Commonwealth Worcester s.s.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Criminal action



Michael Elbery



Certificate of Service…1 page

Defendant’s Motion for New Trial & Discovery and Evidentiary Hearing, Com. v. Elbery 93-0135,… 2 pages.

Defendant’s Memorandum of Procedural Background, Com. v. Elbery 93-0135,...3 pages.

Defendant’s Affidavits in Support of Motion For New Trial Under Rule 30, Com. v. Elbery 93-0135…6 pages.

Memorandum of Fact and Law in Support of Defendant’s , Elbery, Motion for New Trial,…115 pages.



Exhibit A- Tom King’s medical report from Medical Center of Central Mass. for treatment on 9-29-92,…5 pages.

Exhibit B- Investigation and readable deciphering of King’s medical records of Exhibit A…5 pages.

Exhibit C- Dr. Hull’s 2 pg. affidavit and letter of 3-12-96 - medical experts opinion of Tom King’s eye injury as per the medical records in Exhibit A…. 4 pages.

Exhibit D-Worcester Police Incident Report regarding the Incident of 9-29-92 on Shrewsbury St., near the Winner’s Circle Bar and arrest of Michael Elbery, plus Amended Report…2 pages each.

Exhibit E-Letter from ADA Michael Salloum to Attorney Louis P. Aloise dated 11-30-92…1 page.

Exhibit F-Complaint at Worcester District Court of 9-29-92 against Michael Elbery for mayhem and assault dangerous weapon – beer bottle, etc.,…1 page.

Exhibit G-1-21-92 article Worcester T&G, Judge raps Cop…1 page.

Exhibit H-The Bolton Report, Reporting officer Tom King,…4 pages.

Exhibit I-Defendant’s Potential Witness List, …2 pages.

Exhibit J-Footnote 1- Tom King’s Injuries…5 pages.

Exhibit K-Footnote 3-Mann’s Injuries…3 pages.

Exhibit L-Footnote 4-Bottle Incident transcript citings…9 pages.

Exhibit M-Docket activity thru 3-22-94, Com. v. Elbery 93-0135…3 pages.

Exhibit N-Eviction Notice/Legal Documents – Celularo v. Elbery…2 page.

Exhibit O- ADA Morris Bergman Note…1 page.

Exhibit P-Transcript pages from Deposition of King, Elbery v. Hester…2 pages.

Exhibit Q-Elbery’s Additional Medical Reports…3 pages.

Exhibit R-Com. v. Elbery 93-0135, Motion 25-2-b…7 pages.

Exhibit S – Com. v. Elbery 93-0135, Motion 25….2 pages.

Amended Claim – Judicial Misconduct – 8 pages

Exhibit 4 at Trial – Westboro P.D. FAX Rape kit #6509



Trial Transcript of Com. v. Elbery 93-0135, 5 volumes 1302 pages.

Grand Jury Transcript Com. v. Elbery, March 3, 1993, 10 pages.

Probable Cause Hearing Transcript, Com. v. Elbery, NO. 9262CR10017-January 20, 1993 1 volume 266 pages.



Ex.=Exhibit, PC=Probable Cause Hearing Transcript, TR=Trial Transcript, Aff.=affidavit, O/S=Opening Statement, GJ=Grand Jury Transcript