Chief Justice of the Mass. S.J.C. - Margaret Marshall was alerted to the Truth




Queen Margaret Marshall, Chief Justice of the Mass. S.J.C. (Supreme Judicial Court), knew the truth. She was alerted Michael Elbery was framed and that his trial was a calculated railroad job. Margaret was alerted by Elbery when he filed his Further Appellate Review (F.A.R.) with the Mass. S.J.C.


Oh, Queen Margaret will say that she and her Mass. S.J.C., which is the highest court in Mass., took no jurisdiction of the case; she will say it is her option what cases are before her and her S.J.C.

Queen Margaret will wash her hands to the entire Elbery case, but Elbery won't let her or her S.J.C. escape responsibility.

Keep in mind that the S.J.C. Justices are nothing but lawyers. There is nothing supernatural about them.

The Mass. S.J.C. was alerted to the injustice that Michael Elbery received at the hands of Judge Dan Toomey and his Worcester Co-conspirators. See the F.A.R. (Further Appellate Review) on the Table of Contents on this Web's Home Page which was filed by Elbery with the Mass. S.J.C.

Noteworthy, the Commission on Judicial Conduct reported Elbery's case to the S.J.C. when Elbery filed his complaint against Judge Toomey with the Commission. The Commission reports directly to the Mass. S.J.C. If the Governor knew, then the S.J.C. was alerted twice, via F.A.R. and the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Only in the State of Massachusetts would its highest court have the arrogant tyranny to allow the conviction of Michael Elbery to stand after knowing and being alerted to the injustice, falsified evidence, conspiracy to maliciously prosecute and imprison and over 30 U.S. Constitutional Violations via Elbery's motion for new trial.

This is the same S.J.C. that has taken upon itself to illegally legislate law to the citizen's of Massachusetts via "same sex marriages". In doing so they have re-invented the English language and undermined our culture by re-defining marriage. Like all good Totalitarian organizations they must re-invent language in order to control the minds of the people. The Mass. S.J.C. is an Anti-American New World Order dictators who find the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights an inconvenience as their Agenda demands.

The citizens of Massachusetts are truly Oppressed by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and its Queen Margaret. You still have the power to take back your government. They will run in fear when you go to the streets and demand they abdicate their Judicial thrown. Unite together as nationalists with your common cause less they "shout you down".


Margaret is a foreigner. She betrayed her own people in South Africa for favor offered by the masters of the New World Order. After all, it was not the Boers that buttered her bread with rewards of education and position in the U.S.A.- New World Order. Not much of a Queen, she obeys her masters (not the citizenry) and their Agenda.