Berkshire County Drug Dealer allowed license to carry guns





This Chapter of MassInjustice.Org will document Gun Control in this here U.S.A., well, actually in Anti-Gun Massachusetts. Massachusetts is the most Anti-Gun State in the Union. Long before Obama and his Anti-Gun, Anti-Second Amendment Rights Left Wingers took over the country, Massachusetts had a complete set of Police issued gun permits, accompanied by a potpourri of unparalleled Gun laws that made residents of Massachusetts believe that guns are illegal. The People do not understand law - the Second Amendment was written by the American Revolutionaries to protect themselves against the danger of the new Federal Government they created. Hunting for food and self-defense with guns were presumed by the People and Culture that created what was liberty and justice and the U.S.A.; there is nothing in the U.S. Constitutional or its Bill of Rights that even address hunting or self-defense. If those great American Founders ever saw what became of the Country they founded they would roll over in their Graves. Self - Defense in Massachusetts? Not unless you know someone.

It should be noted that these American Revolutionaries/Founding Fathers were a product of a people who had common culture, experience, heritage and traditions. The only way you can have a nation of self-regulating free men is to be one people of the same culture and common heritage.

But like all laws in this here U.S.A., and particularly in Massachusetts which is also the most corrupt and biggest Police State in the Union, the Gun Laws are selectively enforced. Selective Prosecution is nothing new, that's why Organized Crime exists so strongly and boldly in the U.S.. When was the last time a member of the Italian Mafia was convicted in a Massachusetts State Court?


The Massachusetts, Federally Protected, Licensed Gun Carrying Drug Dealer - aka Stupfy Taylor

Here is a documented Case example in the remote bucolic town of Lee, Mass. which is located in the Western Mass., Berkshire County, just a few miles from the New York State Line. This incident involves a drug dealer, in the Lexington Manor Apt. Complex at 105 Laurel St. (Route 20), who was raided by an F.B.I. swat team. The F.B.I. had a federally issued search warrant and searched an seized the Drug Dealer's two bedroom basement apartment for two hours. The F.B.I. wasn't whistling Dixie this time, no no, they carried out a few boxes of contraband and locked the contraband away in the trunks of their cars. But they did not arrest the Drug Dealer or any of the drug addicts who were in the drug den.

So what's the big deal about the gun laws in Massachusetts? Well, the drug dealer had a gun collection in his apartment complete with Military style Semi - Automatic rifles and a semi - auto pistols, including the .45 he would brandish in the parking lot. The drug dealer also liked to brandish his Semi - Auto Rifles, so everybody would be warned of  this pipsqueak's danger.

And here's the rest of it - the drug dealer still has his gun collection and all his police issued gun permits, including a "License to Carry Handguns". That License, the "License to Carry", is issued and revoked by the sole discretion of the Chief of Police where a Mass. Resident lives or has a business. There is no right in Massachusetts (according to Mass. law) to a "License to Carry"; that license allows for concealed carrying of a hand gun.


Oh, this punk drug dealer, Stupfy, also known as Matthew Taylor, is a special boy. Stupfy has a special status in society, so he can get raided by an F.B.I. swat team and get caught red handed with the goods, a high felony, but still keep all his guns and State issued Gun Permits. Matthew Taylor, aka "Stupfy" is the nephew of the owners of Lexington Manor Apartment Complex, Tim Knight and his father and brothers. Stupfy got in a little trouble when he was 16 years old in his home town  of Portland, Maine and the Knights came to the rescue and gave him sanctuary in Lee, Mass. rent free. Stupfy was put in the basement apartment, so his constant nonsense didn't disturb the other tenants, as badly, had he been allowed to live in the upper floors with the other tenants. From 2004, through at least 2008, this teenager did not work and had no apparent means of support. Lexington Manor Apartment Complex has a noise problem because the structure lacks sound proofing, including entrance doors to the apartments that are hollow core, like a closet door in your house. The sound travels right through those hollow core doors, and if you are passing a tenant's apartment you can hear everything they are saying from out in the hallway. Stupfy's apartment was located next to the laundry room, so other tenants would pass his apartment that was usually filled with druggies making noise. Stupfy and his drug group did not keep it secret they had drugs. Whether it's Portland, Maine or Lee, Mass. Stupfy gets away with high crime with impunity.

The date was January 28, 2008 when the F.B.I. swat team, in conjunction with the Mass. State Police, got a Federal Judge to issue a search warrant for the contraband - drugs in Stupfy's apartment. One of the tenants in the first floor saw the rush of the Swat Team at about 8:00am on that January morning. The Swat Team waited for the bulk of the tenants to go to work and school before they hit the Drug Addicts in the Basement Apt. After some difficulty getting in the security door of the Building, Stupfy had guests. Once all The F.B.I. swat team and state cops  got inside Stupfy's Apt. they closed the door for two hours doing their search. The F.B.I. seemed to go out of their  way to be low key and stay out of sight. Except for the first 5 minutes, they were out of sight inside Stupfy's apartment, so no one would have known they were on the Lexington Manor premises, the cops came in 9 cars that were unmarked "Joe Citizen" cars.

See more pictures of F.B.I. Swat Team's bust of Stupfy Taylor at Lexington Manor Apt. Complex in Lee, Mass.

One of the tenants got his camera and waited in delight because finally Stupfy and his pain in the ass punk drug crowd would be gone, but it took the F.B.I. Swat Team to get rid of this Stupfy. Wrong, unbelievably Wrong! As above, the F.B.I did their search and seized the drugs, but that was it. The tenant with the camera was waiting for punk Matthew Taylor to come out with his girl friend in hand cuffs. But to his dismay, not even the F.B.I. could get rid of this social parasite - Matthew "Stupfy" Taylor. Unbelievably, after all that, there were no arrests, the Swat Team took Matthew's drugs away,  so he didn't get in any more trouble and they went away leaving Matthew Stupfy Taylor with his arsenal of guns, all legal by his police issued Massachusetts gun permits. Only  in Massachusetts does the corruption run this deep. Did the Federal Judge Michael Ponsor know Stupfy had guns and permits? That Federal Judge in Springfield, Mass. - Michael Ponsor does not care, instead, Federal Judge Ponsor concealed the evidence by immediately sealing all the Federally Issued Search Warrants and related information he authorized. Too bad Ponsor, you can't beat a camera. This guy Ponsor is just another problem with today's Judiciary.

Oh, Tim Knight and the other owners of Knight Realty were alerted to nephew Stupfy and the F.B.I. drug bust. Knight's manager, Jim Hall, was on the spot about an hour after the Bust. Oh, Jim Hall wanted information, Hall was walking confused up and down the parking lot looking for information with his mouth open while he was chasing his tail. 


When the Apartment Complex co-manager, June Crawford, found out she blamed whoever it was that gave Stupfy guns. Hey, you Old Crow, it was Federal Judge Michael Ponsor. See Apartment Complex Mgr., June Crawford's best side.

But at least one tenant knew the law and not only discovered the search warrant was federally issued, but that the search warrant and its return service was immediately sealed the same day by Federal Judge Michael Ponsor, so that Stupfy and his family could be further protected. Why are these landlords so important, is corruption in this country so bad that all you need to be is a Mickey Mouse Landlord with a side order Real Estate Management Business to be immune from prosecution? There are 9 members of the Knight Family, who must be cutting the profit pie into a lot of pieces. That's all it takes to have that kind of influence peddling or corruption in this country now?

A Drug dealer allowed to have a "license to carry guns", while at the same time keeping their drugs next to his arsenal of semi-automatic weapons and then a Federal Judge seals up all the documented evidence, so the Drug dealer is protected and his Knight family not embarrassed. Only in Massachusetts!