The Arson Fire at E-Z Mini Storage and the Shrewsbury Police




Shrewsbury, Mass. experienced its biggest fire ever on August 4-5 of 1994 via the arson fire at E-Z Mini-Storage on Route 9 Shrewsbury.


No one was ever charged, let alone convicted of that arson. But scores of customers lost their property that was stored at that facility. It was the C Building at E-z that was set on fire and destroyed. Michael Elbery's E-z Storage Unit was in C Building. The other 3 buildings were spared any fire damage. There was over $2,000,000.00 in damages due to the E-Z arson fire according to the Worcester T&G.


But why was E-Z Mini Storage torched? What was the objective to the arson? And Who started that Arson Fire at E-z?

THE ANSWER to the last question IS THE POLICE!!

There is  no 4th Amendment protection when the authorities are fighting fires. They can legally enter any dwelling during a fire without a search warrant.

The Shrewsbury Police Dept. had their own Arson Investigator, Gus Chester Johnson. Johnson knew how to set fires. Johnson was promoted to Lieutenant after the E-Z arson fire and false arrest of Michael Elbery on 8-5-94 of which he was a participant. Coincidentally, Johnson was removed as Arson Investigator. See more on Gus Chester under the "Promotions" link.

On August 5, 1994 Michael Elbery was free on bail due to a "Stay of Sentence Pending an Appeal" of his 10 year attempted mayhem conviction. It would be all the more likely that Elbery would lose his Direct Appeal of the "Attempted Mayhem" conviction, if he was in prison rather than out on the streets via a "Stay of Sentence". Better yet, if the Mass. Court of Appeals saw that Elbery's "Stay" was revoked due to a gun arrest, they may be more easily inclined to find against Elbery, via his Direct Appeal, as prepared by Attorney Robert "Bobby" Sheketoff.

The E-z Mini Storage Fire would cause that bail to be revoked and Elbery would begin his 10 year State Prison sentence.

The only thing that was accomplished, via the E-Z arson, was the arrest of Michael Elbery for 6 gun charge violations causing Elbery's "Stay of Sentence" (See third entry which is dated 7-15-93) to be revoked by Judge Dan Toomey (and that is why E-z Mini Storage burned). 6 guns were found by the Shrewsbury Police when they entered Elbery's garage style storage container at E-Z. Coincidentally, the cops stopped entering storage units once they got into Elbery's unit by cutting the lock off the garage door. The guns were perfectly legal and had been, years earlier, legally purchased by Michael Elbery. The Shrewsbury Police and Fire Dept. stopped breaking open storage units once they broke the lock on Elbery's garage style unit.


In April of 2005, Michael Elbery would be found not guilty on all 6 gun charges because he had an F.I.D. card (license) as required by Mass. law and as issued by the Shrewsbury Police Dept., by that time he had been in prison for 8 months for "attempted mayhem".


The question you ask is how did the police know the guns were in Elbery's E-z garage unit? The police did not want Elbery out on bail after his conviction for "attempted mayhem" on alleged victim and fellow police officer Tom King. The police were following Elbery. The police had the technology, in 1994 and now, to listen to your phone calls without ever involving a phone company or courts for a warrant. Oh yes, any evidence they gain from such illegal electronic surveillance of your phone would be inadmissible in court, but they will know your every move. The Shrewsbury Police knew that Elbery had legally licensed guns because they were the police department that issued Elbery his F.I.D. license; Elbery lived in Shrewsbury, Mass. for over a decade.

Noteworthy, Attorney Louis P. Aloise, after Elbery was convicted of "attempted mayhem" and released on bail pending a "Stay of Sentence Pending Appeal," repeatedly asked Elbery where his guns were.

Elbery later filed 2 lawsuits relative to those false arrests in the Federal Court in Boston, Mass.


 See      Elbery v. Sklut


            Elbery v. Attorney Bradford Louison  (paragraphs 17-23 for police-arsonists setting E-Z fire)

             See also Attorney "Bad Brad" Louison and the Phony I.O.U. and Lost Fee  

These 2 Federal law suits give more detail about the arson and who (the police) was motivated to torch E-Z Mini Storage on August 4, 1994.

Elbery lost both of those Federal law suits due to corruption in the Federal court. In the Sklut case Federal Judge Mark Wolf changed Mass. gun law C. 269 s.10a in order to help the Shrewsbury Police.

Get more Information on the Sklut lawsuit and how Federal Judge Mark Wolf violated Michael Elbery's rights in that case. Not all was lost because that Chapter of MassInjustice caused Wolf to Resign.