Michael Elbery

120 Old Pleasant St., Apt. 7

Lee, Mass. 01238

June 3, 2013




Worcester County District Attorney’s Office

225 Main St.


Worcester, Mass. 01608


RE: Motion for New Trial – 30b, Com. v. Elbery 93-0135


Dear Sir:


Please find enclosed,


Defendant, Michael Elbery’s, Motion for New Trial under Rule 30b with accompanying Document Listing.


A set of trial, grand jury, and Probable Cause Transcripts are being sent to the Worcester Superior Court Clerk’s Office. If you need to view those same transcripts see www.massinjustice.org on left margin – bottom hyperlinks.

For the Trial Exhibits of this case that was tried in July of 1993, and for the Docket Entries of this case with corresponding documentation,

Also, See www.massinjustice.org on left margin/menu.