Worcester Court Clerk - John O'Connor

He's more important than the Bill of Rights 




While the F.B.I. searches the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. for weapons of mass destruction resulting from a warrant issued by a federal judge, here is one of the less exciting Chapters of MassInjustice.Org. This Chapter of MassInjustice exposes the illegal and biased judicial conduct of Worcester Court Clerk - John O'Connor. O'Connor was Judge Dan Toomey's recording, or courtroom clerk, at Worcester Superior Court. O'Connor was at his podium in the front of the courtroom during Michael Elbery's trial in 1993 doing his clerking for Judge "Dirty Dan" Toomey.

Although now retired from active kangaroo duty at Worcester Superior Court, O'Connor's story is memorialized herein for the World Free Internet.

So what is the Big Deal - What's so important about this Irish O'Connor that causes a need for a Chapter in MassInjustice.Org ?

It's not that O'Connor was a garden variety, pompous and insolent, asshole-government employee of which is typical in the courts of Massachusetts. Ya, they are all in charge and have all the perks and privileges because they are employees for the state court system.

The reason O'Connor must be given special recognition, via this Chapter of MassInjustice.Org, is because he is a high hoppin' Kangaroo and could care less for the U.S. Constitution or justice. This guy O'Connor is only interested in making sure his local yokel power is maintained at Worcester Superior Court.


What did this "O'Connor the Kangaroo" do in Toomey's Courtroom?

He was there and present during Michael Elbery's trial. And he was paid to be there by the State of Massachusetts taxpayer's, unlike Jewish Mo Bergman, who was there purely for entertainment of the conspiracy. But O'Connor was violating the law- the U.S. Constitution by being present during the trial that convicted Michael Elbery of "attempted mayhem" and got 10 years in Prison.

O'Connor's son, Dennis, was one of the prosecution's witnesses at that trial and one of the alleged victim's, Tom King's, friends and member of the "gang of six" that pursued Michael Elbery down Shrewsbury St. on that 9-29-92.

Dennis O'Connor was one of the witnesses that thought he would be sued by Michael Elbery for assault and battery due to his pursuit and attack of Elbery. O'Connor's son, Dennis, like two other prosecution witnesses, and friends of Kings, and part of King's "gang of six," heard the court bailiffs, before the trial started, telling them that Michael Elbery was going to sue them for the assault. After all they were losing , Michael Elbery won the Probable Cause Hearing. It was presumed, as a matter of law, that because of the Probable Cause Hearing and Judge Raphaelson's decision of No Probable Cause in Elbery's favor that he would have to win at trial. No one considered that D.A. John Conte would conspire to deliberately impair the Grand Jury System and then get all the witnesses to change their Probable Cause testimonies at trial


See Dennis O'Connors trial testimony on the third and at the start of the 4th day of trial.

Count IX of Elbery's Motion for New Trial discloses Clerk - John O'Connor's Unconstitutional Conduct at Elbery's trial.

Michael Elbery's defense attorney, Louis P. Aloise, was all upset before the 4th day of trial started because he claimed that, "O'Connor hates me because he thinks I made a fool out of his kid during x-examination", the day before. Aloise's examination was interrupted by Judge Toomey when prosecution witness, Dennis O'Connor, started babbling on the witness stand. Aloise was very brief when his cross-examination resumed on the next morning of trial.

Michael Elbery responded to Aloise, "you didn't ask his son (Dennis O'Connor) anything". Elbery further replied to Aloise, "if you asked him the right questions as a result of the Probable Cause evidence and testimony they would have had something to be mad about and you could have made that kid look like a real dummy".