Attorney Christopher Timson  Produces False Arrest Evidence 

Flash - Justice = Timson's counterclaims all dismissed - his clients pay up in defeat





The Hearing of 1-22-09 - Attorney Timson Conspires to falsify Evidence for False Arrest via retaliatory counterclaims

After an unexplained postponement of 4 months, the Franklin Superior Court finally held a hearing on plaintiff - Michael Elbery's "Motion to Dismiss the Defendant's Counterclaims" in the case of Elbery v. Patlin Enterprises Inc. and Nikki Patlin - Miller et al.. Initially, the Motion Hearing was scheduled for 10-24-08 before Judge Cahart, but after a 10-23-08 posting  on this Web Site Cahart cancelled claiming, according to the Franklin Superior Court Clerk, he had a conflict of interest with the defendant's attorney - Christopher Timson of Norwood, Mass. . Strange, you would have thought that Cahart would have known about that conflict of interest a month prior when the hearing was scheduled. Attorney Timson claimed that he never heard of Judge Cahart.

Michael Elbery was not arrested on 1-22-09 at the hearing, but Attorney Christopher and his client, Nikki Patlin- Miller, are stacking the deck with more and bigger lies in order to get Michael Elbery falsely arrested. Attorney Timson claimed a brand new lie at the motion hearing. Attorney Christopher Timson is now claiming/lying that "Michael Elbery called Nikki Patlin-Miller by phone at her personal residence and "threatened" her." Timson said this (Plaintiff Elbery called Nikki Patlin at her house and threatened her) in open court at the 1-22-09 motion hearing. Timson is using this latest lie as fake evidence in support of his client's/defendant -Nikki Patlin-Miller's Retaliatory Counterclaims against Elbery, including a 93A s. 11 claim and Intentional Emotional Distress. Of course, all three counterclaims written by Timson for his defendants, the Patlins, are lies.

After the hearing, Elbery asked Timson when he and his Jewish clients, including Nikki Patlin-Miller, were going to the police and getting Elbery falsely arrested on this newly fabricated evidence. Timson clammed up and started muttering and evaded an answer.

Here are the phony counterclaims as written by Attorney Timson for his client Nikki Patlin-Miller. Why is there no mention of a "threatening phone call" to Patlin's house? Did they decide the Counterclaims needed a little bit more phony evidence? Isn't it obvious to any Court that these counterclaims are retaliatory and that Attorney Christopher Timson is just making up more lies with his latest false claim of "Threatening Phone Calls"?

Motion hearing Judge - Mary Lou Rup, would not allow Elbery rebuttal at the Motion Hearing, so he had to write a Supplement to the hearing. Otherwise, they will say - Oh!! You did not deny it, therefore, it must be true. That's one of the simpleton tactics the Mass. Judiciary and prosecutors use in the Mass. courts to falsely convict those who disagree.

Elbery also asked Attorney Christopher Timson, if he believed any of the Counterclaims he wrote for his client, the Patlins. Timson did not answer. This is an "Admission Of Silence" by Timson that he does not believe the Counterclaims and that he knows the Counterclaims he wrote are false. Why would he believe otherwise, he was the one that fabricated the Counterclaims - his clients aren't smart enough to have that kind of legal knowledge. In the opinion of this Web Site, all the Patlins know how to do is lie and steal in order to make money.


How many attorneys would go this distance for their client? Timson is required to withdraw from the case because of the fabricated evidence and counterclaims. Timson claimed it is not that easy for him to withdraw from a case. Elbery told Timson, on 1-22-09, that it was his duty and it was law for him to withdraw because he knows the Counterclaims are fake. Timson was silent, he seemed to have some conscience or was it scared. No doubt, Attorney Christopher Timson acted as if he was "conscious of his guilt". 

Timson knows the bad luck Attorney Louis P. Aloise and his co-conspirators had, who falsely imprisoned Elbery (See home page this Web Site). Attorneys are a dime a dozen - one scandal can destroy Timson's inherited (from his father-in-law) practice of law.

Timson told Elbery he did not understand why people don't like attorneys. Timson said that it bothered him that people disliked him because he is an attorney. Well Timson, stop the lying and you won't have to worry about it. 

Timson is not much of a man, he's the classic sneaky type of lawyer everybody hates. He obviously has been given the green light by the Mass. Bar and Mass. Judiciary to lie against Michael Elbery. In fact, for Timson to do this he must have been encouraged by the Mass. Judiciary and Mass. Bar with FAVOR, if he lies against Michael Elbery.

You can hear Attorney Timson now - "I only take what my clients give me". "I have no control over the police". Timson is blaming his client, Nikki-Patlin-Miller, for making up the lie of "threatening calls" to Nikki Patlin's house.

Timson is a "big shot" Selectman in The Town of Walpole, Mass. ( a "Home Rule Gangster") where he can do no wrong. What a joke - today's America is just full of hypocrites like Timson. No wonder the country is going down the drain. Timson is ever so brave when in a court house surrounded by lackey steroid induced cops/court bailiffs or at the Walpole Town Hall where he can scheme and fabricate.

It is a total lack of respect to use lies to railroad a person in a court of law. These people, like Timson, are very secure. Attorney Christopher Timson must be held responsible.


At April 2, 2009  Discovery Hearing - Elbery v. Patlin

Timson now claims that "those people" (his client's the Patlins and Nikki Patlin Miller) aren't going to do that" (meaning going to the cops with false charges of threatening Nikki Patlin-Miller).






Will Attorney Timson be Successful with his Fabricated Counterclaims?

Eight months after Michael Elbery filed his case Elbery v. Patlin Enterprises Inc. & Nikki Patlin-Miller et al., in Franklin Superior Court in November of 2007, Patlin's attorney - Christopher Timson of Norwood, Mass. filed a late volley of 3 retaliatory/phony counterclaims.

We will find out after the hearing on 1-22-09 at Franklin Superior Court, as a result of Elbery filing a "Motion to Dismiss the Defendants' Counterclaims"  in August of 2008, how successful Timson and the Patlins are with their perjurious counterclaims.  Attorney Christopher G. Timson of Norwood/Walpole, Mass. filed an Opposition to Elbery's "Motion to Dismiss the Patlin's Counterclaims". The Patlins are a Jewish family that stole/defrauded Michael Elbery when he tried to purchase Lincoln Log Ltd. building materials from their business Patlin Enterprises Inc. of Charlemont, Mass.. Patlin Enterprises Inc. was an agent for the now Bankrupt and Liquidated Lincoln Log Ltd.


The Patlins change their mind - Initially claimed Elbery was a consumer

The Patlins initially claimed in March of 2008, via #7 of their Motion To Dismiss Elbery's 93A claim against them, that Elbery was a consumer and claimed Elbery did not correctly plead in his 93A claim against them that he sent the Patlins a 93A letter, as required of a consumer under M.G.L. C. 93A s. 9 (Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices). This so the Patlins simply could not be sued on those 93A grounds. The original Judge, Mary Lou Rup, on the case  dismissed Elbery's 93A claim because the Patlins and their Attorney Timson claimed Elbery was a consumer and did not plead his 93 A claim correctly as required by Mass. law. Yes, the court, Mary Lou Rup, agreed with the Patlins and their attorney that Elbery was a consumer and Rup formally adjudicated that Elbery was a consumer by dismissing his 93A claim against the Patlins.


Patlins now claim Elbery was in business when dealing with them - convenient lies for their counterclaim

Now, because the Patlins have fabricated, with Attorney Christopher Timson's help, 3 counterclaims, they have decided to change their mind about Elbery's status as a consumer because one of those counterclaims is for Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices under M.G.L. C. 93A s. 11. A 93A s. 11 claim requires that Elbery be defined as a commercial litigant (business to business). With the 93A claim the Patlins scheme to make Elbery pay for their attorney's fees. But they have to get Judge Rup to reverse her original  earlier ruling that Elbery is a consumer. A 93A claim can only go against a commercial defendant not a defendant that is a consumer. In other words, you can't sue a consumer under 93A, so Patlins and their attorney Timson had to change their mind after getting Rup to adjudicate that Elbery was a consumer causing Rup to dismiss Elbery's 93A claim against the Patlins.

Elbery per his Opposition to the Patlin's Motion to Dismiss (see VII - paragraph 77) his 93A claim never claimed he dealt with the Patlins as a commercial customer and agreed that he acted as consumer when dealing with the Patlins.

Elbery is claiming in his  Motion to Dismiss the Patlin's 93A claim  (See paragraph #13) against him that the Patlin's have already claimed Elbery acted as a consumer when doing business with them, as above. Now it is more convenient for the Patlins to claim/falsify the opposite because of their newly fabricated counterclaims. They intend to use the newly fabricated counterclaim, by Nikki Patlin and her Attorney Christopher Timson, of "Intentional Emotional Distress" to be the conduct that will cause to be "Unfair and Deceptive under 93A". And of Course, Steve Patlin wants to make sure his Attorney Timson gets all his attorneys' fees paid by Elbery thru the 93A claim. Steve Patlin is demanding - he can't be sued for his fraud. His Attorney - Timson must perform miracles for Steve Patlin. Patlin demands a lot for his money and has this attorney, Timson, standing on his head because of promises of more and bigger fees from Patlin and his referrals. Timson you are a sucker!


That's right, the Patlins and Attorney Christopher Timson claimed that Elbery was a consumer in order to get Elbery's 93A claim dismissed against them. Now, they are claiming Elbery is not a consumer in order to counter sue Elbery under 93A. This is all in the same case. Will the Judge  play this game and just simply violate the law of the case to help out the Jews further corrupt a court proceeding to illegally defeat Michael Elbery?

If the Judge does such an act of Injustice, it is a further calculated Disenfranchisement by the Massachusetts Authorities against Michael Elbery. As per this Web Site, Elbery caught some high ranking Judiciary and Attorneys in Massachusetts committing criminal conspiracy and he is telling the World about it, via the Internet. Every move Elbery makes, in order to make a living, the Mass. Authorities are there to stop him because Elbery won't shut up about the injustices on this Web Site. Michael Elbery will not go away quietly.

They also need to Rig the Jury, as did Judge Rutberg in Pittsfield District Court in the S&K case, in order to win the case for the Patlins. Actually, with a Mass. Judge deciding the Patlin's 93A counterclaim they don't have to worry about rigging a jury. All they need is the corrupt judge who is going to find against Elbery regardless of the fact that Timson did not even plead a valid 93A s. 11 claim against Elbery. That's right, there is absolutely nothing via the Patlin's 93A s. 11 counterclaim that constitutes a 93A s. 11 claim. There will be a posting on this issue soon. 


Mass. Secret Police State Network

Recently, they have used petty municipal workers in the Town of Becket, Mass. to do their dirty work, including Bill Girard (see paragraph #5 and #18 of the Counclaims- they are using Girard to claim that a conversation happened in his Office in the Becket Town Hall) the Becket Building Inspector and Bill Fuller the Board of Health Inspector. Elbery was told by a surveyor from Great Barrington named Charles "Mike" Parsons that Fuller did not like him. Elbery replied that Fuller had not even met him. Evidently, someone spoke to both Girard and Bill Fuller. Government lackeys do have a network of communications (at a minimum through the police/police state) and do know who butters their bread. They are in government to make sure they don't have to work to hard and that their job is insured.

Remember Radio Free America?

This Web Site now gets 60-100 viewers/hits a day. There are  genuine interests in the issues of this Web Site. They love a Scandal. And the bigger they are the harder they fall. Law School's staff and state legislatures and State bars are amongst the groups that have been contacted about this web site. Especially southern law schools - the South has been criticized for years about their alleged "injustice". Well the injustice is at its worst in Massachusetts.



Attorney Timson loses case to Michael Elbery - Timson counterclaims all dismissed - Timson's Patlin Family clients Pay Up in Defeat

Attorney Christopher Timson and his "Patlin family" clients lost in defeat, as all their 3 counterclaims were dismissed. In defeat, the Patlin family decided to forego trial and paid their debt to Michael Elbery in settlement.

Initially, only two of Timson's counterclaims were dismissed by the Court - Mary Lou Rup but Elbery motioned for reconsideration for the Court to dismiss the surviving 93A claim. Once again, another of  Elbery's cases makes judicial history, as the defendant's Attorney, Timson, voluntarily dismissed his own client's 93A Counterclaim?! How often does that happen? The answer is never. Was a deal made with the Mass. Judiciary and Timson in order to save the Mass. Judiciary the embarrassment of signing off on a dismissal of the final surviving Patlin counterclaim? After all, Elbery is the enemy of the Mass. Judiciary - they have not yet silenced Michael Elbery, as is customary in the police state called Massachusetts run by Margaret Marshall and company.

Well, whatever deal was made with Timson, in order for him to voluntarily cancel his client's only surviving counterclaim and only leverage left against Elbery at trial, the Patlins capitulated,  after Steve Izzy Patlin vowed never to pay Elbery a penny. Steve "Izzy" Patlin is known as the most formidable opponent in Berkshire County's construction industry to beat on a lawsuit, due to his using his status as an "agent" to avoid any contract violations. Well this time "Izzy" Patlin was taught a lesson and got a good ass-kicking. But "Izzy" and his business family's, wife-Leslie and daughter Nikki, biggest penalty was that they had to pay their own legal fees to Attorney Christopher Timson, after a year and a half of vicious litigation. Izzy you crook - you could have paid Elbery less money and no legal fees when he sent you a 93A letter of demand and an e-mail just requesting his money be refunded. That's right Steve "Izzy" Patlin could have got away with paying far less and relieved his pompous family and their alleged 10 trial witnesses a whole lot of sweat, if he just acted reasonably. But Izzy has a big ego and decided to go the hard way. You got just what you deserved Izzy and that sneaky attorney of the Mass. Bar, Christopher Timson, who pulled every lousy sleaze-ball trick on Plaintiff - Michael Elbery, has a bunch of your money as a result of Izzy's defeat.

And Timson tried to convince Elbery that they were buddies because they had "enjoyed a pretty good relationship". Elbery reminded Timson that Timson is nothing but a liar like his colleague Attorney Louis P. Aloise, Bobby Sheketoff, former A.D.A. Michael Ball, former Worcester D.A. John Conte, and dead Judge - Daniel Toomey. Elbery reminded Timson that Timson falsified evidence in a U.S. Court just like the bums, as above. Elbery reminded Timson his object was not to make friends especially with those that use courts in the U.S. as forums for lies and corruption in order to defeat anyone who disagrees. This is the same Timson that is a big shot Selectman in the Town of Walpole where he pretends that "butter would melt in his mouth" and that "he is holier than thou" because he attends a Roman Catholic Mass every Sunday.

Timson wanted to be the hero and save the Mass. Judiciary and Mass. Bar from the ruthless exposure of this Web Site of the Scandal in the Courts of Massachusetts. Timson thought his phony/fabricated counterclaims were the answer. You're a school boy Timson - there's no teacher to brown-up in this game Timson - you weren't playing a game that you could receive favor. The power of the Internet.


Motive for Patlin Family Illegalities against Elbery

Of course, Izzy and his Jewish family's entire motive for cheating Elbery was racism. The Patlins believe they are the self appointed "Chosen People by God" and that all other living creatures were put on Earth for the "Chosen Peoples" exploitation", including the fish, birds, mammals and the other humans. Read their bible it is written. Anybody who speaks out against the new Jew Rule of this here U.S.A. will be obstructed in everything they do and probably jailed. The Jews have their people in position, whether it be government, educational institutions, professions, the courts, business, or media. For self-proclaimed "Chosen People" the Patlins are such fat and ugly deformities, why weren't they given better genes?