The red menu/Table of Contents on the left contains the legal documentation concerning the arrest - conviction - and post trial proceedings of the "Attempted Mayhem" Charges against Michael Elbery of 9-29-92. Included is everything from the original charges and Probable Cause Hearing Transcripts, Grand Jury Transcript, Trial Transcripts followed by the Post Conviction Proceedings starting with the Direct Appeal and then the Motion New Trial and  related appeals and prosecutor's briefs/opposition, and Petition Supreme Court of the U.S.A..

Below is the same series of legal events listed in Chronological Order.


"Attempted Mayhem Conviction"- Events in  Chronological Order

Original Charges by Worcester Police Dept. - 9 -29-92


Probable Cause Hearing Transcript - Worcester District Court - 1-20 - 93

        Decision by Mass. District Judge @ P. C. Hearing - NO Probable Cause Found

        See "Where No Probable Cause Equals 10 years in Prison" - the "mayhem charge" was reduced to "attempted mayhem" and the Judge found there to be No Probable Cause for that charge of "attempted mayhem".


Grand Jury Transcript - Worcester Superior Court - 3 - 3 -93

Trial Transcripts of Jury Trial - Worcester Superior Court, June 28 thru July 2, 1993

Jury Decision - Guilty on 3 charges, Assault Dangerous Weapon Dismissed by Judge after close of Prosecution's case due to no evidence to support charge.



Direct Appeal to the Massachusetts Appeal Court - written/filed by Attorney "bobby" Sheketoff, Decided, 1 - 26 - 95 and District Attorney's Briefs


Motion for New Trial, written/filed July 1999 by Michael Elbery, pro se

Amendment to Motion for New Trial - Judge Toomey's Illegalities, by Michael Elbery, pro se

Appeal of Motion for New Trial, written/filed by Michael Elbery

Worcester District Attorney's - Appeallee Brief

Reply Brief, written/filed by Michael Elbery, pro se

F. A. R., written/filed by Michael Elbery, pro se

Petition for Certiorari to the United State Supreme Court, written/filed by Michael Elbery, pro se

Re -File Motion for New Trial -Worcester Superior Court (2014), written/filed by Michael Elbery, pro se

        Judge Lemire's Decision on 2014 Re-file of Motion for New Trial



See - Introduction and Chronological Chain of Events