Today's Scribes and Pharisees in this Here U.S.A.




Today's physician will examine your sick child for a fat fee; the ultimate exploitation of another human. There is no guarantee that his high priced fee will result in anything positive, let alone a cure. Sometimes the medical doctor misdiagnosis or fabricates after doing his process of elimination. The physician is sensitive about his overpriced services that guarantee no production at all; to remedy this embarrassment about his exploitive fees the physician has utilized the insurance companies to middleman his money. Thus the physician causes even higher prices because the medical insurance companies are hungry for profits from medical care for the sick.

The physician cries about the attorneys suing him for malpractice, so the physician had law created that protects him in his malpractice. To sue a physician  in the U.S.A. you have a high hurdle to hike. To sue a physician the injured plaintiff needs a professional witness to testify that the defendant-physician was negligent or committed malpractice. The professional witness can only be another physician. The medical profession establishes the "standard of care" required to prove the physician was deficient in his treatment causing the claimed malpractice; the physician is well aware as to the limits set via this "standard of care". Today's physician, priding himself as brilliant, runs around chasing his tail for fees giving his patients 15 minutes of analysis to diagnose the patient's ailment. The physician will lie - if your intestines are problematic the physician will invent the patient has I.B.S.; I.B.S. ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) just means the physician does not know what is wrong with his patient after doing testing that he has available. The physician has no problem telling patients with Diabetes II that the cause is heredity when they have no proof of that claim of cause. How convenient, not even a double-blind study! The patient goes away thinking the physician knows something, but the patient is short on a cure or even a treatment after being tricked.

The physician complains about law but has no problem manipulating it for his benefit via malpractice standard and requirement but goes one step further. The doctor knows influence peddling and politics; the physician may not be brilliant but the medical profession is viciously clever. The physicians see politicians as a means to their social control and further wealth aggrandizement. The physician, via his Union, the A.M.A., had the government enforce medical insurance by penalty of law. In 2006, Massachusetts, the U.S. frontrunner in insurance enforcement, under the Mitt Romney regime made purchase of medical insurance a legal requirement. Governor Mitt reasoned for the benefit of his buddies, the physicians, that it would be advantageous for the residents of Mass. because they were insured. Romney left out that, for those who don't have the benefit of an employer paying their medical insurance, the cost for the individual compulsory medical insurance ranges from $600.00 to $1,200.00 per month. And worse, the physician, who is the beneficiary of this forced purchase of medical insurance, is not required to accept all medical insurance plans; the precious physician can opt to only take the high priced plans that will maximize his fee. That physician may not have any cures for the chronic diseases that plague today's American but he knows how to make money. Fortunately for the doctor, he is governed by tort law because if he ever had to write a contract like other people who are in business he would be in trouble. The doctors contract would be void because it would contain "maybe's" and "if's" - who would hire on such terms let alone pay for such written terms.

Today's physician has far greater scientific and technological resources than the benevolent doctors of the 1950's and 1960's, but using these resources takes time that will get in the way of his fees. The surgeons, a small percentage of the medical trade, do some marvelous surgeries but these miracle surgeries constitute only a very small percentage of the activity performed by today's medical profession. However, many of these miracle surgeries only yield a marginal extension of life to patients who cannot escape near term death; these surgeries are almost always accompanied by a regiment of drugs for the balance of the subject's life. Seldom do the recipients of these surgeries get off the hospital bed and walk away, but instead have to rely on future physician's drugs and treatments to stay alive. The medical profession is helpless to deal with the chronic illnesses that plague the U.S.A. and Western World. The physicians in conjunction with the money grubbing Drug Industry treat these death causing illnesses with drugs that have so many adverse effects the end result is death. Sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease. The physician has no interest in prevention and will tell you that he was not trained in medical school in the nutrition that is required by the human body. Guess what - without the necessary nutrition the human being will age very quickly; without the required nutrition the human body weakens and gets disease and dies. Prevention is not part of what the physician does.


The physician acts as an authority in society, not in matters of the human body, but the human mind. The rank and file physician seems bored with his status always striving to determine the patients thought process or psychology. Today's physician investigates his patient and easily misstates and of course reports.

Now, Obama has obliged the Medical Authorities by solving the problem of the 30 million in the U.S.A. who could not afford health insurance. Obama, like Romney, used the force of law to make the American citizen buy health insurance. Outraged because in this U.S.A. it is illegal to make a citizen buy a product or service, Obama's law enforced Health Insurance was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to decide its legality. Even that bevy of Left-wing pontiffs could not formulate an opinion that would support, through their usual Totalitarian fabrications, grounds for Obama's law enforced purchase of medical insurance. So the U.S. Supreme Court taught Obama a lesson, and lied again, calling Obama's medical insurance a tax and took care of the doctors and greater Medical - Drug Industries. Obama was not happy about the label of tax on his law enforced Obama Care medical insurance which he had and still does insist is not a tax. Obama is right it isn't a tax, the U.S. Supreme Court fabricated law again by calling Obama Care a tax.  The American citizen is now required to buy a product called medical insurance which is illegal in the United States; in the U.S.A. the government can not legally under the Constitution make anybody buy medical insurance or anything else, regardless of the U.S. Supreme Court Judges' lies and fabrications. By the way those Supreme Court Judges are nothing but 9 lawyers who are deciding the way the U.S. Society will be run; they have been good at destroying the U.S.A. with all their Jewish Social Design Policies they make part of the U.S. Constitution.

You won't be on the U.S. Supreme Court unless you have been indoctrinated and comply to the dogma of the Jewish Social Design Policies. In fact, anyone in this here U.S.A. who does not pay at least lip service to these Jewish New World Order policies can get nowhere in either political party that controls the politics in the U.S. and in turn are controlled by the Jew.

Obama and Mitt Romney should learn that the reason 30 Million Americans did not have medical insurance is because they could not afford it. At a monthly cost of between $600-$1,200 per month, many found that they would be paying the equivalent of another month's rent for insurance they were not even using. Throwing that amount in the insurance companies' kitty every month is only good for the insurance companies' fat profits. And to make matters worse, the physician does not have to accept your medical insurance, rather he can opt to only accept the high priced policies to pay for his overpriced services, or demand cash. 


The physicians may have problems with Obama and his successors. Initially in 2008-2009, Obama wanted socialized medicine, similar to the system they have in Canada and Western Europe. Everybody in the U.S. would have been treated under exactly the same government controlled Medical Insurance Plan, but someone tapped Obama on the shoulder and told him it was not a good idea. Since then, Obama acts like he never had such stated objectives, as socialized medicine. Obama and his type have their foot in the door with the first step towards complete government control of the Health Care Industries. Obama might end up being the bane of the physicians with his future socialization of health care, but in the meantime the physicians, greater Medical/Drug Industries clean up with greater law enforced profits. Americans were much better off the way the Health Care System existed prior to the government getting involved and law enforcing medical insurance for the citizens.

The shouting left-wing advocates, who want the government to control everything, including thought in this here U.S.A., demand that everyone will eventually be hospitalized, therefore, mandatory medical insurance must be law and enforced by the police by penalty of law. These screaming medical insurance enforcers justify their compulsory insurance with death itself, claiming that everyone is hospitalized before they die and that all citizens must pay for this death hospitalization. Why is the physician and health care industry automatically entitled to a death fee? True, everyone will die, but why should the Medical Industry automatically get a cut of the action by hospitalizing everyone who is dying? The medical people have no problem keeping the dead alive with respirators and other tools of the trade that serve no purpose other than causing excessive intensive care fees charged to people who would have died naturally and have no chance of survival in any dignified terms. The physician and his Medical Industry want to control and profit off death itself. When the insurance coverage or money runs out they pull the plug; they only keep the insured on death row. 

Most Americans, who have to pay a big monthly fee due to Obama Care, will be throwing money away for no value in return because the Government has made medical insurance mandatory and an enforced purchase by law. What a shame in this U.S.A. and they claim this is a free society. The U.S.A. has not been a free society in many decades and gets less free every year and this mandatory medical insurance is another obstacle to liberty and freedom.

When the government makes it a law that you have to purchase a good or service the price will automatically go up!

For the unfortunate citizen of this U.S.A. who does not have an employer footing the bill for his medical insurance, they will find that the monthly insurance premiums that they are forced by Obama Law to throw into the collective Communist kitty results in a very small return on investment. The old pay-as-you-go method that existed in the U.S., up until a few decades ago, yielded a fair system to the patient/citizen and helped keep medical costs reasonable because of the arm's length transaction with the physician and absense of greedy insurance companies. 

How did things go so wrong? Society used to assume that the physician was a good man whose purpose was benevolence not greedy wealth. If someone wants to get wealthy they should not use the medical profession as the means. Do something else if wealth is your objective. In the 1950'- through 1970's, and prior, the physician made more than most of Society but did not expect wealth. Further, everyone expected the physician to make a good living but the physicians then avoided conduct that would be defined as greed. The physician of the past in the U.S. was primarily interested in helping people not getting paid, not his lifestyle. The physicians of the past decades were high academic achievers but unlike today's breed of academic achievers did  not presume an entitlement of wealth because they went to medical school.

What can you expect? The physicians are different today than in the past for a reason. The medical schools in the U.S.A. have racial quotas that discriminate against whites. It used to be a white man who came from a now disintegrated culture that caused the physician to be worried about the patient not his own wealth and life style. No one expects house calls but pill pushing doctors that charge $1,000.00 an hour for services that accomplish nothing or primary unionized activity that's goal is control by law is nothing but exploitation of the masses. The medical schools in the U.S. exclude white males with their racial quotas and draft foreign non-white students in order to fill the ranks of the medical profession in the U.S.. And guess who implemented these racial quotas for the medical schools? The same Jews that brought you Social Design Policies that are being used to divide and conquer this U.S.A.; it is just another part of the plan to Reduce the Social Standing of the White Man in the U.S.A.. That's right, the same white man that founded and built the U.S.A. to its greatness. It is no mystery why the U.S. is in decline - the white man who built the country is being systematically defeated in his own country by Social Design Policies. These social design policies are enforced by Federal Law via the U.S. Supreme Court, the Jewish controlled media, the educational system brainwashes the young with these Jewish invented social policies that target and disadvantage the white man as the enemy in his own country.


The physician is no better than the attorney - they are controlling forces in the U.S.A. - their object is not humanitarian but themselves.