Michael Elbery in Judge McCloud's Court - Greenfield District Court on 8-25-10




Here's a little judicial news brief. Michael Elbery will be appearing as civil plaintiff in Judge McCloud's Court on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at Greenfield Dist. Ct. for a Case Management Conference on the case Elbery v. Munro Muffler et al. 1041-cv-250.


And wouldn't you know it, but Judge McCloud was not originally scheduled for this court day in Greenfield. According to the Clerk's Office she was just assigned on Tuesday 8-24-10. And wouldn't you know it - Judge McCloud is a "friend" on Attorney Louis P. Aloise (that's Aloise with the smug mustache). Ya, Aloise is the "Big Shot" Worcester attorney who is responsible for framing Elbery for 10 years in prison (see the Home Page of this Web Site). This Web Site will be watching Judge McCloud's Court and so will the whole world via the Internet.

It is very dangerous for Michael Elbery to enter any Court in Mass.- but isn't this the U.S.A. were all citizen's are treated with dignity and respect and equally as mandated by the Constitution of the United States? Of course not, the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights is an obstruction to home rule gangsters like Attorney Louis P. Aloise and his co-conspirators the Mass. Judiciary.


Hey Lou, the World Wide Internet is wondering why you don't sue Michael Elbery for what he has said/documented against you on this Web Site. Hey Lou, they are now convinced that you got caught and everything in this Web Site is true( the documents are irrefutable). I challenge you to sue me for defamation because in this county you are not supposed to be able to hide from the truth. And the truth is Aloise helped/planned to put his own client in prison.