S. media, the only flying experience their Islamic Terrorists had was flying a Piper Cub, including Hani Hanjour's, the alleged hijacking pilot of Flight #77 into the Pentagon . Per interview with Hani Hanjour's  flight instructor the New York Times published on 5-4-02, he said that Hanjour could not possibly have flown a Boeing Jet and he further stated that Hanjour could not fly a small craft like a Piper Cub or a Cessna. See "Painful Deceptions" @ 24:30.

According to Flight Controller, Robin Hordon, Dulles Airport thought the flying craft that hit the Pentagon was a fighter jet because it  was traveling so fast and making such unusual maneuvers. See "Zero Investigation into 911" @ 40:50. 

Coincidentally, the collision into the Pentagon on 9-11 was in area where renovations had been completed causing few Government workers to be in that area of impact that is just to the left of the fenced area where the construction equipment is located in front of the Pentagon. See "Painful Deceptions" @29:23. Although the Pentagon workers were not at the location of impact and explosion, an audit team was.

The Pentagon was hit in an area where a team of auditors, accountants, and budget analysts were located and had found $2.2 Trillion missing from Pentagon Funds. These missing Pentagon Funds discovered by the Audit Team was publicly announced by U.S. Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld, the day before on 9-10-01. See "Exposing the Fraud of 9/11 in 22 Minutes" @ 11:25-12:00.

If you don't believe Bush II's Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld, then you will believe U.S. Senator Robert Byrd at a Congressional hearing, while he and Rumsfeld confirmed the "missing" $2.2 Trillion of Pentagon Funds. See You Tube - 59:34 "9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money" @ 46:00 into that Web Site documentary.

In 2001, Dov Zakheim was the Pentagon Controller and Greatest thief of all times. This Dual Citizen Israeli, and Jewish Rabbi, Zakheim, had already been caught stealing $1 Trillion from the Pentagon. id. See below "Israelis Run U.S. Government- Appointed Dual Citizenship Foreign Enemies Make U.S. Policy."

 There are 20,000 workers in the Pentagon Building on a daily basis. See "Painful Deceptions" @ 29:00. 184 Pentagon workers (mostly the auditors and accountants who found Zakheim's theft of $2.2 Trillion) died on 9-11-01. See "2014 New Loose Change 3rd - Edition" @1:28.

On 9-11-01, American Airlines Jet #77 was off the radar screen after traveling 36 minutes from take-off from Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. at 8:20am. to the skies over Tri-State Airport at Kenova West Virginia where it disappeared from the radar screens and lost contact with Air Traffic Controllers. Then, while all the King's Resources, via U.S. military radar and Air Traffic Controllers, and the rest of the World, were looking for that hijacked UA Jet Flight#77, it just showed up an hour later over Washington D.C.. on route to hitting the Pentagon at 9:37am. But does anyone believe that the thing that hit the Pentagon was #77 Boeing Jet? How could a Boeing Jet somehow disappear and avoid the U.S. Radar Network, after it was already known that 2 jets were hijacked out of Boston's Logan Airport that they claimed hit the Towers. See "Painful Deceptions" @ 23:00.


A Global Hawk Drone flies at 60,000' above sea level, which is above commercial airline routes of 30,000', and is made of 50% carbon fiber, so it avoids radar. That Drone flies at speeds of 400mph which is the speed Air Traffic Controllers said the flying object that Hit the Pentagon was traveling at.

The Global Hawk weighs approximately 4 tons and half that weight is carbon fiber which would have burnt in the Pentagon fire. That leaves 2 tons of debris that could have been cleaned up quickly by those busy Pentagon workers seen on the lawn of the Pentagon. See "Painful Deceptions" @ 27:50.

That is 2 tons of evidence to conceal, as opposed to an 150 ton Boeing Jumbo Jet with two 6 ton titanium jet engines.

There were 2 of the Global Hawk Drones missing in action in 2002, according to the U.S. Air Force. See You Tube - "Fetzer on 911." But the U.S. Air Force declined to say what kind of "action". See "Painful Deceptions" @ 42:00.


A Boeing Jumbo Jet makes for a lot of hard core physical evidence. There was no evidence that a Boeing Jet Liner had crashed into the Pentagon, but a 3 foot tall turbine, the size used in drones, was one of the few pieces of debris evidence filmed that day at the 9-11 Pentagon crash scene. See "Painful Deceptions" @33:07 & "911 Ripple Effect" @ 48:46 and @ 39:00-41:00. That 3 foot turbine and related small debris at the Pentagon is evidence of a Drone hitting the Pentagon not a Boeing jet.

Also see more parts from the drone the crashed into the Pentagon, those small pieces of debris from the Drone that hit the Pentagon are barely discernable.

A Boeing 757 Jet is 150 tons of metal. There should have been huge pieces of aluminum body and wings in the Hole in Pentagon and on the Pentagon lawn. Even though the TV Network cameras were plentiful after the crash into the Pentagon, the TV Network cameras recorded no such evidence of a Boeing or its pieces at the Pentagon crash. See "Painful Deceptions" @ 33:00. 

On the Pentagon lawn a group of Government workers were caught on video carrying a drone sized object covered in a blue plastic tarpaulin away in order to cover - up the evidence of 9-11-01. See "Painful Deceptions" @ 38:13.

Network TV Camera crews videoed senior Pentagon Officials walking the grass in front of the Pentagon picking up small physical evidence. Where did this physical evidence go? See "Painful Deceptions" @ 38:36.

Pentagon Executives in suits are videoed on the lawn of the Pentagon picking up small pieces of debris from the "crash". These are unlikely people to be doing clean up work. What happened to the evidence they were so urgently picking up? See "Painful Deceptions" @ 36:41.



 There were 64 people on Boeing Jet #77 that the Government claims hit the Pentagon, but the TV cameras could not find any bodies or human blood of the passengers or flight crew. TV cameras showed search dogs in the hole in the Pentagon wall caused by the crash, but the dogs found No human bodies from flight #77 in the Pentagon after the 9-11-01 crash. "Painful Deceptions" @ 16:26 & 30:42. The TV Network cameras zoomed in on the rescue dog who walked into the hole in Pentagon, but there was no sign of a Boeing Jumbo Jet.



The Government claimed that the Boeing Jet hit the Pentagon, however, TV Network film crews photographed holes not just in the outer Pentagon wall but there were holes in two more of the re-enforced concrete walls (Pentagon Ring Walls) that make up rings that form the protected sections of the Pentagon. An Aluminum nosed Boeing Jet would not likely have been able to penetrate the 3 rings of the 5 walls of re-enforced concrete that is the Pentagon construction. The relatively delicate Jet wings would have immediately sheared off upon contact with even a light pole. See "911 Ripple Effect" @ 23:00. But a missile or exploding Drone could have penetrated the 3 rings of re-enforced concrete walls.

See "Zero Investigation into 9-11" @33:28 for camera view of the 5 ring walled Pentagon Construction. Each re-enforced concrete wall was penetrated.

What is the Pentagon's official word regarding the Disappearing Jumbo Jet? The Pentagon decreed that the fire vaporized the entire jet along with its 9' tall 6 ton Titanium Engines. Titanium melts at about 6000 degrees F., and is one of the most indestructible materials on the Planet Earth. How could jet fuel vaporize a Titanium Engine? Jet fuel is what the Jet Engine runs on, by definition jet fuel could not power the jet if it also melted its engine! Not only that, but a 757 Boeing jet weighs over 150 tons; how did jet fuel which has causes temperatures, at most, of 1700 degrees F. when burning, immediately, not just melt, but vaporize into gas (much higher temperature required) an entire Boeing Jumbo jet and its titanium engine?

The 911 Commission created by President George Bush II did not address the missing Jumbo Jet at the Pentagon, nor did they bother to fabricate a reason for its disappearance like it "vaporized" into gas.

Vaporizing is not melting into liquid but into a gaseous state which requires a much higher temperature than the 6000 degrees required to melt the titanium jet engines of a Boeing Jumbo Jet. Foolish Government.

The Air Space over the Pentagon is Restricted "E-56". The White House and  Capitol Building are also protected by air because of this Specially Protected "E-56" category. How did an attacking air vehicle get to the Pentagon which some claim is the most protected building in the World? See "Zero Investigation into 9-11" @44:00-47:00.

The bombing by a small flying craft of the Pentagon was, at least in part, due to a total break down of standard operating procedures of "E-56" air defense over Washington D.C.. See "Zero Investigation into 9-11" @ 46:30.

Fox TV News reporters and camera crews were immediately able to cover the Pentagon on 9-11 immediately after its explosion on 9-11-01. The TV Network reporters are plentiful in Washington D.C., and they were able to get to the Pentagon with cameras in short time after the Pentagon blast. Fox News reporters exclaimed at 10:10 on live  TV coverage that there was another explosion after the initial hole in the wall. What was this second explosion of the Pentagon witnessed live by Fox News reporters? They never, again, showed that live TV footage of the reporters exclaiming another explosion. But you can see that instant TV live report on You Tube: "9/11 What Really Happened??" @22:50 & You Tube: "2014 New Loose Change 3rd Edition!9/11 Truth" @ 27:55.


Immediately after the Pentagon crash of 9-11-01, the F.B.I., illegally confiscated 86 video tapes from locations around the Pentagon, including hotels, retail stores, banks, and gas stations. All security cameras of neighboring businesses in the area of the Pentagon were confiscated on 9-11-01. The mistake the F.B.I. made was allowing cameras to record the evidence after the Pentagon was hit. How do the cops get evidence to prosecute? They usually don't witness the crime, they record evidence after the crime. See "911 Ripple Effect" @ 53:50 and "Zero into Investigation of 9-11" @ 36:50-38:00 & "2014 New Loose Change 3rd Ed!Must See! 9/11 Truth" @ 27:40.


The F.B.I. warned the Citgo Gas Station employees, Sheraton Hotel Employees, and Virginia Dept. of Transportation Employees don't talk about what you witnessed that 9-11-01 at the Pentagon. See You Tube: "2014 New Loose Change 3rd Edition!Must See!9/11 Truth" @ 27:55.


The Foreign Press, particularly the the French and Brits, are wise to the 911 lies; they don't believe the evidence points to a Jet Airliner hitting the Pentagon. The Pentagon is infested with security cameras and is billed as the most secure building in the World, but the Pentagon refused to meet demands of the Press and U.S. citizens to release the films and videos of the Jet the Pentagon claimed hit the Pentagon on 9-11-01. As result, French reporter, Terry Meysson, who was provided evidence of the Pentagon crash, published articles stating that the evidence showed a "truck bomb" was responsible for the 911 damage to the Pentagon. Embarrassed by the Foreign Press, the Pentagon released one of their security films that, allegedly, recorded the object that hit the Pentagon, but the Pentagon video release was only  5 lousy frames. Those 5 grainy video frames don't show a Boeing Jet Liner, but a much smaller flying object with a rocket exhaust trailing its path. The fuzzy distant video images that the Pentagon released after being embarrassed by French reporter, Meysson, is only 5 frames and is dated 9-12-01. See "Ripple Effect" @52:30-52:60 and "Painful Deceptions" @15:30.

After reviewing the insulting scarce 5 video frames the Pentagon benevolently decided to release, Terry Meysson determined the evidence indicates a drone hit the Pentagon and that is what the 5 video frames most closely disclose. See "Ripple Effect" @52:32-53:00.

The Pentagon is known for security and has many films of the 9-11-01 attack it  sustained and deliberately only released 5 frames of video that could barely be discerned. See "Ripple Effect" @53:10.

The Washington D.C. -  Fire Chief said at the scene of the 9-11-01 Pentagon crash, "No Signs of a Jet at the Pentagon." But the Fire chief wasn't the only one who said that there was No Jet at the Pentagon on 9-11-01. See You Tube, "Fetzer on 9-11."

CNN Reporter Jamie McIntyre, was instantly on the spot LIVE at the Pentagon minutes after the alleged Jet hit it. Washington D.C. is loaded with the news reporters and their cameras and even news helicopters. CNN Reporter Jamie McIntyre did his job and reported accurately and honestly, "my close up inspection" "No plane crash evidence here"Reporter Jamie McIntyre further observed, as did all the TV Network cameras, that were immediately focused on the Pentagon on 9-11, that "no large pieces of debris, just small pieces that you can pick up by hand", as he was describing the particles on the Pentagon Lawn caused by the "crash". See "911 Ripple Effect" @59:30-1:06:00 or at 1:00:15-1:00:41.

You will never see that LIVE report by CNN Jamie McIntyre again on TV, or anywhere on the Main Steam Media. Later the afternoon of 9-11 the bosses at CNN made reporter, Jamie McIntyre, withdraw his LIVE 911 Pentagon report and make another report on CNN that attempted to mislead the American Public about his first report, so to please his masters in the MSM and conform to the Official Government Decree of a Boeing Jet hitting the Pentagon. The same Government Jet that no one could see at the Pentagon. An "invisible jet." See "911 Ripple Effect" @59:40-1:00:00.

When there is No Freedom of the Press - There is No Longer Liberty in this here United States.

A U.S. News Media controlled by the Jews, who also control the Government in the U.S. and Israel, is Totalitarianism.


What was the Point of American Airlines Flight 77?

American Airlines Flight 77 was used by the planners (including President Bush II, members of his Cabinet, and controlling elements of U.S. Military and Intelligence and the Israeli Mossad) of 9-11 as a decoy for the Drone that hit the Pentagon. Allegedly per the Government, Flight 77 took off from Dulles International Airport at 8:10am. in Washington D.C.,  and,  per radar tracking, flew 200 miles, west, in the wrong direction, before turning around towards its target, the Pentagon.

But there is something different about the flight path of Flight 77 out of Dulles International Airport. Not even the FAA or any Government Authorities make claim that radar confirmed the entire flight path of their Flight 77. Oh, they confirm, via radar paths, that Flight 77 went west, all the way to East Kentucky - Ohio - West Virginia area (the area over Tri-State Airport at Kenova, West Virginia), but then the alleged path of Flight 77 is a dotted line. It is a dotted line because no radar traced Flight 77 going  back east, from Kentucky - Ohio to the Pentagon. The flying object ( a drone) that the Government claims hit  the Pentagon at about 9:40am was not detected by local Airport Controllers until it was over Washington D.C.

That's two alleged hijacked Boeing Jets, AA 77 and UA 93, that went 200 miles and 300 miles, respectively, in the wrong direction from their alleged 9-11-01 targets. Were the Government's 19 Arab Islamic "plastic box cutter wielding" Terrorists as smart as the U.S. media makes them out to be? 

According to the U.S. DOT - Bureau of Transportation, AA Flight 77 out of Dulles International Airport was scheduled on 9-11-01 but did not depart (AA 77 out Dulles IA, Washington D.C. never took off, it did not fly on 9-11-01).  Further confirmation by U.S. Government Documentation discloses that AA 77 out of Dulles IA did not  fly on 9-11-01 and that it was not Diverted due to the Events/hijackings of 911! All Jets in flight over the U.S. were ordered to land, hence their flights were "Diverted" or there was a "Diversion".

According to the Government, AA Flight 77 was flown by a Boeing 757 Jet with the tail number (registration number with the FAA) of N644AA.

According to the FAA, Boeing Jet N644AA was destroyed and registration cancelled on 1-14-2002. See the same FAA Government record in Hard Copy with pertinent statistics circled. Cancellation of the Registration would be the likely procedure for American Airlines to do if its Boeing Jet was destroyed on 9-11-01!

What happened to the 50 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 flight attendants, who were allegedly on Flight 77? Have  citizen-investigators contacted these 50 dead passengers' next of kin to confirm they were missing and presumed Dead on 9-11-01 at the Pentagon? Did these 50 alleged passengers actually exist? Who were they, if they actually existed. 50 names of alleged dead people produced by the Government is not enough to be sure of the dead on 9-11-01 because the Government has been caught lying about the Events of 9-11-01. No bodies of Boeing Jet passengers or crew were recovered at the Pentagon! But that shouldn't surprise you because no bodies of any of the dead passengers, crew or alleged Hijackers of 9-11 were ever recovered, except over an 8 mile path northeast of Shanksville, PA. where small pieces of bones were found. However, all the bodies of the audit/accounting team that found that Dov Zakheim, Controller of the Pentagon finances, had absconded with $2 Trillion in Pentagon Funds and sent it to his homeland, Israel, were recovered. Coincidentally, that audit team was located exactly were the Drone hit the Pentagon on 9-11.

Is the lack of passengers on Flight 77 a clue? There were, according to the news media, only 50 passengers which is only about 25% of capacity for a Boeing 757. This is the same partial capacity experienced by all 4 Hijacked Jets of 9-11. Did the Americans who were working with the Jews on 9/11 want to minimize their murders of American Citizens?

Why did so few of the heirs of the dead jet passengers of 9-11 collect restitution from the Federal Government's 9-11 Victim's Fund? Why do so few of the victims of the 4 Jets of 9-11 show up on the Social Security index? Ellen Mariani of New Hampshire lost her husband on UA Flight 175 but was unable to locate any of the other surviving next of kin of the other dead passengers of the 4 hijacked Jets of 9-11. Mariani sued and refused to take the money from the 9-11 Federal Victim's fund because she wanted the truth.

One thing for sure, the Physical Evidence is Perfect at the Pentagon on 9-11-01 and the Physical Evidence shows there was No Jet at the Pentagon on 9-11-01, regardless of what the Government and U.S. Media try to brainwash.


More Photos of the Pentagon immediately after the Drone blew it up!

Steve Rinkus photo of Pentagon before the Fire Dept. got there                      Steve Rinkus Photo of the Pentagon on fire before upper floors collapse 

Pentagon before Fire Dept. with good exposure of fenced in area used for the Construction taken place at the Pentagon  

Pentagon original hole before upper floors collapsed from fire

Pentagon with Firemen at Helicopter Pad in front of original hole before fire collapsed upper floors

Satellite photo of Pentagon and damage holes, but no Jet.


Hypothetical Government's Boeing Jet that crashed into the Pentagon before "vaporizing"!

What should have been at the Pentagon due to the Fabricated Government's Boeing Jet Crash!







IV. The W.T.C. Twin Towers Bombed - More Physical and Scientific Evidence - The U.S. Government Lied about 9-11

No Boeing Jet Hit the Twin Towers

CNN TV News instant report on the morning of 9-11-01  reported a "small flying craft" hit the North Tower ( first tower hit).

NBC TV News instant report on the morning of 9-11-01 reported "a small commuter plane hit the North Tower." See You Tube: "September 11, 2001: As it Happened" (Part 1) @ 28:05-29:00.

It is, 13 years later and still undisputed, that there was only one video of the first crash into North Tower. That lone video of the first crash of 9-11-01 was taken by Jules Naudet. Naudet's video of the first 9-11 crash into the North Tower shows a small flying vehicle, not a Boeing Jet Liner. View the only video known to have filmed the flying craft hit the North Tower, it is a small flying craft no bigger than a drone with wing span best described as fins. This same small flying craft, when it hits the North Tower, does not span more surface area on the building than the area of one window. See "Original Footage of the 1st Plane hitting the W.T.C." or Search "Jules Naudet Video North Tower 911".

Beware of fake videos of the North Tower Crash that have started to appear on the Internet. The fake videos of the North Tower crash make the explosion cloud larger so to conceal the small craft hitting the North Tower. Some other fakes have actually enlarged the craft that hit the North Tower.

No doubt, there are other videos of the first 9-11-01 hit into the North Tower, as taken by the Israeli Mossad, C.I.A., and their Co-conspirators. See below where 5 Mossad Agents admitted on Israeli T.V. that they "recorded the incident". Ya, the Israelis where all ready with video cameras to record the Twin Towers go down on 9-11-01 because they knew it was going to happen. They did it.


The North Tower is a loser for the Government and their "Decree of Conspiracy of Flying Islamic Terrorists," who the Government claims hijacked American Airline's Boeing Jet #11 out of Logan Airport, Boston, Mass. at 7:59am., and crashed it at 8:46am. causing that North Tower to melt in about 2 hours from Jet Fuel burning. Unfortunately for the Government Conspirators and their Decree, there was a video tape of that first jet crash at 8:46am on 9-11-01 into the North Tower. That lone video of the first crash of 9-11-01 into the North Twin Tower was taken by Jules Naudet. Naudet's video shows a small flying craft, not a Boeing Jet Liner. View the only video known to have filmed the small flying craft hit the North Tower, it is a small flying craft no bigger than a drone with barely any wing span. This same small flying craft, when it hits the North Tower, does not span more surface area on the building greater than the area of one window. For the Naudet video of the North Tower getting hit at 8:46am. see "You Tube" - "911 What Really Happened ??" @ :33 and :20:59. 

Even the phony pictures produced by the Jews to crusade their lie that a Boeing 767 hit the North Tower are more convincing that small a flying craft, much smaller than a Boeing Jumbo Jet, hit the North Tower..

Not only is there the Naudet video which shows a small flying craft, not a Jumbo Jet hitting the North Tower, but there is overpowering physical and scientific evidence, not to mention eye witnesses, that all confirms that a Jumbo Jet didn't hit the North Tower or the South Tower. It is scientifically impossible for the Towers to have exploded and collapsed because of the heat produced from burning jet fuel (kerosene). Before the North Tower collapsed, there was a photo taken of a wheel from the landing gear of the Drone that hit the North Tower and fell to the sidewalk.

So what does the Government do? The Government ignores all the evidence that is irrefutable and proves to a scientific certainty that the 911 Commission's Decree of melting steel I-Beams from a kerosene fire is wrong and a deliberate lie. Instead they yell and scream that the South Tower was hit by a jet, and therefore, the Government's Decree of the Events of 911 is all Correct. The Government's proof of the South Tower being hit by a Boeing Jet are Cartoons (see below). The Government expects the Americans and the World to ignore the fact that No Boeing Jet hit the Pentagon, or the Shanksville Pa. "Hole in the Ground" , and that a small flying craft (drone) hit the North Tower.


The Government cannot dispute the Naudet Video of the small flying craft (drone) hitting the North Tower, so they ignore it. The Government and their Jewish allies can't do anything about the Naudet video because it is now distributed all over the World and copied on thousands of hard drives all made possible because of the Internet.

There is no Official Government video of the Jet crashing the South Tower or North Tower. Videos are good evidence, but in the case of the South Tower alleged Boeing Crash there have been many falsified Free Lance versions flooding the Internet that are obvious insulting Fakes.

How does concrete pulverize? How does jet fuel melt Steel I-Beams? Fire can't pulverize concrete into the dust that infested New York City for miles after the Twin Towers Exploded and then collapsed into a pile of ruble on 9-11-01. But that is what happened on 9-11-01 to the Twin Towers. The concrete dust from the exploding Twin Towers covered New York City. The films of the Towers collapsing first show the Towers exploding which caused the concrete to pulverize into massive exploding clouds of dust. Nor can jet fuel melt I-Beams. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @39:18.

Even the concrete foundation of the Towers were dislodged? The Government's "Pancake Theory" (heat from fire caused one floor to collapse which in turn caused a "Domino Effect" resulting in the floors below to collapse due to the extra accumulative weight) could not account for the foundation being dislodged. See "911 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 41:14. Nor could the "Pancake Theory" account for the concrete and steel that was the Twin Towers turning into dust. If the 110 floors of the Twin Towers collapsed floor by floor there would have been a pile of debris hundreds of feet high and at least 100 yards in radius; the contents and construction materials of the two 110 stories of concrete and steel (which stood next to each other) would have been a World Record of sprawling rubble. However, the irrefutable evidence is that the Twin Towers Exploded in a Controlled Demolition which resulted in the Towers collapsing at free fall speed of 10 seconds and disappearing over New York City into Dust. Instead of there being evidence of 110 stories of 2 Towers collapsing because of "Pancaking" from collapsing floor joists, there was a small bump of shredded and twisted 4" Steel I-Beams that once formed the framework of those indestructible buildings. 

What caused the concrete foundations of the Twin Towers to have moved out of place? The same as the cause of the melted molten Steel I-Beams and massive pulverized concrete dust clouds. Ultra High Explosives called Super Thermite.

The millions of tons of concrete of the Twin Towers exploded into dust along with the Steel I-Beams that were sheared and melted. The Government wants the American citizenry to believe that jet fuel caused those explosions that took down the Twin Towers. Burning jet fuel can't vaporize concrete and throw sheared Steel I- Beams 100 yards into the air.


Pre-Explosions in the Twin Towers

Witnesses, including Ultra Left Winger Newscaster, George Stephanopoulos, of ABC News stated on instant camera interview, as they got off the subway stop at the Twin Towers before any Towers fell, that "bombs went off in the subway next to the Twin Towers Center and the subway halted operations." Employees who worked in the North Tower described "bombs/explosions from the underground levels going off before any flying craft hit the North Tower" at the 96th floor. The N.Y.C. firemen were interviewed in the Lobby before the North Tower fell and stated the Lobby was destroyed by an explosion coming from elevator shaft. See "911 Mysteries: Demolitions" 28:37-33:33.

William Rodrigeus described huge explosions coming from the 7 levels of sub-basements below the North Tower. See "911 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 28:37-33:30.

William Rodrigeus, who worked in the North Tower for 20 years as a maintenance man, was interviewed on film with former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura. Rodrigeus stated that "there was an explosion, first, before the "jet crash"". Rodrigeus stated, "the explosion came from below ground level and he felt the resultant force up." See "911 Ripple Effect" @ 18:37. Rodrigeus was definitive, "it was a "boom" from below in the North Tower." Rodrigeus was praised by President Bush II as a hero for helping to save people that day of 9-11-01. But when Rodrigeus found out what really happened he filed a lawsuit that named Bush II as a defendant; the lawsuit claimed Bush II was guilty of murder that 9-11-01. William Rodrigeus lost his job, his house and everything he owned. See "Zero investigation into 9-11" @26:35 - 28:10.


The explosions coming from the elevator shaft and underground were required for the controlled demolition that would come within short time for the Twin Towers. The underground explosions heard by the witnesses were the foundations being exploded. The elevator shafts and foundations of the Twin Towers had to be dislodged first because they were structural support in the two structures that once non-functional, via those pre-explosions, allowed the exploding Super Thermite that would blow up the Twin Towers into dust over New York City to leave nothing standing of the Twin Towers. 


Rodriguez testimony was deleted from the 911 Commission Report, but you can hear him disclose the evidence he witnessed at the Twin Towers on 911 on the Internet. See "911 Ripple Effect" @ 18:37.

A N.Y.C. fireman is videoed sitting down near the W.T.C.  covered in dust when he exclaims, "there maybe more, the rest of these buildings could blow up, this ain't done yet." See "911 What Really Happened??" @2:18. He was right the North Tower and Building 7 would follow the South Tower's demise into dust that 9-11-01.

The Lobby of the North Tower was destroyed before anything exploded or hit the 96th floor. The U.S. TV Network reporters interviewed witnesses/Tower employees in the Lobby of the North Tower before it collapsed. Those witnesses claimed there were explosions before any alleged Boeing "Jet crash", and that the explosions came from below ground level coming out of the elevator shaft. See "9/11 Mysteries" @ 28:00 and "9-11 What Really Happened??" @ 1:25.

Many surviving witnesses at the Twin Towers stated on film that they heard explosions before any "jets" hit each respective Tower. Some thought it was from the subway because they thought the source of the explosions was underground. See You Tube - "9-11 Bomb When 1st Plane Hit".

Also see - You Tube: "2014 New Loose Change 3d Edition! Must See! 911 Truth" at 38:00 where N.Y.C. Firemen are interviewed exclaiming secondary explosions were going off in the Towers after the initial explosions at 8:46am. and 9:03am. and before the Twin Towers collapsed. These N.Y.C. Firemen explained that secondary explosive devices were planted in both Towers. At 38:27 of that "3d Ed. of Loose Change", N.Y.C. F.D. Chief of Safety, Albert Turi, is quoted as saying, "Possibility of secondary device explosions after initial crash". See "Exposing the Fraud of 9/11 in 22 minutes" @ 4:01.

At 49:09 of the same "2014 Loose Change 3rd Ed!", there is a tape of N.Y.C. firemen reporting secondary explosions in the Towers, and N.Y.C. Fireman, Palmer, exclaiming, "knock down small contained fire", as he radioed his observations of the fire in the North Tower. N.Y.C. Fireman Palmer observed a "small fire burning office equipment on one side of the North Tower that was contained." That's right the drone that hit the North Tower only caused a small office fire that burnt until the North Tower exploded in a controlled demolition two hours later.

On the Web Site "9/11 Ripple Effect," which is on You Tube, witnesses who were in the Twin Towers are interviewed by news people and state that "there are explosions going off in the Buildings"; these witnesses are describing explosions long before any explosion and collapse of the South Tower, and after the alleged jets hit the Towers. As these witnesses exclaimed to the TV cameras that secondary explosions were going off in the Towers the explosions were recorded live all before the Towers collapsed. See "9/11 Mysteries" @ 33:30-37:00.

CNN Television Network News reported at the Twin Towers that "Secondary Explosions" were going off caused by "Secondary Devices". See "911 Secret Revealed" (aka "Great You Tube.com/Conspiracy Theories".

See "911 Mysteries: Demolition" @ 13:03-14:59 for TV Network reporters describing secondary explosions going off in the North Tower after the alleged jet crash and before the final explosion and collapse.

Most of the witnesses reporting, via televised instant TV News reports, that bombs were going off, before and after the alleged Jets hit the Towers, and before the final Bomb explosions that collapsed the towers in a few seconds, never came forward to tell their story. Most of the reports of these explosions in the Towers were via instant Network reports on the streets of New York City as people were fleeing for their lives. Merrill Lynch employee, David Long was an exception. David Long worked in a building located across  the street from the World Trade Center and made a point to be interviewed by a Canadian 9/11 Investigation Organization (Truth Action Ottawa. com) about the explosions in the Twin Towers long before they collapsed. Long stated that the Towers came down from Bombs not Jets. See You Tube - 47:23 "David Long, 9/11 Eyewitness" by Truth Action Ottawa.com.


Fox News Reported, live, that there was a huge explosion coming from the "base" of the South Tower just before it collapsed. Witnesses heard blasts in sequence when South Tower collapsed. See "2014 New Loose Change 3rd Edition!MUST SEE!9/11 Truth" @ 28:50 - 46:00.

Several credible witnesses, who testified that there were explosions before and after the alleged jets hit the Twin Towers are now DEAD. Barry Jennings was killed shortly after telling the World that there were explosions and bodies in Building 7 of the W.T.C. in the morning of 9-11-01 long before it exploded and collapsed at 5:20pm..  

There should not have been any explosions in the Twin Towers before or after the alleged Boeing Jets hit, nor should there have been any explosions in Building 7.

Another notable death related to lies of 9-11 was Beverly Eckert, who filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Government and Saudi Arabia and refused to settle out of court after being offered money by the defendants. Eckert met with President Obama in the White House the week before she died in a plane crash while representing victims of 911. She was 57 when she died. For the Deaths of more Witnesses who became a problem to the Official Government Version of 9-11, See You Tube: "Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses." @ start - 9:34.

All these witnesses, and or activists, presented evidence that was contrary to the Official Government 911 Story of "Flying Islamics" and they destroyed the  lies of  the Government's 911 "Official Conspiracy Decree of Flying Islamics," and they died for the truth.


Fires in the Twin Towers were "Contained Office Fires" in a few floors - No Inferno

New York fireman entered both Towers and found fires burning on partial sides of those buildings that they described, via recorded radio communications, as "contained." These same firemen radioed in that they could put out the fire they observed smoldering in the few floors of the Towers. The fires in the Twin Towers were burning black smoke which means the fire is not burning its hottest but is starving for oxygen. For recordings, documentary evidence via Web Sites, see below paragraphs.

N.Y.C.F.D. radio communications recorded between firefighters in the South Tower said that they reached the fire on the 78th floor and that the fire was "2 isolated pockets and "contained" (small not spreading) and that they could knock it down with 2 lines." See You Tube - "Exposing the Fraud of 911 in 22 minutes" @ :49, or see "911 Painful Deceptions," or "911 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 5:20. 

The heat in the Towers could not have been that of an inferno. Employees who got caught in the North Tower were videoed looking out the hole in the side of the building the alleged crashing jet put in the side of the North Tower. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 6:45. If there was an Inferno, those survivors would not have been able to stand looking out of the hole in the side of the Tower because the heat would have prevented it. These people died in the explosions that Collapsed the North Tower, but some employees escaped via the staircase from the floors above the 78th floor of the South Tower; they said the fire was not raging and posed no obstruction to their exit. See "Zero Investigation into 9-11"@ 3:27-28:00.

        Where's the Boeing Jumbo Jet?

When you view that film coverage of the trapped Tower employees looking out the hole in the side of the North Tower don't expect to see any Boeing Jet that should have been, at least in part, inside the crash hole of that North Tower, because there is no Boeing Jet inside that hole that is videoed by TV cameras from helicopters. There is no smoke or  fire  coming out of that sole point of impact by the flying object (drone) that hit the North Tower. That's the same hole that shows the trapped employees looking out the hole in the side of the building allegedly caused by a Jumbo Jet. See Web Sites in two above paragraphs.


Brian Clark was an employee of "Eurobrokers" located on the 84th floor of the South Tower which is 6 floors above where the alleged jet hit that South Tower at the 78th floor. Clark, via interview, describes his day on 9-11-01 starting with a loud "boom" at 8:46 which he said was from the North Tower. Clark said there was an announcement made by the New York Port Authority after that 8:46 "boom" that his building, the South Tower, was secure and not to evacuate. Clark then described a second "Boom - Boom" which shook his building which he said was a "jet" hitting the 78th floor which was 6 floors below his location on the 84th floor. Clark made no claim that he actually saw a jet or anything actually hit the South Tower or North Tower. Clark survived, although the fire that allegedly caused the South Tower to collapse was in his way to his escape route to freedom. Clark and another man exited the 84th floor and proceeded down a staircase of  the South Tower; Clark described fire when they reached the 78th floor, as "fire starving for oxygen". Clark was sure there was no Inferno and he could prove it because the heat on the staircase at the 78th floor was not that severe and he escaped and survived. Clark said once he and his co-worker reached the 74th floor temperature conditions were normal, the air was cool, the lights were on, there was fresh air. Clark also described loud explosions at ground level, not high above in the tower. These loud explosions that Clark heard after he escaped down the staircase occurred after the alleged jet hit the South Tower at 9:03, but before it exploded and collapsed an hour later. See "Zero Investigation into 9-11" @3:57 through 28:10.

Nobel Prize Winner Dario Fo asked, "if there was such a Blazing Inferno in the South Tower that it would melt Steel I-Beams, how was it that people escaped the South Tower from floors above the 78th floor were the fire burnt?" Dario Fo asked, how is it that these people from floors above the 78th floor were able to cross the fire burning in the 78th floor in order to escape out to the street? See "Zero Investigation into 9-11" @ 12:30.

People were looking out the hole in the 94th floor of the North Tower but there was no sign of a Jumbo Jet. See You Tube: "New 911 Footage - There is No Plane - from another helicopter" and at 2:27 into that web site the film crew in the helicopter shows no sign of a jet in the hole in the North Tower. See also "9/11 Ripple Effect" @ 26:40 and "Zero Investigation into 9-11" @ 3:27 - 13:21. 

The drone that hit the North Tower as seen in the Jules Naudet video was destroyed by the explosives it carried.

According to U.S. Government's F.E.M.A., an advocate of the Government's "Flying Islamic Conspiracy Decree",  the initial fire ball would have consumed the fuel of each alleged jet. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolition" @ 5:45. The fires burning after the initial explosions in the North Tower (caused by a drone that exploded) and South Tower (caused by explosives) were office fires; burning office equipment and contents like carpets. Such a fire could not have produced heat anywhere close enough to affect the Steel I-Beams of the Twin Towers. That's why the N.Y.C. Firemen reported that the fires were on a few floors and were small and contained, see "2014 Loose Change 3rd Ed!" at 49:09 of that web site.

F.E.M.A. and N.I.S.T. (National Institute Standards & Technology) said the same thing - initial fireball consumed most of the jet fuel. See "9-11 The Birth of Treason" See You Tube 9-11 Coincidences" @ 5:44. That's if you presume like F.E.M.A. and N.I.S.T. that the Twin Towers were hit by Jets.

W.T.C. Buildings 4, 5 and 6 sustained massive fires but those 3 Steel Structured Buildings never fell. One of the Twin Towers fell on Building 4, but the Steel I-Beams of Building 4 remained standing and in tact. See "9-11 Ripple Effect" @ 18:45 and  Great You Tube.com Conspiracies "911 Secret Revealed" &  "9-11 Painful Deceptions Truth & Lie".



Molten Steel Running Down Towers into Foundation

For a detailed documentary of physical evidence of Melted Molten Metal at the Twin Towers. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolition" @ 42:26.

Molten iron was observed by the New York fireman in what was the basement where the elevator shafts were located in the Twin Towers. See You Tube: "MSM Accidentally Airs Incriminating 9-11 Evidence?"

On ABC TV, Charles Gibson is interviewing N.Y.C. Firemen who are describing "molten metal/Steel running down channels of the Building like Lava", "molten metal like a foundry", "fused concrete and steel." See You Tube - "Did Media Accidentally Air this About 911."

7  weeks after 9-11-01, molten steel is found in the former basements of the Towers where elevator shafts were based, see You Tube: " 2014 New Loose Change 3d Edition! Must See! 911 Truth"

At 8 weeks after 911, N.Y.C. Firemen and Construction/Demolition workers reported there was still fire at "Ground Zero" where the former Towers stood. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 43:00.

The U.S. N.A.S.A. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) airborne imaging spectrometer on 9-16-01 measured thermal hot spots at the Twin Towers location of 1377 degree F. You Tube: "9/11 Documentary - The Birth of Treason" @ 59:40. Jet fuel or any conventional explosives will not burn for a week unable to be extinguished by the N.Y.C. Fire Dept.; the fires burning under the ruble which was the Twin Towers were caused by Super Thermite. The same Super Thermite that took the Twin Towers and Building 7 down in a Controlled Demolition.


Licensed Engineer, Michael T. Donly, states on the Web Site - "Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth" that there is no way that jet fuel could melt Steel I-Beams into a molten liquid as was found by N.Y.C. firemen in the location of the basements at the former site of the Twin Towers and 47 story Building 7 on 9-11-01. Donly, a Professional Engineer, stated that the Government's Official version about the cause of the W.T.C. buildings destruction on 9-11-01 was wrong and the product of a biased and fraudulent investigation by N.I.S.T.. See You Tube: "Michael Donly P.E. - Structural Engineer - 9/11 Expert" @ start - 11:42.

Donly stated that forensic evidence was ignored by the Government Officials who investigated the 911 collapses. Donly points to evidence of Nano Thermite as the cause of the explosions and related heat that pulverized concrete, office equipment, human bodies, building materials into Dust and sheared Steel I- Beams of Tall Stories into a small  heap of scrap and melted other Beams into a molten liquid. id.

See also, You Tube: "New Loose Change 3d Edition! Must See! 911 Truth" for N.Y.C. Firemen describing Molten liquid Steel at the Twin Towers, & "9/11 Blueprint for Truth- the Architecture of Demolition" @ 30:35 - 31:45.


Science Evidence - Jet Fuel Fire and Steel I-Beams v. Super Thermite

Jet fuel is Kerosene and will not burn hot enough to melt steel. The steel I-Beams of the Twin Towers were melted into molten liquid steel which was found in what had been the foundation holes of both Towers. New York City firemen were interviewed on film describing the molten liquid melted steel in what was the foundation of the Twin Towers.

See interview with a N.Y.C. firefighter, who says, "wasn't jet fuel no way" while referring to what he observed first hand at the Twin Towers fire on 9-11-01. See "9-11 What Really Happened ??" @ 1:51.


A simple example is the steel oil burner in your house which burns #2 fuel oil which is the same as kerosene or jet fuel. The Steel oil burner doesn't melt year after year from burning #2 fuel oil. Gasoline is refined #2 (kerosene) and burns hotter than jet fuel, but gasoline doesn't melt or even weaken that cast iron engine block that forms the combustion chambers of an automobile engine. Nor could the steel I-beams of the Twin Towers have melted from burning jet fuel.


According to Professional Engineering Organizations, a steel I-beam  framed structure high rise building has never been destroyed, let alone melted from fire, but on 9-11-01 three Steel High Rise Structures Collapsed into dust. See "Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction" @ 10:09.

Steel melts at 2700 - 3000 degrees F. and jet fuel which is kerosene burns at between 700 and 1500 degrees F., undisputedly making it impossible for Jet Fuel to melt the massive 4" thick I-Beams of the Twin Towers. And also making it impossible for the Free Fall Collapse into Dust of the South Tower and North Tower after 1 hour and 2 hours of fire, respectively. An open fire from wood and materials in an office burn between 500-1200 degrees. See You Tube: "9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction" @ 28:45 -29:00.

Making it even more difficult to harm the Twin Tower Steel I-Beams was the Asbestos that coated them. This was the same fireproof Asbestos that caused the Towers to be functionally Condemned and the reason why Silverstein was able to lease the Towers from the only previous owner, the State of New York.


N.I.S.T. hired U/L (United Laboratories) to test floor assemblies identical to those in the Twin Towers with fires, and U/L found that there could be no melting of the I-Beams or other structure components of the Towers. U/L's test also found that after 6 hours of fire no floor failed  but there was a 3" warping of the metal floor joists, but no  collapse of the floors. The test Conclusion was, "no Twin Tower floors failed." U/L then disconnected the steel floor joists for support of Steel I-Beams and exaggerated that the floors warped/sagged 42" instead of 3", so to accommodate the "Silverstein/Weilding Theory". See You Tube - "Birth of Treason" @ 34:00-39:00. 

N.I.S.T. rejected the "Pancake Theory". The "Pancake Theory" makes claim that if the fire on 78th floor of the South Tower heats up the Steel I-Beams and Steel floor joists, then, that 78th floor will collapse causing the 77th floor to immediately collapse and so on in a "Domino Effect" until the entire Building collapses onto its foot print at Ground Zero. See You Tube: "9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction" @ 34:00 - 39:00.

In 2002 N.I.S.T.'s "Pancake Theory" was replaced with the "Silverstein/Weiding Theory" so that Larry Silverstein could win his lawsuit for an additional $3.5 Billion against the insurance company that insured his Twin Towers. The "Silverstein/Weilding Theory" claimed the steel floor trusses of the Twin Towers sagged from the jet fuel caused heat until causing the floors of the Towers to buckle. Otherwise, under the N.I.S.T. "Pancake Theory", Silverstein would have lost the lawsuit because the "Pancake Theory" found the bolts holding the floor assemblies of the Twin Towers responsible not Terrorists. See You Tube: "9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction" @ 45:00.


The Twin Towers were built to withstand a Boeing 707 hitting at 600mph.


Super Thermite was found in the dust samples that permeated N.Y.C. after the 911 explosions. Super Thermite is a new innovation (secret weapon) in conventional explosives and is manufactured by the U.S. military. See You Tube: "9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction" @ 36:30-42:00

See Prof. Jones on NBC, where he explains the molten metal found at the remains of the Twin Towers and dripping down the side of those buildings before they collapsed was caused by Super Thermite. See "Zero Investigation into 9-11"  @ 24:00 and "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 43:36-44:40.


Super Thermite burns at 4,500 degrees which will easily melt Steel I-Beams and cause the molten metal running down the side of the Twin Towers as found in the Twin Towers' former basements, at, and after 9-11-01. Super Thermite is even hot enough to fuse concrete with Steel as was observed and videoed at Ground Zero of the Twin Towers after 9-11-01. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 44:56. Super Thermite is manufactured by the U.S. military and Thermite provides its own oxygen so it burns in water. See "9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction" @32:35.

A crematory fires up heat of 2,500 degree F.. Super Thermite's heat of 4,500 degrees explains why no human bodies of the workers and rescue people in the Twin Towers or their remains were found in the Twin Towers. Maybe the Government could have used this temperature caused by Super Thermite as the reason why no remains of Jumbo Jets were found at the Twin Towers. But the Government could not use Super Thermite as a reason because they would have to admit Explosives were used to Collapse and Demolish the Twin Towers.

N.I.S.T. managed to recover 240 pieces of Steel I-Beams from the Twin Towers, the rest was trucked away and sold in a big hurry by the Government as scrap to China , all to hide the evidence. Residues of exploding Super Thermite were found on these Steel I - Beams, as well as, Sulfur.

No detonators were found  at the remains of the Twin Towers or Building 7 because the detonators were destroyed in the explosions. Super Thermite consumes any traces of its existence when it explodes; Demolition Expert, Tom Sullivan, describes Thermite as self-consuming - nothing left after it explodes. See "911 What Really Happened??" @ 7:00.


Sulfur was found unexpectedly in the pulverized dust that became the Twin Towers. Sulfur is added to Super Thermite to lower the melting temperature of Steel. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 46:07.

Even F.E.M.A. admitted in their findings on 911 that there were sulfur residues on the Steel that should not have been there. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 45:58.

Thermite and Sulfur = Thermate. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 46:15

There are numerous Web Sites that show the filming at Ground Zero of Twin Tower I-Beams cut at 45 degree angles. The 45 degree angle cuts caused the implosion (building falling inwards) of the Towers and resulted from the Thermate being laid down at 45 degree angles cutting those I-Beams. See "911 Secret Revealed" (aka You Tube - "Great You Tube.com/Conspiracy Theories". See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 49:45.


        F.E.M.A. Photographer Reveals 9-11 Evidence that Govt. wanted to Conceal

Photographer Kurt Sonnefeld was hired by FEMA to photograph Ground Zero where the Twin Towers once stood. Sonnefeld worked for a month recording evidence of the extreme temperatures that occurred in the Twin Towers on 9-11-01 by taking 29 video tapes at Ground Zero. But Sonnefeld realizing what was going on and seeing that Ground Zero had been off limits to the World because of a Government cover-up, double-crossed FEMA and never turned over his photographs and videos. Those videos and photos record the results of temperatures that reached over 5000 degrees on 9-11-01, and show concrete fused with Steel I-Beams, along with a pile of shredded and contorted Steel I-Beams that was caused by high explosives. See You Tube: "Review Artifacts of Melted Concrete and Steel at WTC.wmv.", 5:41 in length.


Sonnefeld released his photographic evidence of the "Twin Towers Ground Zero" in August of 2009. There are no concrete blocks from the Towers in his pictures because the concrete blocks were pulverized into dust by the exploding Super Thermite. Not only did the concrete blocks that made up the Twin Towers turn into dust but also the re-enforced concrete. What concrete structural elements of the Towers didn't blow up into dust, they melted. Concrete melts at 2900 degrees F which is easy for Super Thermite which reaches a temperature of 5,000 degrees. "Review Artifacts of Melted Concrete and Steel at WTC.wmv." @ 5:25. However, jet fuel burns at a 1,000 degrees less than 2,900 degrees, so any of the Twin Tower concrete that was melted was caused by something other than the fuel left in the tanks of the two jets that allegedly hit each of the Twin Towers. Not only that, but jet fuel will not, after burning for an hour or more, suddenly explode. Nor will jet fuel explode with a force great enough to pulverize into dust the millions of tons of the Twin Towers.

Sonnefeld is wanted by the U.S. Government and fled to Argentina. id. Sonnefeld's wife was mysteriously murdered after Sonnefeld refused to turn over his 911 video evidence to F.E.M.A.; the Government blamed Sonnefeld for the murder which he states is a Government frame-up.

The New York firemen are also on Sonnefeld's film describing what they define as explosions causing each of the Twin Towers to collapse into dust. See "9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Demolition" @ 1:04:57.

The North Tower Collapsed at 10:29am.


Videos of "Jets" hitting the Twin Towers

Some say it is the perfect evidence, they caught it on film. But which video of the South Tower being hit by a Jet do you believe?

True, no one, even 13 years later, claims there was more than one video of the North Tower being hit at 8:46am on 9-11-01. That video by Jules Naudet does not favor the "Government's Flying Islamic Conspiracy Decree". The Naudet video shows a small flying craft making the first hit that 9-11-01 on the North Tower. The undisputed evidence is there was no Boeing Jet hitting North Tower at 8:46. Not only is Naudet the only undisputed video of that 1st hit on the Twin Towers, but Jules Naudet had Official corroboration of his video, as is shown on that same "Naudet Video". Naudet was videoing street work on the Lower East side of N.Y.C. that 9-11-01 am., being done by the N.Y.C. F. D.; the N.Y.C. Fire Dept. was marking the street for construction or road work. That's  right the N.Y.C. police were directing traffic in the middle of the street work that Naudet was videoing for the N.Y.C. Fire Dept. As the small flying object flew overhead making a loud roar, Naudet, and his group working in the street, looked up and followed the small craft as it crashed into the North Tower, and as they followed the path of that small craft, so did Jules Naudet's video camera. Just look and you will see. There are many Web Sites that feature Naudet's video, see You Tube "Original Footage of the 1st Plane Hitting the W.T.C.", for one. But be careful, fakes are sure to be produced by Government and Israeli operatives. The Jews and their Operatives have made the explosion into the 92d floor of the North Tower by a drone, as videoed by Jules Naudet, bigger, so to make it more believable that it was a Boeing. Still there is no Boeing.

Hey, how come you never see a video of the first hit into the North Tower, as video recorded by Jules Naudet, on Main Stream Media, TV?

You will never see Jules Naudet's video of the North Tower being hit at 8:46am. on 9-11-01 on U.S. TV! Not unless the original Naudet video is doctored/falsified by making the explosion bigger when the small drone hit the 92d floor of the North Tower, all to trick the masses into believing it was a big Boeing Jet.


        South Tower is Government's "Ace in the Hole"!

But the second Tower or the South Tower is where the Government thinks they "wrap up" their Conspiracy Decree, and therefore, they, the Government, must be correct about everything else they Decree about the Events of 911.

There are numerous videos capturing the initial explosion of the South Tower in 9-11-01 at 9:03 am.. The North Tower was on fire and the National and New York local TV crews were alerted and had their cameras pointed at the W.T.C. when the second Tower (South Tower) exploded, or contrarily, as the Government claims, got hit by a Second Jumbo jet.


A review of all known, or at least released to the public, videos of the South Tower being hit by a Boeing Jet shows a total lack of consistency, all the Videos of the alleged Boeing hitting the South Tower ARE DIFFERENT. It  is like too many different people were worried about getting caught or the Truth being known about what really happened to the South Tower. All the videos of a Jet hit on the South Tower are different either because the jet is a different color, a different size, or comes from a different direction. Even the explosions in these various videos look different.

Each video of a "Jet" hitting the South Tower shows a crash that makes no sense and is counter to intuition and Physical Science. The videos of Jets crashing into the South Tower are also contrary to what happens as compared with other jet crashes into other Buildings. Each video that shows a Jet crashing into the South Tower shows the Jet seamlessly swallowed into the South Tower; there is No Crash, no broken jet parts falling down the side of the building on to the ground. There is no jet fuselage sticking out of the building, there is no Jet to be seen in these videos, once the jet is swallowed by the South Tower. And yes, the jets in the videos claiming to be hitting the South Tower are a different size, shape, color and come from different directions and angles of impact. And yes, the angle and position/location of the video camera was taken into consideration.

These videos of different Jets being swallowed by the South Tower are Cartoons. For a real treat to fabrication of the South Tower being hit by a Jet on 9-11-01 see You Tube: "Disappearing 'Airliner' Wings (Clip #1) Possible Evidence of Holographic Technology." The big black Hologram of a Jet is typical of the effort made to convince the American People that Flying Islamics hit the Twin Towers with hijacked jets.

For another Cartoon hitting the South Tower see - You Tube: "Looking Both Sides at WTC 2 Impact and UFO". This BBC World telecast shows an alleged jet that looks more like a giant torpedo or cruise missile that penetrates one side of the Tower and its nose causes a protrusion in the opposite side of the Tower, as if the Tower was made of rubber. That would be a lot of Steel I-Beams to penetrated by an aluminum nosed jet. Compare to the little speck that is claimed to have hit the same WTC South Tower on the Web Site You Tube: "Clear Shot of the Aircraft that Impacts WTC 2", and the replay shows a bigger ball but no Jet. These frauds should get their story straight.

Some people remember a jet sticking out of the Towers, but if such a video/picture or TV telecast existed, it does not anymore. They maybe remembering the 1930's movie, King Kong, with Fay Wray; in that movie the airplanes stuck into the Empire State Building while King Kong took refuge at the 100th story. Don't forget that movie, King Kong, was fiction, just like the Boeing Jets the Government fabricates hit the Twin Towers.

And no study of the variations, and permutations of Jets allegedly hitting the South Tower produced by various fraudsters would be complete without a review of videos showing the infamous "Pod" Jets that hit the South Tower. Plural "jets" because not all these "Pod Jets" look the same but they have a "pod" on the underbelly of the phony jet fuselage. Of course, none of these "pod jets" are the required Boeing 767 that allegedly got hijacked out of Logan Airport on 9-11-01. See "911 Ripple Effect" @ 1:00 - 10:00. Boeing Jumbo Jets don't have "Pods" on the belly of their fuselage. The Jews who run the U.S. Government, U.S. media, and the Israeli Mossad think the rest of the World is Stupid, especially the "Politically Correct" American Public. If you don't agree with the politically correct "Jew Version" of the Boeing Jets of 911, you risk your job and the butter on your bread!

Where are the citizens' films of a Jet hitting the South Tower? There are some citizens' videos of the South Tower crash posted to Internet with suspicious hysterical comments in the background by undisclosed people, but there should be more. Those few citizens' videos showing a Jet hit the South Tower on 9-11-01 look like cartoons, also. Did too many different Jews publicize their different Fraud Jet Cartoons crashing into the South Tower in effort to conceal the truth of the Israeli Mossad murders of 9-11-01? The Jews should have got their story straight before publishing their Cartoon Videos of Cartoon Jets crashing into the South Tower, in order to insure that all their Fake Jets crashing into the South Tower looked the same! It would have been far more believable!

The reason there are no real American Citizen's with videos of a Boeing Jumbo Jet hitting the South Tower is because NO JET hit the South Tower.

N.I.S.T. has 700 pictures/videos of the Twin Towers' destruction that it will not release. See "The Birth of Treason" @ 1:11:50.



The Original TV Network Videos Show an Exploding South Tower - "No Jet" or even a small flying craft

N.Y. 1 cameras were focused on the North Tower which was on fire since 8:46am when the South Tower explodes at 9:03, but there was No Jet, not even a "small flying craft" hitting the Building. See You Tube - "911: W.T.C. South Tower Plane Crash" at 6:52.

So what do they do about this problem? They edit/falsify N.Y. 1 filmed coverage of the South Tower exploding without the aid of a Jumbo Jet crashing into it. See You Tube "9-11 Conspiracy:  The Ball Next to the Towers." Their edit shows a small flying ball coming out of the Northwest sky hitting the South Tower. They could have at least been consistent with other falsifications and had their small flying ball coming from the Southwest, notwithstanding, their little flying ball looks nothing like the other falsifications that show various versions of the "Cartoon Jets" crashing at different angles into the South Tower. Who are "they"? Per review of that Web Site, it does not appear that the small flying ball from the Northwest was the work of N.Y. 1, although it is doubtful that N.Y. 1 would now televise their original TV film coverage that disclosed that the South Tower exploded without any Islamic Conspirators flying a Boeing into it.

Nor will any of the Main Stream Media ever show the Original TV coverage of the South Tower exploding without a Jet in the picture.

There is another falsified version of the original N.Y. 1 Live video which showed just an explosion with no jet crashing into the South Tower. This second "doctored up" version is almost the same as the live version, but also includes a small insect looking object flying into the South Tower from the Northeast sky. See You Tube - "9-11: W.T.C. South Tower Plane Crash" at 3:48 minutes.

Needless to say, that live coverage by N.Y. 1 caused the Authorities and their Jew Bosses to become unnerved and react irrationally with their contradictory falsified videos.


But N.Y. 1 was not the only source of Live TV coverage of the South Tower exploding without the assistance of a jet or any flying craft.

Want to review another Web Site that shows the South Tower exploded at 9:03? See "911 Secret Revealed" (a.k.a. "Great You Tube.com/Conspiracy Theories") and at 8:15 into that Web Site it  will show the South Tower exploding but there is No Jet, not even a little flying ball.

On ABC TV Live, at 9:03, the reporter exclaims that "the other Tower just exploded", but there was no mention of a Jet or anything hitting it. Then, later in the day, ABC replays the event with Charles Gibson narrating; suddenly there is a huge "Black Cartoon Jet" coming from the North (right side of screen) that crashes into the same South Tower. And yes, identical camera angles, views and distances and peripheral areas are the same.

Also, later in the day of 9-11-01, ABC News broadcasts a different version of the South Tower at 9:03am.. Ultra Left Wing ABC News broadcaster, George Stephanopoulos, issues a disclaimer of liability for this ABC post version that shows a big gray jet coming from the Southwest crashing into and being swallowed seemlessly whole into the South Tower. Stephanopoulos states, before broadcasting this "post" South Tower crash, that "this video was donated to  ABC for free." But New World Order Stephanopoulos never did say who gave it to them. See You Tube - "9-11: W.T.C. South Tower Plane Crash".

George Stephanopoulos is a Bilderberger and he knew that the "donated" video was an obvious fabrication. Stephanopoulos wants the "greaseballs to rule the U.S.


But don't leave CBS TV out of the action, New York CBS2 also captures the live explosion of the South Tower at 9:03am without any Jet or even a guided missile flying across the TV screen to crash into the South Tower. Oh, the CBS hosts/reporters corroborated this live footage and exclaimed "just an explosion NO JET". See You Tube - "Live TV Footage of 911??"

See also "9-11 - World Trade Center Attack - LIVE NEWS" (You Tube 8:53) @4:36 where N.Y.2 CBS TV reporter exclaims @ 9:03am. on 9-11-01 "explosion - bomb in second Tower" while the cameras film no Jet hitting the South Tower but just a big explosion. And see Live Chopper 4 where the reporter exclaims "another explosion in the other building" - No jet or flying objects are filmed @ 9:03 when the South Tower exploded, id. @ 2:15 and at id. 3:00 where N.Y.1 shows just an explosion in the South Tower with no jet or flying object per reporter and instant video at 9:03am on 9-11-01.

Want more live TV Network video footage that records that there was No Jet, but just an explosion in the South Tower at 9:03am on 9-11-01? Then see MSNBC on the Web Site - "Live Footage of 911?" at 4:49 on that Web Site which features that  MSNBC TV Network's live cameras recording that there is just an explosion, No Jet. But in the background a hysterical "Jennifer" is claiming she saw a jet. Was this voice dubbed in later?

Need more on the fraud by CBS on 9-11-01? See You Tube: "9/11 News CBS Sept. 11, 2001" and at 36:40 into that web site CBS shows No Jet but just an exploding South Tower via their live coverage of the South Tower on the morning of 9-11-01. That same Web Site movie then shows CBS' televised report later on in the day of 9-11; the original live coverage is altered and a big gray jet is shown crashing into the South Tower, and announcer Bryant Gumbel goes out his way to emphasis this Grey Jet that he wants to make sure everybody is convinced hit the South Tower.

Hey, Byant, why don't you liars get your story straight? The other fraudsters were using a "Black Cartoon Jet" to crash into the South Tower!

Live Chopper 4 CBS does a good job of getting the truth live on their camera while watching the North Tower burning. Live Chopper 4 records the South Tower exploding at 9:03am. without any Jet or any flying object being recorded. The lady newscaster is clear, "another explosion", "explosion in the other building". See You Tube - "9/11 Fake: No Plane seen in Live Footage, Added Later". But wait a minute, this TV coverage must have really upset the plans of those who wanted the World to believe that Hijacked Jumbo Jets from Logan Airport hit the Twin Towers because later on 9-11 they broadcast an edited version of that original South Tower Explosion and added an object to Chopper 4's live coverage that is claimed to be a Jumbo Jet? The added "Jet" is an aardvark looking little gray floating item coming out of the Northeast sky that is claimed to be a Boeing Jumbo Jet, but there is no "live" notation on this doctored video. The person responsible for this gray floating item out of the Northeast sky claims the reason the "Jet" was not seen in the original live Chopper 4 coverage is a "resolution problem". It bothered them so much they added a red DEBUNKED link. But it is not Channel 4 N.Y. that is retracting their original coverage. See these fake videos on the same Web Site movie, See You Tube - "9/11 Fake: No Plane seen in Live Footage, Added Later".

At 3:14 into that The Web Site "9/11 Fake: No Plane seen Live Footage, Added Later" "The DEBUNKED Version" is presented by someone who refers to themselves as "I". Funny way for Channel 4 N.Y. to refer to itself. This DEBUNKED version also claims the reason no Jet was recorded in the original 9:03 TV coverage by Chopper 4 CBS is because of a "resolution problem". The DEBUNKED VERSION shows the same aardvark looking little gray floating item coming out of the Northeast sky that is claimed to be a Boeing Jumbo Jet causing the explosion of the South Tower. The "I", who is responsible for the DEBUNKING never identifies himself

Which of the Videos of South Tower is the Official version of the Government? The Government won't say. And if you read the 911 Commission Report, they don't bother to talk about such issues. Nor will you ever see any of Fake Videos of a Jet hitting the South Tower on the National TV Networks, because the viewers will realize the Fraud of the "Government's Official Decree of a Conspiracy of Flying Islamics" hijacking Boeing Jets.


The Government and their advocates, and their Jew Bosses, are yelling and screaming, "it was Flying Islamics in Jets", but the Original TV coverage showing an Explosion in the South Tower, only, without a Jet or any flying craft, are always consistent. The Jews that blew up the Twin Towers outsmarted themselves, the Jews didn't account for the Watchdog Organizations, Political Organization and Parties, and Marketing and Advertising Organizations/Companies that have the U.S. Television Networks recorded around the clock, so they can make sure their Ads are shown as contracted!

Yes Sir, in this here U.S.A. there are all kinds of Commercial reasons to have the VCR and other recording devices record the TV Networks programming, especially in the morning when so much money is being spent to attract the U.S. consumer's attention.

Hence, the Truth of 9-11-01 was recorded.

Tied of clicking through all those Web Searches for the numerous variations of the South Tower being hit by a Jet on 9-11-01? Then go to the Web Site, "All known Footage of 2d Plane Impact, Every Angle Covered" on You Tube. That Web Site will show you TEN Minutes worth of different hits on the South Tower. They even include at 1:24 into that Web site the South Tower exploding without any Jet being recorded; this was the "Live Chopper 4 CBS" coverage on 9-11-01. At 8:20 into that same Web Site they show the BBC recording of the South Tower exploding without any Jet in the picture when the South Tower explodes.

Also see You Tube: "9/11 WTC South Tower Plane Crash" for a Compilation of South Tower video explosions with and without Jets or flying objects. All the fabricated videos pretending that a Boeing hit the South Tower conflict with each other.

Don't leave NBC Television Network out of the action. See You Tube: "NBC News Coverage of Sept. 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks (part 1 of 2)". At 55:00 minutes into the video, the South Tower explodes with No Jet or even a small flying craft in the sky or near the South Tower. But on the replay for later news broadcasts, NBC adds a big "Black Cartoon Jet" that comes crashing into the South Tower from the right hand side of the screen!

When did Boeing Jumbo Jets flown by United Airlines and American Airlines become Black?

Many of the phony Videos faking the South Tower on 9-11-01 show the Jet passing behind the South Tower so they don't have to get caught making a "Cartoon Crash". They then utilize the original explosion that occurred in the South Tower at 9:03am. trying to pass it off as being caused by one of the many phony "Cartoon Versions" of a Jet that they fake was hit on the other side of the South Tower. 

The "Cartoon Crashes" are dead give away to the fraud of the Government's and MSM's version of the Events of 911, as they show the "Cartoon Jets" seamlessly being swallowed by the South Tower. If there was a Boeing Jet crashing into the South Tower there would have been a real crash, not a seamless swallow of the Jumbo Jet by the Steel I-Beamed South Tower. That's right, the "Cartoon Jets" hit the South Tower and are swallowed up and the South Tower seamlessly heals up unscathed as if no Jet was inside. 

Boeing Corporation had NO COMMENT on the many versions of jets shown in the many different videos claiming to be the 9-11 crash into the South Tower. Boeing Corporation has to worry about Government contracts and Government regulations, they weren't going to say the cartoons claiming to be Boeing Jets crashing into the Twin Towers were not 767 Jumbo Jets, but Fakes. The fraudsters could not even get the color right on their phony South Tower video jets.

None of the numerous versions of "jets" crashing the South Tower look anything like a Boeing Jet. That's because those Jets crashing into the South Tower were Falsified with "Photo Shop".

None of the original live televised recordings of the South Tower blowing up without a Jet in the picture were ever allowed to be seen on U.S. Television, again. Yes at a minimum, Censorship in this New Jew Totalitarian State of America.




Firemen Describe a Controlled Demolition

Nobody denies both Twin Towers were on fire, on a few floors, by 9:03 am. on 9-11-01. Nobody will deny only a few floors of each building were experiencing fire, just look at the videos taken of the Towers after 9:03 when they were both on fire and between the time the Towers exploded and collapsed an hour later. That's right, after the alleged jet crashes into the Twin Towers and before they collapsed into a synchronized controlled demolition, there were fires in both Twin Towers but only on 2 or three floors. The fires burnt for about an hour and an hour and forty-five minutes in the South and North Tower, respectively, before the Towers collapsed, floor by floor, in a synchronized controlled demolition.

Not only were the fires in the Twin Towers burning in only two floors, but the tape of N.Y.C. firemen reporting the description and size of the Twin Tower fires as, "knock down small contained fire", as he radioed his observations of the fire in the North Tower. N.Y.C. Fireman Palmer observed a "small fire burning office equipment on one side of the North Tower that was contained.", see "2014 Loose Change 3rd Ed!" at 49:09,  confirms the fires were small contained fires not raging infernos from jet fuel.


True, whether you say the Twin  Towers were taken down by Jumbo Jets, or you are of the camp that observes a small flying craft (Drone) hitting the North Tower, and unaided (No Jet) Explosion in the South Tower, both Towers initially experienced a large fireball. Of Course there were, as above, intermittent explosions in the Towers, before and after the fireball explosions at 8:46am. and 9:03am., in the North Tower and South Tower, respectively, and between the times the Twin Towers exploded and collapsed.

At 9:59am. the South Tower, after almost an hour of fire in a few floors of that building  from the initial explosion at 9:03, exploded into dust leaving some debris collapsing into its footprint. Most of the South Tower never reached its footprint (ground where the foundation located), rather most of the South Tower was pulverized into dust which filled the atmosphere around N.Y.C. for miles. 

The North Tower quickly got the same at 10:28am..

Jet fuel doesn't explode after burning for over an hour and jet fuel can't cause a synchronized demolition of the 110 floors of each Twin Tower with split second precision between the blasts that caused each Tower to be destroyed floor by floor. Jet Fuel can't cause 110 stories of concrete of each Twin Tower to pulverize into dust.

For days after 9-11-01 people along the Southeastern end of Massachusetts saw a stream of massive dark clouds carried by the Prevailing Southwesterly winds across the sky. Those were junk clouds from the pulverized Twin Towers caused by ultra high explosives (Super Thermite).

But there is more, per review of the Collapse of the Twin Towers. The 110 story Towers collapsed at Free Fall speed in 10 seconds. If a baseball was dropped off the top of one of the Towers it would have hit the ground in 8.4 seconds, all courtesy of Gravitational Push. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 23:29 - 25:00. The Steel floor trusses supported by 4" Steel I-Beams caused no resistance to the collapsing Twin Towers, "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 23:29 - 25:00, because the Twin Towers were taken down by Super Thermite in a remote Controlled Demolition.

That's what the video's of the Twin Towers show on 9-11-01, the first demolition of a skyscraper by explosion (buildings are always demolished by implosion, so the debris doesn't cause damage to adjacent property) that threw shredded Steel I-Beams 100's of yards in the cloud of pulverized concrete dust. There are no videos to the contrary, see for yourself do a Bing search "Twin Towers Collapsing"; there will be endless TV Network videos brought to you by Web Sites published on the Internet that all show just that. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 20:40 - 22:34.

See You Tube: "9/11 South Tower Collapse Video Compilation" which is in part narrated by Jim DeStefano of the National Council of Structural Engineers on a CNN TV Broadcast. This video is one of the many on the Internet that shows the successive explosion of the floors of Both Towers. Regardless of the video you view of the collapsing Towers on 911, they all show successive explosions at one floor after another. Each of the 110 floors explodes in order, top to bottom, within microseconds of each other. Jet fuel just can't do that!

Although the Government can't tell the truth and admit that the collapse of the Twin Towers was a Controlled Demolition, the undisputed live videos don't lie. There were  successive synchronized explosions, one floor after another, causing a free fall of the Twin Towers and Building 7. 

The concept of "Synchronized" can't be over emphasized regarding the collapse of the Towers into dust over New York City. Over a 100 stories and you can see ordered explosions, one floor under the other, causing millions of tons of Sky Scraper to fall at the speed of gravity exploding into dust. These guys were extremely sophisticated with their Super Thermite explosive. See You Tube: "New Loose Change Evidence 3d Edition!Must See! 911 Truth" at 25:16 into that Web Site for evidence of the Controlled Demolition.

Super Thermite makes far less noise than Dynamite and other conventional explosions. See Explosive Expert Tom Sullivan on ""9-11 What Really Happened??" @ 9:15-9:57. Listen to videos of the Towers exploding one floor after another in a Controlled Demolition, you won't hear the "Boom of a Dynamite" Explosion, but the "hissing sound" of Super Thermite.


New York firemen were interviewed on 9-11-01 in the proximity of the Twin Towers, and immediately after reporting from the Twin Towers in the Fire Station, and said what they observed was a "controlled demolition" of the Twin Towers and Building 7. See "9/11 Mysteries" @ 12:48.

Per interviews on the Internet, New York City Firemen and Demolition Experts (blow up buildings with explosives for a living) confirmed that the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapse was a result of pre-planned Demolition with Hi-Explosives. See "9-11 What Really Happened??" @ 3:47.

N.Y.F.D. Auxiliary Lieutenant Paul Isaacs said there were bombs in all 3 towers that collapsed on 9-11-01 in the W.T.C.. Lt. Isaacs said the New York Police and New York City Fire Dept. all know that it was an "Inside Job"; they all know, according to Lt. Isaacs that bombs went off before the Towers collapsed. "9/11 Secret Revealed" @ 4:24.

N.Y.F.D. Lt. Paul Isaacs stated that the N.Y.C. firemen are forbidden to reveal what they witnessed on 9-11-01, and that is, that the Twin Towers were collapsed by explosives and that it was a "Controlled Demolition." Isaacs said, "it is all about JOBS!" If the N.Y.C. firemen or police come forward and disclose what they know, they will lose their jobs? This is of course hard to believe. These firemen and police are unionized government workers, who have far more job protection than even a unionized private sector worker. The N.Y.C. firemen and police won't come forward with the evidence they have, even though 340 of their own were murdered on 9-11-01, because they fear for their lives, if they talk. "9/11 Secret Revealed" @ 5:00.

You know what happened to Serpico.

Demolition and Construction Experts All Knew the Truth Immediately - The Twin Towers Collapsed from a Controlled Demolition (Explosives)

An Explosive Technician, Tom Sullivan, who worked for the company, Controlled Demolition, that took the remaining I-Beams from the 3 Buildings that Collapsed at the W.T.C., stated in the PBS TV Network program "Colorado Broadcasts 9/11 Explosive Evidence" that the Collapse of the Twin Towers was a "Controlled Demolition." See "9-11 What Really Happened??" @10:10-10:37.

But Tom Sullivan wasn't the only Demolition Expert that stated the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7 were Controlled Demolitions. World Famous Dutch Demolition Expert, Danny Jowenko, was not afraid to speak out, he didn't fear the reprisal by the U.S. and Israeli governments. Danny Jowenko was sure that the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed as a result of a Controlled Demolition with high explosives. See You Tube: "Danny Jowenko WTC 7 Demo Interviews, 3 parts." 

Danny Jowenko died on July 23, '11 in a single car crash 3 days after giving a TV interview where he stated the The Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed due to Controlled Demolitions in the W.T.C. on 9-11. Danny Jowenko also stated, per TV interview, that it is common knowledge in some intelligence circles, that the Events of 911 were planned and executed by Israeli's Mossad in conjunction with the U.S. C.I.A.. See http://www.911-questions.com/demolition-expert-dies-in-car-crash-after-911-statement/

See Demolition Expert, Tom Sullivan, also on You Tube: "New Loose Change Evidence! Must See! 911 Truth" for his expert witness evidence that wireless remote controlled demolition took place on 9-11 to cause the Twin Towers to Collapse in a "Controlled Demolition" with Super Thermite.

Also see Demolition expert Tom Sullivan explain how a Controlled Demolition is accomplished on Sky Scrapers and how the Twin Towers were taken down by a Controlled Demolition. See "9-11 What Really Happened??" @2:30-10:37.


It is these highly credible experts, such as, Demolition Experts, Structural Engineers, Architects, and Airline Pilots and in particular their Organizations for Truth on 9-11-01 that Kills the Government's "Flying Islamic Terrorist Conspiracy Decree". The instant Network TV Coverage recorded by TV cameras and instant reporters, also Snuffs the Government's Conspiracy Decree of "Flying Islamic Terrorists". All those instant TV Network videoed news reports of the 4 Events are forever memorialized on the Internet and also on hard drives World Wide.

Evidentiary Cover-Up

Bush II stated per TV interview that he had seen the "first crash" when he was alerted to the first Twin Tower crash. However, this  should have been impossible because there  is only one amateur video of the North Tower crash by Jules Naudet, the "First crash" into the North Tower was not televised. No, the U.S. Television network cameras weren't interested in the Twin Towers until after the the "first crash" into the North Tower.

The two Twin Towers exploded disintegrating into dust; most of the Twin Towers vaporized, the remainder collapsed into a small pile at the Towers footprint. All that was left  in the location where the Towers stood was shredded Steel I-Beams in a pile in the former basement of those buildings. Video cameras recorded many Steel I-Beams cut at 45 degree angles by the Super Thermite that cut right through the 4" steel due to its heat. See You Tube: "PBS - "Colorado Broadcasts  9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" @ 27:00-27:25. Jet fuel won't do any of that, especially cut 4" Steel I-Beams at 45 degree angles!

The ruble from the buildings that were destroyed at the World Trade Center in New York City on 9-11-01 was hauled away in violation of law. Investigators located some of the steel debris and found it had residue of  Super Thermite that was painted on to the Twin Towers a few weeks before 9-11-01 when Larry Silverstein took control of the Twin Towers with a 99 year lease from the State of New York. See You Tube: "PBS - "Colorado Broadcasts  9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" @ 33:00-37:47.

 The footprint area of the former Twin Towers, "Ground Zero", was off limits to even F.E.M.A. investigators, let alone cameras or other inspections. See "9-11 The Birth of Treason" @ 1:00:29.

There were 400 truck loads of debris removed from the W.T.C. after 9-11-01. It was against the law to remove that forensic evidence.  By May of 2002 all the Debris from the exploded Twin Towers were removed. See You Tube: "PBS - "Colorado Broadcasts  9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" @ 8:17.

N.Y.C. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, "metal won't tell you anything." See "9/11 Documentary - The Birth of Treason" @ 1:00:15.

The 911 Commission was formed by President George Bush II 411days after 9-11-01. By this time all the evidence of the collapsed Twin Towers had been illegally trucked away.

Henry Kissinger, leader of the Bilderbergers, and founder of the Tri-Lateral Commission was appointed by Bush II to lead the 911 Commission, but after the controversy Kissinger's appointment caused he was replaced by Co-Chairmen, Thomas Keene and Lee Hamilton. See You Tube: "The Birth of Treason" @ 1:11:50.

Neither the 911 Commission or F.E.M.A. looked into explosives as an answer to 3 Buildings collapsing on 9-11-01 in the W.T.C., or looked at explosive evidence of the Twin Tower Bombings. See You Tube: "PBS - "Colorado Broadcasts  9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" @ 10:21-10:46 & 38:00-39:00.

N.I.S.T. won't release over 700 pictures and videos, mostly taken by private citizens. N.I.S.T. has a non-disclosure agreement with the owners of any photos returned. See You Tube - "9-11 Birth of Treason" @ 1:11:50. How did N.I.S.T. get those private videos and photos? Were they illegally confiscated by the Government police?


The Black Boxes

Fire and Engineering Magazine called the 911 investigation by the Government a "Half-Baked Farce". See "Exposing the Fraud of 9/11 in 22 Minutes" @ 3:44.

The 911 Commission Officially Reported that No "Black Boxes" were recovered from any of the 4 hijacked Boeing Jets of 9-11-01. Never before 9-11-01 had a "Black Box" been lost, according to the Engineer who manages the company that manufacturers those Titanium black Boxes. On 9-11-01 the U.S. Government claimed 4 Black Boxes were lost forever, although extensive effort was made by search teams and the F.B.I. to recover them. Then the Government changed their mind months later and claimed the flight recording box of Flight #93 was found at Shanksville, Pa. and both flight recording and cockpit voice recording boxes of flight #77 were found at the Pentagon.

The reason the U.S. Government decided to change their story about the "black boxes" not found and then suddenly claim they had been retrieved for Flights 93 and 77 is that many People around the World started pointing out the Obvious Evidence that proved NO JET hit the Pentagon or crashed in the Shanksville Hole.

F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller documented the flight data box (data of jet speed, altitude, etc.) and cockpit voice recorder box were recovered from Flight #77 at the Pentagon. But Mueller claimed that nothing useful was on the cockpit voice recording box. See You Tube: "New Loose Change 3d Edition! Must See! 911 Truth" at 1:00:00 through 1:05:00.

F.B.I. Director Mueller also documented, per letter, that the cockpit voice recording black box of #93 was recovered. The F.B.I. played that recording for the victims families, but the victims' families had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and they were not allowed to take notes when listening to the recording. The last 3 minutes of the voice recording in flight #93 was not accounted for. See You Tube: "New Loose Change 3d Edition! Must See! 911 Truth" at 1:00:00 through 1:05:00.


The BBC found the Dead Arab Islamic Terrorists

19 Arab Islamic Terrorists were fingered by the Government, somehow immediately after 9-11-01, as hijacking the 4 Jumbo Jets. However, at least 9 of those Arab Islamic Terrorists have been identified by BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.) as alive and well after 9-11-01. See Hufschmidt's "Painful Deceptions" also on You Tube as "Just found - Rare WTC 911; also see "Loose Change 2cd. Ed. 9/11 - The 911 Truth" @ 1:10:40.

It was the Israelis who immediately claimed on the morning of 911 that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for masterminding the hijackings and Events of 9-11-01.

See You Tube: " New Loose Change 3d Ed.! Must See! 911 Truth", 9 of the alleged Islamic Terrorists who hijacked the jets on 9-11-01 are still alive, according to the British Press. One of the alleged Terrorist's, Satan Suguami's, passport was found by an F.B.I. agent a few blocks away from the Twin Towers on 9-11-01 a short time after the bombings.  The passport is shown to the media in pristine condition, not even a singe from the Towering Infernos. The Government claims that all the Hijackers and the Jets were consumed in the fires of 911, but they want the World to believe that a Terrorist's passport escaped all the inferno and explosions and fell conveniently to the streets of the Lower East Side of New York City in the hands of the F.B.I. a few blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood. We Believe ya, Mr. F.B.I.! Evidently, the Authorities are of the Opinion that the American Public will believe anything. Are the F.B.I. agents loyal to Americans or their bosses the Israeli Secret Mossad? See also "Exposing the Fraud of 9/11 in 22 minutes" @ 5:50-8:12.

What are your children going to get? The Jew has conquered the land you believe to be protecting, Mr. Government Agent. You are traitors to the Americans, and are loyal to your Jew Bosses. The answer is a Political Party that is Pure in Ideology!


So What Happened to the 4 Hijacked Boeing Jumbo Jets of 9-11-01?

The big question asked after American Citizens view the REAL Evidence of 9-11-10 is, "so what happened to the 4 hijacked Jets?"

The Citizenry ask this question because, regardless of the Big and Simple Evidence of the Events of 9/11, they can't give up on the Authorities' lies of a "Conspiracy of Box Cutter Wielding Flying Islamic Terrorists" hijacking 4 Boeing Jumbo Jets on 9-11-01. The American Citizenry cannot imagine that the Authority of the U.S. Media would conspire with the C.I.A. and Israeli Mossad to lie to the American People; whether it's the U.S. Main Stream Media or the U.S. Government they are controlled by Jews.

We know what didn't happen to the alleged 4 Hijacked Jets of 911!

Read this Web Site and its documentation and see the documented video coverage evidence of 911 that appear in the documented Internet movies (as cited by this article) of the events of 911 and you will know what didn't happen to any of the 4 Jets allegedly hijacked on 911. One thing for sure, none of the 4 alleged hijacked Jumbo Jets of 911 hit the Twin Towers, or the Pentagon, or went into the "Shanksville Hole".

UA Flight #93 was a Boeing Jet Registered with the FAA as N591UA. United Airlines Jet #93 out of Newark, 9-11-01, as in above section of this article in "II.  Shanksville, PA. - American Airlines #93 out of Newark, N.J. on 9-11-01", flew to Cleveland Ohio and was alive and well for many years, until 9-28-2005, when its registration was cancelled, according to FAA documents.  This FAA Government documentation indicates that the Boeing Jumbo Jet that the Government and U.S. news media claim crashed in the "Shanksville Hole" not only flew to Cleveland Ohio on 9-11-01, but lived to fly for many years after until United Airlines cancelled the registration with the FAA on 9-28-2005.

The Authorities will say, the Registration N591UA to the Boeing Jet that flew UA Flight 93 was transferred to another jet. 


As above, in the above section of this article, "III. Pentagon - No Jet Crashed Here on 9-11-01 !!", Flight 77 is the most puzzling of all 4 alleged hijacked jets of 911 because it was lost on radar going 200 miles west of Washington D.C. at the location of the Tri-State Airport at Kenova, West Virginia. American Airlines Jet #77 out of Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. had an FAA Registration # of N644AA.   Compounding the mystery of the Jet that was Flight 77 is that the Federal DOT documents that Flight 77 did not take off (No Departure - did not fly), although scheduled to fly at 8:10am.! American Airlines Jet #77 out of Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. was, according to the FAA, destroyed and its FAA Registration cancelled on 1-14-2002. 


The 2 Boston Jets

There were two Boeing Jumbo Jets, American Airlines Flight #11 and United Airlines Flight #175, allegedly hijacked out of Boston's Logan Airport on 9-11-01. According to U.S. DOT UA Flight 175 actually took off from Logan Airport  and was scheduled to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). According to U.S. Government records, the Boeing Jet that flew United Airlines Flight 175 was registered with the FAA as N612UA. The FAA documents that the Jet, FAA Registration N612UA, that was United Airlines Flight 175 was still in use until 9-28-05. 

The other alleged Boston hijacked Jet, AA Flight 11, was scheduled to depart from Logan Airport at 7:45a,m. and fly to LAX on 9-11-01. The U.S. Government's DOT Documents indicate that American Airlines 11 never took off on 9-11-01. Finding the FAA registration on the scheduled Boeing jet that was to fly AA Flight 11 out of Boston's Logan Airport caused some research into U.S. Government Documents because the Registration number was not included in any of the departure data or schedule data, nor was it disclosed on the "National Transportation Safety Board's Flight Path Study for Flight AA 11. The U.S. Dept. of Transportation does confirm that Flight AA11 had a FAA Registration of N334AA. This was corroborated by the National Safety Board via their "Brief of Accident" which further documents that American Airlines Flight 11 Jet out of Boston's Logan Airport had an FAA Registration number of N334AA and was destroyed and its FAA Registration Cancelled on 1-14-2002. 

Both Jets out of Boston were scheduled to fly to LAX within minutes of each other! It may well be that  United Airlines Flight 175 was cancelled and its passengers given the opportunity to board American Airlines Flight 11 or vice versa. There were so few people on those two Boston Boeing 767  jets, Flight AA #11 and UA Flight #175, that the passengers could have been combined into one Jet; both jets were going to L.A. within a few minutes difference in take-off time. The Jet that was shot down out of the sky to the northeast of Shanksville, Pa. could have been one of these jets. Those jets from Boston had passengers that died on 9-11-01. The Jet that was shot down over the area northeast of Shanksville, PA. and left a debris field at least 8 miles long had evidence in the form of crew and passengers that had to be disposed of and that evidence was blown up into smithereens in the sky over Pennsylvania to the northeast of Shanksville.

Was there ever a crew assigned to both Jets in Boston? Names were attached to two crews of the Boston Jets, where these people all investigated to determine if they existed in the first place and if they died on 911?

Can anything the Government says be relied on regarding 911, including the FAA flight and Jet registration Documentation? The FAA tries to discourage research into these jets with the following warning of "No Data Available" on the 4 alleged Jets of 911! The Departure Reports from the DOT that two of the 4 alleged hijacked jets of 9/11 did not take-off (Depart) would seem to be true because they Disfavor the Governments Decree of 911! As above, Jet UA 77 and AA 11 never took flight on 9-11-01, but in contradiction were documented by the FAA as "Destroyed" and those two Jets', UA 77 and AA 11, registrations were "Cancelled" on 1-14-02. This would be evidence that AA 11 and UA77 were  two Boeing Jets shot down on 9-11-01.

What happened to the crew and passengers of the Boeing Jet identified by United Airlines as Flight 93 that flew to Cleveland, Ohio and some say landed in Cleveland's Hopkins Airfield and was herded into the vacant NASA Building at Hopkins Airfield? And what happened to people on board Flight 77 that disappeared over West Virginia? How did these unfortunate people die? The Government will never tell you, but there are researchers who claim that Flight 77 was full of U.S. Defense Dept. employees (intelligence people also known as spies); maybe those UA 77 passengers, being U.S. Intelligence, all lived because they would be all registered as passengers with phony names.

The FAA documentation that indicates 2 of the 4 alleged hijacked Boeing Jets of 911 never took-off and that 2 of the 4 Boeing Jets of 9-11 were still in service long after 9-11-01 causes the U.S. Government's Official Account of Facts of 9-11-01 to be even a bigger lie, even less credibility to the U.S. Government and its "Deep State" due to those same FAA documents. 


It is not necessary to unscramble all the U.S. Government's/Israeli Mossad's mystery of the Events of 9-11-01 to know that their "Conspiracy of Flying Islamic Terrorists" is a complete lie and Mossad's Conspiracy lies of 9/11 are as unsophisticated as "plastic box cutters". Israeli Mossad relied on the U.S. Media, especially TV, to support their lies and the U.S. TV Networks have, and do for over a decade later, advocate the Lying Conspiracy that is U.S. Government Authority's Official Version of the Events of 911.

Even though no one has figured out exactly what happened to all 4 alleged hijacked Boeing Jets of 9-11-01, the hard physical evidence as presented here in this article shows the Government is lying about the Events of 9-11-01. The Events of 9-11-01 was a conspiracy lead by the Israeli Mossad and U.S. C.I.A. to scare the U.S. population into mobilizing and supporting wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan because the U.S. Government and U.S. Media convinced the U.S. citizenry that the Terrorists would next use "Weapons of Mass Destruction" on them. That would be at a minimum Atom Bombs.

The U.S. Government lead by Bush II, Israel and the Jewish Controlled media were successful in duping the American Public about a Conspiracy of Flying Islamic Arabs hijacking 4 Boeings on 911 and then successfully mobilizing the American Public to support war in Iraq and Afghanistan due to Government lies of  "Weapons of Mass. Destruction" that the Government and U.S. media said would be the next move by the "Terrorists". The Terrorists never did show up in the U.S., but Larry Silverstein profited $7 Billion off the Twin Tower Bombings and Dov Zackheim got away with stealing almost $3 Trillion from the Pentagon. 

The Jews/Israel outsmarted the American People and mobilized the American Public to support and fight wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan with American Blood and U.S. taxpayers money. But the Jews can never fool all the People.




V. Building 7 of the W.T.C. - No Jets Here Just a Controlled Demolition

Building 7's collapse had nothing to do with jets. Building 7 was 47 stories of Steel I-Beams high and caught on fire in the morning of  9-11-01, and then collapsed after 5:00pm. into free fall speed of a controlled demolition.

The fires in Building 7 were recorded by the many cameras that accumulated during and after the Twin Towers exploded and collapsed in a Controlled Demolition. The fires in Building 7 were office furnishings burning on one floor of that building. Don't believe it was just one floor of Building 7 that was on fire? Look at the proliferation of videos on the Internet that recorded all of Building 7 and its demise on 9-11-01. What happened to the sprinklers that would have quickly put out the small fires in Building 7? See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @57:20. 

Building 7 was approximately 100 yards away from the Twin Towers and one of the Buildings in the World Trade Center that Larry Silverstein leased from the State of New York on 7-27-01 and Insured against Terrorism. Building 7 was also New York City Mayor, Giuliani's, Command Center. Building 7 had as tenants the I.R.S., S.E.C., F.B.I., C.I.A., Solomon Brothers etc.. In fact, Building 7 was known as the "Solomon Brothers Building". It caught on fire but the fire was not caused by the two alleged jets that hit the Twin Towers. Building 7 collapsed around 5:20pm. that 9-11-01 afternoon, 7 hours after the Twin Towers collapsed into a controlled Demotion by Super Thermite. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 56:40.

In Building 7 of the World Trade Center was stored the Auditors' computerized data Back Up that was the evidence that proved that $2.2 Trillion was stolen from the Pentagon. On 9-11-01 they blew-up, at the Pentagon and the back-up in Building 7), all the evidence of Zakheim's $2.2 Trillion heist from the Pentagon causing the Dual Citizen Israelis lead by Dov Zakheim to get away with the biggest heist in the History of the Planet Earth.

Not even the Government or Larry Silverstein pretend that Jets caused the 47 story Building 7 to catch on fire. They don't pretend that the Collapse of Building 7 was caused by Jet fuel. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @56:52.

See "9/11 Ripple Effect" @ 32:00, BBC TV Network pre-announces that Building 7 has collapsed and in the background of that televised report Building 7 is still standing.

According to W.T.C. owner, Larry Silverstein, on PBS TV Network in 2002, he claimed he received a phone call from the N.Y.C.F.D. Commander and they told him that they "could not contain the fire" and Silverstein stated, "I said you know we've had such a terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is "pull it"", "they decided to "pull it"" and "we watched the Buildings collapse." See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 52:28 - 53:50.

Silverstein Properties tried to cover-up their boss' mistake and admission of guilt; Silverstein Properties then claimed that boss, Larry Silverstein, was talking about "pulling" the firefighters out of Building 7 and out of Harm's Way." See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolition" @ 58:20.

But no fireman or Commander talked to Silverstein. According to N.Y.C. F.D. Chief, Frank Fellini, no firemen were in Building 7 since 11:00am.. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @58:23.

On the Web Site "Great You Tube.com/ Conspiracy Theories" Silverstein is interviewed later trying to explain away what he said on PBS TV when he got caught telling the truth that he ordered the Controlled Demolition of Building 7, via his order "Pull It". He later claimed that he was talking to N.Y.C. firemen who were inside Building 7. However, the firemen had been out of Building 7 since 11:00am. and Silverstein didn't order his Building 7 Demolished until after 5:00pm. Larry wanted that insurance money in full and he wanted to help his Dual Citizen Israeli friend, Dov Zakheim, cover-up (destroy) the backed-up computer data stored in Building 7 that revealed the $2Trillion that Zakheim stole from the Pentagon. See also "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 58:05.

"Pull it" is a jargon phrase in the Construction Industry for initiating a planned demolition of a building. It would take, according to demolition experts, about 2 weeks to have planted the required explosives in the 47 story Building 7 to cause it to implode, as it did at about 5:20pm. on 9-11-01. The collapse of the 47 story Building 7 was a planned demolition ordered by Larry Silverstein, who had an insurance policy on it like he did on the Twin Towers that 9-11-01. See "9-11 Coincidences" @ 55:13 - 55:00.


On the Web Site "911 Secrets Revealed", steel helmeted construction workers were videoed telling people, "keep an eye on that Building it is coming down", and then Building 7 is shown collapsing in a free fall Controlled Demolition. See "911 Mysteries: Demolitions" @ 57:43.

Building 7 collapsed at free fall speed of a controlled demolition. It was not an explosion but an implosion; it collapsed in 6.5 seconds. It would have taken weeks, according to demolition experts, to place  the explosives in Building 7 in order to cause that 9-11-01 demolition that Silverstein ordered, "pull it", in the late afternoon of 9-11-01. Yes sir, an admitted "Inside Job." See "9/11 What Really Happened?" & See "2014 New Loose Change 3rd Ed! MUST SEE! 911 Truth" @29:41 - 30:30.


Larry Silverstein wanted it "all" that day of 9-11-01 and got caught in his GREED. Building 7 collapsed because Larry had it set on fire and then ordered it demolished. Why did the idiot wait until 5:20pm.? This Building 7 makes it just to Obvious that the Government was lying about the Bombings of 9-11-01 at the World Trade Center in New York City.


The Controlled Demolitions of Building 7 and the Twin Towers, as seen on live TV and corroborated as a "Controlled Demolition" by instant account of N.Y.C. Firemen on 911 and Architects, Engineers, and Demolition Experts World Wide, means it was an "Inside Job". W.T.C. owner, Larry Silverstein, unwittingly confessed he ordered the demolition of Building 7 when Silverstein admitted he ordered "pull it." See "9/11: Blue Print for Truth - The Architecture of Demolition" @ 1:37:40.

The Federal Government's FEMA report of May 2002 reports it does not know why Building 7 Collapsed. The 9-11 Commission's Report does not address the cause of Building 7's collapse, no comment is made by the 911 Commission on the cause of Building 7's destruction. See "9-11 Birth of Treason" @ 1:14:40 - 1:15:01.

You will never see or hear anything about the World Trade Center's Building 7's Exploding Collapse on TV!

What else has this Larry Silverstein gotten away with in his 85 years? Silverstein isn't worried about prosecution because his fellow Jews run the U.S.A.. Since Julius and Ethel Rosenberg got their reward in the early 1951, there has not been another traitor Jew prosecuted in the U.S., except Jonathan Pollard, who got a life sentence for giving military secrets to the Israelis. And the Jews are still crying that those 3 of their race and fellow countrymen (Dual Citizen Israelis) did nothing wrong. In 2015, Pollard was freed from prison, after years of successful influencing peddling by the Controlling Jews in the U.S. and Israel.

Jonathan Pollard had a white man's name, but he was a dual citizen Israeli in the U.S. and admitted he stole U.S. Top Secrets and gave them to his homeland, Israel, where he admitted his loyalty lay.

Molten metal was also present at the collapse site of Building 7, but no Jet is even claimed by the Government to have hit Building 7. Did a fire burning office materials cause Steel I-Beams to melt? It was more Super Thermite that was planted in Building 7 in order to have a Controlled Demolition.

Barry Jennings was a valuable and credible witness to the very unexplained activity in Building #7 on 9-11-01. Jennings was 52 years old at 2001 and worked for 30 years in the New York City Office of Emergency Management which was located in Building 7 of the W.T.C.. Barry Jennings had his own Office, he was a "Coordinator for the N.Y.C. Office of  Emergency Management". Jennings was trapped on the 8th floor because of an explosion in Building 7 in the morning hours prior to the Twin Towers collapse.  Jennings was rescued by N.Y.C. firemen, after the two Towers fell. During interview, Jennings described the Lobby of Building 7 as being destroyed by an explosion in the morning of 9-11-01 long before it collapsed. Jennings, during that interview, stated that the fireman told him "don't to look down"; Jennings said he was "walking on bodies on the floor of  the Lobby in order to exit and find safety away from the W.T.C.". See "Loose Change 911" @ ?? & See "9/11 Inside Job - Building 7 Conspiracy" @ beginning to end of Web Site - Jennings interviews are throughout & See "Barry Jennings Mystery" @ 0:10 - 11:00.


Jennings was told that the explosions he heard in Building 7 that am. of 9-11-01 were caused by the boiler exploding. Jennings was a boilermaker by trade and knew that was wrong; Jennings pointed out that, if it were the boiler, the explosion would have been, at least, on the side of the building where the boiler was located. id.. Did the boiler also blow up Building 7 in 6.5 seconds?

Barry Jennings died on August 19, 2008. 

Jennings never did say who tried to mislead him that the boiler did it.



VI. The Jews didn't Go to Work on 9/11 - 4000 Israelis warned to Stay Away from the Twin Towers - Twin Towers Half - Empty when alleged Jet Hit

Jews who worked in the Twin Towers did not show for work on that Tuesday of 9-11-01. It was not a Jewish Holiday, but the Jews were suspiciously absent. 

A list of the approximate 2700 dead in the Twin Towers published by the Boston Herald had only one Jewish surname. The Jews do Anglicize their names but this  does not account for the fact that they didn't show that 9-11-01.

According to the 911 Commission, Chapter 9 of that Commission's Report, 50,000 office workers occupied the Twin Towers on a work day and another 40,000 people passed through the W.T.C. complex a day. According to FDNY Division Chief of Lower Manhattan, Peter Hayden, per citation in the 9/11 Commission Report, the fire department estimated 25,000 to 50,000 people in just the North Tower had to be rescued on 9/11. Hayden repeats himself, as reported by the 911 Commission Report, and is quoted as saying, "we knew that at the height of the day there were as many as 50,000 people in this building (speaking in context about the North Tower). Two buildings, the Twin Towers, each with 110 stories and 200 acres of floor space, it is not hard to believe that 50,000 people should have been in those Towers at about 9:00am. when the work day is in progress

The 911 Commission states that, at most, 2,152 individuals died at the W.T.C.; this 2,152 number excludes those who were Police of Firemen.

Initially on 9/11, the U.S. Press estimated that 10,000 people would have been lost due to the destruction of the Twin Towers. The U.S. Press was actively doing the investigative job they were paid to do. Then the U.S. Press quickly realized the initial estimates of 10,000 dead were not close. The U.S. Press acknowledged that fewer fatalities was "a good", but they investigated further so to reconcile an almost 8,000 difference in dead of the Twin Towers on 9/11. If you remember this issue on U.S. TV and radio in the days that followed 911, it strangely went away and the U.S. MSM stopped addressing the issue of why so relatively few died in the Twin Towers on 9/11. This refusal to address the difference in initial estimated death toll at the W.T.C. and the final death toll by the U.S. MSM is just more Cover-Up about the obvious truth of the Events of 911.

Let's investigate the reason for this difference in fatalities, this Web Site is not governed by the same Politics and Agenda as the U.S. MSM and U.S. Federal Government. We seek truth and we will exercise liberty and freedom to gain Justice for 911!


No Israeli-Jews in the Twin Towers on 911 - Warned to "Stay Away"

It took months for the Authorities to determine the death toll at the Twin Towers. The statistics of the number of Dead at the Twin Towers varies, due to the identification problems, at around the 2,800 depending on the source; that number includes the passengers and crew on the 2 Boeing Jumbo Jets that allegedly hit the Towers and rescue workers. Most of the bodies that got caught in the massive Explosions that brought down the Twin Towers vaporized; the New York City Board of Health issued 1,616 Death Certificates without the identification of a body.

But here is  a statistic of 911 that is constant. No Israelis died in the Twin Towers/W.T.C. on 911. There are two categories of Jews accounted for in the 911 Disaster; the Israelis (including Dual Citizen Israelis) and other Jews who would be U.S. Jews.

However, initially the Israelis believed the the Death Toll for their citizens was much higher on 911. Israel documented that 4000 Israelis, all Jews, were in the area of the Twin Towers and Pentagon on 911. Israel knew the same morning of 911 exactly how many of their Jews worked at the Twin Towers. Here is report released by the New York City Health Dept. of victims of the World Trade Center attack of 911 (see p. 2); that report includes victims they alleged died in the two Jumbo Jets that hit the Twin Towers.

As you can see from that report NO ISRAELI is listed, the word "Israel" does not show in the list (see p. 2).

That New City Health Dept. 911 victim report was published in the New York Times, 4-19-2002. The New York Times article gives a little extra data; it shows that the New York City Health Dept. that only 25 dead in the W.T.C. 911 attack had foreign residences. That number would have been significantly higher if the Israelis who worked at the W.T.C. showed up for work on that Tuesday morning of 911.

Needless to say, the Jews, as is their custom, rant and rave with their screaming pointing finger that anyone who dares accuse the Precious "Chosen People" of "Crimes Against Society" and "Organized Exploitation of the Masses" and Anti-American subversive activity and insurrection are Anti-Semitic and must be Nazis. What of the Great American leaders? The Jews similarly accuse all the Great Americans, who built the U.S.A. to its Greatness; the Jew seeks to re-write history and purge the Great White Men. The above hyperlinked "AR Action Report" was duplicated by a Pro-Jewish Organization which stuck an "Anti-Semitic label" at the top of the front page (4 lines at top of front page). "AR Action Report" claims to be neutral, but does present several pages which 911 investigator, Ed Toner, compiled consisting of Newspaper Reports concerning the Absence of Israelis at the W.T.C. and Twin Towers on 9-11-01. These Newspapers including Israeli's Jerusalem Post which quotes the Israeli Army as confirming that 4,000 Israelis (all Jews) were in the area  of the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9-01-11. 

Toner also quotes U.S. President George Bush II stating during a speech to Congress that 130 Israelis died on 9-11-01 in attempt by Bush II to show the Americans that Israel shared in the tragedy of 9/11. As Toner points out 130 would be scant compared to the 4,000 Jews the Israelis initially worried about. However, no sympathy should be shown to the Israelis because only one Israeli Jew died at the W.T.C. (according to the New York Times) because that Jew was visiting and as a result did not receive notice from the Israelis who bombed the Twin Towers not to show for work.

Tonner, like this Web Site, reviewed lists produced by various news organizations, including CNN, and disagreed with Jews' claims of 35-45% of the dead listed having Jewish names. A review of those lists which were produced long after 9-11-01 yielded only about 40 Jewish names (These listed Jews were not Israeli Jews). The author of this article for the American Scene Magazine reviewed a list of dead caused by the Events of 9-11-01 in the Boston Herald about 2 years after 9/11 and found only one Jewish (Israeli or other Jews) names. 


The Jews were Warned by Email Service "Odigo" to stay Away from the W.T.C. on 9/11

Emails sent to Israelis via the Israeli Odigo service is at least part of the reason why the Israelis were absent from work at the W.T.C. on 911!

The Israeli Newspaper, HAARETZ, reported that two employees of the messaging service, Odigo, received emails two hours before the Twin Towers attack on 911 warning them to stay away from the Twin Towers on 911. Odigo is a U.S.-based company whose headquarters are in New York, with offices in Herzliya, Israel. The CEO of Odigo stated in interview with HAARETZ that his company recorded the "Internet Presence Address" (Internet Protocol Address) of the sender and immediately reported the 911 forewarning to the F.B.I..

On September 28, 2001 the Ultra Left Wing Washington Post also reported that Odigo workers were forewarned of the Twin Tower attacks on 911. Odigo's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Alex Diamandis, was interviewed by the Washington Post and confirmed that two of their employees were warned to stay away from the Twin Towers on 911 because of an attack. Diamandis also stated per interview with the Post that Odigo provides a "People Finder" feature that allows its users to seek out and contact others based on certain interests and demographicsDiamandis stated that other Odigo members were possibly forewarned of the Attacks of 9/11.

The reason the two Odigo employees were sent Emails warning them of the 911 attacks on the Twin Towers is because they were Jews; Odigo and the F.B.I. never disclosed who these two employees were. The F.B.I. did nothing with this information and supported the Israeli - Jew Fabrication that a "Conspiracy of 19 Box Cutter Wielding Flying Islamic Terrorists Hijacked 4 Jumbo Jets on 911". The F.B.I. is working for the Jews not the Americans. Hope they are well paid to be traitors! It is amazing that F.B.I. agents can be bought off as Traitors for a lousy week's pay. Such are the Heroes in Today's U.S.A..

The Israeli Premier Sharon was prevented from being in New York City on 9-11-01 by the Israeli Secret Police known as Shabak (see 3d paragraph).


The Jews Planned 911 - Neo Conservative Jews' PNAC Documented a "Pearl Harbor Like Event" (911 Attacks)

It's No wonder that the Jews were warned to stay out of the Twin Towers and the entire World Trade Center on 9-11-01, the Jewish NeoCons lead by Dov Zakheim had documented the need for a planned attack on the U.S.A. that they could use to get the American Citizenry to back a war in the Middle East, or fight wars against Israel's enemies with American Blood and money. The illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were only made possible because the Americans fell for the Jews' trick of the Events of 911 and wanted to get even with those in Middle East they were told (lied to) by the U.S. Government and U.S. Controlled MSM (Main Stream Media) were responsible for the worst day in U.S. History. All the while it was the Israeli Mossad in conjunction with high ranking American Officials, mostly Jews appointed by Bush and Clinton, in the U.S. Defense Dept. and Pentagon who planned and orchestrated the Events of 911.

What is PNAC? Project New American Century. Yes, the Jews plan on a full Century of having the U.S. fight wars around the Globe for their Jewish-Israeli interests, which is conquering the World, and enslaving all, for the greater aggrandizement of the "Chosen People"

Most are no longer told of Jesus condemnation of the Jews causing them to be the "Wandering People." The Jews have been waiting thousands of years for their Messiah, who will lead them to conquer the World. That's right, when the Son of God was crucified by the Jews the "Chosen People" were condemned to be "The Wandering People", see the New Testament, and the Jews were scattered to the 4 Corners of the Earth after that condemnation. Many Jews have claimed to be the Jewish Messiah, only to have ended up dead and failed to conquer anything.

Some say that the New Testament-Book of Revelations (last Book of the Christian Bible/New Testament) prophecy of the horror the Jews will face in modern era has already happened in the 1940's in Europe. That prophecy has not been fulfilled. The 6,000,000 Jews that Joseph Goebbles invented was a propaganda lie that he thought would be looked upon favorably as an achievement. The 13 Slave Labor Camps, almost all in present day Poland, that the Jews claim was the location and execution of the 6,000.000 Jews were not big enough to have exterminated 6,000,000 people between 1943 and 1945 which was the period of time (2 years) that historians and governments and the U.N. agree was the time interval that the Jews were rounded up for Slave Labor in those 13 Slave Labor Camps. 6,000,000 people being exterminated in those camps is a mathematical logistical impossibility; the inventory would have been rotated (murdered) 6 times a day from 1933- 1945 for even half that many people to be murdered. The International Red Cross was allowed to be in those Slave Labor Camps and they reported that 271,000 people died in those camps and that half that number were Jews.

The Jews use Goebbels fabrication of 6,000,000 dead Jews as a "trump card" against anyone who dares deny their "Holocaust" or exposes the crimes of the Jews throughout the history of the Planet Earth. That word "holocaust" was not exploited by the Jews for the alleged 6,000,000 until the late 1970's when they adapted a capital letter ("H") for that same word. The word "holocaust" prior to the late 1970's simply meant "fire storm", if you can find a dictionary printed pre-'70's.



VII. Motive - Mobilization of American Citizens to Middle East War for Israel (U.S. $ and Blood)

Larry Silverstein had $7 Billion worth of motive. But he was a mere Co-conspirator and beneficiary of bombing his own real estate.

The Twin Towers Bombings and Events of 911 were used to Mobilize the American People to War against Suddam Hussein and Iraq. Bush II lied to the American People claiming that Suddam was responsible for the Twin Tower Bombings and that Suddam had "weapons of mass destruction" (atom or nuclear bombs). Bush II, then on National TV, stated the 3 day electronic "Smart Bomb War" in Iraq went so good that next in line for the U.S. military was Iran and Syria. Bush II changed his mind about Iran and Syria, once the electronic "Smart Bomb War" stopped and the Iraqis continued a guerilla war. The Jews were angry because they expected Bush II to snuff-out Iran because Iran's leaders have vowed the same to Israel. 

Forget Oil as the Conspirators' reason for mobilizing the Americans to War against Iraq and Afghanistan. Afghanistan has no oil. The World Oil Market provides that all oil in the World will be sold at market regardless of politics or regime. Suddam wanted to sell his crude as would his successors, if the U.S. didn't buy his oil another industrialized country would, all at World Market price. Sadly, the U.S. fights all these needless wars but the American Citizen never sees gains from these illegal Wars. Instead, the U.S. Citizen is taxed until his nose bleeds to fund the murders of the U.S. Government's illegal Wars. The U.S. Government didn't steal the oil in Iraq, and even the Insiders, who own Halliburton, could have contracted with Suddam.

The U.S. military strategy in Iraq was the same as in Viet Nam; have the unfortunate U.S. soldier "go out on patrol and draw down fire"! The U.S. fights its illegal wars by making their soldiers targets. The U.S. military man is dispensable, as the U.S. Government sees fit. And now the U.S. Government is controlled by the Jew, who has no use for the American soldier. The Jew hates all, especially the white man, except for his precious specie of the Semite race. The Jew is not white but a Semite.

Only the Israelis had an interest in going to War against Iraq. And they did so with U.S. money and blood of U.S. soldiers and the U.S. Government murdered a million innocent Iraqi citizens. It was Suddam Hussein the Israelis feared because of Suddam's efforts to build an A-Bomb. On June 7, 1981, the Israelis, via a jet attack, had already blown up a Nuclear Reactor in the middle of the Iraqi desert leaving Suddam's A-Bomb plans void.



Al Quaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, was on kidney dialysis treatment at 9-11-01. Yet he was able to avoid U.S. military and intelligence for 10 years while living in the outskirts of the World where they don't even have toilets or electricity? Bin Laden was allegedly killed by U.S. Seal Team 6, and then that Seal Team all mysteriously died in a helicopter that was shot down over Afghanistan. Did they really kill Bin Laden and did Seal Team 6 then disappear over Afghanistan? Or is this more fabrication of evidence and a Cover-up?

Some blame the Illuminati, there is no such thing as the Illuminati. The Illuminati means elite educated members of a society; use of the term "Illuminati" avoids the evidence. There is no such group united against the rest of the humans on the Planet Earth. The elite and educated compete against each other, they have no common cause; the great wealthy American Industrialists who built the U.S.A. to its greatness, including Henry Ford, Vanderbilt, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller all disliked each other and H.L. Hunt, J.P. Getty and the incredible Howard Hughes all completed against each other. The people who blame Illuminati know, who Conspired against the Americans, but are in fear to say. It is the Jews; the Jewish Bilderbergers and the Israelis, who work hard for the "Jewish Takeover", along with the Jews who have infiltrated every country's Government in the Western World. The "Chosen People" never got their Messiah, but they still want to conquer the World. When the masses find out what the Jews are doing another Prophesy will be fulfilled, see Revelations.

Unlike the Un-united Illuminati, the Jews are a race of people with a common culture, heritage and cause. It does not matter that they were given their culture by Conquering Alexander and his Macedonians. The Jews remain a united race even though they Wandered all over the World after the Roman Emperors exiled them at the point of the Sword from ancient Palestine, including the kingdoms of Judah and Israel, circa 332 A.D., thus fulfilling the prophecy of the "Wandering People."

The Israelis had sustained major losses in the 1967 War and 1973 War with Arab Islamic States; by 2001 constant conflicts with the indigenous Arabs caused more fatalities to the Israelis. The Israelis were lucky to win the 1973 war, it was only poor military leadership that caused the Syrian invaders in the North to stop after they walked into Israel without obstruction. Tel Aviv was Syria's, but their General's fear of an ambush stopped the Syrian advance allowing for the Israelis to counter attack! The Egyptians were giving the Israelis a battle in 1973 until they disobeyed the Soviet Strategy and went beyond the anti-aircraft Missile Dome at Suez.  The Israelis did well during Desert Storm in 1991, total victory against the Islamic Suddam and it didn't cost them any blood or money because the U.S. did all the fighting. But the World was getting smaller by 2000 and the Jewish created U.S. New World Order Policies recruited foreigners from around the World to be educated at M.I.T. and Stanford, so they could return home with the knowledge of the White Man and build Weapons of Mass Destruction in their homelands. That's right it was the U.S. Jews who demanded "diversity" via foreign students getting free education in U.S. higher educational institutions; the Jews' plan backfired on them.

The Israelis know it will take only one nuclear bomb to put them out of business. Since the 1980's the Islamic states have been trying to build or acquire their own nuclear bombs. Pakistan was successful and in the 1990's Saddam's Iraq, and Iran were busy trying to figure out how to build the Atom bomb with the help of North Korea and Pakistan. Eventually Israel's enemies will have the bomb that will terminate the Jewish State. Will the Israeli Anti-Missile dome protect them? Israel doesn't want to take the chance and at 2001 they had no anti-missile dome.

At 2001 the Israelis had a better idea, after all, they were the Ruling Bilderbergers and had Jews now controlling the once Great United States. The Jew had to stop this threat of an Islamic bomb in their backyard. They looked to the U.S.A., to once again, war in the Middle East. This is much bigger motive than the supplementary $7 Billion of Silverstein's. Silverstein has influence peddling of the Jewish New World Order, but his quest for wealth did not cause the highest members of the U.S. Government to be Traitors to the American People and Conspire with Israelis to fight their illegal Wars.


The Jews' plan was to trick the American People into getting even with Iraq for bombing the Twin Towers. The Israeli's in conjunction with the  New Jewish run United States Government blamed "Flying Islamics" backed by Suddam  for the destruction on 9-11-01. They also fabricated that Osama Bin Laden took credit for organizing and masterminding the Al Quaeda sponsored Terrorist Attack of 911 that featured "Flying Islamic Terrorists" so to have reason to invade Afghanistan. 

The memories of Viet Nam were still in the minds of many in the U.S. at 2001. The Americans were traditionally Isolationists, just like most people on the Planet Earth. It isn't the people that want needless wars but a few leaders that run the Governments and their Controllers in the Shadows. The Government needed to create a reason caused by a "Pearl Harbor type incident" to get the American Public to fight Israel's Wars, so no precious Jews would die or their money spent. The Americans never knew they were doing the Jews' Dirty Work in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Can't believe it? Wake up, the Jews ran the U.S.A. in 2001 and its worse in 2014 because people are afraid to unite against them. It doesn't take much to stop  the Jews, they will run in fear once the people send them the word. Once the Jew is exposed at the end of the pointing fingers of the masses, he retreats in fear from any adversity. But once the "Jewish Takeover" is complete in the U.S., the Jew will murder any that disagree. There will be no Free Speech or Free Expression; there will only be compliance with Jewish law in the United States, once their "Jew Take Over" is complete.


Royalty is gone, the great leaders who followed are extinct. Who will protect the people?


The Jews Steal the Comex Gold in Building 4 of the W.T.C. - $1 Billion in Gold Bullion "Disappears"

The story of 9/11 is the story of the Jew Criminal, who wants to rule the World without a Messiah,; substituting their Messiah with the might of the U.S. Government and its Military.

No story of the Jews' History would be complete without a Grand Theft. By 9-11-01, the Jews emptied the COMEX gold that was warehoused for Banks and Precious metal traders. That Gold was stored in the cellar of Building 4 of the World Trade Center, not Buildings 1 or 2 (Twin Towers) or Building 7 which were all blown up on 9/11 by explosives. There was $1 Billion in Gold and Silver Bullion in the vaults that housed that Bullion 4 stories below ground level in the cellar of Building 4 of the WTC. 

On 9/11 a trailer truck loaded with Gold Bullion got stuck in an underground tunnel of the World Trade Center that ran between Building 4 and Building 5 when the South Tower exploded and collapsed.

On November 1, 2001, New York City Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani announced that more than $230Million in gold and silver bars that had been stored in the bomb proof vault in Building 4 of the W.T.C. had been recovered.

That leaves $750 million in Bullion missing.

Consistent with so many other massive and indestructible objects on 9/11, like the 4  Boeing Jumbo Jets, the Government in conjunction with U.S. Jew Media claimed the missing Gold and Silver Bullion "vaporized". 

However, the Government does not claim a Boeing Jumbo Jet hit Building 4, so it is even less believable that Gold and Silver vaporized in the "Cellar Vault of Building 4". That's right the Tons of Gold and silver that "disappeared" were in a vault 4 stories beneath ground level in Building 4 of the W.T.C.. The Government claimed that  Building 4 of the W.T.C. burned but never made claim that it was in the path of or got hit by exploding Boeing Jumbo Jets.

The reason the American Citizenry heard nothing about the stolen Gold and Silver Bullion stored in the vault in the cellar of Building 4 is that no one would believe that a building, Building 4, which merely sustained fire damage on 9/11, and did not even blow up or collapse, could possibly have experienced Gold and Silver bullion in the cellar vault Vaporizing by the same fire. Vaporize means the solid metal would not just melt but turn to gas. But before the Gold and Silver Bullion could vaporize the molly-steel safe and surrounding reinforced concrete foundation that all formed the "COMEX Cellar Vault" would have had to "vaporize", which did not come close to happening.


Since the story of the vaporizing Gold and Silver Bullion is to obviously silly to believe, the U.S. Media halted all coverage and publicity of the missing Gold and Silver Bullion in the basement vaults of Building 4. Censorship in the U.S.A, "out of sight out of mind."

How is it that the $1 Billion in Gold and Silver vaporized on 9/11, if  the "Building 4 cellar vault" where the Gold and Silver was stored  remained locked and perfectly intact (see p. 3) when the N.Y.C. police  and construction workers cleared the rubble to reach that same vault? 

Regardless of some uncensored news publications (see p. 3) verifying that the "Building 4 cellar Vault" was secure and intact, there was no comment by the Government about the condition of the Building 4 Vault which would have been in part made of molly Steel and reinforced Concrete. The foundation of Building 4 was not damaged according to pictures taken after the bombings of the Twin Towers and Building 7 on 9/11. All the employees working for Comex in the basement of Building 4 escaped unharmed, but have remained silent about the activity and  evidence surrounding the Comex Gold and Silver Bullion and the Vault that housed it before and after 9/11.


The only reason $1 Billion in Gold and Silver could be missing from the underground vault in the cellar of  Building 4 is that it was removed by trailer trucks before the tunnel between Building 4 and 5 collapsed trapping one of the Trailer Trucks loaded with Gold. The alleged vaporized Gold and Silver was also insured, so you have a theft of $1Billion and insurance Fraud of $1 Billion. They could only have gotten away with this $2 Billion Heist if they knew in advance that the Twin Towers were coming down on 9/11.


The Jew had the easy plan. They loaded stolen gold in trailer trucks and had the Government claim it vaporized like everything else that vanished into Dust including the Twin Towers. The Jew would also collect insurance money for the Gold they claim to have owned in the COMEX vault in the basement of Building 4. However, the Jew got caught; a trailer truck stacked with $250,000,000.00 in Gold got trapped in the underground tunnel that connects Building 5 to Building 4 of the World Trade Center. When the South Tower Collapsed that tunnel linking Building 4 and 5 collapsed on the Gold laden trailer truck halting its escape. The driver of that trailer truck, according to Official Version, did escape, but appears to have fled and was never identified. When the Gold filled trailer truck was discovered Mayor Guilianni ordered the New York Police Dept. to guard it with their life. 

How did the Authorities know the gold was in the trailer truck that got stuck in the tunnel that ran behind Building 4 and 5 of the World Trade Center?

It was at 9-11-01 that the price of Gold started to skyrocket in price from $250.00 a troy once to over $1500.00 troy once. No Coincidence, on 9/11 the World Gold supply became exponentially scarce. This of course, made the stolen Comex Gold stolen from Building 4 almost worth TEN TIMES more than the market value before 9/11, and that was all planned and anticipated well before the W.T.C. was blown up by Israeli Mossad.




VIII. Israelis Run the U.S. Government - Appointed Dual Citizen Foreign Enemies make U.S. Policy

Bill Clinton's Bagel Cabinet was bad enough for the American People and Clinton even had Jewish Monica under a White House table on her knees, but Bush II was worse for the Americans. Jews were everywhere in the Bush II administration and they had powerful Appointed Positions that allowed them to work behind the scenes without being scrutinized. There were too many of them.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Jonathan Pollard got caught stealing Intelligence secrets from the U.S. military and they were convicted of Espionage. But now the Jews are running the United States and the traitors aren't going to catch themselves. These Dual Citizenship Jews that run today's Federal Government are enemy spies, who are Israeli citizens with Israeli passports and their Allegiance is to their Homeland, Israel, and their Race the Jews. Sure, these Israelis also have U.S. citizenship and are Americans by law and on paper, only. Jews are custom made traitors to the American People and they run the Federal Government, the Judiciary, the Media, the Financial Markets, the Banking and Monetary System and the Federal Reserve, they control the Educational System with their Social Design Policies that are now rammed down the throats of the young and have, unfortunately, become culture to young Americans.

Richard Nixon wanted to be the U.S. President. By 1962 he was defeated by Pat Brown for Governor of California. It could be argued that Nixon was the legitimate elected President in 1960 because John Kennedy cheated the election with the help of Organized Crime in Illinois. Nixon was a good man when he had Eisenhower watching him during the fifties as U.S. V.P., but by 1968 Eisenhower was out of circulation - it was a different world than Ikes' U.S.A. which worked for the Americans' interests. To get the Presidency in 1968 Nixon allied himself with Spiro Angnew, Bebe Rebozo, Myer Lansky, Henry Kissinger; Nixon owed U.S. Organized Crime for their backing; in 1972 Myer Lansky returned from his homeland, Israel, after being exiled by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. Lansky was met by the U.S. TV Cameras when he got off the jet to face criminal charges in the U.S. and told the U.S. Press he "came back to the U.S.A. to vote for Nixon." The Federal criminal charges against Myer Lansky, leader of the U.S. Crime Syndicate, went away forever.


In 1969 Nixon appointed Henry "the Bilderberger" Kissinger as Secretary of State; it made no sense! Why did Nixon have to appoint the foreign Jew with a foreign accent when there were so many Americans that could have done a better job for the Americans? Kissinger's interest are the Jews' interests not Americans. Nixon owed favors in return for the backing he received from the enemies of the American People in 1968.

Kissinger was a big advance for Jews in U.S. Government, but the Jewish problem has accelerated over the decades.

Did you say dual Citizenship? Dual Citizenship was prohibited and illegal in the United States. But that all changed in 1967 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in the Beys Afroyim case, that an Israeli can maintain his Israeli citizenship and also have U.S. citizenship. But other nationals could not have Dual Citizens, just the Israelis, due to Israel's "Special Relationship" with the U.S.. So an Israeli can maintain his/her citizenship  with Israel and be appointed or elected to a position of Power in the U.S. Government with his U.S. Citizenship.

Now, Dual Citizenship is allowed for all in the U.S., not just Israelis. This is part of the greater "Divide and Conquer" plan of the Jews for the U.S.A.. Divided loyalties for all who have been legally made U.S. citizens, via Dual Citizenship, is good for the Jewish New World Order that needs to divide and conquer the Once Great U.S.A..

The big Problem for the U.S.A. is that these "Dual Citizen Israelis" are Loyal to their own kind, the "Chosen People" of Israel, and the Interests of the American People are Compromised and Betrayed!

The interests of the American People are not the same as the interests of the Israelis. Let the Jews/Israelis do their own murdering with their own money.


This is a partial list of the Dual Citizen Israelis who had been allowed to run the U.S. Government's Foreign Policy during Bush II:


Michael Chertoff - Director of Homeland Security and former overseer of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

Michael Mukasey - Federal Judge in the Southern Federal District of New York. He presided over his fellow Jew's, Larry "the Bagel Eater" Silverstein's, Law Suit filed to get another $3.5 Billion out of the Insurance Company because Silverstein claimed there were 2 Terrorists Events at the W.T.C. because both Twin Towers were destroyed on 9-11-01. How did you Guess? Mukasey gave Silverstein the $3.5 Billion. Mukasey and Silverstein go to the Same Jewish Synagogue! Michael Mukasey was then appointed U.S. Attorney General.


Richard Perle - Chairman of the Pentagon Defense Policy Board. Perle was caught in the 1970's passing secrets to the Israelis. He is a bona-fide spy.

Paul Wolfowitz - former Deputy Defense Secretary and Head of the U. N.'s World Bank.

Larry Franklin - U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst. He was sentenced to 12 years in Federal Prison for stealing Intelligence Information from the U.S. and giving it to the Israelis. Franklin is not a descendant of Ben Franklin but he was a spy for the Israelis.

Douglas Feith - Under Secretary of Defense and Pentagon Policy Advisor.

Edward Luttwak - Pentagon National Security Study Group for the Dept. of Defense, an outspoken pro-Israeli Jewish extremist who had written that the U.S. should go to war with Iran.

Henry Kissinger - Pentagon Advisor under Richard Perle. Kissinger founded the Tri-Lateral Commission in 1972 and is one of the Original Bilderbergers. He was U.S. President, Richard Nixon's, Secretary of State.

Dov Zakheim - A Rabbi that does not have any of the accoutrements, hair, or beanies (he dresses in business suits and executive image). This guy gets away with everything and is the most outrageous Jew on the list. Even Meyer Lansky would have been envious of this guy's clandestine accomplishments while the Americans play political correctness, so no Jew will start shouting and finger pointing. A CFR (Committee Foreign Relations) member, he advocated Mobilizing the U.S. citizenry with a "Pearl Harbor type Incident" in order to make the Planned Jewish New World Order Changes in the U.S.A. using U.S. Blood, Military, and U.S. taxpayers' money.

Rabbi Dov Zakheim is the Greatest Thief of All Time.

Dov (not Doug) Zakheim, a Jewish Rabbi, Dual Citizen Israeli, and C.F.R. member was appointed by Bush II as Pentagon Controller from 5-4-01 through 3-10-04. He was also Under Secretary of Defense. While Rabbi Zakheim was Pentagon Controller $3.3 Trillion of Pentagon Funds Disappeared. U.S. Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld, (Rumsfeld not a Jew) announced on 9-10-01 that the audit of the Pentagon disclosed that  $2.3 Trillion was missing from Pentagon Funds.  The Pentagon was hit on 9-11-01at the location where the audit team was located in the Pentagon that reported that $2.3 Trillion was missing in Pentagon Funds; the audit team and its audit records were buried and forever destroyed in the Pentagon Blast of 9-11-01. That's right, all the audit team (accountants, auditors, analysts) and their records were murdered and destroyed never to inconvenience the Jews and their theft of $2.3 Trillion from the Pentagon. Three years later, the Pentagon under Zakheim was missing another $1 Trillion. One would think that after being caught misappropriating $2.3 Trillion Dollars that Zakheim would have been fired, but no, Zakheim was given a carte blanche to steal another $1 Trillion and then murder all the evidence of the stolen, by the Jews, $2.3 Trillion from the Pentagon.

What was so important about W.T.C. Building 7 that it had to be destroyed by more explosives on 9-11-01 in a Controlled Demolition? Amongst other Records and Evidence in Building 7 were the Computerized Back Up Data of the Pentagon that proved the Stolen, at that point of 9-11-01, $2.2 Trillion. The Audit Team that discovered the missing Pentagon $2.2 Trillion were all murdered on 9-11-01 when the Drone hit and blew up the newly renovated section of the Pentagon that the Auditors and Accountants were located.

Jewish Rabbi, Dov Zakheim, was the author of PNAC's plan of a "Pearl Harbor like Incident" to mobilize the American Citizenry to War with Israel's enemies.

Dov influence peddled Ronald Regan, Bush I, and Billy Clinton.


Dov had squads of F-16 and F-15 Fighter Jets classified as surplus and sold to Israel at a fraction of the cost to the U.S. Taxpayers.

Kenneth Adleman - Pentagon Advisor is known as a racist who does not hide his hatred for Arab Islamics. Adleman supported a war with Iraq. This idiot called Arabs anti-Semitic; Arabs are Semites. What this moron doesn't understand is that over 99% of the Semite World hate the Jews. 99% of Semites are Arabs, the Jew is a small % of the Semite World. The Arabs are Anti-Jew (not Anti-Semitic) but Adleman hates his own name, Jew. Why is "Jew" a dirty word?

Lewis Scooter Libby - Vice President Dick Cheney's former Chief of Staff.

Robert Satlloff - U.S. National Security Council Advisor.

Elliot Abrahams - National Security Council Advisor under Ronald Reagan, out of jail by the time Bush II in office.

Marc Grossman - Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in both Clinton and Bush Administration.

Richard Haass - Senior Fellow in the C.F.R. and hawk, who sat on the U.S. National Security Council wanting U.S. to war on Iraq. Also member U.S. Defense Dept. National Security Study Group at the Pentagon.

Robert Zoell - U.S. Trade Representative, which is a cabinet level position. Advocates war with Iran and occupation of Iraq.

Ari Fleischer - White House Spokesman during Bush II administration. He is a member of "Kabad Lubavitch Hasidics" who follow the Kabal which finds all Non-Jews inferiors to be exploited by the "Chosen People".

James Schlesinger - Pentagon Advisor. Sat on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Richard Perle, also Commissioner of Pentagon's National Defense Study Group. Wanted war with Iraq.

David Frum - White House Speech writer, he helped formulate the lies that Bush II told the American Citizenry on MSM (Main Stream Media) about Saddam Hussein being responsible for the 9-11 Bombings and that Iraq had "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in order to trick the Americans to back war against Iraq.

Joshua Bolten - White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Bush II Administration.

John Bolton - former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. (2005-2006) and Under Secretary of State and Senior Advisor to President Bush II, amongst other positions. He claimed Syria had a nuclear Bomb Program, so to attempt to cause a war he wanted against Syria. Bolton Demands war by the U.S. against Iran. This Jew is one the tricky ones, he is like Madeline Albright who claims to be a Christian. Bolton claims to be a Lutheran. Albright, as U.S. Secretary of State, claimed to be Presbyterian, but would later admit her race of Jew while a member of President Clinton's "Bagel Cabinet". Albright proclaimed when exposed by Americans as an imposter, "I didn't know I was Jewish". Sure you didn't, no Presbyterian looks like Albright. The really zealous Jews join a Christian sect and pretend not to be Jews, so they can cause more trouble as Spies.

Not only did Madeline Albright go undercover as a Presbyterian but she used a White Man's name. Albright is an Englishman's name not a Jew's.

In the 1950's Jews would move into Non-Jew neighborhoods in White Suburbs of the U.S. to Observe. This in addition, to their children's requirement to go on an "Observation Tour" of the Goyem (White Americans) in order to learn about the enemy they seek to trick.


David Wurmser - Special Assistant to John Bolton who was "Under Secretary of Arms Control and International Security."

Eliot Cohen - Pentagon Advisor. Member of Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Richard Perle. This is the Jew that is offended, if anybody uses the word "Jew", in fact, he finds the word "Jew" to be despicable language. Evidently, Cohen is another Jew that has a guilty conscience. He was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying, "Islam should be the Enemy not Terrorists".  

Mel Sumbler - President U.S. Import/Export Bank and former Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Steve Goldsmith - Bush II's Senior Presidential Advisor and Bush II's Domestic Jewish Policy Advisor.

Adam Goldman - White House Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.

Joseph Gildenhorn - Bush II Campaign Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.

Christopher Gersten - Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary at  H.S.S.

Mark Weinberger - Assistant Secretary of Housing & Urban Development for Public Affairs.

Samuel Bodman - Deputy Secretary of Commerce.

Bonnie Cohen - Under Secretary of State for Management.

Ruth Davis - Director of Foreign Service Institute which means he trains all U.S. State Dept. Staff, including Ambassadors of the United States.

U.S. Ambassadors - Over a Dozen Dual Citizen Israeli Jews held Ambassadorships during Bush II Administration. Guess who those U.S. Ambassadors are spying for?



IX. 9-11 Aftermath - War is Preplanned by PNAC - Mobilization of the American's

The "Dancing Israelis" doing a Horah at blood of their Murdered Innocents

The Liberty State Park of New Jersey has a clear view of the Twin Towers over the ocean from that sea shore area. Residents of the Liberty State Park Area called the police to report obnoxious individuals in a moving van celebrating as they videoed from the roof of their van while the Twin Towers exploded on the morning of 9-11-01. See You Tube - 2:40 "Jews did 9/11 Proven part 4" for the filmed interview of one of the Witnesses of the Condo Complex in New Jersey who called the cops about the Israeli Jews on the moving van in the Condo Complex parking lot, who were prepared at 8:00am of 9-11-01 to video the Twin Towers blow up. The van had the name "Urban Moving". See "Missing Links" @30:00-52:00, or, urlm.co.uk/www.how911wasdone.blogspot.qa (Scroll down to "Contents" and click on link "Dancing Israelis or Urban Movers Planting Explosive at W.T.C.") and view "Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11" - 2:50 in full & "Document the Event the High Five Montage." - 6:26 in full.

Those New Jersey residents complained that "5 Dancing Jews" were on the top of their moving van dancing in celebration while watching the Twin Towers Burn, explode and collapse. The complaining residents at Liberty State Park said the 5 Jews in the moving van arrived in their Condominium Complex parking lot overlooking the ocean at 8:00am.. id.

If the Jews were waiting with their video cameras mounted on top of their moving van to video the Twin Towers at 8:00am., which is before the North Tower was hit by a drone at 8:45am., then its a pretty good guess that those Jews knew what was to happen to the Twin Towers on 911. But they weren't just Jews, they were Israeli Mossad agents and they would return to Israel after getting caught by the F.B.I. and then admit on Israeli TV that they knew the Towers would be blown up on 911. Bet their videos didn't record any flying Jumbo Jets hitting  the Twin Towers.


The New Jersey police, including, Officer Scott DeCarlo, arrested the 5 Jews in the moving van in East Ruthford, New Jersey at the Meadowlands. These 5 Jews refused to get out their van and had to be manhandled by the police in order to get them out of the van. One Jew had $4,700.00 in his sock plus two foreign Passports. These 5 Israelis were taken into custody by the F.B.I. and detained for 10 weeks. The F.B.I. released minimum information about the incident but reported that at least 2 of these Israelis were Mossad Agents. The 5 Israelis arrested by the New Jersey Police on 9-11-01 and detained for 10 weeks by the F.B.I. were Siran Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, Omer Gavriel Marmari. id.

After being released by the F.B.I., the same 5 "Dancing Jews" appeared on Israeli TV and admitted they are Israeli Mossad Agents and were at Liberty State Park because they wanted to film the Twin Towner bombings of 911. That's an admission the "5 Dancing Jews" knew the Twin Towers were going to be Blown-Up. id.

Officer De Carlo was interviewed on radio; that radio interview is on the Internet. De Carlo wants no part of the entire incident and tried to discount the whole event of his capture of the "Dancing Israelis". De Carlo expressed none of the usual police authoritative aggressiveness concerning his stop and arrest of the Israelis. Instead, De Carlo expressed during that radio interview, "I didn't do much", his attitude was apologetic and recessive, as if he didn't want the association and certainly was evading notoriety. De Carlo claimed he was just following up on the police radio report and the van's registration number matched that given by the residents in Liberty State Park. id.

The dancing Jews tried to convince the cops that "we are on your side", "the Palestinians are the problem". These Israelis had a map with certain points of N.Y.C. highlighted. id.

Officer De Carlo doesn't want any trouble with the Jews, the Jews dominate control over New Jersey and New York City.


There were huge clouds of pulverized dust that filled the air of New York City that was once the concrete, glass, pipes, restrooms, office equipment, (and the list is endless), that made the Twin Towers. But there was worse in those Twin Tower Clouds, there were tons of lead from the pulverized computers in those two office buildings, tons of asbestos that caused the Towers to be functionally condemned structures, 10's of  thousands of fluorescent lights broke to smithereens while releasing mercury into the air, over 10,000 smoke detectors shattered releasing radioactive material into the cloud that invaded the N.Y.C. air on 9-11-01, and more. But the E.P.A. came along immediately after 9-11-01 and decreed the air is safe to breathe. Thousands of N.Y.C. residents suffered health problems from breathing in the poisonous contamination of 9-11-01. See "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions" 1:09:00 - 1:10:45.

14 rescue dogs used at the Twin Towers died, 8 from cancer due to toxins in the Dust of 9-11 Twin Tower Bombings. See "9-11 The Birth of Treason" @ 1:00:44.

Donna Summer of pop music fame died of Lung Cancer, but she never smoked. Donna Summer was living in Manhattan on 9-11-01.


Underwear and Shoe Bombers - Propaganda Duds - Terrorism not in the U.S.A.

Many Americans feared the worst, after the alleged Terrorists were able to pull off the crime/war victory of the Ages. U.S. Government and Israeli Propaganda decreed with the aid of brainwashing by the U.S. MSM that, with no resources, a group of devoted Islamic Ideologists stole 4 flying Boeing Jumbo Jet fortresses and committed suicide in order to murder thousands of Americans, blow up the U.S. Pentagon and destroy the American way of life forever. The U.S. Government and MSM (Main Stream Media) threatened future terrorism causing the American Citizenry to live under a veil of fear of the phony terrorism. Security became a convenient excuse for all obnoxious activity by Government and the private sector in the U.S., all due to the Fear of Terrorism. Concepts of Liberty, Freedom were being expunged in favor of Government Protection from Fear of imagined Terrorism.


What was worse, as recognized by many worried Americans, is that the U.S. borders were, at 2001, a "free for all" and only getting worse. Any Terrorist could get into the U.S., either by airport, harbor, or crossing from Mexico or Canada. For over a decade after 2001, the U.S./Mexican border is freeway for, not just wetbacks and Mexican Mafia, but anyone who wants into the U.S.A. 

So why wasn't the U.S.A. attacked by more Terrorists? The borders don't exist at 2016, according to Donald Trump, and he is right. Decades of borders that are wide open and no Terrorist Attacks as promised by the U.S. Government and Jew Main Stream Media!

To even suggest that the U.S. borders be closed and the U.S. immigration law be enforced is "Racist", according to the finger pointing shouting Jews, and their useful Left Wing Idiots and Staunch Advocates. The open U.S. borders and immigration invasion of Non-Whites into the U.S.A. is one of the tools used by the Jews to Divide and Conquer the U.S.A.

Little did the American public know that there was no brilliant War Maneuver of the Ages by an Arab genius who lived in deserts and mountains, while fleeing from the U.S. Police State. The Jewish Mossad planned the Explosion of the Twin Towers in conjunction with the U.S. Government's highest officials, most of whom were Jews. It is hard to believe that things got, so bad, so fast, by 2001, and the reason it got so bad, so fast is because no one will speak out against these unified Jews in the U.S.A.. The Jew controls thought in the U.S.A. through the media and educational system, and "butters too many Americans' Bread" causing decades of ever stronger compliance by the U.S. citizenry with the Jew and the Jews' Social Design Policies, Jews' Political Correctness and Jew Propaganda.

The U.S. Jewish Controlled media fortifies the Official Government lies of 911. The Americans refuse to believe that those 2 Authorities (U.S. Government and Media) could be lying to them. To believe such would be to undermine their way of life as Americans and create a state of war. The American Citizenry would say, if the Israeli's Mossad and their Jewish Operatives were responsible for the murders and destruction of 9/11, then the U.S.A. is a conquered nation. Next will be enslavement of the Americans by Jews' policies; the Jew believes as the "Chosen People" that the Jew has the right to Enslave. Don't believe it? The Jew is enslaving the Palestinians in Israel. Read the Jews' Bible, it honors slavery.


So Where's the Promise of Terrorism in this U.S.A.?

So what happened? There was the "Underwear Bomber", the "Shoe Bomber", a dud of a car bomb in Times Square, allegedly. In other words, these Terrorists seemed to disappear and when one of the Lone Crazed Terrorist surfaced their underwear or shoe was a dud. Evidently his underwear needed him to produce more gas. 

The Terrorists, according to the U.S. news media, are only in the most remote places on the Planet Earth, including, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan,  the Desert of the East End of the Mediterranean.

No wonder there were never any Islamic Terrorist Attacks in the U. S. for more than, now, 22 years after 9-11-01, they are running for the far parts of the Planet Earth in fear for their lives and hoping to be forgotten, so they wouldn't get blamed for Calamities in the Western World.



Boston Marathon Bombers of 4-15-13 - Jewish Social Design Policy at Work

Two Central Asian Islamic immigrants terrorized the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon on Boylston St.. The Jewish Media had their wish, more terror in the U.S.A.. The Jewish Controlled U.S. Media claimed these two foreigners were White Men. The Jew knows better than that; brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, were not White, but one of the many mixed races of people in the huge area of the Earth called Central Asia. If you want a more specific label for those two brothers, who detonated junk bombs at the Boston Marathon that killed 3 and injured 264 innocent people, some of the injuries included traumatic amputations, it would be Turks.

Why were these Marathon Bombers Ungrateful? These two Marathon Bombers were the recipients of all the Jewish Social Design Policies that are being used to kill the Once Great U.S.A.. Bombers Tsarnaevs came to the U.S. with their family in 2002 claiming they needed political asylum and were granted protection with legal residency in the U.S., but that's not all. These two brothers were enjoying free education and welfare. Dzhorhar was a naturalized American Citizen. Tamerlan was enjoying an artificial athletic career with the use of anabolic steroids while trying to make the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team. Brother, Dzhorhar was also a steroid induced athlete who liked to wrestle in college. Tamerlan even found a white American female, who jumped on the political correctness bandwagon and married him.

Why did the Asian Tsarnev brothers decide to ignite "junk bombs" at the Marathon finish line? The answer is explained in this article for the American Scene Magazine and what the Jew could not allow the Americans to hear on U.S. Media; the Events of 9-11-01 were planned to cause the American Citizenry to mobilize and support War in the Middle East.  The surviving brother, Dzhokhar, stated the bombings were in retaliation for the carnage caused by the U.S. Government's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Dzhokhar even put it in writing where he was hiding in a boat in Watertown, Mass. after he and his brother had a shoot out with the cops. Dzhokhar wrote on the interior panel of the boat with a marker that "retribution for U.S. military action in Afghanistan and Iraq". Dzhokhar called the Boston Marathon victims "collateral damage" "in the same way innocent victims have been collateral damage in the U.S. wars around the world." 

The Jew could not allow the American People to believe or even hear that the Wars in the Middle East fought with U.S. blood and money for the convenience of Israel was the reason for the Marathon Bombings. The Jew had their people in position and Political Science Professors and Public Policy Scholars declared that the real reason for the actions of the Tsarnaev brothers was because the two brothers didn't feel good about themselves due to having no friends in the U.S. because Americans didn't like them. These "Experts" claimed that the Tsarnaev's primary motive for the Marathon Murders was "their inability to become fully integrated into the American Society". And that is all the Americans heard on the Jewish Controlled U.S. media, not the truth. And of course, that makes it all the White Man's fault because the Jew "Experts" decree that the Tsarnaev's were racially discriminated against. At least the Jew "Experts" admit the Tsarnaev Murderers were not White. A well paid "Expert" will say anything.

The Tsarnaev Brothers were welcomed to the U.S.A. by Jewish Social Design Policies and were provided all the benefits of "Protected Classes" (New protection mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court allegedly per the 14th Amendment for all Non-Whites, at the expense of White Americans).  The Tsarnaev's thought the Americans were suckers and they had no respect for the American, as is the case with all these new Non-White Invaders, whose invasion accelerated into the U.S.A. starting with the Billy Clinton Administration of 1993.

These two coward Tsarnaev murderers were allowed into the U.S. due to New World Order U.S. law caused by its Jewish Social Design Policies. It was the U.S. atrocities, needless murders, in Iraq and Afghanistan that motivated the Tsarnaev Brothers to bomb the Boston Marathon; those two wars benefited only the Israelis and was the plan of their Mossad and Jews who control the U.S. Defense Dept. and U.S. Government and executed the Twin Tower Bombings and Events of 9-11. 

The U.S. Government should never have engaged in those invasions into Iraq and Afghanistan; the U.S. Government should immediately end those wars that benefit only the Israelis and cause death to U.S. soldiers and massive cost to U.S. taxpayers.

It was the Jews' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Jews' Social Design Policies in the U.S. that caused innocent Marathon watchers on Boylston St. to be dismembered by these half niggers from the Central Asia.

But the Jew didn't stop there. The Jew used the 9/11 and every other alleged Islamic Terror event to create fear and a bigger and more horrific Islamic Enemy to the American Public. The more fear the Jew creates the more his Jewish Controlled U.S. Government will make new restrictions on U.S. liberty and make illegal Wars in the Middle East in excuse to protect the Citizenry from Jewish Fabricated Terrorism.


ISIS - another Fabricated Terror Threat

The Jews have created a new Terror threat to the U.S. Homeland. Weather you call it ISIS or ISIL it is just Centuries Old enemies fighting, again, in the northern Iraqi Desert. Iraq was one of the countries created by the Brits after their victory of 1918. The Brits deliberately merged nations of people that had a history of hating each other into new Government Controlled areas; this included not only Iraq but Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and the Polish Corridor ( West Prussia). The Victors of World War I (the Great War) also gave, in 1918, an area in the East End of Mediterranean to the Jews which is now the independent nation of World Trouble Making Israel.

The Jewish Controlled U.S. media is actually defeating themselves on this alleged ISIS Terrorism. The U.S. TV Networks show ISIS as Arabs in the middle of the desert firing small artillery from the beds of Toyota pick up trucks while at the same time warning the American Citizenry that ISIS is the new threat to the U.S. Homeland. The lackey TV reporters exclaim that "ISIS is so bad they are even more evil than Al Quaeda." 

Is the U.S. Government and U.S. TV media talking about the same ISIS in the Iraqi desert they videoed firing artillery from the back of a Toyota pick up truck? It is undisputed that ISIS has no Nukes, no Jets, no Navy or even a boat, no Ballistic Missiles, not even a tank. The undisputed truth is that ISIS is no threat to the American Homeland at all. But ISIS is a short distance on the Globe from Israel.

The American Citizenry shivers in their boots while waiting in fear for the ISIS Terrorists! Where are these ISIS? ISIS is more fabricated fear by the Jewish Media in conjunction with the Jew Controlled U.S. Government used to make the U.S. citizen beg for protection from an enemy that is so remote it is harmless to the American Homeland.

The Jews deny all. They will shout and point that the media is not Controlled by them but by large U.S. Corporations. Sumner still lives!



Post 9/11 Islamic-Terror Headlines by U.S. Jew TV - All Domestic Serial & Mass. Murders - No Foreign Terrorist Invaders

There were several incidents of murder on U.S. soil, after 9-11-01, that the Government, and its ally the U.S. media, deemed to be "Islamic Terror". The evidence is that these Terrorists were born in the U.S. or were legally living in the United States like the spoiled Tsarnaev Brothers. None of these murder incidents were the work of, or caused by foreign Islamic forces or World Islamic Terror Organization.

February through October of 2002 - John Williams (aka John Allen Muhamed). This sniper shot unsuspecting victims, mostly pedestrians, in the Washington D.C. Beltway. Williams joined the Nation of Islam (U.S. Organization) in 1987 and changed his name. The Nation of Islam disassociated themselves from Williams' sniper murders. There was no evidence that Williams murders had anything to do with foreign Islamic forces. Williams' murders were defined by the U.S. Media as "Islamic Terror," but Williams was nothing but a serial killer. However, there is nothing unusual about Williams' sniper murders; for decades, since at least the 1960's, whites have been unable to walk the streets of Black or Hispanic neighborhoods without being murdered. These Urban Kill Zones used to murder whites are ignored by the U.S. media and U.S. Government, but let a Negro claim to be discriminated against and Obama sends in his Attorney General and the colored people are allowed to burn and loot as they were allowed in Ferguson, Missouri.

7-4-2002 Hesham Mohamed Hadayet. A lone gunman and Egyptian who migrated to the U.S. in 1992, Hadayet opened fire on an the national Israeli Airline (El Al) ticket counter in Los Angeles, California. He shot and killed two Israelis.  He worked as a limo driver on an expired tourist visa and requested political Asylum which was denied. No effort had been made by the U.S. Government to deport him, after all, he served the Jewish Social Design Policy of Divide and Conquer with the new massive wave of Non-White Immigrants into the U.S.. Hadayet had been in the U.S. for years and his murder episode was strictly Domestic with no aid or instructions from any Islamic group, foreign or Domestic, although his motive was his hatred for the Jews caused by the Jews' treatment of the indigenous Arabs in Israel. The Jewish Controlled U.S. media falsely inferred that Hadayet was working for Organized World Wide Islamic Terrorism.

1-1-2009 Abdulhakin Muhajid Muhammed  (aka Carlos Leon Bledsoe, born Memphis Tennessee 1985). Bledsoe opened fire at a U.S. military recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was supposedly in Yemen in 2007 teaching English after converting to Islam. There is no evidence that Bledsoe was working for a foreign Islamic Organization. He was an American Islamic who was willing to die because of his hatred for the U.S. atrocities in the Middle East (War in Iraq and Afghanistan).

11-5-2009 Nidal Hasan a U.S. Army Major and psychiatrist who committed mass murder at a U.S. military base where he was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. The U.S. Government never charged Hasan with terrorism but rather they claimed Hasan's murders were "work place violence". Hasan was born in Arlington County, Virginia. There was no evidence of foreign elements at work, including Organized World Islamic Terror. Hasan actions were a result of his hatred for U.S. wars in the Middle East targeted at innocent Islamics.

After reading about the above alleged Terrorists events after 9-11-01, you are probably saying, who? That just highlights the point that Terrorism doesn't exist in the U.S.. Instead, the Shadow Government in the U.S. has engaged in various "Schemes of Murder" to keep the frightened U.S. Citizenry even more scared , so they beg for more Government Protection (restriction of liberty) and give up their guns. Once the U.S. Citizen gives up his guns then there is no one to defend him against the Shadow Government and the Jews can complete their "Jewish Take Over" of the U.S.A..




The Real World Terrorists - Israel and the Jewish Controlled U.S. "Policeman of the World"

The Israelis are quick to yell and scream about Terrorists in their country. Those are not Terrorists but the indigenous Arab People whose ancestors lived in present day Jewish State of Israel long before the Jews were "given" that land by the British Government in 1918. Those same Arabs' ancestors lived in the East End of the Mediterranean long before Mosses fled Egypt; some were the ancient Phoenicians, who settled a colony called Carthage and later called Hippo.

The Israelis have a Jewish apartheid system to control and murder the indigenous Arab/Islamic population. The Israelis seek their apartheid system throughout the Middle East. That's why the U.S. military is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan!

The Jewish Controlled U.S. Government, and their stooges, use any excuse they fabricate to claim a legal right to murder any who disagree with Political Correctness and the New Jew Social Design Policies of the New World Order U.S. Government. For those reasons the murders at Ruby Ridge, Idaho of the Great American Hero, Randy Weaver and his family  in 1992, as well as, the murders of scores of innocent toddlers by flame throwing F.B.I. tanks at Waco, Texas, in 1993, were executed by the U.S. Government's Terrorists/Totalitarian Police State. The Great Anglo-Saxon Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves and grab their rifles and fight to the death, if they were able to witness what has happened in the Great Nation they created in the 1770's.


Today's U.S.A. is a fulfillment of predictions made by authors like Huxley and Orwell in their novels of the mid 20th Century about future Totalitarian States. The Jews that Control today's U.S.A. need to scare the shit out of the rank and file American with phony fabricated murders of Islamic Terror; the U.S. citizen cowers in her boots begging for mercy and protection. It is the Government the U.S. media praises and paints as all benevolent that today's frightened American citizen looks to for safety from the media's Omnipresent Islamic Terrorist. Today's U.S. Government needs to create an enemy in order to convince the U.S. Citizen that they are dependent on the Government from the fabricated Enemies. Such scared citizens are less likely to find fault with the Government. The Islamic Terrorist is particularly useful to today's U.S. Government because they have no recognized Government or even a jurisdiction of land that is home, they are an enemy that is defined by the U.S. Government for its Totalitarian Purposes.

For the last few decades in the U.S.A., a Terrorist is defined as Islamics, who the Israelis fear and want to murder. The Jewish Agenda now rules the U.S.A..

The Jews also target the "Westerner", who has a history that bewilders the Jew, and a culture and tradition the Jew cannot understand or master. The Jew through its New Jew U.S. Government and U.S. Controlled Media have raised claim of a Terrorist being within the U.S. borders, and who the Jew claims works "independently". This Jew enemy is the "Westerner". The Jew cannot tolerate the "Westerners'" independence and Liberty. For Centuries the Jew has marveled at "Westerner", who is the Pioneer of knowledge on Earth, and has chased the "Westerner" across the Globe, so to steal the "Westerners'" inventions, industry and Commerce. While many races in Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa looked to the Jew to lead in trade, finance and law, the Jew marveled at the achievements, inventions, commerce and trade,  and Wealth of the "Westerner" in the U.S.A. and Teutons of Northwest Europe and looks for opportunity to steal their production and wealth.  The Jew seeks to eliminate these "Westerners", who refuse to be enslaved by the Jew, but instead look to the "Western" ideals of Liberty, Freedom and Justice as did the "Westerners'" Forefathers.



Victim's of 9-11-01 File Suit - Litigation Causes Danger of Evidence

Lawsuits were filed by the victims of 911 families/surviving next of kin. $7 Billion in U.S. Government Payouts were created, via a fund, to be paid to victims/descendants who settled out of court without exposing evidence that would have come with evidentiary discovery of a Law Suit. See "9-11 Missing Links" @ 1:27:00.

 97% of Lawsuits caused by the fatalities of 9-11-01 were settled Out of Court. The Government's objective was to prevent civil discovery which causes investigations and evidence of the Truth. No discovery, no depositions, no trial = No Evidence will be turned up that would embarrass the Jewish Controlled Government of the U.S. and expose the crimes of the Israelis on 9-11-01. id

The 3% of the litigants who didn't settle out of Court got a Jew Judge, Alvin Hellerstein, who is another Dual Citizen Israeli with loyalty to his race and cause of the "Chosen People." Hellerstein made sure that no evidence surfaced in cases he handled that would implicate the perpetrators of the Bombings on 911, aka the Israeli Mossad. See "9-11 Missing Links" @ 1:28:00.

Ellen Mariani of Derry, New Hampshire was interviewed about her lawsuit caused by her husband dying in one of the Jets that were allegedly hijacked out of Logan Airport on 911. Mariani's was the first of the 911 victims' lawsuits; she would not settle out of court, although offered cash to go away. The Judge, Hellerstein, threw her case out and dismissed it due to a claim of "National Security". If that isn't bad enough, Judge Hellerstein, then, put her under a "gag order", so to prevent her from talking about the evidence of the case. Since when in this U.S.A. does a Judge have extended power, under the law, to gag anybody once the jurisprudence no longer remains in his Court? See You Tube - "9-11 Birth of Treason". Federal District Judge Hellerstein of the Southern District of New York is just another example of the Tyranny that is omnipresent in the Courts across today's U.S.A.



F.B.I.'s Most Wanted & Osama Bin Laden

On 9-16-01 Osama Bin Laden from Afghanistan, via Al Jazeera radio, denied he had any knowledge of the attack on the Twin Towers of 9-11-01. Bin Laden said, "done by individuals with their own motivation."

Bin Laden was in the American Hospital in Dubai in the summer of 2001 for Kidney Dialysis treatment. See "9-11 Coincidences Part 8" @ 1:11.

Bin Laden is the alleged leader of Al Quaeda. Al Quaeda was founded by the C.I.A. in 1980's in Afghanistan to fight the invading U.S.S.R.. id.


The U.S. Government in conjunction with the U.S. Main Stream Media (MSM) claimed that a video recording was found by the American Military in a cave in the Tora Bora Mountains along the Pakistan Afghanistan frontier that contained a recorded confession by Osama Bin Laden taking full credit for the 911 Attacks on the Twin Towers. id.


F.B.I. Director - Robert "the Insurgent" Mueller - Last Piece to the 9-11 Events in Position

F.B.I. Chief - Robert Mueller was interviewed on CNN on 9/20/01 & 9/27/01 and Mueller stated in those televised interviews that "there is no legal proof  to prove the identity of the hijackers of 9-11-01." See "Exposing the Fraud of 9/11 in 22 Minutes" @ 10:00.

Strange Director of the F.B.I., Robert Mueller, would say anything truthful about the Events of 911 and its hijackers! Robert Mueller is part of the illegal Shadow Government that took control of the U.S.A. via Appointments by the Traitor President Bill Clinton, while Clinton was President of the U.S. for 8 years. Robert Mueller was Appointed by Bush II and took office as Director of the F.B.I. one week before 9-11-01. The Shadow Government has controlled the U.S.A. since before 2001 and needed one of their own to be appointed to the F.B.I. as Director so to cover-up the real and obvious evidence of the Events of 911.

When you see Robert Mueller so vigilant, years later, in fabricating phony evidence against President Donald Trump in 2016-2017 as "Special Prosecutor", now you know why. Mueller is a Traitor and Criminal due to his participation and cover-up of the Real Evidence of the Events of 9-11-01. Donald Trump was elected by the American People and is not part of the Shadow Government causing Robert Mueller and his Co-Conspirators of 911 to fear that the truth of the events of 9-11-01 could be exposed by a rightful Government of the United States led by President Trump.

So why did the U.S.A. bomb and invade Iraq and Afghanistan? To do the Israeli's dirty work at a cost of Trillions in U.S. Tax dollars and the murder of innocent millions overseas, including U.S. military personnel, who never knew what they where fighting for.

Before and after 9-11-01, Osama Bin Laden was on the F.B.I.'s 10 Most Wanted List, but not for crimes on 9-11-01. Bin Laden was small change compared to some who were, in the past, on that list of 10, including "Lepke", Clyde Barrow, Alvin Karpis, the Anglin Brothers and other escapee from Alcatraz, Frank Lee Morris. Osama was wanted for Conspiracy to blow up the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 . The F.B.I. stated that Bin Laden was not wanted by them for the Twin Tower Bombings because there was "no evidence that he was involved in the Twin Tower Bombings." See "9/11 Ripple Effect" @ 1:16:50. There was never an indictment issued against Bin Laden for the Events of 911, but the U.S. Government claims to have sent executioners to Pakistan to murder him

Didn't the U.S. Government and U.S. Media claim Bin Laden immediately confessed/boasted on a video tape to ordering the Twin Tower Bombings and Events of 911? Guess the F.B.I. doubts the authenticity of that video confession.


"All the Innocent People"

How many U.S. soldiers died in the Middle East not knowing who they were fighting for? The U.S. soldier in the Middle East fights and dies not knowing that their U.S. Government advocates the cause of the Israelis? The U.S. military fights and dies for the Jew, while the U.S. taxpayer funds the cost in $Trillions to war for the Jews.

It was, and is, only a small group of Controlling U.S. Government Officials who planned, started  and maintain the illegal U.S. wars in the Middle East, but they have the Power of Authority that also caused the Events of 911 on U.S. soil.

How many children were murdered or dismembered by U.S. weaponry in Iraq and Afghanistan, so the Jews could attempt to clear the World of their endless enemies? There is reason why the Jew has made so many enemies in history and what happened on 9-11-01 is another example of the treachery of the "Chosen People".