Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick Will Be Elected in 2016 U.S. President





This is not an endorsement, but a prediction. A prediction based on today's U.S.A..


The demographics have all changed in the U.S.A. in the last 50 years. The face of the American population was deliberately changed by New World Order Social Design Policies that demanded massive invasion of the U.S. Borders by non-white foreigners and more Federal laws that make out of wedlock mothers on Welfare the biggest cottage industry the World has ever seen. The more the colored fornicate and produce welfare babies, the more they get paid at the expense of the White Man to overpopulate the U.S. and making the White Man a minority in the country he founded and built to its greatness. 


They will always vote for their own kind. And compounding the syndrome is that they will always vote for whoever gives them the most free of charge.


The U.S. will not see another White Man as President.

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