Dedham District Court Clerk Phillip McCue and Loose Change Evidence





This chapter of MassInjustice involves a cast of characters that got caught in not just lies, but stupid lies. But these dopes (government employees) have been given license in our society to do as they so desire. When they occasionally get caught in their illegalities and violations of innocent citizens’ rights they are given dispensation by the courts (judges) at both the State and Federal levels.

The cast of characters includes Robert "the Leprechaun" Moynihan (head man at Region #9 Mass. Parole), punk Massachusetts State Trooper detective, Steve McDonald, Dedham, Mass. cop – Marty FitzHenry and Dedham District Court Clerk Magistrate - Phillip McCue.

At that date, February of 1999, Michael Elbery had been representing himself in various legal cases and must have accomplished something awfully important because the four dum-dums, above, got mad to the point that they were willing to group together and fabricate a stupid crime. By February of 1999, Michael Elbery had defeated his former Attorney, Arthur Goldstein before a Worcester Superior Court Civil Jury in 1997 and got another of his  former attorneys blackballed; he also filed some landmark lawsuits in the Federal Court - Boston by this time, including the famous Sklut and Hester cases. Michael Elbery also named a Dedham District Court Judge ( Francis Crimmins ) as a co-conspirator to violate his U.S. Constitutional Rights in one of Elbery's lesser known lawsuits. Toomey's punishment had not yet occurred, but Toomey's end would begin in September of 1999. 

There were some judges, lawyers and still the Jewish League led by Attorney Mo Bergman, who were not happy with Michael Elbery, especially now that he had learned how to crusade his own cause in the courts (Elbery was the lawyer). The "Gang of Four" which featured Clerk Magistrate Phil McCue decided that they had enough of Michael Elbery and his right to Petition the Courts as an American Citizen. They were amongst the many who were mad that Michael Elbery had violated the boundaries of their sub-culture and represented himself as is allowed by law. "They" had never experienced anyone do what Michael Elbery would, and did do, in a court of law. Michael Elbery spared none of his adversaries while crusading his cases in the courts; he presented the hardest and most damaging evidence of the case in the most damaging and direct manner and that made the evil ones (his adversaries, attorneys of the bar, judges and court lackeys) melt and recoil with hate and group-up in viciousness. These people are all cowards that run and hide, and when the dust settles they come out from under their rocks and seek each other out and slowly get their nerves back enough to formulate conspiracies, especially against Michael Elbery.

They decided that Michael Elbery's legal activity in the courts had to be stopped and the best way to stop him was to get him off the streets and throw him in Concord Prison. Michael Elbery was, conveniently for the authorities, on parole at that date of February of 1999 which made it much easier. But they needed a reason, even if it was a complete lie. These morons decided that in order to throw Michael Elbery in prison, again, they would fabricate, out of thin air, that Michael Elbery called in a bomb threat to the Dedham District Court. No evidence, just their say-so and pointing fingers. You can't expect much better production from these lazy-overpaid government workers; they spend most of their working hours worrying about their paycheck and pension and maybe a disability.


How did this "Feeble Four" Conspire?

On 2-13-99, Robert Moynihan called Michael Elbery at his residence in Needham, Mass.- Moynihan exclaimed that he had not seen Michael Elbery in some time, and in fact, nobody from Mass. Parole had any contact with Elbery in 8 months which Moynihan stated was unusual. Fact is, that Elbery's Parole agent - Mr. Chambers had retired and Moynihan was getting tricky; Parole cops, like Moynihan, have all kinds of back-up  staff that watch parolees when the parolee thinks no one is around. They like to drive by your residence to see if your at home late at night, especially on weekends (could indicate a beer). If your car isn't around late at night they figure the parolee is over socializing. They also like to watch you from hidden vantage points and tail your car to see if they can get the parolee on any infraction of parole (you don't have to commit a crime to  violate parole). They will go in your car if  you leave it unlocked and take items like razor blades and have them drug/lab tested. When they find out the blade has cigar tobacco particles on it, rather than their contraband powders, they put the blade back in the same spot of your car, but weeks later! 

Moynihan, during this same phone call, requested that Michael Elbery show up at his office on 2-16-99, just for a "routine visit", "we just wanna see ya".

When Elbery arrived, as scheduled on 2-16-99 at the Region #9 Parole Office in Framingham Center, he got ambushed by a State Cop Detective, Steve "the punk" McDonald, and Dedham cop, Marty FitzHenry. McDonald was assigned to follow Michael Elbery for years, while Elbery was on parole; your tax dollars  at work. They already had Elbery under the microscope of Parole and all its restrictions - Why did they have this State cop following Michael Elbery? The answer is Michael Elbery was  important because sacred cows like Attorney Louis P. Aloise were getting blackballed , and Michael Elbery seemed to have a natural affinity for the law. Michael Elbery had, after self-studying law for 2 years, defeated his own lawyers, and they were good victories for Elbery and hard defeats for Arthur Goldstein and Aloise. Aloise tried to run for the sanctuary of a Mass. Judgeship  appointment, but got caught by his balls. Toomey, Attorney Mike Ball,  and former A.D.A. Attorney Todd Mathieson all knew they had made a stupid move by framing Michael Elbery for "attempted mayhem" and  they were worried. Attorney Mo Bergman, the Jewish League Leader in Worcester, wanted to get even because he got fired when the Jew got caught lying under oath at Elbery's Kangaroo trial on 7-2-93. 

Attorney General - Martha Coakley had yet to meet her defeat by Michael Elbery in 2001 with her "Jewish Manchurian Candidate".

One measure of man is the size of his Enemies! And Michael Elbery has far more enemies at 10-28-12 (date of this writing) than he did in 1999. First, it was his legal cases and victories in the courts, then it became this Web Site, all causing enemies and more frustrated - worried - guilty enemies, most work for the governments, the rest are attorneys of the Bar.

On that 2-16-99 at the Framingham Parole Office, McDonald tried to be "Mr. Good Guy Cop" and he immediately introduced himself with a big smiling handshake after formal introduction by Moynihan. It didn't last long. The 3 dumb cops wanted Michael Elbery to give them some evidence "any evidence". Once they got "any evidence" then they can back up a crime into that evidence. They wanted to know where Michael Elbery was on February 5, 1999.

Elbery's reply was his 6th and 5th Amendment Rights under the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights. Michael Elbery told the 3 dumb cops that he advises everyone to exercise these rights whenever a cop talks. Moynihan started screaming, "EEEEEEEEEEEE". You can't expect insects like these 3 pieces of garbage to be civil or honest; it takes a special kind of coward to do their job. They can't frame me for crimes anymore because I know more than they do, so they sneak around at night launching poison gas bombs when I sleep. See me in person and come by yourself - I don't hide - read this Web Site - I mock you and make fools of you and then I stick it in your face for the whole world to witness via the Internet.


At that same  meeting/ambush between Elbery and the 3 dumb cops, Moynihan started screaming that Elbery had to "give them something". Moynihan was talking about answering the question, "Where were you"? As it turned out, per their police report and parole complaint, they had fabricated a bomb scare call to the Dedham District Court, so why did they need Michael Elbery's location that day? A phone call can be made from anywhere, and that was part of their dumb plan/conspiracy. They needed more proof than Clerk Magistrate Phil Cue's lie that it was Michael Elbery. No they wanted to back into some physical evidence or admission evidence that would make Phil McCue's lie look like the truth to a jury. After all, the jury believes and trusts a man like Magistrate Phil McCue; McCue is an attorney of the Mass. Bar and Officer of the Court.

If the 3 dumb cops got a location from Michael Elbery, then they would have claimed their "bomb phone call" was traced to a phone booth in the area where their target, Elbery, was at that time. Since Elbery refused to be interrogated because he  knew the cops were up to their usual No Good, it is surprising these jerks just didn't make up another lie to suit their purposes. Instead, Robert Moynihan threatened Elbery with Concord Prison, if he didn't talk and stop exercising his 5th and 6th Amendment Rights. Elbery continued to exercise his 5th and 6th Amendment Rights under the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights and they didn't get any information to back into Clerk Magistrate Phil McCue's lie, so they threw Elbery in Concord Prison. And they still claimed that Michael Elbery was pulled off the street from parole because they claimed that he was responsible for a bomb call. The only evidence they claimed they had was Clerk Magistrate Phil McCue making claim that it was Michael Elbery.

Sound hard to believe? There you have it, the documented evidence; there is nothing more convincing than the enemy's own documents to prove your case. Well, the Mass. Parole Board had to release Michael Elbery from Concord Prison within the 30 day holding period they are allowed before making a determination on an alleged parole violation. The Parole Board had to admit there was no evidence of anything that the 3 dumb cops documented that Clerk Magistrate Phil McCue reported to them. Yes, the 3 dumb cops claimed it was Dedham District Clerk Phil McCue who said that it was Michael Elbery that called in a bomb scare to the Dedham District Court.

Why didn't the Parole Board consider Clerk Magistrate Phillip McCue's claim that it was Michael Elbery who made the bomb call?

Why didn't the local cops take out criminal charges against Michael Elbery based on Clerk Magistrate - Phillip McCue's claim that Elbery was the bomb caller?

     The reason is that both the Parole Board and Local Dedham cops knew McCue was lying in order to help frame Michael Elbery, again!

These "Feeble Four" are not nice people - that criminal statute "bomb scare" gets the caller 20 years in prison. They wanted Michael Elbery disposed of real bad and Elbery's best works were yet to come at February of 1999, see Toomey and Sheketoff and Judge Mark Wolf and the Sklut defendants (Shrewsbury cops); Michael Elbery's Motion for New Trial would not be filed for another 6 months (July 1999). The limitations of action on that criminal bomb scare statute is 20 years. Robert Moynihan, now head man of all Mass. Parole cops, is still chasing his tail, while telling himself that Michael Elbery should be in prison regardless of the evidence (no evidence). 


Fortunately at that time, Mass. Parole was controlled by Sheila Hubbard, and as a result there was some adult supervision that vetoed the illegal and absolutely stupid activities of parole cops like Robert Moynihan. And of course, they replaced Sheila Hubbard, who was/is also an attorney. The State of Massachusetts replaced Sheila Hubbard, as Chairman of the Mass. Parole Board (3 appointed civilians/not cops)  with people that were every bit as unscrupulous as Moynihan.


Return after 30 days of false parole arrest

As a result of Elbery being arrested by Mass. Parole on 2-16-99 on McCue’s and the 3 dumb cops’ stupid lies, Michael Elbery’s car was left parked in Framingham Center in front of Mass. Region #9 Parole Office; Elbery wasn’t planning on staying long because he had no idea that he was getting framed again. In his car, Michael Elbery had left loose change on the front floor. One of Elbery’s family members picked up the car because Moynihan had Elbery thrown in Concord Prison on the phony parole violation caused by Clerk Phil McCue's lie of a bomb scare, as above.

When Michael Elbery was released 30 days later and after the Mass. Parole admitted they had no evidence that Michael Elbery did anything illegal, Elbery found that the only thing missing from his car was the loose change that he left on the floor. Elbery asked the family member who picked up his car the night of Elbery’s false arrest, if that family member saw any change on the front floor of the car. The answer was "no".

Michael Elbery realized what the 3 dumb cops were up to, and as a result, he sent a letter to Parole Supervisor Robert Moynihan. The letter requested that Moynihan return the stolen loose change that had Elbery’s fingerprints on it. The letter went on to highlight the 3 dumb cops next stupid move. The 3 dumb cops wanted the coins that had Michael Elbery’s fingerprints, in order to put the coins in a pay phone (there were still pay phones in 1999), and say that a bomb scare phone call was made from that pay phone and that the fingerprinted coins are physical evidence that will prove their railroad job. And of course, they would have a cop step forward and say, "I was in the area of my detail on "official police duty" and I did see Michael Elbery at that phone booth at the time of the crime". McDonald and company would have put the coins with Elbery's fingerprints in a pay phone that they fabricated an illegal call was made from and then have the phone company unlock the phone to start the cops "chain of custody" concerning the coins collected from the pay phone. They would then run around yelling and screaming and pointing their fingers, "it must be", "we have fingerprint evidence"! These type of people can convince their small minds of their own lies.


What happened to Clerk Magistrate - Phillip McCue's Lie?

The Mass. Parole Board found there was no evidence of the bomb call by Michael Elbery! But it is documented that Phillip  McCue said it was Michael Elbery that made the bomb call scare, so why is there no evidence?

There was no evidence because everyone knew, including the Parole cops and McCue, that McCue was lying in order to put an innocent man in prison for 20 years. McCue wasn't going on the witness stand and present the only evidence before a jury in order to frame Michael Elbery. He knew better. McCue was relying on "big shot" Robert Moynihan and punk McDonald to scare their prey into talking with fear of Concord Prison. They didn't come close and they were left with a documented lie by Dedham District Court Clerk Magistrate - Phillip McCue.


When Michael Elbery received the decision of the Parole Board to release him back on the streets because there was no evidence that he called in a bomb scare, Elbery asked about McCue's documented claim that named Elbery as the caller. Michael Elbery was told "it was nothing" and "to forget about it".

The next time the cops better get the Dedham Fire Dept. to  cooperate in their conspiracies because the Dedham Fire Dept. had no record of the bomb scare claimed by the "Feeble Four". If there is a bomb scare to Dedham District Court there had to be a record of it with the Dedham Fire Dept. because it would have been reported to them.


Federal Judge Morris E. Lasker - another Jew Judge - "Reduction of the Social Status of White Men"

Michael Elbery didn't forget that Phillip McCue fabricated that bomb call against him. Elbery filed a lawsuit against McCue and dumb cop friends. But another Jew Judge came to the rescue and never let Michael Elbery in his Federal Courtroom in Boston, Mass.. Elbery's s. 1983 Civil Rights case was dismissed without allowing Michael Elbery in the Federal courtroom that housed Lasker and his federal jurisdiction. Federal Judge Morris E. Lasker decided that there was nothing illegal about the lying activities by the "Feeble Four," as above, and dismissed Michael Elbery's lawsuit. Judge Lasker was a good use for the Jews' "Jewdiciary dirty work" because he was about 90 years old when Michael Elbery filed that lawsuit against McCue and dumb company.

The Massachusetts State Police thought they would outsmart Michael Elbery, so they pretended that they were investigating defendant and Punk State Trooper - Steve McDonalds conduct, as complained and as above.  A "major" of the Massachusetts State Police named John Burns sent Michael Elbery a letter asking Elbery to go to a State Police Barracks and be interviewed. Colonels, Majors? are these dopes serious? They shouldn't allow those ranks for cops - Colonels and Majors are earned in the military. Obviously this chump, John Burns, was smoking too many cigarillos because he missed the big point - Michael Elbery isn't going to be interrogated by cops, especially in their jail or was it barracks. If Michael Elbery went to that State Police Barracks to be "interviewed" by this jackass "Major Mudd" - John Burns, Michael Elbery would never had gotten out of that interview/jail without more phony criminal charges and prison time at the hands of jerks that think they are Majors.

Judge Morris E. Lasker was a foreshadowing of how other Federal Judges, including the "Harvard Law Graduate", would handle the American's, - Michael Elbery's, Federal Lawsuits in the future.