Federal District Judge Patti B. Saris

Patti waives the magic judicial wand




Judge Patti B. Saris of the Boston Federal Courthouse is part of the new Jewish rule in the United States. She is just what Jewish Rule in America planned - control of the courts and law. Saris has thousands of well paid police at her disposal to enforce her judicial orders. Her tyranny is complete. She is the enemy of the American people and seeks to destroy what was the great American people and its culture, society and county - the United States of America. Judge Patti B. hates the White Man. Patti B. hates the achievement of the White Man on this planet Earth and seeks to reduce the social status of the White Man via New World Order Jewish Policies as made possible through U.S. federal law. Start with the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and all the latest biased misinterpretations of the Equal Protection Clause.

Patti B. hates Michael Elbery and finds him to be the enemy/obstruction within that must be destroyed in the U.S.A., so that New World Order Jewish Social Policies can be enforced and the United States reduced to a post mark on the One World Government Agenda. It is Judge Patti that is the enemy within and is destroying this here U.S.A. from within.

Judge "Patti B." meets Michael Elbery - Patti Engages in Illegal Judicial Tactics to Defeat the White Enemy

Patti B. Saris had the federal Clerk at the Boston Federal Courthouse intercept all the lawsuits filed by Michael Elbery in the 1990's against state actors, and in particular the Shrewsbury Police Department. Patti thought no one would know and that no one would dare say anything to her highness regarding her actions, that she could act as usual with impunity.


Patti got scared when Michael Elbery complained that she had illegally confiscated all of Elbery's federal law suits. Patti wanted to make sure Michael Elbery continued to have no chance to win any of those law suits, so due to Elbery's complaint, she distributed most of Elbery's lawsuits to "friendly" New World Order judges like Federal Judge Mark Wolf, another Jew.

Oh, Judge Patti had way more than just the Sklut case to ditch. Patti hoarded all Plaintiff - Elbery's lawsuit. The Federal Clerk's Office did as ordered a grabbed each case Elbery filed and assigned those lawsuits to the Docket of Judge Patti. But that is illegal. The lawsuits are supposed to be randomly assigned to the various judges at the Boston Federal Courthouse. Judge Patti is an obstruction of justice and a walking Violation of the U.S. Constitution written by the White Men Patti seeks to purge.

Patti got caught with the goods and that scared her, so she had to throw more evidence overboard, Patti transferred the Klug case to Judge Mark Wolf.


Oops, Patti had to ditch some more evidence and transferred the Attorney Bradford Louison case to Judge Mark Wolf. "Bad Brad" Louison had to be protected by fellow Jews.

Then Judge Patti does a grand finale and Dumps all Michael  Elbery's cases , after he complained about her illegalities. In the interest of Justice? Is that what Patti wrote? None of those cases were consolidated when they got to Federal Judge Wolf

Judge Patti stuck those Federal Cases that Plaintiff - Michael Elbery filed with, his then majesty, Chief Federal Judge of the District of Massachusetts- Mark Wolf. And you know what happened to Wolf. Did Patti B. plan this knowing that Elbery's cases were certain trouble for the likes of the corruption of the Jew Judges on the Federal Bench in Boston, Mass.? Wolf lost his Chief Justice Rank because Michael Elbery caught him violating the law and Exposed that fat boy to the World via the World Free Internet.

Patti did hold on to Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's first case that he filed in the Boston Federal Court House and that was the Hester Case.

The other Federal case that Michael Elbery had filed in the Federal Court at that point in time, Elbery v. Mass. D.O.C., went to the Negro Judge - Reginald Lindsay. Lindsay double-crossed Plaintiff -  Michael Elbery by depriving him of a civil jury trial on that case. Seems Lindsay ran in to some bad luck and died shortly thereafter. Whatever did happen?


The Hester Case - The police are  allowed to make an arrest a day before the crime occurs - Thanks to Patti

The case/arrest of Michael Elbery for intimidation of witness (one Jeffrey Schlener - bartender at the Winner's Circle Bar during the incident that caused Elbery to be framed for 10 years for attempted mayhem) was finally dismissed by Worcester District Judge Paul Loconto in 1994 due to the impossibilities of the charge and at the Request of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Worcester D.A. John "the Mafia" Conte's Office). Elbery filed a lawsuit against James Hester for false arrest and violation of his 4th amendment rights in 1997 due to this intimidation charge .


A little something about Attorney Louis P. Aloise and his buddy Tom King the cry baby fat cop

But not before Attorney Louis P. Aloise got another chance to railroad his defense client, Michael Elbery. Aloise initially had the same intimidation case and got Elbery convicted. And this was after Attorney Aloise alerted Michael Elbery that the Shrewsbury cops had a Due Process Violation because they made their arrest a day before it was reported to the police. Aloise blamed "that cop (King) must have screwed this up". Aloise refused to present this evidence that the cops made the arrest of his client a day before the crime was reported to them. Michael Elbery was found guilty by Judge Waikowski at Westboro District Court in a jury waived trial under the old De Novo System. The De Novo System allowed the defendant to appeal the District Court judge's decision of guilty to a Six Man Jury. So Michael Elbery did just that and also got a new lawyer, who defended the Due Process Violation and as above paragraph the D.A.'s Office/Prosecution surrendered and asked for a dismissal of the charges.

See the Transcript pgs 1-70 and  of the balance of the Transcript. Westboro trial and another deliberate malicious prosecution by Aloise of his own defense client. The trial in Westboro District Court was tape recorded. After getting convicted at the hands of his Defense Attorney Louis P. Aloise before Judge Waikowski and appealing to a District Court Jury, Michael Elbery went to Boston, Mass. and temporarily had Attorney Richard Egbert looking at the case and paid Egbert $5,000.00. Egbert had the tape transposed to transcript form by a Louis S. Vigoda of Randolph, Mass.. Vigoda was well instructed to butcher as much of the exculpatory evidence in the transcript with the use of ----- and "unaudible". The fourth attorney on the case reviewed the tape and Vigoda's transcript and attempted to fill in the evidence, as per that attorney's office's product. Michael Elbery had other problems with Egbert and demanded his $5,000.00 back and Egbert reluctantly made the refund. Egbert died around 2007 still in his 50's.

Also see "Mike Jennings Incident" for more on the Intimidation Case.

See also the Deposition of Tom King (the fat cry baby cop) taken by Michael Elbery under the guise of the Hester case.

Judge Patti presided over Michael Elbery's first Federal lawsuit - Elbery v. James Hester; Hester was a Town of Shrewsbury police detective. Judge Patti would find that the Shrewsbury Police/James Hester had Probable Cause to arrest Michael Elbery for intimidation of a Witness in 1992, even though the police documents (arrest warrant and police report of that case) clearly indicate that the arrest of Michael Elbery was made a DAY BEFORE the alleged crime of intimidation was reported to the Shrewsbury Police. That is like arresting someone for bank robbery a day before the robbery allegedly occurs (an impossibility even for Federal Patti). But anything is possible in the Courts as controlled by "World Jewry". Coincidentally, James Hester was promoted for his good work and is now the Shrewsbury Chief of Police. 


The plaintiff, Elbery, was clear in his Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment that he had been arrested falsely for the crime of intimidation of a witness and that because Worcester District Judge Paul Loconto dismissed the case at the request of the Commonwealth there was found to be No Probable Cause for the arrest.

Judge Patti B. Saris decided  , see page 8,9, 11 where Patti admits that Elbery was arrested a day before the alleged crime occurred, but still finds the police had probable cause to arrest Elbery. None of the underlying activity in the Mass. Court where the criminal case was tried made any difference - Patti made law and found Elbery had no grounds for a false arrest lawsuit, even though the arrest was a DAY BEFORE they alleged the crime took place.

See the Docket Entries of Elbery v. Hester. Judge Patti made her illegal decision that an arrest can be made before the alleged crime is reported, as soon as, Michael Elbery was falsely arrest in July of 2000 for the falsified racial beating of Jewish Peter Gear. That so Michael Elbery could not Appeal Patti's Decision and the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals could avoid the embarrassment of agreeing with Judge Patti.


Patti Further Violates Elbery's Rights - Patti Orders Elbery not to use the Federal Court 

There is a reason for the Federal Court besides throwing people in Federal Prisons for newly created crimes like conspiracies because somebody  talked about doing something illegal. There is supposed to be a reason for the Federal Court besides throwing citizens in a 12' x 12' prison cells for 23 hours a day and then they are not seen for 20 years, if at all, because such conditions are  nothing more than a death sentence. The human body develops disease  when you are locked up for years on end under those conditions.

Michael Elbery was always of the belief that the Federal Courthouse was a place that would insure your Constitutional Rights, as written by his Ancestors who fought the American Revolution and wrote the Bill of Rights. Elbery learned the myth ended years ago when America was a different place. Gary Cooper's America is deceased. The American Revolutionaries/Founding Fathers of this here U.S.A. would roll over in their graves, if they saw what happened to their creation of liberty and freedom. They would fight the Jewish New World Order to their death. 

The American Founding Fathers, all White Men, knew the Problem of the Jew, after all, the Foundation of Modern Western Liberties and Freedom, The Magna Charta of 1215 through 1225, documented the Exploitation of the Masses by the Jew. But European Royalty, with the exception of France and its Corsican General, would still protect the People from the Evil of the Jew for approximately another Century, until the Great War destroyed the political systems and cultures of Europe. Also read Social Evolution U.S.A. 

Today, the Federal Courts are there to make sure the "Protected Classes" rights are enforced. That "Protected Classes" in the U.S. include everybody in the U.S.A., but the White Man. That is how the Supreme Court of the U.S. has weaved  and invented the new interpretations of the 14th amendment in order to help defeat the White Man in his country. After all, the big obstacle to World Power for World Jewry is the White Man in the U.S.A. - He built the greatness that was once the United States of America. All that will be left of the U.S.A. will be a strata of wealthy Jews creating wealth for themselves, via the federal Reserves "money creation" schemes and rigging of the Financial Markets. The Jew produces nothing while scheming to gain Wealth. Yes sir, it's easy to make money when you can "create it out of thin air" (computerized accounting entries). Who needs industries and jobs in the U.S.A.? The Jewish Bilderbergers had decided in 1952 that the U.S.A. would be less dangerous to them, if reduced to a service economy (all the young who get the now worthless public education are enslaved into the Fast Food Industry, etc.).

Michael Elbery learned, not only didn't he have a chance at any justice in the Federal Court because of its Jewish Control by judges like Jewish Saris and Judge Mark Wolf, but the Jews are controlling the Judiciary, as well as the Lawyers Bar, media, financial markets, banking system, and educational system in this country. You have to give the Jew and his Organization credit, because they did all this in the last 50 years. The federal judges in the Boston-Federal Court told Michael Elbery to get lost. "Elbery we don't want you in our Federal Courthouse your rights don't exist here." Our Agenda is rights for those who help us divide and conquer the United States. "Yankee Go Home."



Federal Judge Saris ' - Unconstitutional Orders

Patti was frightened of getting caught ordering the Federal Clerk to grab all Michael Elbery's lawsuits for her docket, so Patti B. decided to engage in more Illegalities against an American Citizen. Patti Saris ordered Elbery not to file any lawsuits in the federal Court house, whereupon, Elbery ignored her knowing she had no right to do so. Then she made narrower orders because even the Federal Clerk was afraid to enforce Patti's order of "no more law suits". Elbery asked for clarification regarding the Saris orders and it seems to have annoyed Saris. Saris is right - her orders and conduct and law do "speak for themselves".

No Wonder that Attorney Bradford Louison and the Shrewsbury Police felt free to create phony evidence to frame citizens, inlcuding Al Benoit and Michael Elbery, for Fabricated Crimes.